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WPHT 1210
Talk radio is taking the same route as Hollywood and the current music scene. 1210 should be embarrassed to allow Flowers and Sterling any air time. You know things are bad when people tune in to hear if it can be any worse than the previous program but it does every week with these two, especially Flowers. This lady ( say that loosely ) should be committed; Sterling is running a close second. I wonder if management listens to these two wanna-be's, just horrible radio but then again there isn't much left that hasn't gone down hill. There is no doubt that " Old school was the best school "; people as a whole were much different and had some class; things certainly aren't what they used to be. The only entertainment value is just seeing how bad it gets and yelling at the radio ! I assume that qualifies me as a listener for the ratings however they would be better off if the fan base actually enjoyed the programs. For me it only makes me realize how sane I am in comparison to these idiots, crazy isn't it. Hang it up Christine and go away, thanks and bye bye.
By: Dave on May 22, 2017

WLOF 101.7
Approx. 5 or so years ago, there was a broadcast from midnight to 1am, It was a priest, with a sermon-like program. at the end of the program, there was addresses to purchase the program(s). What was that program/ who was the priest?
By: Eric on May 22, 2017

KBRG 100.3
I want to talk to someone regarding advertising on your station. Thanks. 1.360.420.5192
By: Raj Raghani on May 22, 2017

WIOD 610
Worst radio on WIOD is 10a.m. to 12 noon Monday through Friday when the communist Fernand is sucking up to the liberal agenda. If you don't agree with him you are stupid in his world. Claims to be the most truthful after every lie he tells. Very anti American, lies everyday I won't listen during the time allocated.
By: Garner on May 22, 2017

WDXD 101.9
Josh, WDXD does not carry any FSU sports programming.
By: Alan McCall on May 22, 2017

KDEY 93.5
Check out Sealy Troh's latest " The Things You Do"🔥🔥power 106FM showing real ❤️ Instagram/Sealytroh Follow
By: Leonard Trotman on May 21, 2017

KHID 88.1
Can we do an interview with the Radio station?
By: Great Okonkwo on May 21, 2017

KBDC 88.5
Heading back to Austin. After 7 year mission. Hope your station is still inspiring others. I wrote poems of my Lord Jesus listening to your station. I was in Austin Daily Herald as a good samaritan glad AFR is still on the air.
By: shawn. cannon on May 21, 2017

KUOW 94.9
what happened to the Saturday night "oldies" program?
By: Gary Shaw on May 21, 2017

WCVU 104.9
My husband and I LOVE this station. Sadly we are leaving to sell our home in VA but will be back hopefully by late summer. I wish we could get this in South Western Virginia. Do you syndicate this station? Just wanted you guys to know it IS easy listening and this is coming from a Rock and Roller!
By: Laurie Brandt on May 20, 2017

KTRC 1260
Hi, I found KTRC using while looking for progressive talk radio. I appreciate the topics and depth of discussion the Thom Hartmann program provides. During these dark times of fossil-fuel financed and non-local corporate owned media I find Stephanie Miller's talk show to be one of the few broadcasts that makes me laugh. Because of KTRC I am motivated to visit the Santa Fe area and gladly spend my tourist dollars in a community that supports egalitarian ideals. Please thank the area businesses that sponsor the progressive programming so that comprehensive thinking individuals hear that they are not alone. Skipjack Gaithersburg, Maryland
By: Skipjack on May 20, 2017

WWBA 820
Kurt Shriner who exposed his self righteous cavalier attitude towards the Tulsa verdict where a police officer shoots a man to death with his hands up because he wouldn't ly down with the toss in of making a move to put his hand in a car his family said had closed windows, where no weapon was ever found is the end for me of listening to a long obvious tone of useless self righteous. I love this radio station, but its time for him to go behind the scenes and work.
By: rich neidhardt on May 20, 2017

WSKZ 106.5
My son is a navy cee bee war vet and he will be walking through Chattanooga this Monday from Verginia Beach to California to help bring awareness to the 22suesides because of PTSD by milatery veterans. Every day. His phone number is 512 8202564 in case you need more details .tonight he is in snow hill.
By: William copeland on May 20, 2017

KISV 94.1
Hello my name is Gary aka Seathin and I would like to know if you would possibly play one of my songs on the radio?
By: Gary Buchanan on May 20, 2017

KKXX 93.1
Hi, my Name is Gary Buchanan and I would like to know if you would play one of my songs on the radio? I'm 15 years old and i live in Taft California. I'm just trying to make my dream into a reality.
By: Gary Buchanan on May 20, 2017

KBDS 103.9
I want to know if you could play one of my songs on the radio. I live in Taft California, I am 15 years old, and i'm just trying to make my dreams come true.
By: Gary Buchanan on May 20, 2017

WIOD 610
Well another repeat "Eat This" show. What can you expect from Cefalo, a person who filed a company Bankruptcy along with his co-host Brenda, possibly causing a loss to creditors of between half to a million dollars some time ago. Can't believe this on line reported news.
By: jgrady on May 20, 2017

WLCM 1390
Since I stopped paying for radio in my car I listen to WLCM 1390 when I drive to and back again to see my husband in the nursing home and around town. I so enjoy listening to the different preachers. I've learned a lot. And on Saturday mornings I love Quartet Time. It cheers me up. Last Saturday, the 13th, I drove up to Canadian Lakes and I was so happy & surprised to be able to get the channel almost the whole way up.
By: Sheila A. on May 20, 2017

WNLB 97.7
Use the Soundhound application on the smartphone. Tells you the song, artist, lyrics etc. Great application! I would like to see 97.7 WNLB-LP added to some radio applications so I could listen to the station through my smartphone/bluetooth speakers.
By: Walter K on May 20, 2017

WFMU 91.1
Enjoy the hrs ive listened in..Orlando in MTC NJ..And i called in and left my verbal compliments 5/20/17 cool keep it going esp. On the friday, saturday, thursday, and sundays
By: orlando rich on May 19, 2017

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