Radio Station Information

KKCA 95.7 FM

City of License:
Arvin, CA

Bakersfield, CA

Colt Comm, LLC

KKCA is an FM radio station broadcasting at 95.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Arvin, CA and is part of the Bakersfield, CA radio market.

Nearby Radio Stations

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Listener Comments and Reviews

This station is so needed in Kern County! I love how eclectic it is! Sounds like it's a coastal radio station. I am sharing with everyone I know. Thank you!
By: Tracy on January 23, 2019

While stuck in a two hour traffic jam on the grapevine, I found this radio station and LOVE it! What a great mix - Americana, country, a couple of Beatles classics,etc. - like the playlist I'd love to make. Oddly, no commercials. How do you support yourself? I want you to stay in business to save that painful end of my drive from Merced to LA!
By: Missy on January 26, 2019

Wonderful choice of music
By: BC on January 29, 2019

I caught your station on a visit to Bakersfield, it is AWESOME! The music mix is fantastic! Are you going to Stream? I sure hope so! Scot
By: Scot Michaels on February 2, 2019

Just found this station. I love it !
By: Juls on February 8, 2019

Great song selection, I'm sure glad this station exists. Tuned to it by accident while in traffic.
By: Alex on February 20, 2019

thee BEST station around today. I have not changed to any other station since I found this. Thank you
By: Rick Machado on February 21, 2019

Great mix. Driving thru Bakersfield It was such a joy to listen to a true wide variety How come every radio station isn’t as cool as you are On a road trip loved the mix, covered all my favorite genres
By: Juergen Hoehne on April 8, 2019

I posted in January... still loving your station. Tons of my friends are now listening. I just missed your phone number can you post it online?
By: Tracy on April 17, 2019

I found your station by accident & I live in Arvin for God's sake! I just love it! I don't know if you're streaming, I'm hoping you are or will be soon. There is an app that will allow you to enter a radio statio to it's lineup you just need the URL & radio station name. I would like very much to enter that info & then I can listen all at work.
By: GREGORIA BENAVIDES on April 19, 2019

Found this station just the other day and it was playing Americana music like Robert Earl King and others. This is great and we need more of this!
By: Tom on May 7, 2019

I just found this station. It's a relief to listen to when your sick of all the other public offerings that I've grown numb too. So far so good! Amen
By: Jeff on June 4, 2019

I just found 95.7 FM. What kind of music does it play?
By: Mark Salvaggio on July 2, 2019

What a great radio station with a crazy cool variety of music!! You cant get tired of it because it changes all the time. Some of the songs are new to me and some are old fun classics!! Hooray!! this is a perfect station!! Great idea!! THANK YOU!! :)
By: Donna on February 19, 2020

Spent some time in Bakersfield this past month and found your station quite by accident...loved the format! Best countryish station I've ever heard. I am disappointed that you are not streaming your station and hope that will eventually happen so I can tune in here in Washington State. Thanks for the entertainment - simply fabulous!!
By: Joe Fiala on March 22, 2020

It’s like changing radio stations trying to find something good on any station and realizing that it’s still on KKCA 95.7 FM A great varied mix all the time. Thanks and Keep it up.
By: Bill O'Connor on April 12, 2020

Wow! Just wow! Made the boring Bakersfield to L.A. drive feel special. Great eclectic mix. John Anderson and Everclear...just like my old mix tapes.
By: Dave on April 25, 2020

WHAT HAPPEND? COVID 19 KILL THIS GREAT STATION? Station was going out and now it's gone... Very Disapointed :( :( :(
By: Bill on May 6, 2020

Looks like it’s back on the air. Same format as before.
By: Dung Beetle on September 2, 2020

ABOUT FLIPPIN’ TIME, BAKERSFIELD !. EVERY STATION played the same 300 songs (in their respective genre) over and over, so getting a variety was impossible. THANK-YOU KKCA- For exposing me to some new tunes I’ve never heard, but mostly for expanding the “list of classics”. It’s not that the classics are stale, it’s the fact that there are so many more to enjoy. For years, most stations stick with the same 100 songs, FOR THAT, I SALUTE YOU !✌️
By: Jennifer lackey on January 3, 2021

Love, Love, Love this station. Playing some deep cuts !!
By: Stephen Miniard on January 22, 2021

This is a great radio station that we found while working outside. It is great to listen to in the pleasant weather we have been having. All different genres are presented and it was a fun radio surprise with every song. Better than my own tired play lists, Please keep up the good work! We are listening!
By: Ani on April 28, 2021

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