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KMRQ 96.7
Where can I get the 2015 Bikini Calendar?
By: Kathleen Ohara on December 21, 2014

WRYN 89.1
What was the program that was aired this morning, Sunday, Dec.20, 2014, at 5:30 a.m.? I found it most interesting and would like to know if I can hear it again online. Thank you.
By: Jim Escuder on December 21, 2014

KQHE 92.7
This is a great station!!
By: J on December 20, 2014

WWCF 88.7
Automated basement operation is close. Yard sale library then. New owners/operators now. No longer classic country. More like free form radio from the late 60's and early 70's. Known today as Triple A. Mix of Album Adult Alternative covering folk, blues, rock, etc. Automated now but evolving to individual programmers with identity. Future emphasis on local musicians. All about the music.
By: Ralph McDonald on December 20, 2014

KACP 95.9
This is the best station... Just wish you were on the internet so I could take you wherever I go. Keep up the great work
By: debra on December 20, 2014

KKFT 99.1
KKFT could file for a booster that would make their signal listenable in that area. Will they do it? Probably not as that would increase their costs with just a very marginal gain in listenership. I suggest you look into streaming KKFT on your phone or laptop when driving through that area.
By: John on December 19, 2014

KKFT 99.1
Don't know if you respond to comments or not but hope you do. My complaint is regarding the weakness of your signal. I work in Truckee in the winter & drive there from Reno most days of the the week. I'm a big Laura Ingraham fan & would love to be able to listen to her all the way up. However, you completely fade out before I even get to Boomtown on I-80 & never really come back the rest of the way. There are other local FM stations I can get all the way with no problem. I've even checked with auto sound companies & they say there is no "fix" on their end. Would also like to listen to Lars Larson on the way home instead of Dan Mason on KOH but "no can do". I don't know if anything can be done but would sure appreciate it if you would look into it.
By: Steve Jackson on December 19, 2014

KTPO 106.7
How much would sell ktpo for. I want to buy the station. I do not believe it is being used at its full potential. I believe I could make that station more money than what it is currently making. Having two radio stations play the same music in the same city and being the only two FM stations in Sandpoint to me is not a smart move. So please let me know how much you would be willing to sell the station. If you do not want to sell the station I would be willing to be the program director. Thank you.
By: David Kost on December 18, 2014

KOKX 95.3
This morning you played All I want for Christmas is you. Who was the female artist?
By: Anonymous on December 18, 2014

KTBX 98.1
Another vote of support for a Great station.
By: walmartman on December 18, 2014

WRZZ 106.1
does not list the line up
By: me on December 17, 2014

KLIF 93.3
Love it....finally a station that doesn't play junk nor waste valuable listening opportunities with useless DO rants, strip club promos like 97.9 and 104.5
By: cyarb on December 17, 2014

KLDY 1280
I remember filling in for the "Talk on the Town" show as its host Jennifer Michaels years ago in the late 1980s. Josie Bain was the woman in charge at the time. I look upon that time fondly.
By: Jennifer Corey on December 17, 2014

WBHY 88.5
Hello, I wanted to know what my company has to do to market on your radio station. Please get back to me Thank you so much Monkela
By: Monkela on December 17, 2014

WVOC 100.1
What the hell have you done with Rush, Beck and Hannity? Have you people lost your minds? I went into the hospital for surgery, came out and all my favorite shows are GONE! Do you have a problem with conservatives?
By: Dewey Crawford on December 17, 2014

KZAR 97.7
I am a local christian artist, and was wondering who I need to contact for potential radio air play?
By: Hilton Johnson on December 17, 2014

KKFT 99.1
Listening to Kevin Wall fill in for Rick Roberts. Finally don't have to turn the radio off for 3 hours today! I count the minutes between 9 & noon so I can turn the radio back on and listen to KKFT again. Roberts is so so grating!
By: Amma on December 17, 2014

KOLT 1320
My mom was interviewed today for her intake on Christmas in Germany. Her name is Elfriede Martin and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I would like to hear it if possible, can you help?
By: Marci Howard on December 16, 2014

KSCS 96.3
Would love to hear the new single 'Country' by Mo Pitney released today by Curb Records.
By: Jerry Jameson on December 16, 2014

KHYI 95.3
Would love to hear the new single 'Country' by Mo Pitney released today by Curb Records.
By: Jerry Jameson on December 16, 2014

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