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WLRR 100.7
Love you're station,anyway to stream over net?
By: Scot on June 30, 2015

KBEC 1390
These guys are hilarious, the flea market with Ken Roberts and Saturdays with Jim Phillips is radio at it's best. Love the Texas artists too
By: Steve Wright on June 30, 2015

WZEW 92.1
You need to make an announcement how Nick Cage treated one of your local establishments. He ordered over 140 hamburgers along with a lot of other food & ttis place, at the most only has 3 employees. Because they were 18 minutes late he did not tip them which is not right. I would let all the locals know how he treated the people at The Keg on Canal Rd.
By: Judy on June 30, 2015

WGVE 88.7
Does anyone remember the Tradewinds Radio Reading Service? It operated on a side channel of WGVE during the school year and on the main frequency during the summer. The RRS studio was across the hall from the WGVE studios. I volunteered there from around 1984 until September 1985 when I left the Region. My shift was 5:00 p.m. until signoff (8:00 p.m.), Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I was the board engineer. I twiddled dials, recorded and played public service announcements, kept the evening log, cued the volunteer readers and did the sign-off (among other things). I also read the Gary Post-Tribune from 6:00 until 7:00 and filled in for readers who could not make their shifts. Of all the jobs I've held since getting out of school in 1979, working at Tradewinds Radio Reading Center was THE BEST! I've always loved radio (especially its history and old-time radio broadcasts) and it was a way to do something I thought would be fun. I really didn't think much of the public service end of it - for me, working on the radio was glamorous. I enjoyed being behind the scenes than behind the mic but it didn't matter either way. I can't remember who our major underwriter was but when it could no longer fulfill that role we had a change in management. The smaller salary could not support the previous program director so another was hired. I decided I would do a couple of original programs on Friday evening: "Audio Trash" and "Steppin' Out". The former was the reading of the tabloids, especially the _Weekly World News_ and such. Another person joined me and between reading the most outrageous articles we told jokes and made puns. The latter provided information on local and regional weekend events. I felt that people who listened to the RRS might enjoy a lighter type of programming at least once a week. Our program director never told me about any negative feedback for either show, so at worst no one cared and at best people enjoyed it. The studio was divided into two areas. The large area was for the transmitter and the office of the PD. I think there may have even been some mobile equipment. The glassed-in area had a tiny room for the readers and a larger area - the "behind the scenes" area (reel-to-reel tape recorders, turn tables, that kind of stuff) where I worked. The also was a teletype machine across the hall. Every time a major story came across the wire it would ding several times. Some time before 7:45 p.m. I would go to the teletype, find articles of interest and do a last roundup of the news prior to signing off for the night. One amusing story before I "sign off". During my time there the Marine Base (I think) in Beirut, Lebanon was destroyed. One of the readers did not show up to read the paper so the Volunteer Coordinator/Engineer (kept us on frequency and such technical stuff) filled in. As a reader he was a great engineer. His pronunciation of Beirut, Lebanon was "Ber-ROOT, Luh-BAN-un". After hearing the location mangled once too often I heard myself screaming through the glass " It's BAY-root, LEH-bun-non!!" I'm sure the listeners heard it. It did the trick, at least for the remainder of the story. I'd love to hear stories from people who may have worked there. I can't find anything about the RRS anywhere on the Internet. I know it eventually shut down after I left. Thanks for reading, and I hope this wasn't too off-topic.
By: Camille Stein on June 29, 2015

KBOO 90.7
Hi, We just returned to Portland after living abroad for four years and found out air america is gone. Are you a progressive station? If not,, where can I find similar programming to Air America? Thank you very much.
By: Ray Alexia on June 29, 2015

WTZR 99.3
A song has been playing I can't seem to catch the name of it ,, Fait or faith , One or the other , Killer song I am wanting to add to my collection .Thanx
By: William on June 29, 2015

WOLM 88.1
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By: Ashley Gramma on June 29, 2015

WSTP 1490
Do you do Birthday wishes for people who live in or around Salisbury the reason is my brother-in-laws birthday is on June 30 and i wanted to wish him a happy birthday on your radio station his name is Joe Nichols he lives in Summerville which is outside of Salisbury he will be 64. Please respond if you do that. Thank You.
By: B.J Nichols on June 29, 2015

WBVV 99.3
Enjoy the radio music
By: Tawanna on June 28, 2015

KWEY 1590
AM side switched to a sports/talk format to simulcast FM digital subchannel "The Score", carrying mostly Fox Sports Radio with Jim Rome and Doug Gottlieb carrying the 11a-5p daypart from CBS Sports Radio.
By: Robert Keil on June 28, 2015

KXOO 94.3
Station just recently changed to a Classic Hits format, using the marketing name "Kool 94"
By: Robert Keil on June 28, 2015

WEAA 88.9
By: Anonymous on June 28, 2015

WWNR 620
programs on wwnr
By: Anonymous on June 28, 2015

WXBA 88.1
Just was turned onto your station & I love it! It is now a pre-programmed setting on my car! Finally, no loop, haven't heard the same song twice (yet) and am hearing tunes that are terrific but not 'everyday'. Great job! Keep it up!
By: Jane on June 28, 2015

WBVV 99.3
I heard a song yesterday on your station but didn't hear the artist or title. Some of the words were "the signs of the times are passing right before my eyes and I know deep in my heart it won't be long." Can you please tell me the title and artist? Thanks for your help! I enjoy your station.
By: Mary Jenkins on June 28, 2015

WOAB 104.9
I am retired Army, I am looking for work. I would like to work for this radio station. I was a DJ in the 70's ion Atlantic Beach, NC. I can name all songs from the 60's,70's 80's with in a few notes. the artist,album and year.
By: Joe Trigleth on June 27, 2015

WVOB 91.3
Is Brother Shoemake still alive? I left Dothan some 20 years ago, and wondered if was still with us. I do want to ask for special prayer for my wife and for myself. We both have serious medical issues - which God knows about. We just need to pray believing that by His stripes we are healed!
By: Don Webb on June 27, 2015

KIRT 1580
Tengo radio en Alabama y me gustaria pasar sus programas Cristianos...con quien podria hablar Bendiciones en el Senor Jose Guerrero 256-777-3181
By: jose guerrero on June 27, 2015

KEYF 1050
2009: Living in the city of Spokane was a great experience lisening your great radio station, with all that music that never "dies". 20015: Now living in south america I come frecuently to your link in the internet hoping to some day meet in the web your station, but.... Need supot?
By: frank on June 26, 2015

WFRE 99.9
The Country Rewind broadcasts are absolutely great! Thank goodness there is a radio station that continues to value and appreciate the traditional country music that helped form the backbone of the USA. Many thanks!
By: Mo Coleman on June 26, 2015

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