Basic Radio Station Information

KVSB 96.9 FM

City of License:
Santa Barbara, CA

South Coast Community Media Access Center

KVSB is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 96.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Santa Barbara, CA.

Nearby Radio Stations

KVRY 99.5 FM, KZAA 96.5 FM, La Preciosa 1490, KZSB 1290 AM, KCLU 1340 AM, KDRW 88.7 FM, 106.3 Spin FM, 92.9 KJEE, KSBX 89.5 FM, KDB 93.7 FM

Listener Comments and Reviews

Randomly tuned into this station it's just techno 24 hours a day with no ads or anyone talking it's rad
By: Matt on October 17, 2016

Yes! Omg don't stop
By: John on October 17, 2016

What is this? No commercials? No call signs? No DJs? No ads? It all leads back to TVSB, but apparently they know nothing about it. It is also the radio station for the Westwind Drive In Theatre in Goleta, but the range for that location ends at the boundaries of the parking area. Very mysterious.
By: Steve on October 20, 2016

This station is awesome!! Really really good techno, house, disco, breaks... All day, everyday!! My dream come true. I can finally get out of my car during a crazy good song. I'm not afraid of missing out because when I get back into it, that next song is equally as good. Electronic music is not easy for everyone to appreciate and there is a lot of crap out there. But these people know their music. Seriously.
By: Kim on October 29, 2016

Best Radio Station EVER! Please never stop this wonderful music.
By: Jackie on November 9, 2016

This gives me hope for humanity.
By: Lee on November 9, 2016

Love this station! Wish it were higher power!
By: Nick in SB on December 5, 2016

I've been hosting underground events for 18yrs and I'd love to get in touch with you to start hosting SB underground mixes in yer site. Email me
By: Myster Mause on January 4, 2017

Amazing wall-to-wall EDM. No bla-bla talk. Get yer techno on here, mystery aura Santa Barbara...
By: T in SB on January 8, 2017

When I was listening it was older electronic stuff, all super good. Buying a walkman just to listen to this station more.
By: Tony on January 14, 2017

Seems to hold out all through SB, though I lost it a bit up on APS. Anyone know who is broadcasting? It's awesome.
By: JimKong on January 16, 2017

Station is a off the chain all techno all the time.
By: Grimm on January 20, 2017

off the air right now. maybe because of the rain..? 103.3 is off as well due to weather
By: gunther on January 24, 2017

I had a strong signal all the way to the Ventura County line.
By: DealBig on January 24, 2017

Love this station. I hear so many songs that I like. I found this post doing a search for the station. I want to know the titles and artists so I can listen on my devices. But unable to find any type of playlist history online.
By: EDMlistener on February 11, 2017

Stumbled onto this station quite by accident a few weeks ago and now have it on anytime I can tune a device to it! Great music, no ads, all the time. Love it!!
By: Anonymous on March 17, 2017

I absolutely LOVE this radio station! I can pick it up all the way out to Refugio! Pump up the power!! KJEE started out as an underground, no commercial station, too...
By: Kevin on May 10, 2017

Hey all, DJMoonbeam here. I am the guy that started this station last year. The call sign is KBRC, music from Black Rock City. Email me with questions Moonbeam
By: DJMoonbeam on May 18, 2017

The vibe recently changed. I like it more. Can this be streamed?
By: John on May 24, 2017

absolutely love this station/I've told many bout it...just wish it was more powerful station...listen to it ventura an back/breaks up around ventura...can't tell u how much I enjoy the beat...just great.keep it add more watts/or whatever they do so it carrys futher. love it!
By: by tom ortale on May 24, 2017

Caught this up in SY Valley - keep it up!!
By: Will on May 25, 2017

Wow, whatever guest mix this is - amazing! From one dj to another - 🙏
By: Julia on June 2, 2017

Glad you all like it. I updated the content a month ago, and also replaced the transmitter with a better unit, so the sound quality is better. It's designated as a "low power" station, so I can't really boost it anymore. If I did, I'd step on some LA stations, and for sure get some complaints. The next step is to add a microwave link from my house the the mountain top, so I can do live sets and have guest DJ's, but it's close to $4000, and I'm don't think I want to invest that kind of money on something that may not last. Anyway, thanks for all your support.
By: Moon Beam on June 5, 2017

Is there a way you can add an online link? Not sure how that all works, but I love it. Tonight was the clearest I've ever heard it out here in Goleta.
By: Eric on June 21, 2017

Thank you Moonbean for this wonderful station! This music chills me out and is way better than prozac. I hope you start streaming online!
By: Franki on June 21, 2017

Love the station, now it is clearer than ever, thanks so much for a decent non-clearchannel mass market garbage channel! Love you@!
By: Sean on June 21, 2017

Last night I added more music, and changed the transmitter so that it is in stereo. The bass has been boosted and the gain turned up.
By: Moonbeam on June 22, 2017

Love Love this station. I was looking for world music and this fits in with that genre! Thank you so much!
By: Kiki on June 23, 2017

I now have an email for the station: email me if anyone has questions!
By: Moon Beam on June 26, 2017

Thank you Moon Beam. The station comes in much clearer and thumps the speakers.
By: D Man on June 28, 2017

Huge thanks to DJ Moonbeam for putting this station on - absolutely amazing to find a no ads electronic station on FM. Thank you!
By: Radar on July 3, 2017

Updates so far: Digital HD transmitter , Stereo (used to be mono), Smoother transitions between mixes and sets (not perfect but getting better), More bass, added some new genre's like big room house. Still trying to see what everyone likes tho, so it will change again. Love to all! Moonbeam
By: Moon Beam on July 7, 2017

Stumbled upon this station this past weekend and it was amazing! I was SO bummed when I started driving out of range. Can it be streamed?
By: Marisa on July 10, 2017

Love the much clearer sound. Noticed it's been gone for a couple days. Has the fire knocked something out?
By: Eric on July 11, 2017

Moon Beam where did it go?
By: D Man on July 11, 2017

Best radio station I've ever heard.
By: Blake on July 12, 2017

I love this radio station. Such a hidden gem in SB. But, the station went dark! DJ Moonbeam, did the fire knock out your transmitter? I saw that the fire rolled through broadcast peak. Curious to know if there is any relation. Hope all is well and hope to hear the station come back!
By: ncon on July 13, 2017

Yes, the fire took out the power! I hope to be back on the air as soon as PG&E can get up there. I was told it could take up to 2 weeks. All the big guns have big generators up there, but unfortunately my tiny budget does not allow for that! In the meantime, I'm working on some new mixes. Hopefully when we get back on the air I'll have well over a hundred gigs of music available for everybody. You won't hear the same mix in over a month! Love to Moon Beam
By: Moon Beam on July 13, 2017

Thank you for the update Moon Beam.
By: D Man on July 13, 2017

Damn! Glad to hear you're still working on the music!
By: ncon on July 14, 2017

We are back up and running! Thank you firefighters and PG&E! I should have an updated playlist with more music.
By: Moon Beam on July 16, 2017

Oh my GOSH! Finally a station with quality house, techno, etc bangers non stop all day long! No commercials!? My goodness this station has brought and will continue bringing many jams into my life. Thank youuuuu. Where can I call in?!?!? I ❤️ House Music
By: Matthew Biscan on July 18, 2017

Just traveling through and LOVE this station. Stopped binge listening my podcast to binge this. Sad to be leaving. Do you have a YouTube station or SoundCloud? Please email or comment if so!
By: Nikki on July 20, 2017

Nikki, No, I don't have any YouTube or sound cloud station. For now I'm just here! But I am slowly upgrading and making progress on improving programming and sound quality. Moonbeam
By: Moon Beam on July 25, 2017

Best. Station. Ever. Just want to give someone props for putting this on the air. Keep killing it.
By: IV Kook on July 25, 2017

Thank you! I love doing this, and will keep going as long as I can! Moonbeam
By: Moon Beam on July 26, 2017

Like so many here, I stumbled upon this while passing through Santa Barbara and was blown away by it. I even stopped as the signal got weak to listen to more! Please let me know if there is any way to stream online or at minimum get a Playlist. Do you have anywhere to send donations to keep your amazing project running? Is there a web page or Facebook or anything associated with your station? Keep up the good work!
By: Shoot4me on August 5, 2017

Omg, best station ever! I've been a stationed at Vandenberg Air Force base for 2 months now and JUST listened to it for the first time yesterday. I can't believe I didn't hear it before! Please tell me you have a live stream online where I could hear this when I go back to Florida in a few weeks 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I love this station!!
By: ChemicalAhmed on August 6, 2017

OMG the best fricken station santa Barbara has ever had! Love it! I was screwing around with an antenna I made I thought I was picking up a station from Ibiza till I discovered this page. Thank you!
By: Deepeyez on August 15, 2017

Would even say the best radio station in whole Cali, glad to live & work within reach :D Would never have thought to say this, but now sitting in my car is the best part of the day. If there was a charge for radio I would pay for it.
By: Chris on August 18, 2017

Man, this station is everything I've been looking for. Found it during my visit to California. I will surely miss it :(
By: Q on August 21, 2017

Woooooow! Just found this today in Thousand Oaks. I've been a trance, techno, house lover for 2 decades! This just made my day! To think that someone is doing this from the goodness of there heart and soul! Thank you! Where can we come see you perform live!!!??? Oh no, in Agoura and it's blinking out. Peace Moonbeam! xo
By: JoanneC on August 22, 2017

Is there any way to listen to this station online. I was driving through Santa Barbara, and randomly decided to tune into this station. Best radio station ever. Unfortunately I do not live in Santa Barbara, and want to keep jamming to it. Please help.
By: Bob on August 23, 2017

You are the hero that SB needs. This is the station I've always wanted. Thank you DJ Moon Beam for your hard work!
By: MichaelN on August 25, 2017

Favorite station ever, found by accident. Keep up the great work. Internet streaming would be great! Thanks!
By: rich on August 25, 2017

I just moved to Goleta/SB and was totally unsure human beings lived here, then I found 96.9 and all is good in the world. Thanks Moonbeam you are the hero we've been missing
By: Terrapin on August 26, 2017

Loving this new station! Especially dig the all music and zero ads part. Wondering if there is a place where you post your music lineup of songs?
By: Marie on August 29, 2017

IDK when this station popped up but its easily my favorite now.
By: Cory on August 29, 2017

How do we find moonbeam live? Just moved here and this is by far our favorite SB find.
By: Deb27 on August 30, 2017

We drive through Santa Barbara from Vancouver Canada and found your amazing station. Sad to hear it fade away when I left the area. I'm going to keep checking for when your station can be streamed, because I'll definitely be listening! Thanks moonbeam.
By: Steve on September 4, 2017

Had a case of the Blues this morning. In SB for the day and found this at Random. Had to search for info about 96.9 online because I LOVE IT! Of course it's called KBRC. As a long time resident of Black Rock City, this totally hits "Home"! A million thanks Moonbeam. This takes me back to the days when this is what I would party to on the Playa. KBRC has just become my favorite radio station ever. What a gift to your community. (I have a sticker with your name on it.) Well done!
By: REaL Godslion on September 9, 2017

Accidentally stumbled on this radio station last night. Random, I hit scan to find a missing spot for a preset. LOVE! Thanks for your efforts, it's much appreciated. My new favorite station. BTW, do you know how hard it is to find a portable FM radio (that's not an alarm clock) in SB/Goleta these days? Good luck! Til I get one, I can't wait to get back into my car for some more 96.9.
By: Feline420 on September 12, 2017

Much love to all of you! Last night I uploaded 250 new beats, corrected the left and right channel imbalance, and increased clarity. Pretty much the last thing I need, is a microwave uplink from my super-secret studio, up to the Mountaintop. This will allow me to do live sets guest DJs and whole lot more. The problem is, that this will cost about $2,500. So keep an eye out here, and I might do a crowdfund or a Kickstarter campaign so we can raise the money to keep bringing this beautiful music to all you lovely people!
By: Moonbeam on September 13, 2017

Moonbeam! My friends and I are huge fans of the station and would love to meet you in person! If you're in SB come meet our music collective and play some live sets for us ❤️ Who knows...maybe we can do a fundraiser and get you the equipment you need! Thanks for the tunes!!
By: Sarah Jane on October 3, 2017

Hey Moonbeam, I'm a DJ for KCSB 91.9 FM. The show is called "The Blacklight Special." I love your jams. Shoot me a message, i'd love to talk and possibly collab one of these days :)
By: sansnom on October 6, 2017

96.9 is magical goodness. I finally found a portable FM radio, so I'm not without the love - outside of my car. :) Awesome work you are doing. I'm super into supporting the up-link, hit me up.
By: Feline420 on October 6, 2017

please let us know how to listen online! such a cool station.
By: Tom on October 17, 2017

I randomly found this radio station after I met someone in Black Rock City and moved here to Santa Barbara with him. (From Lompoc originally) It reminded us of BLC instantly. We have been listening to this station for a little over a month now and I'm so happy to finally find out who is running it! DJ Moonbeam, you are welcome to join me in any of my rave and festival adventures! My friends have a sensory overload chamber I think you might be interested to try haha. Thank you! You are truly an inspiration to keep the burn going all year round. - fb / ig ~ Lyss Owen
By: Alice on October 17, 2017

Is 96.9 off the air? We miss it so! If there's any way I can help, post it here. I'd happily pitch in for electronics, etc. KBRC is the best thing I've found yet in SB.
By: Terrapin on October 22, 2017

Dear listeners.... Sadly, KBRC is no longer. The owners of TVSB did not want me continuing on their frequency. Instead of giving me the opportunity to stop broadcasting, they reported me, and confiscated all my equipment, which totals about $4000. But that is the risk of a pirate radio station, and I have no regrets, other than trusting TVSB. I brought love and deep grooves to the people of the Santa Barbara, in a way that was never done before. Thanks for all the love and support, and I will be back someday. Moonbeam
By: Moonbeam on October 27, 2017

So sorry moonbeam.If some $$ could help you get back on the air I'd be happy to help, drop a line here. Your sound really made a difference to me. -Terrapin
By: Terrapin on October 29, 2017

I'm so sad to see KBRC go :( What TVSB did is so unfair. I hope to see you back someday DJ Moonbeam and if there's any way we can help let us know.
By: Kathryn on November 6, 2017

So this guy pirated radio waves and TVSB did what any responsible nonprofit should do and shut it down, there are no "owners". This is a MAJOR FCC violation and TVSB never confiscated his equipment, just his method of broadcasting. Do what any legit station would do and get a legal license. If people love your station so much make it happen.
By: truthteller on November 7, 2017

Don't blame TVSB! Mr. Moonbeam was shut down because he was causing interference to another radio station, and set up his equipment on a site which didn't belong to him. Thank him for his music while it lasted. He should be grateful he was shut down before the FCC got to him, because he would be fined $10,000 or more for operating a pirate radio station. Because he filed a false application with the FCC, he is ineligible to get a license, even if one becomes available.
By: Intheknow on November 7, 2017

TVSB did not confiscate your transmitter and antenna. The site owner n Santa Ynez Peak did whom you squatted in their building without paying for the site or power. TVSB had nothing to do with this. Your signal was heard from Santa Maria to Ventura. It caused interference to licensed broadcasters. You forged the license filing to the FCC. That is a federal crime.
By: Mark on November 7, 2017

I have been in mourning for 96.9. Totally the best pirate radio station ever! DJ Moonbeam thankyou for taking the risk of beaming rainbows into Santa Barbara. The long arm of the TVSB gotcha but the love is still there. If you need financial help getting back up let your fans know! I would pony up! Please figure out how to stream online if you cant ride the waves. You made such a difference to my day and I know I speak for a good amount of people!
By: Shirin L Tolle on November 21, 2017

Totally bummed out dude when I found out what happened to you. I kind of figured something like that happened when you went cold and dark. The big boys are just jealous of the quality of your playlist and of all the love for you out there. God bless you DJ Moonbeam. Hope you make an awesome comeback!
By: X-ray Star on December 21, 2017

MB- The mamby haters quoting regs with no heart are exactly what's wrong with this town, and you're exactly what we need back. Let us know how we can help moonbeam if you're still out there. Terrapin
By: Terrapin on February 21, 2018

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