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WWLU 88.7
93.7 wblk buffalo NY #1 for hip hop + r&b
By: Anonymous on August 29, 2015

KLUV 98.7
why in the world do you play the same songs all day, all night every single day. Would really be nice to hear some of the other thousands of 60-70 & 80 hits. Long time listener considering switching to another station
By: Steve on August 29, 2015

WROX 96.1
hey you guys i play instrumental guitar im currently homeless and im trying to get heard to get out of this bad state of mind please check me out you can google callmepierre123 and check out my soundcloud i also have music on google play
By: pierre powell on August 29, 2015

WKLR 96.5
i play guitar could you guys check me out google callmepierre123 and listen to my soundcloud i play guitar and produce my own tracks
By: pierre powell on August 29, 2015

WNCW 88.7
Wants to Invite Listeners:Coming up...THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. September 11-12th Come discover the many talented artists at ART on the LAWN in Black Mountain Start collecting today these highly up and coming artist ... As well as many Accomplished& Established artists Showing-All in one place. (One block from downtown Black Mountain, 310 West State Street...( Hwy 70)
By: Johnnie -Swannanoa Valley Fine Art league on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
Love the music it is great and relaxing! But as of late have not been able to get on AM don't know if it is down or what but would love a contact number I put my e mail there if there is! :-)
By: Ted Courtney on August 28, 2015

WDAC 94.5
I am so disappointed that Steve Nolt is retiring! Congrats to him, he deserves it, but I will definitely miss his "right on, and softly spoken" commentaries each afternoon on the radio. Thanks, also to his promotion of the National Christian Choir......I love that hour on Sunday! Best wishes, Steve! God bless you richly!
By: Kathy Smith on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
Thank you for information glad to know it is only temporary. Can 't wait for it be back. It is the best.
By: Mary on August 28, 2015

WCFI 96.1
Just found this station think the idea is great. My only complaint is they could play more OLD country ie conway twitty merle gaggard loretta lynn etc. i do appreciate that they dont have more commercials than music.
By: Jim jackson on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
I've been missing them, also. Glad to hear it's only temporary and nothing is going to change. If they have to overhaul it anyway, I hope it comes back with a stronger signal.
By: Tom on August 28, 2015

WTTY 97.7
love your station would love to give you some of my sauce to give away joe kems bbq. web site 229 891 8635 thanks
By: kem lacey on August 28, 2015

KCDC 102.3
Off the air again.Either your here or not. Make up your mind.
By: Val on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
Why is your station off the air in Spokane??
By: Mary on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
Hope your right Jeff, its the only station I listen to!
By: Joe on August 28, 2015

KRZX 106.1
Awesome music catalog - the deep "B" side cuts are the best... really shows excellent musicology in the line up. THANK YOU! Even KAFM can't keep up with you!
By: Bill B on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
Just got in touch with the parent company. They are having major technical issues, but expect to be back on next Tuesday (9/1/15). The format is not going away. I know I'm relieved, and will be patient till it comes back on...
By: Jeff on August 28, 2015

KCOR 1350
What happened to the station? I really enjoyed your talk shows :/ .
By: Amber Perez on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
I can't find how to contact them. The one phone number I did find, doesn't work. :(
By: Wendy on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
The station had technical issues that required them to go off the air. You should try to contact the station and tell them that you miss the format.
By: John on August 28, 2015

KEYF 1050
By: George M. on August 27, 2015

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