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WIRC 89.3
Do you still have the swap shop?
By: Shirley Kale on August 29, 2014

KTBX 98.1
Well, my day was just made when I turned on the radio in my kitchen & there you were again -- YAY!! Tubac & Green Valley rejoice!
By: Terrie Hodson on August 29, 2014

WHXR 106.3
I've been trying to call in a request for my son who is incarcerated for something he did not do. He loves A7X, their latest album "Waking the Fallen. (So do I !!!) he listens every day and night to the Bone hoping to hear songs from this album. Hopefully, someone will try to do this for him. I'll also keep trying to reach the request line.
By: Debrianna Palmieri on August 29, 2014

KTBX 98.1
Happy Happy Joy Joy! So great to have KTBX back on the air! Rock on
By: Margo on August 29, 2014

KOKX 95.3
Please announce the Keokuk Farmers Market is Sat. Aug. 30 from 7a.m. to 11a.m. and still going strong through Oct. 11. Thank You. Julie Knoche, Manager
By: JULIE KNOCHE on August 29, 2014

WKRI 91.9
Wow, went out of town and came home to find my favorite station sold out. We are very disappointed! There's not another station like this one to hear the music we love. It's like losing a member of our family! Our friends would come over for a get together and hear the station and were fans instantly. So sad.
By: Kristie Anderson on August 29, 2014

KTBX 98.1
welcome back. Missed you baby.
By: dad dad daddio on August 28, 2014

WKRI 91.9
Have been out of town. So sad you changed your format. You were the only oldies station around.
By: Anonymous on August 28, 2014

WKRI 91.9
It was bound to happen. I did some research on this station earlier this year. It has been owned by "Spirit" but was up for sale even as early as January, accd. to certain radio-finder websites. Besides, it overpowered a very,very good listener powered public radio station in Spindale NC with its simulcast on the 88.7 frequency out of Saluda. They had sewed up the whole region pretty tightly using these two stations together. The oldies format from the Cokesbury transmitter was pretty good, but I was never a fan of losing my ability to get WNCW out of Spindale on 88.7--Praise music as a genre is a narrow market and an acquired taste(as some here have agreed), and an all-too common occurrence at the left end of the FM dial. People should try listening instead to people blessed by the lord with real musical talent (jazz, blues, bluegrass, Americana). All my own opinion of course. JHC
By: Joe C. on August 28, 2014

WKRI 91.9
A TERRIBLE day when I turned on the radio and the oldies were gone..... :( No one else in the upstate plays them and NOW you don't!!!! WHY??
By: B. Pafford on August 28, 2014

KDBQ 89.7
Hugo -- If you’re a southern Christian, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a foot-stompin’, God praisin’ southern gospel concert. On Saturday, September 6, Southern Gospel Friends Concert Series at 6:00pm at their Family Life Center. MasterPeace Quartet; Hendrix Trio; and Majesty III . concessions will be available during the event. A love offering will be received as well. The upcoming concert will be presented in a “Jubilee” format, whereby there is MUCH interaction with the audience. The Assembly of God Family Life Center 1176 US Hwy 271. For more information, you may call (903) 792-3011 or (903) 249-6432.
By: RHONDA HENDRIX on August 28, 2014

WJKL 94.3
I feel God pulling me to make a song request. Last night I was hanging out in my car with my boyfriend, and out of nowhere, I just started singing na na nan na na na... I couldn't remember what the song was, and asked my boyfriend if he knew. I felt like it might be a Christian song, so I ask out loud if its a Christian song, a second after I asked that, I noticed a perfectly drawn cross on the back windshield of the car. I knew that was God answering the question, we have no idea where that cross came from, and even though we were in the car for 20 minutes, it wasn't noticed until the question was asked. Today the song popped in my head again, and it popped up with a quick google search. The song is Every Move I make I Make in You by the hillsong kids. I haven't even heard or thought about that song since jr high or grade school, and I'm 23 now. This song is perfect, I'm going through health issues right now, and I feel Gods presence like crazy. "Everywhere I look, I see your face", wow, I feel like that was his reassurance that what I'm feeling is real. But as soon as I heard that song, I feel like he wants others to hear it too. I want to obey what God is telling me, that's why I'm writing you. Please play this song, I feel so strongly that this is what God wants. Thank you
By: Stephanie Kukielski on August 28, 2014

KYHD 94.7
By: Earl Trigg on August 28, 2014

KLTX 1390
We're trying to listen to your programming on KLTX using an internet radio tuner. We need your stream link in order to make the connection. Please provide the stream link and any other pertinent internet information you can. Thank you.
By: Gregory Adams on August 28, 2014

WSOX 96.1
I won last week on the radio I tried finding your address on Internet and the yellow pages Internet . I googled all kinds of way to find your address to pick up my 25$ gift certificate to roots auction and art show and couldn't find it . I tried calling the phone number that came up in my search and it rang picked up and said the number you dialed is not in service . Stopped at a few places in the redlion area and asked clerks if they knew where you were located and they didn't know. I was hoping to take my mother to this for I ws excited to win something for once on the radio but its not going to happen . I will still listen to your station for I love the songs that you play and hope that next time if I win I can get your address so I know where to pick up my prize. Sincerely Patricia L Myers 519 East Market Street Marietta Pa 17547
By: Pat Myers on August 28, 2014

KROQ 106.7
I found Kevin & Bean's comment this morning on 106.7 on Angelina and Brad Pitts children being Bastards was really in bad taste!!!! I thought our country had evolved!! No child is ever a Bastard!!!
By: Donette Hockmeyer on August 28, 2014

KOY 1230
Another great radio station ruined by business greed and the Tea Party wing nuts.
By: John Paul Parks on August 28, 2014

KTBX 98.1
PLEASE COME BACK!!!! I started listening to radio again once I was told about this station. I'll even listen to commercials. Heck, I'll recommend to some business owners that I know that they should advertise on this station.
By: John D on August 28, 2014

KTBX 98.1
I love this station. Such a great variety of bands and so many great tracks from the past that I have not heard in years.
By: Jim Waters on August 28, 2014

WRBK 90.3
This is the best music on the radio. Reminds me of all the music I listened to while growing up in Jamaica, NY. Wish your signal was stronger. I'd love to know who selects your music!!!
By: Ruth P on August 28, 2014

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