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KFI 640
I have listened to kfi 640 for over 20 years and love or at least have accepted changes over the years. Ok, who is the woman in Lisa Ann Walters spot? I thought lauren Lake was just a poor fill in whill Lisa Ann was on vacation. Sad to say, she is still on. Is she supposed to appeal to your black audience? Let's bring the fabulously wonderful Lisa Ann back. What were you thinking? Thank you, Dori Albers
By: Dori Albers on October 19, 2014

KMVE 106.9
Why can't I listen to your station on-line without attaching a tool bar to my internet. I'm a truck driver and I'm always going through A.V as soon as I hit Acton. I would like to listen to your station at home in San Bernardino but I don't wan a lot of tool bars messing up my computer.
By: Bill on October 19, 2014

KEYF 1050
Excellent music
By: Rosalinda on October 19, 2014

WLSW 103.9
I here the song. Goes like " o o o o o o o o o it said o o o o: ect. Catchy toon. Who is the artist and whats the name of the song?
By: charles putman on October 19, 2014

KRZZ 93.3
Please, I need hel. My brother was assaulted off Tampa Way, San José,Ca He was hit with hard object on the head several times in stateof Coma..... If anyone saw anything please come forward... Call the police station.
By: Silvia Dominguez on October 19, 2014

KRBB 97.9
I would like to listen to this station on my mobile,how can I upload it?hope to hear from you soon!have a wonderful weekend!
By: Yesenia Castro on October 18, 2014

KIBB 97.1
I would like to listen to your station,I live in El Paso,Tx. I hope to hear from you soon on my mobile
By: Yesenia Castro on October 18, 2014

KTBX 98.1
I found this station by accident a few months ago and now I always listen to it so long as I can pick it up. I enjoy the variety of classic rock the station plays while occasionally mixing it up with classic R&B or alt. country. If the station does start advertising; I hope it's limited to small town commercials because they are by far more interesting than what you hear in Tucson.
By: JR on October 18, 2014

WLAM 1470
Anti-semitism on the airwaves: Listening to WLAM 1470 on my way home from work this afternoon (10/15) at about 3:24 p.m. The female DJ was telling about George Clooney's wife buying him some Italian Murano crystal cocktail glasses at $100 each. "Good thing she's not Jewish, huh?" I am so furious!!! Is there anything you think we can do to get such garbage off the air??? I, obviously, will no longer be listening to WLAM 1470, including the Channel 6 News that they broadcast on that station in the morning. At least not until they publish a sincere apology and discipline the DJ.
By: Jerryanne LaPerriere on October 18, 2014

KREE 88.1
I was just made aware of this station here in my hometown Pirtleville/D-town and I am so pleased to have such great music available here!! Love the selection of music!! Great job KREE. Shout out to my moms Luz Elena Campas and pops Eddie Sr. Campas!!!!!!!
By: Eddie Campas on October 18, 2014

KVSO 1240
Why can't I listen to the OU game on the puter?
By: jimmy Carter on October 18, 2014

KACP 95.9
I also heard you are pahrump country. I just wish you would mix in old country from the artists that have laid the roots. Waylon Willie Haggard and Jones to mention a few.
By: Steve on October 18, 2014

KRCD 103.9
Hola me pudieras dar los ingredientes del licuado para limpiar el estamago? Venia manejando y no lo pude apuntar
By: armando lopez on October 17, 2014

KNWZ 970
Solicito una entrevista personal con algún directivo de esta emisora, la finalidad es, establecer una posible alianza con nuestra empresa Mercurio. Med, somos un grupo de periodistas con basta experiencia en el ramo de la comunicación, el grupo lo integran reporteros, camarógrafos, conductores, guionistas, productores, todos ellos muy profesionales algunos jóvenes y otros ya veteranos en el medio de radio y televisión nuestro teléfono es (686)109-5087, y el correo electrónico … Mexicali, B. C. I request a personal interview with a manager of this broadcast; the purpose is establish a possible alliance with our company mercury. Med, we are a group of journalists with experience in the field of communication, the Group reporters, camera operators, drivers, screenwriters and producers, all integrated so they very professional young and others already veterans in the middle of radio and television our phone is (686) 109-5087, and email Mexicali, B. C.
By: Miguel Meza Arzate on October 17, 2014

KLNO 94.1
Hello I am trying to recruit 20 to 50 bilingual or not people to staff the back of some well known DFW hotels ... (housekeepers, houseman, laundry, etc.) How can I advertise on your radio station or any of your sister radio stations as well please contact me at (817)261-3824 Thank you ,
By: Janice Acevedo on October 17, 2014

WAES 88.1
Kevin Max Live Rare Intimate Concert in Chicago! Lead Singer of DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline, is now a Solo Artist and preforming at the Boutique Home Loft in Lincoln Park. Nov. 8th, 8:00-10:30, doors open at 7:00. The Tickets include Appetizers, VIP Seating, 1 1/2 hour Live Concert with Kevin and his Band, his Spoken Word Poetry, Q&A. He will be sharing music from his soon to be released Album "Broken Temples" The concert is in an urban brick loft bldg. at 1907 N. Mendell Ave. in Lincoln Park Call Shari Cornes at 312.758.2584 for details. Kevin is avail. interviews.
By: Shari Cornes on October 17, 2014

WNYM 970
I've been away for a year and find the big shakeup at WOR and WABC. It's a treat to have John Gambling back. I'd like to hear female conservative radio hosts. Laura Ingraham. Monica Crowley, Coulter, Michelle Malkin.
By: Patricia Dillard on October 16, 2014

WLS 890
Bruce and Dan are a great combination, I listen to them every morning. The John Kass and Lauren show sadly is unbearable. Kass writes a good column for the Trib., but does not have a "Radio" personality. This show needs a serious makeover, or it should be replaced.
By: Eduardo on October 16, 2014

WKXO 1500
Have a Gospel CD out,would like to send it to you, If you would like to play it on your's more southern Gospel. Thanks The Sunny Mountain bluegrass Band.
By: Alice Faye Hunt on October 16, 2014

KTBX 98.1
Love it!!!!! Cant get you in Marana though, please crank the watts so all of southern Az can hear you. You need to get on facebook.... everytime your in range the radio goes to 98.1!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!
By: Joel on October 15, 2014

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