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WCCF 1580
I'm done. I will not listen to any radio programs any longer on AM1580 as long as an elitist New York City liberal like Tom Brokaw insists on criticizing and denigrating every action President Trump takes to get this country stable. Brokaw may think he's the next Paul Harvey - but he is 180 degrees from that real radio giant. GET RID OF THIS BORING LIBERAL! Regards, Janet Tomas North Port, FL
By: Janet Tomas on February 23, 2017

KKOB 770
We have a newsletter that needs to be released immediately regarding Medicaid Proposal cuts and would like to know who to send it to. Thank you
By: Mary on February 23, 2017

WWBA 820
Idiots. Would listen to your station ONLY because of Laura and Savage. No more them; no more me. Bye Bye
By: harry on February 23, 2017

WWBA 820
Like many of your listeners have commented . Bubba instead of Laura. I will no longer listen to anything on your station. Seems as if you're taking a wrong turn IMO
By: Jackie on February 23, 2017

WWBA 820
I sincerely hope your ratings plummet after making such a stupid move, replacing news and intelligent discussion with this disgusting, vile replacement. What is wrong with management of this station? Do you actually think people want to listen to this garbage first thing in the a.m.? I greatly miss Laura ingraham. Used to listen daily, and now I won't turn on your station. Very sad commentary on Tampa Bay listeners, if this is what they want
By: Emma on February 23, 2017

WWBA 820
Hello, I thought 820am was doing a fantastic job being competitive against the iheart juggernaught. I found your station a couple of years ago on my quest to follow Michael Savage, who is the best broadcaster in America. I had been getting sick of Glenn Beck for a long while and when I found Laura was on your station I switched instantly. Same thing with the blowhard mark Levin. When I flipped over and found Dana I noticed I was now listening to your small comparatively independent station more than those big guys and I felt GREAT about that! Dan Midori is good and I like the local aspect of his show however I do generally listen to Rush and Hannity on the other guys but my point is this: I went from near exclusive listenership to the other guys to a 3:2 ratio in your favor. Now I find myself desirous of quality programming in certain day parts whereas I was extremely well satisfied before. I've listened to a lot of bubba over the years and I have nothing against him but I cant hang w his show for very long because his topics don't always appeal to me.
By: Nemtiluk on February 23, 2017

WFAS 1230
Westchester Community College would like to discuss advertising on your radio station. I can't seem to get anyone to pick up on the phone and the email I found comes back undeliverable. Please let me know who I can call or should I just drop by the office in Hartsdale. Thanks! Mark Brownstein 845-358-1220 c: 845-548-3560
By: Mark Brownstein on February 23, 2017

WWLU 88.7
Submission Request Artist : Sphinx Saga City : Bronx, New York Publishing : ASCAP Release : The Hidden Truth Release Date : 02/24/2017 Store : Tracks : Dipped and The Message
By: Sphinx Saga on February 22, 2017

KSCL 91.3
Hi this is Nirene Olvera or Nina whichever you prefer I was wondering if you could play 2 specific songs on yalls station. They aren't in English they are in Korean. I don't if yall have ever heard of the genre kpop (?) Maybe yall have since its getting pretty popular nowadays well there is this one group that has been getting good really popular and I would like for yall to play these 2 songs and this is me asking yall for a favor in honour of the name of my fanbase, ARMY. The 2 songs are Spring Day and Not Today. These are their most recent songs. If yall could play this on your station we, ARMYs, would be so grateful towards you. Thank you for taking your time to read my message.
By: Nirene Olvera on February 22, 2017

WNLB 97.7
Love this station! I found it a few weeks ago. I've been telling my friends, but unfortunately the signal is too weak for them to receive it. I live in Maumee and I get this station. I have it on when I go to work, but lose it when I arrive in downtown Toledo. You should cover the entire city with this great music. :-)
By: R.B. on February 22, 2017

KQTE 1450
Why was KQTE taken off the air?
By: Chris on February 22, 2017

KXGM 89.1
Greetings: If possible, I would be most grateful if you could use the upcoming author reading as a PSA or add it to a calendar of events. Thanks much for the consideration. Following is the blurb. Feel free to change as per your needs. Myron Williams BLURB: Three Iowa authors will read from their work on Tuesday, Feb. 28, from 7 to 8 p.m., in the CSPS Hall, 1105 3rd St. SE, Cedar Rapids. The authors are Craig Hart of Iowa City, Teresa LaBella of Davenport and Myron (M.L.) Williams of Cedar Rapids. Doors will open at 6:30. After the reading, the authors will be available for signings at Next Page Books, sponsor of the event.
By: Myron Williams on February 22, 2017

WWBA 820
This is repetitive, but.... You removed one of the most intelligent people on radio: Laura Ingraham You added a moron: Bubba; I will be listening to the old guys on the other Channel on my way to work now College basketball ILO Savage sucks. Who listens to basketball?! I'll always tune in for Savage, but based on recent decisions; he is likely next. I'm usually at work, so I don't care about the wonder twins; but they were better than Bubba.
By: John C on February 22, 2017

KXSM 93.5
HI my name is Richard Monsour I am a local chiropractor and have done educational radio on preventative health talks. I serve a large Hispanic population and teach them how to stay well without relying on drugs or surgery. If you are interested in having me on as a 15 minute radio host I would be happy to do that. Please give me a call to discuss the possibilities. Dr Monsour 408-848-6454
By: Richard Monsour on February 22, 2017

KOYY 93.7
I wanted to touch base and let you know that I am hosting a fundraiser this evening from 5 to 8 p.m. at Pizza Ranch for a man in the Fargo area who recently discovered he has a tumor affecting his spinal cord and will be paralyzed for the rest of his life anyone that comes to Pizza Ranch in Fargo from 5 to 8 this evening or takes Pizza To Go twenty-two 25% will go towards him and his wife and their financial struggles that they are going through at this time if you would like to reach me concerning this my number is 701-781-1062 and my name is April Fraedrich thank you so
By: April Fraedrich on February 22, 2017

WIOD 610
Amandi should be taken off. He is such a politcal hack with a left, left winged agenda. Now he has his wife (Chenel Amandi) on the show, Another paycheck, he talks about the President, what a clown Amandi is, Just a waste of time to listen to his show. He is a waste more than Sanchez, who was so bad. Look over the bad reviewa about him. Take action Program Director.
By: J. Grady on February 22, 2017

WLLD 94.1
I recently had a song: Club Jump'n, accepted by iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. It can also be found on YouTube. I was hoping this station would consider it for air play. Thank you. (It has some pretty good comments on YouTube)
By: Fonzo Williams on February 22, 2017

KISO 96.1
I recently had a song accepted by: iTune, Google Play, Spotify and iHeartRadio. The name of the song is Club Jump'n . It can also be found on YouTube. Could someone there consider it for air time?
By: Fonzo Williams on February 22, 2017

KROI 92.1
news is a timely account of an event, this is one of the good attribute of a sound radio station and I must confess thumb up to 105.3f.m. but please, we need content from the African content too. thank you.
By: emmanuel ogundele on February 22, 2017

KUHA 91.7
it is nice listening to one of the best radio stations in Houston Texas 105.3f.m. I am writing from Nigeria. but it will be nice if you can add few informations from Africa and Nigeria
By: emmanuel ogundele on February 22, 2017

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