Basic Radio Station Information

News Talk 98.9 FM

WKIM 98.9 FM

City of License:
Munford, TN


Memphis, TN

Web site:

Cumulus Media (Radio License Holding Cbc, LLC)

WKIM is an FM radio station broadcasting at 98.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Munford, TN and is part of the Memphis, TN radio market. The station airs news/talk programming and goes by the name "News Talk 98.9 FM" on the air. WKIM is owned by Cumulus Media.

Nearby Radio Stations

KIX 106, 98.1 The MAX, 104.5 The River, WQOX 88.5 FM, WKNO 91.1 FM, 89.9 WEVL, WUMR 91.7 FM, WMC 790 AM, FM 100, WOWW 1430 AM

Co-Owned Radio Stations in Memphis, TN

KIX 106, Soul Classics 103.5, 98.1 The MAX

Listener Comments and Reviews

dear sirs: since the city of memphis closed its schools it has no say in how the county schools are run, to the benefit of the children. all it can do is appropriate money for the schools and hope to gain input in this way. i believe the county is protected by state law here. this does include in my belief all city schools closed by the city in its rejection of the charter for the schools. as i said i believe the children who attend the city schools will be better off now that the county is in charge of the school system. i do not believe the people of shelby county will support consolidation. i know i would not. thank you. herman s. wilson ps my wife loves this station, especially when beth tells ken she was not talking to him.
By: herman s. wilson on February 29, 2012

i have listened to news/talk 98.9 for about 5 years. When I got into my car today to go to lunch,I thought I had accidentally switched stations because I was hearing rap. Was there not enough already? I hope I can find another talk station because I'm through with 98.9.
By: Sheila on February 27, 2015

I got in my car at 5:30 pm 2 27 15 there was rap .what a shock to a conservative person. I am so disappionted in this change.. i listen to this station in he morning for1hour and evenings fo an hour. The only other stationis am 600
By: debbie on February 27, 2015

Just what the market needed ---another rap and hip hop station. Cumulus decrees the city isn't worth talking about. Let's not listen to anything Cumulus owns.
By: LaShaun on February 27, 2015

Citizens were being informed of city, state and federal govt. affairs, but I'm sure this new Vibe(?) broadcast will be educational, too.😱
By: Jeannie on February 28, 2015

98.9 FM Goodbye - Adios. I'm done!
By: Taylor Dean on February 28, 2015

Just when you think it can't get any worse in Memphis. This is exactly what the young people in Memphis need is more RAP that teaches disrespect and lack of moral character. I listened to WKIM 98.9 all day, every day, from 0530 until approx. 1800 (6:00 P.M.) evry day without fail. I now only have the option of WREC 600 AM for my local information/news. I guess this is a continuation of the "Fundemental transformation" of the country as we know it. Needless to say I immediately took 98.9 off my preset stations list in my car, home, and portable communications devices. I really enjoyed the Red Eye Radio show, local morning show, Chris Plante, and the Andrew Clarksenior show. They will be sorely missed. Goodbye 98.9. Very bad business decision in my opinion.
By: Donald Flynn on March 1, 2015

Incredibly stupid and short-sighted business decision. I bet this new format goes by the wayside before the year is out. Rap? Really?
By: Robin on March 1, 2015

How could you think anyone sane would want to forego listening to intelligent, well-spoken, interesting, thought-provoking (not to mention amusing) men like Chris Plant and Marc Levin and hear instead the moronic music that is blasting out of every car in America. WHAT FOR? Was it done to out-shout the criticism of Obama? Sieg Heil!
By: Nicholas Candela on March 1, 2015

How surprised I was on Friday when I got in my car to go home and I heard RAP music in place of my News Talk. I thought I must have accidentally hit the advance button on my radio when I turned it on. Needless to say I have changed my presets. This has been the topic of many conversations this weekend. You have a lot of angry listeners on your hands and you have lost all of them.I would wish you Good Luck but I think that would be a waste of breath.
By: Karen on March 1, 2015

I have already made a call to you station but wanted to post my disappointment here also. I do HVAC in and around the city of Memphis. It is hard to get the AM talk station in some places so the FM station was great and my coworker and I love Chris Plante. Hip Hop REALLY? How stupid can you get.
By: Charlie on March 1, 2015

So disappointed! All the people you put out of jobs. Ben Ferguson, Forrest Goodman, Steve Butler & so many more. My truck driver husband listened to 98.9 for the traffic & I listened for the Conservative Talk. You have lost So many listeners!!! Bring back our Fox News Channel!
By: Trish Landis on March 2, 2015

I am so disgusted with Cumulus with replacing the ONE AND ONLY decent local news talk radio with RAP CRAP! Yup, that is what the city of Memphis needs, more rap crap to inspire the thugs in Memphis. Cumulus can kiss my butt as I leave them behind... and Memphis too for that matter.
By: Papa Tich on March 2, 2015

What can be done to remove the City of License from Munford, Tennessee. This format is not our idea of proper representation of our town. Dwayne Cole, Mayor City of Munford, Tennessee
By: Dwayne Cole on March 2, 2015

1930's Germany, here we come. Give the gullible public what they want to hear and shut out any opposition.
By: SNS on March 2, 2015

I can't believe you took good talk radio off and put the garbage rap on instead. This is just what people want to hear. What a terrible business decision. You are going to lose intelligent audiences.
By: Phyllis Kallaher on March 2, 2015

Bye Bye good talk station.... Hello stupid station and delete from my radio memory. I am better off dead than to listen to vibe now
By: Lane Meyer on March 2, 2015

Alot of people here in Northeast Arkansas enjoyed the talk radio. Every time I'm in my truck it's on or should I say was on that channel. Very disappointed with the change. Has to be some liberal executives calling the shots. I will boycott all Cumulus owned stations
By: Don Marshall on March 3, 2015

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