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WKQK 94.1
Steve Conley & Classic Hits gone! Which Enterom management dweeb who hates good music made that decision? Market share? Forget it. I'm switching stations OR just going back to my CD collection. Steve, if you read this, let your fans know when you'll be back to spinning good ole classic rock. Thanks for the memories.
By: Rock n Roll Rebel on October 24, 2014

KRQX 98.9
Finally, a station I can and will listen to that doesn't have Oscar the grouch voice or cookie monsters, thankyou about time, kick A
By: charlie on October 24, 2014

KAJA 97.3
They use to be the best in town but their facebook page is creepy latley in the past couple of years they Makd creepy housewife and drug related comments constanly degrade country singers yet use them to up their ratings And what's up with the selfies of the female disjocky is her personal profiek or a country station !
By: Alle Munoz on October 24, 2014

KULL 100.7
I listen to your station all the time. Could you please add two songs to your play list : Lean on Me and Island in the Stream. Both songs are very special in my life and haven' t heard them in some time. Thanks and I will continue to listen to ya'll.
By: Candie Hardin on October 24, 2014

WTLG 88.3
DO YOU KNOW THE BRASS BREAKER, IRON CUTTER, AND YOKE DESTROYER JESUS CHRIST Album by Bellany Jackson was just released. I wnated to know how I could share the Word of God in song with your radio station. Bellany Jackson
By: Bellany Jackson on October 23, 2014

WGCU 90.1
Faith Lutheran Church will be hosting a Community Family Fun day on November 8th, from 10am to 3pm, at which time we will be honoring all local Fire Department, EMT and Sheriff Department members. We want to thank them for all they do for our community here in Lehigh Acres by giving all current members of these departments lunch at no charge. This event will include many activities for the whole family such as pony rides, giant slide, bounce house, dunking booth, as well as games geared for children of all ages, all for a nominal cost. All are welcome. We hope to see you there! Faith Lutheran Church 705 Leeland Heights Blvd. East Lehigh Acres, FL 33971 239-369-6177 Sincerely, Social Ministry Committee, Faith Lutheran
By: Pat Shannon on October 23, 2014

WCRZ 107.9
I miss the old morning show with Rod so very much. Just can't get used to the new people.
By: Shelley on October 23, 2014

KDON 102.5
I am a teacher at a local school. Does your on air talent ever give their time for school events? Thank you for taking my question! ajk
By: Abbie Kemmer on October 23, 2014

KCLU 88.3
Hi all,I'm from England my friends in a band called the sherlocks and they've got a new single called live for the moment and I would love it for you to play it for me while I'm here soccer coaching.
By: sebastian drake on October 23, 2014

WTBI 91.5
I listen to the morning broadcast The Bright Spot Hour and Greeting from Calvary, was wondering what choir sings I Just Stopped By On My Way Home. Like the broadcast.
By: Donnie Ramsey on October 22, 2014

WGHR 106.3
Is there a playlist for WGHR 106.3 listed anywhere?
By: Dennis on October 22, 2014

KSFH 87.9
Hi, we're looking for some airplay, here's a link to our demo if you like it let me know and I will send our just released CD Thanks, Craig
By: Craig Moore on October 22, 2014

KQLL 1280
enjoy your music all day at work in Columbia south Carolina great station from a ex retired dj david wiles thanks keep pumping the great hits
By: david wiles on October 22, 2014

KUCC 88.1
New to the area and just discovered your station. Terrific and so glad we can pick up here in the Waha area. If you ever do fund raisers, we would be happy to help. Blessings, The Ganskies
By: Sarah Ganskie on October 22, 2014

WJPF 1340
What is Tom Miller's email address? Would like to send him a message. Thanks
By: Fred Edwards on October 21, 2014

KPEL 1420
i have recentley discovered an almost full-proof way to make a profit, betting on pro and college football. And at the same time, expose the so-called experts who make a living, talking about football for the frauds they are. the prossess is very simple and requires only a radio, a decent memory, and a pen and paper. the best day to start is wednesday, because it is the middle of the week and most often the day that the radio blabber- mouths begin their segway from the previous weeks games to the ones that are upcoming. When the events of the recent past start to gel with the immidiate future and everyone is getting giddy about the lingering pigskin mathups. However, that is not to say that mondays and teusdays are not immune to a great deal of bullshi... Uh... info,that you can use. so, when you get into your vehicle on wednesday,thursday, or friday morning, Turn on your radio and tune it to any sports-talk station. Now. depending on the length of your commute to work, you may be treated to the opinions and analysis of anywhere between 1 and 5 Sports whizes. Now heres where the memory requirment kicks in, merely because it isn't safe to write while driving. "what do i have to remember to write?" your asking yourself. Fret not, merry motorists. Just store into your minds eye, the names of the football teams mentioned by the talking heads. believe me when i say "it aint hard" now its also very,very important to retain the "points of view" attached to each team. A good example Would be "the home team is pretty banged-up at running back, so expect them to struggle in that depatment" or "these guys have got to get better play outta their front seven" both negative remarks. Now on the other hand, you may hear something to the tune of "this offense has been hitting on all cylinders" or "this linebacking crew is by far; the best in the conference" both positive remarks" now, as you're making your way to point b, try to remember the good and the bad comments you've just heard, along with the team or teams they were associated with. And without question, you will also hear comments, regarding off- the- field issues. these comments are to be ignored. While they may seem to be of grave signifecence on the surface,the vast majority of football players have a knack for putting that sort of thing on the backburner, when the ball is kicked off. And coaches make great efforts to keep their soiled souls focused, on matters at hand. now, before getting out of your vehicle, jot down the teams you've heard mention of, then put a + sign after the teams recieving praise, albiet subtle praise and put a - sign near the teams getting sour reviews from the know-it-alls. ok, i'm not suggesting you will be able to retire, by using this method, so you better get your ass in the office or shop, or whatever and get to work. alright, unless you work for a real jerk, you probrably get a break around mid-morning. Use it doing this; take the Scribblings u made earlier and write "bet-on" next to the teams with - signs and write "bet against" next to the ones with + signs. now, when saturday rolls around, give your friendly neighborhood bookie a call and follow the little 'cheat-sheet' you made three days ago. "why?" You may be thinking. "why defy the virtuosos that study and grind over this stuff, tirelessley?" i will tell you why.; its because those clowns -dont know s..t!!!- or they do know a helluva lot more than you would think, but do not share that knowledge with "joe- public" for the simple reason of helping their buddies, in vegas get the upper- hand. i dont know; nor do i care. I just do know that heeding the advice of these fellows, will put you in the homeless- shelter, quick!!! so dont rack your brains and dont try to make sense of it. Just make sure you have enough money to pay "the man" in case i'm wrong (which i am not) and get ready celabrate.
By: Neal Champagne on October 21, 2014

KHTP 103.7
^ Agreed. This new station is nothing compared to what 'The Mountain' once was. Bring back The Mountain!
By: Yuliya Firsova on October 21, 2014

KTBX 98.1
I love this station. It's the only thing I have tuned on my radio at home. I found you in May and played you non-stop all summer in my truck. September you left, my truck radio died. Sad, so sad!! My boyfriend emails me at work and tells me your back. Playing you right now in the center of Tucson, AZ. I love the eclectic format of 60's, 70's and 80's with some top hits, but a lot of progressive rock. My dogs love ya too.
By: Deborah on October 21, 2014

KANW 89.1
We would love to be guests on a radio program, we have a very innovative building product and have been guests on several radio and television shows. It is exciting, original and helps a lot of your radio listeners with problems they may have with decayed wood on their homes. Our invention is creating a lot of buzz and helping so many home and business owners. You can call me for more information at 505-278-0464 also check out our website, you can listen to our other radio and TV spots and see that we have something interesting and unique that you can share with your fans. I look forward to hearing from you. Kellie Shelto
By: Kellie Shelton on October 21, 2014

WQTL 106.1
I enjoy listening to your station.At approximately 11:58 a.m. on Tues. 10/22, 106.9 played a song about a man dying and he was strong and it had the words " I cried" in it too. If you still have your line-up for that day/time, would you please tell me the song and artist. Thank you, Brenda Monroe
By: Brenda Monroe on October 21, 2014

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