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KNSN 1240
Hello- Hi As I searched for Am 1240 KBRT Christian Radio to inquire about a potential radio broadcasting and or a position in sales or entry broad operator training or simply promotions. I am a native San Diegan seeking to transfer my fiat savings into silver- or even to work in the broadcast field or hopefully working being employed there with your stable christian company. I have done a lot of customer service airline and Mall retail sales-personal care of people,.. But need to transition into something more of my interest in earnings to continue to pay my rent here in Mission Valley. I was of late recently a Home Care provider for many years But feel interested to re establish a new life path. Now would  expect a good- great time -to be taught your way/your selling techniques. Please put me to work.Teach me basic board operations or position/opportunity to encourage and serve the southern  California region with the love of our LORD. I am teachable can mold into a quality asset employee.  Desire to re establish stro ger faith in Jesus and help others thrive too,...! Its important to thrive make good income pay my rent and earn a vacation...and serve San Diego My dream is to entreprenuerially build a Campground for neglect / abused kids,..and so  Seeking a fair opportunity to work in a company or for a private business,.. I enjoy the public repore relationships in Radio broadcasting,..Sales or train anew I  being teachable-  I enjoy being outdoors selling -rep presenting people also chance opportunities to thrive,. Hope to hear more from you about opportunities at New K rtmvn am 1240 Sincerely thanks Below is a sample get a basic overview about me,.. Thank you and feel free to collect me to discuss a potentia chance lnterview or chance to be employed. Hoping to get for a new fresh start,.. May our Creator bless as we serve Sincerely, Michael K Lee Rancho Mission Rd # 201  San Diego, California 92108  cell -619-384-7973 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe your looking for a responsible-dependable-organized-personable employee. Please see my broad experience, interests, skills-strengths can be a contribution to your team.                        I welcome the opportunity to meet - discuss how I can add organize to your Opportunity- I think I can be a good contribution to your team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Airline Passenger- Care Agent- Travel Service- curb-side Huntleigh and Jet Blue counter -Provided timely wheelchair and customer service. Volvo-Shuttle Driver -Customer Service of Passengers-Drove various clients to/ from Auto repair to job and/or to home while car being repaired. Hertz Rental Driver- transporter of company cars and customers service.                                                                                                                                                                     Film Festival-Host - Master Ceremony fill-in show host of Animation-Spike and Mike –Seattle Washington                                                                                                                                                                                                    Trade Show Booth Sheraton Hotel- Set up and ear down-Also ran Food Cart-In Fashion Valley Mall. Old Globe Theatre -Cashier and Comic Con Convention-and Camp-land on the Bay recreational resort.                                                                                                                                                             Carnival Cruise-Line-Greeter -welcomed greeted-directed-informed- incoming passengers to/from Airport to Pier-and organized baggage-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Museum Tour Guide-Greeting-customers presenting Theater Shows-open and closing responsibilities of store retail Sales and  Educational Tours- Sports museum. Motivational Media – Assistant – Assist of Slide Presentation show in 20 usa states encouragement  assistant and overseer to youth -coordinating volunteers and providing a educational presentational show.                                                                                                                                                                                  Marriot Hotel -High rise window cleaner- And Assisted Real estate -cleaning service and Customer Service-Airline Training –Air Serv- Airline-Cabin Cleaner- Sports Arena /Quallcomm Stadium cleaner Real Estate Vacation rental customer service cleaning assisted the owner of Blue Haven Pools with Teacher Assistant -Pt Loma High School- 1year -Aide assistant in classroom and out side supervision of youth/encouraging toward creating making for themselves a future w personal growth                                                                                                                                                                                   Home Care Provider -15 years experience in very broad range of health conditions CNA experience from quadgeplegic to colostomy to cancer to ROM and assist with PT and various wide range of MS-MD-polio to heart and Companion service to many hundreds of thousands of hours of quality care to so-so many medical care and mercy hospital type healthcare service Education –Mesa College – 1.6 yr – completed 41 units in Communications -KCST-TV 39 Internship-assisting reporters t set-up carry assigned cameras equipment assist the desk editor /call on news worthy breaking-news follow-up info and KPRZ Am 1210 Radio Internship  and Hospitality International Tourism Entrepreneur- Business Development- current interest in Licensing-Product Developer to invent-innovation-design solutions -seeking certification and TESOL-Teaching certification Volunteer – Mercy -International on board International Hospital ship- Deckhand - Mercy Ship                                                                                                                                                  Old Globe Theatre Cadman Recreation Center- Horizon Fellowship Leadership-small group leader Native Born raised- San Diego  Michael K Lee # 619-384-7973 Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A
By: Michael K Lee on July 24, 2016

KCSF 1300
I'm looking for a song. Late 60"s. A local country writer/singer .entertainer had recorded it .. I had a 45 . Not sure of name but one line: " mile high city , one mile high. That's my city one mile high. In Denver I want to live and die, Mile High City one mile high..
By: A Wilson on July 24, 2016

WZKO 99.7
What can i say love this station ... It would be a great app to down load on my phone.... Thanks so much finally a great radio station keep up the awesome work.
By: freddy santos on July 24, 2016

KKSF 910
Is there another station carrying coast to coast coming in clear in the bay area. Love to listen at night, do not like to fall asleep with my smart phone near me. My little radio was perfect. I could not believe 910 gone with out warning.
By: Lydia on July 24, 2016

KKSF 910
MIller and Colmes can be streaming online from other stations. My guess is that Gil Gross and some of the other host will either: a) land at another station or b) launch an online show or podcast.
By: Sam on July 24, 2016

KKSF 910
No we won't switch to KSFO, we'll just listen to jazz instead of rigjt wing crap.
By: hanne jeppesen on July 24, 2016

WJKD 99.7
YouTube c4 vs everybody. Facebook Kenny Paul c4
By: Kenny paul on July 24, 2016

WKEL 88.1
Hey, Christian Contemporary! I've heard from your station a few times before. You were the channel that introduced me to the song "God's Not Dead" by Newsboys. But one Christian music artist I don't think you guys play is a group called Family Plan! I'd recommend putting ALL their current songs on your list. Most of them are over four minutes long, but their ALL REALLY AMAZING! At least put in "Not the Same", "Brand New", "Fleeting", and such! PLEASE RESPOND to my email and let me know what you think! THANK YOU!
By: Ian Mitchell on July 24, 2016

WQSC 1340
I am on a mission to get you guys to monitor your own it that hard to prevent crosstalk? I listen to several talk stations and rarely if ever have I heard double broadcasting from any station other than yours. Am I the only one who hears this??? Do you want to engage me to let you know when this occurs? Third time this week - 9am this morning July 24 was the latest. I have reported it via this forum twice and once talked to someone at Kirkman HQ! C'mon guys, step up!
By: John Reid on July 24, 2016

KKSF 910
All you stupid libtards got what you deserve. You and your pro illegal immigration now have made it that spanish radio now takes over the California airwaves. Now your precious liberal idiots like Gil Gross and Alan Colmes Stephanie Miller are off the air! I am so happy this has happened. Now you can listen to ksfo560 and hear conservative talk radio because you fools created your own demise of liberal radio
By: MIke Caldwell on July 23, 2016

KKPS 99.5
Shout out to my boyfriend mizael cantu jr in harlingen.tx i want to wish him a happy birthday from his girlfriend Ariel Martinez
By: Aril on July 23, 2016

KKSF 910
WTF!!!I pushed my preset button to tune into Gil & thought I hit a brown station,which there should not be any in the U.S.,THIS is one reason why brown people do not know how or want to speak English in this country!Why are they being catered to.NO foreign language should be catered to in this country but why is the brown language being catered to.Are the brown people catered to so that they do not not have to be "annoyed" at haveing to read English,which is the LANGUAGE of this land,or that every nationality knows how to read,speak and understand English but not the brown people.So is it that the brown people are the superior race or the stupidest race that things are in brown words?Why not put things in German,French,Greek Martian etc as well?I get SICK & TIRED of hearing brown talk and yellow talk(Chinise) being spoken in this country every day almost!Where are all the African,Italian etc radio stations.The airwaves should have a show in EVERY foreign language or none!!I am being facetious.There should be NO foreign language stations!English is also the international language FYI.
By: Slick on July 23, 2016

WXLA 1180
I just happened onto this station while dialing around for a good music station...It's so great to hear good music from the past, with understandable lyrics, good melodies, easy to remember and sing along.....I'm so grateful for a pleasant station for listening of wonderful musical memories . Thank you!! N.P. Anderson Lansing, MI
By: Nancy Patricia Anderson on July 23, 2016

WLRX 107.1
I wanted to thank a lot day that lives in Ironton Ohio for helping my granddaughter and myself find our way home We had been to a funeral and was lost. Could you please post this on the radio station.
By: Glenna Osborne on July 23, 2016

KKSF 910
Are right wing listeners the only ones allowed programming. Losing the programming like Gil Gross & Alan Combs is a huge disappointment! Now the only choice is KGO.
By: Niels Povlsen on July 23, 2016

KKSF 910
Good grief. SPANISH SPORTS?!? Right when we need informative talk radio? Of course. We have to keep people stupid. Good bye.
By: Lisa Harrigan on July 23, 2016

KKSF 910
One of the worst Bay Area radio decisions in recent history! To switch format AND lose gems like Gil Gross; The Best Weatherman in the U.S.!..... etc; All this for Spanish sports????!! What a waste. Good luck to the sponsors!
By: Petaluma Lou on July 23, 2016

KBFM 104.1
Hola Como Esta She Said Konichiwa by Kent jones
By: jorge on July 23, 2016

WHLO 640
The only program left I was tuning into on your station was Mark Levin. Good by WHLO. I guess "you can't handle the truth." Thank God for the TuneIn Radio application.
By: Bryan Finnicum on July 23, 2016

KKSF 910
Is there another station with Coast to Coast besides1080?? What are we supposed to do now?? make up our own conspiricies??? I am lost
By: TheyLive WeSleep on July 23, 2016

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