Radio Station Information

KORJ 97.7 FM

City of License:
Butte Falls, OR

Threshold Communications

KORJ is an FM radio station broadcasting at 97.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Butte Falls, OR.

Nearby Radio Stations

KSHD 99.1 FM, KRTA 610 AM, KWMG 99.9 FM, The Valley 106.3, K-Love 101.1, Lite 102, KIFS 107.5 FM, KSMF 89.1 FM, KSRG 88.3 FM, NewsTalk 880

Listener Comments and Reviews

By accident, I found your terrific radio station. However, I am unable to get reception in East Medford. Reception is very good in Central Point. Will you expand your service in the near future ? Thanks ! It's refreshing to have music that doesn't mutilate one's senses.
By: j.r. hunts on November 14, 2016

Love your station! Found it in central point. So refreshing.
By: Brandon on November 29, 2016

from synchronicity to asynchronicity...I am exited to have found kroj just in time to be present with me in my "full circle baby!" & foresee a lengthy, healthy, & happy time listening to my new found favorite station... Thank You!! ~ru
By: ru on December 17, 2016

We appreciate your comments and input on our brand new radio station in the Medford area. We are a work in progress.
By: Doug Wulff - Program Director KORJ 97-7FM on December 22, 2016

Your signal is slamming right on top of the 97.7 repeater in Grants Pass for Jefferson Public Radio, which transmits to Grants Pass on 97.7. This started Saturday evening 12/24/2016. Have you increased your signal to west? If so, you are interfering with the Jefferson Public Radio's repeater...
By: Rob Santry on December 26, 2016

I love your music so grateful
By: Robert Hershkowitz on January 5, 2017

Beautiful what a surprise
By: Robert Hershkowitz on January 5, 2017

Thank you for your awesome music station. Some favorites are: PAT METHENY ,ALAN PARSONS, MARK ISHAM, DAVID ARKENSTONE, JEAN LUC PONTY, YANNI (i.e. IF I COULD TELL YOU), PATRICK O'HEARN, and SANTANA (AQUAMARINE). Thanks again! RT
By: ROB TEMPLE on January 18, 2017

Listen to you every day going to work. Enjoy the music, sets the mood for the day!
By: S. Ford on January 19, 2017

Are you going to have advertisers? I love your station...easy to listen. Father and son jewerly.r u a independant?....thanks bob
By: Robert galas on January 26, 2017

Like the music heard some SRV the other day cool check out a classic case Tull with London Symphony all instrumental. I feel would go well. Thanks
By: sal on February 10, 2017

I found your station Monday. Love it. So easy to listen to without being too gooey. Would like to know more about your plans. Keep up the good work.
By: Bradley on March 23, 2017

Best station in the Rogue Valley!! How about playlists
By: Dave on April 13, 2017

my name is eddie david i am a burmese (myanmar )national us citizen 40 years ago my youngest daughter accidently find this station and she told me daddy turn on this station so i turn it on and very enjoying soothing music make my whole family happy thank you so much doing for this and also we never heard any commercial break whole house every room this same station we play we enjoy it so much again thank you so much
By: eddie david on May 13, 2017

We also live in Central Point, just moved here a couple months ago. My husband found this while setting channels and we love it! Many of the positive comments, above, mirror my sentiments--keep up the programming. Thanks.
By: Jan on July 15, 2017

Is a playlist available? The must is great, but the station would be much better if the music were identified. Thank you!
By: Peggy on August 28, 2017

Just moving into Medford from southern California and found you while searching the FM band in the car. Absolutely the finest station I have ever heard. As others have mentioned, playlists would be a bonus but not manditory. My music of choice is New Age, if anybody is keeping score. Being able to get a good signal into Grants Pass would be a great addition in the future as I get there frequently and have friends that live there and would love your station. That is all the "complaining" I can think of. It sure is not much! Jim S.
By: Jim Souders on October 3, 2017

I used to live in Manteca, California we used to listen to KRVR the River they told me About your station KORJ in Jackson, when I moved to Shady Cove OR. Love your station.
By: Jim on October 9, 2017

My favorite radio station in the region. Regarding advertising, I hope you never have to have it!
By: Ron Kilby on October 19, 2017

Wow, what great music. You play what 89.1 used to play late night especially on Sunday Nights. They lost me after 'hearts of space' was discontinued. Now , you cover some great ethereal sounds, chill, and how about that daily playing of that instrumental piano/ hamond-B-3, Organ rendition of ' Lighter Shade of Pale' powerful stuff there that moves us. Please stay on!. But signal a bit weak in the shadow of Roxy Peak. For my road trips, I am looking to buy that C.D. of L.S. of Pale. Who is that duo playing that. Google didn't help me on my search.
By: gary r on October 21, 2017

Enjoy your new station 97.7 FM Rogue Valley - KORJ - Butte Falls, OR. Today, November 7, 2017, at approximately 11:07 a.m. I was listening to a piano piece of music which was quite beautiful. Is it possible for you to locate the name of the artist, etc. for me? Thank you!
By: Nancy on November 8, 2017

So in love with this new station!! I am so burned out on every station out there, (except JPR). Please keep broadcasting this very positive and quality music. I commute from Hornbrook CA to Ashland OR for work and the signal is pretty good once I come off the summit. Seems to kind of go in and out, but still better than the low quality, draining noise called music on the other stations that come in crystal clear. I am so grateful to you:) Please don't go!!
By: Abigail Burnett on November 20, 2017

Love the smooth jazz and instrumentals. So refreshing to find a station that plays quality music. Hope the signal improves for East Medford, in the shadow of Roxy Ann Peak.
By: JEL on December 31, 2017

Love the station. Its on 24-7 in my car, but the only thing id request is if you could name each song and composer. Thank you.
By: Nathan Herbold on January 22, 2018

Still really loving your station. I'd like to add a couple more favorites requests: "The Rippingtons" and "Riverdance". (Note: still can't get enough of Pat Metheny) One thing to add, for me personally, I prefer not to listen to the solo piano stuff, (esp. in major key). Way too boring. Thank you very much! Rob T.
By: Robert on February 8, 2018

I do enjoy the station; however, I am perplexed. You state the format is New Age, acoustic and ??? Something unrecognizable to me. What?
By: Buzz on February 24, 2018

I feel this music format is the best to keep one's mind calm while driving. Please boost the signal so that I can hear it as I travel from Medford to Grants Pass. Thank you.
By: Scott A. Milo on April 2, 2018

hello, i discovered your station some time ago and i love it. what a refreshing change from the regular stations. also i wanted to let you know that i have been writing and playing instrumental music for 30 years. i'd like to send you a sample of my material to see if you want to play it on your station. i'm not interested in royalties, but just want to share my music. with your permission, i'll send a cd and you can decide if it fits your programming. thanks again for your station. my name is dan pietila and i live in eagle point, oregon.
By: dan pietila on April 20, 2018

Over the last few days I have been unable to get anything but static on 97.7 fm. I hope that this is just temporary.
By: Jim Souders on May 26, 2018

What happened? To KORJ radio broadcast signal. It's been off the air for a week now. We need it back! How can intelligent people listen to intelligent music otherwise?
By: Jubilado Jipsy on May 27, 2018

We took a lightning strike Thursday night. May have damaged our transmitter. We will hopefully be back soon.
By: Doug Wulff- KORJ on May 27, 2018

Your station is a wonderful find. Your play lists make my day very enjoyable her in Central Point Are you broadcasting 7/24 now?? ....matt
By: matt on May 28, 2018

Welcome back. Its so nice to hear intelligent music. Just keep the wonderful acoustics flowing around us.
By: Jubilado Jipsy on May 28, 2018

Alright! I can relax again... you're back on the air! I hope that the problem was not too expensive or difficult to repair. Just keep doing what you're doing and we will all be here for you.
By: Jim Souders on May 29, 2018

I have not been able to get the radio station to come in anymore, maybe a week now. I have been thoroughly enjoying it so hope it can get back on the air soon
By: Linda Phillips on June 13, 2018

6-13-2018. Off air again? Would like to see a playlist so I can get my picks for when I'm out of your range, or you're down like today. Are you using transmitter equipment from Walmart? Whatever it is, good luck. Your listener base is growing...and we're Missing the soothing sounds.
By: mike Nonya on June 14, 2018

I am betting that after the lightning took out your station you did a temporary fix and now you are making a permanent fix. I just hope that you are back on air soon. I really miss your music.
By: James Souders on June 14, 2018

All-right! You are back on the air. I go through withdrawal when you're not there for me. Rotten ol' Lightning.
By: James Souders on June 16, 2018

Lightning strike... that's what happened, I was beginning to worry you were off the air for good. I'm so glad you're up and running, and transmitting that wonderful music that is filling the Prospect airwaves. I saw a coverage map of your station, and it lists Prospect in the fringe area, however I receive a pretty good signal, I would welcome a stronger one, but I'm just happy I've got you. We are so blessed that you are in Butte Falls (I wish you were in Prospect) and everyday I'm on 97.7 and love your mix of music, and you'll get no complaint from me, just praise! Thanks for bringing beautiful music into our area, with no commercials and mindless chatter. How are you funded... do we need to send a donation? Scott A, Mattie Prospect, OR
By: Scott Mattie on June 28, 2018

Love your music! Thanks! I'm telling all my friends to listen also. What is "chill" music ? Do you have a number to call when we want to know the name of a song or orchestra?
By: Karen on August 17, 2018

Looks like there a man people enjoying choice of music on this station. I listen whenever I can catch the signal, very spotty. It looks like I have something in common with another of your listeners, I saw the post from Daniel in Eagle Point regarding playing local musicians as part of your programming. Like Daniel, I have written some music for piano. (John Tesh style) Some of the cuts feature Joanne Grauer solo arrangements. I have a children's song that was used in an episode of Zoobliee Zoo. Just wondering if you accept submissions. I seek no compensation, it would be great to just hear it over the air. Many thanks and keep increasing that signal! George
By: George Paine on August 26, 2018

Absolutely love your station! Peaceful and refreshing amidst all the high pressure, frenetic clutter of the other stations. I wouldn’t change a thing. This one will be on at home and in the car! Thank you.
By: Bob McGrath on August 29, 2018

Much gratitudious. Thank you so sincerly
By: Robert H. on August 31, 2018

I absolutely love this station for driving. Every trip is a relaxing, smooth, adventure when I have KORJ on. Welcome to the airwaves!
By: Randy Babbitt on September 17, 2018

Boost your signal so I can hear you in Grants Pass, Oregon! Jefferson Public Radio blocks your signal. I am a jazz musician (keyboards) and am starved for good jazz over the radio. I can email you an mp3 of my keyboard skill on a Fender Rhoades.
By: Bobby Gray on October 24, 2018

Love you guys. My favorite, and now only radio station I listen to. I would love an online streaming option or a music lineup list, as well as a way to donate.
By: Ben on October 27, 2018

I was going through the stations when I stumbled upon the coolest station I have heard in a long time! KORJ you are my new favorite station!! I get a bit of static, but you know what... I'll take a little static of GREAT MUSIC over the clear ho-hum stuff I've been listening to. THANKS KORJ!!
By: Karen Burrus on October 28, 2018

I was wishing there would be a station with your type of music. Decided to search again. I was extremely happy to have found this station. Please dont change. This music makes me feel peaceful and content. Thank you.
By: R. Curtis on November 15, 2018

Best find on air since KFSR 90.7 FM in Fresno in the late 80's. Please stream so reception can be made anywhere. Thanks again. D
By: Demosthenes on November 29, 2018

The signal fades in and out all over the valley, not just east medford, both my vehicles., hope the station improves the reception
By: William on December 8, 2018

I drive through Medford with wrk from eugene and discovered this awesome station. Wish this station reached eugene and Portland area. Music is fantastic. If you can't expand station to eugene, is there a way to listen off my phone by streaming/listen live?.........thanks a million
By: Chris on December 28, 2018

I drive from Portland to Medford 4-5 times a year to visit my parents and always tune to KORJ while I'm in the valley. As I leave on my return trip to Portland I listen until the station signal fades. Like Chris, would love to be able to stream the station, but will just have settle for listening when I'm in the area.
By: Jenell on January 1, 2019

i sure like to know the song name and artist play on 1/2/19 wednesday at about between 7.00---7.10 it was a lady singer--sometimes it came from your station--it was our family station all our radio play the same station--97.7 fm--please let me know thank you so much
By: eddie david on January 3, 2019

Great radio, live on wrong side of RoxyAnn so i made a giant dipole antenna , now signal is about 80%... Hoping sometime in near future you will add community events to your line up.... local non-profits need help in getting their word out...
By: Ron on January 18, 2019

I listen to the radio s tation and absolutely love it. However, there is one song, that I would love to find out who sings it: Its called "quiet my baby". Can you give me the artist name please. Thank you Marie Galego
By: Marie Galego on January 18, 2019

Keep up the good work! Can only hope that KORJ is able to expand and strengthen signal.
By: Chris on January 19, 2019

Two Oregon locations (Chiloquin and Klamath Falls) would like to hear your signal (or internet broadcast equivalent). PLEASE!
By: Noel on January 30, 2019

On March 10 at 1:30on values song was played...what was the name and artist?
By: Jack Kneedler on March 11, 2019

i am a fan of your radio station can you please telll me text me thesong playing on 4/3/19-wednesday about 3.45 pm sing by a female vocal what is the name of the song and what album is it please let me know thank you so much
By: eddie david on April 3, 2019

I am having trouble accessing KORJ on my computer. Any suggestions?
By: Andrew Reilly on July 20, 2019

I just wanted to say i absolutely LOVE your station. I listen to it every night and on the weekends, I cannot pick it up at work though??? It is so calming and relaxing! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for bringing it to the valley!
By: Yvette Harlow on July 24, 2019

I'm an owner operator (trucker) and am in S. Oregon frequently. Always tune in when I'm down that way. Helps lower my raised blood pressure caused by all the crazy drivers in cars swerving in and out of traffic without caution LOL.
By: Scott H. on August 1, 2019

Hello! Love your station - Listen every day while I work. I also play it for my horses. Hoping for a little more variety. Love the Gypsy Kings for example.. Enigma? Just a little more variety please. Thank you!
By: Gail on August 29, 2019

Just found your station two weeks ago and how refreshing it is to have music that lifts me up instead of draining me. Please keep up the good programming.
By: David on September 11, 2019

I truly enjoy your radio station and i think it contributes to the quality of life in this area. Alas, i live about 7 miles outside of reception. Here is hoping for online streaming in the future.
By: Ben Collver on October 18, 2019

I haven't been able to get your station for a few days. What is going on? I truly love it and miss it. Thank you.
By: Deborah Villalta on October 25, 2019

Stumbled across your station while figuring out how to change the time on our clock in the Travel Trailer we live in. So glad I stumbled or I would never have experienced this awesome great listening, relaxing music. Live just south of Central Point, so you come through loud and clear. I won't be budging from this dial, so keep on playing the melodious music so comforting and pleasant to the listening ear.
By: Susan Morgan on November 3, 2019

Have enjoyed the wonderful programming since first coming on the air. Initially the signal boomed in here at Prospect Oregon (24 miles from Butte Falls) and it was the only station on my dial. Recently the station went down (Off the air) for several days but when it returned the signal is so weak I cannot receive it over the air. I am assuming technical difficulties and that the station is temporarily broadcasting on a weaker back-up system. Please tell those of us here in Prospect that there are plans in the works to return to full power in the future. Thanks in advance, Chuck.
By: Chuck Coleman on November 22, 2019

Back again to let you know how awesome your station is with all the wonderful music you play. So very relaxing. It's on all the time, even though the night and my 2 cats sleep quite well with it on. I noticed you play alot of Jonny Lipfords music, native American flutist. I've bought some of His music. I first learned it was him doing a search on YouTube. The song you played that was Desperado, by the Eagles. He does an excellent rendition of it on his flutes. Keep up the great music. I'm sure your listening audience will grow and get much pleasure listening as well.
By: Susan M Morgan on December 12, 2019

So great to hear the music and not ads. Refreshing change from the same music all the time. Glad I found you. Thanks again. Cindy
By: Cindy on January 16, 2020

So great to hear the music and not ads. Refreshing change from the same music all the time. Glad I found you. Thanks again. Cindy P.S. Are you live streaming on a phone app?
By: Cindy on January 16, 2020

Enjoy your new station. It is so nice not to have all the advertising. Do you have any emergency announcements on the station?
By: Paula Hill on January 29, 2020

By: Doug Wulff on January 30, 2020

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Wow, what a great surprise to accidentally find your station! I love it and have it on at home all day and in my car. Soothing, relaxing and peaceful. My animals love it too! Thank you, thank you! How wonderfu,l no commercials. Hope you never have to either!
By: Pat on February 7, 2020

Morning, Love you station! Have it on my radio in my kitchen and bedroom. Have to ask you for something. Last week on Fox News, some one that appeared to know about how to get the best night sleep, said that they were learning that if one slept while listening to soft, smooth easy listening music, they slept better. Night before last I left the radio turned on when I went to bed. Didn't work for me. When I woke up in the night, because of your tempo changes from soft and smooth to more contemporary sounds, I had to turn my radio off. As I write this I certain many of your listeners are not trying to sleep, and love your sound, as I do during the day. Still, I writing to tell you that I wish that during the night, you'd play just soft and smooth music with an even tempo. Am way off base to ask this of you but I wanted to give it a try. Bye for now, Ginny C P. S. Please don't add this to the list of emails you have received. Thank yoy.
By: Ginny Cross on February 9, 2020

I thought that KORJ radio 97.7 FM from Butte Falls also in Medford was available on the app you mentioned I absolutely cannot find it unable to listen by streaming which I would really like to do because here in Ashland the signal is not all that great please respond if you’ve got any further information. Unable to find the station on the simple radio app what’s going on?
By: Genie Anderson on February 9, 2020

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By: Olive Tree Ministries on February 9, 2020

2/13/20 9:35 AM to 9:40 AM maybe its called auria maybe. What would the name of the artist or song be if you have some extra time.... Thank you for the beautiful music! Jeff
By: Jeff Kendle on February 13, 2020

JPR has been my favorite station because I'm a Classical Music junkie. But it's become a platform for advertising and constant acknowledgements of financial supporters and requests for more of them. It became such an annoyance that I finally pulled my financial support and re-tuned all my radios to KORJ when I accidentally found it while desperately looking for an alternative. As others have said, I hope you never have to advertise, but if you do, please don't do it in an automated fashion like JPR does. Make it brief, soft and personal. And if at all possible can you include some soft, light classical instrumentals that those who generally don't care for classical music would find pleasant and soothing, not offensive. I like most of what you play now, especially the Spanish/Latino - influenced guitar music. It makes this old body want to get up and 'MOVE' ! Thanks so much for your station. Wish I had known about it before. TJ
By: T.J. Pappas on March 9, 2020

Why is the station off the air for several days now?, I'm soooo bummed!
By: Pat on March 12, 2020

Helping out a fellow listener :) to live stream one must go to the website (not an app). The website is This site, Radio Lineup, will not allow links so you'll need to go to your browser. The have a play list and contact us page too...way cool. The Contact Us page is great for asking questions and making it!
By: Kathryn on March 14, 2020

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