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WMJK 100.9
Play Girl Crush by Little Big Town
By: Emily on March 31, 2015

WPGY 1580
Please announce the following till May 9th. Ivan Parker in Concert Homeland Baptist Church 472 Treadwell Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 Saturday, May 9, 2015 6:00 PM (doors will open at 5:00 pm) for ticket information call 706-483-1313 Jeannette Sluder or 706-483-7627 Joyce Silvers. Thank you so much
By: Jeannette Sluder on March 31, 2015

KRZR 1400
I'd love to be on your show and tell your viewers what it was like during WWII and how people suffered when Hitler came to power and later, the Soviets ravaged the countryside. Check out my 19 great reviews on Amazon. I've done many speaking engagements. You can reach me at Phone: 559-299-6211
By: Hans Berger Enterprises on March 31, 2015

KSRY 103.1
Please I am a huge Mumford and Sons fan do you have any tickets for tonight's concert in Hollywood!
By: Kyrstin on March 31, 2015

WYBK 89.7
Can you announce the following singing on your radio station: Ivan Parker in concert Homeland Baptist Church 472 Treadwell Raod Chatsworth, GA 30705 Saturday, May 9, 2015 6:00 PM (Doors open at 5:00 PM) Call 706-483-1313 or 706-483-7627 for ticket information.
By: Joyce Silvers on March 31, 2015

WASW 91.9
Very Good Programing, and wondered who was doing the financial program today that ended at 2:00 P.M.
By: Harold Rozier on March 31, 2015

WJPF 1340
Tom Miller, I listen every morning to your show and especially appreciate the interviews of key poeple involved in local and state issues. No one else provides this much information to me and and I am grateful to have you here. Thank you. Recent interviews with Govenor Rauner, Mike Bost, John Shimkus and Terry Bryant leave me concerned that you are missing insight into the issue of public pensions, public employee unions and Barack Obama's presidency. I need you to be more challenging of these people with their one sided retoric or provide a more balance views through other interviews just as you did with the two mayoral candidiates in Carbondale. When a politician says union bosses are the bad ones and I am the good one, watch out. I would love to talk with you more about these issues.
By: Donald Castle on March 31, 2015

WRPN 90.1
I would like to talk to someone about partnering with Theresa Fehring Graphic Point 920.230.6080 or cell: 920.229.8868
By: Theresa Fehring on March 31, 2015

WCEZ 93.9
happy birthday to Stephanie Stott -- April 1st happy birthday to Lance Stott -- April 7th
By: cindy masterson on March 31, 2015

WUSJ 96.3
I was just wondering if another radio station in Mississippi can try to use channel 96.3 in like maybe Diamondhead, Ms to try and broadcast for another station. I may have info about a new license# that was done by the Fcc for another station. WHy would he have 96.3 station on his new license and can he do it. I would like to talk to someone about this. I was picking up your radio station in Kiln, Ms and Pass Christian, Ms. I would like to also give you another Email as I would like to make sure I cant get correspondence on a answer. Gave you 2 email address. Thanks Norma
By: NORMA on March 31, 2015

WOJO 105.1
How can i contract a Job advertisement in your station? miy phone number is 904-553-2979 Thanks
By: Luis Coronado on March 31, 2015

WISK 990
I am a gwinnett county fire and life educator for gwinnett county fire department I am looking to record some PSA in spanish abouth safety issues for the community , and I would like to know who would be the contact for this Blanca Lewis 678 518 4828 470 7746971
By: Blanca Lewis on March 30, 2015

KRZR 1400
My book, "A Bridge to Cross" is doing really well. Got some air time and next week I will be on ME TV with John Malos. I have several public speaking engagements lined up, one is in Stockton at a Synagog. I'd love to be on your show to answer questions about my book. It's a book for the time. The world is in a crisis. It's much like the thirties before Hitler reared his ugly, evil head. You can email me at:
By: Hans Berger on March 30, 2015

WLS 890
The return of Steve Dahl and Jonathan Bradmeyer are a real disappointment. They may have been funny when I was a sophomore but they seem to be stuck in that rut of sophomoric humor. It's boring dated and does little to address the serious and historic issues this nation faces daily. Chuckling about movies and trends and little inside jokes is just a waist of good air time. I don't know who makes these decisions for WLS but please stop. I no longer bother to push the button for WLS.
By: Mike on March 30, 2015

KUVO 89.3
KUVO is 'The Oasis in the City'. This station has great musical diversity and reflects well on the proud musical tradition of the Denver area. I love the jazz, latin rhythms and the mexicano canciones I heard while in Denver last weekend. Listen to KUVO and discover a rich musical culture which brings people together!!!
By: Lyman Neuschaefer on March 30, 2015

KCDC 102.3
is there any way to get a track listing of the songs you play?
By: cordesmith on March 29, 2015

KQQZ 1190
Love the music! but turn it off at 10am & 4pm while Bob Romanick is on the air
By: Anonymous on March 29, 2015

KKMR 106.5
please tell me the name of a song played tonight fri. 3/28 at about 7:29 it was so beautiful I would like to get a copy thank you please e mail me I have included it
By: sherry on March 28, 2015

WNCX 98.5
I am sending this to the program director to let you know that on Monday, March 30th; The Screening of Jesus Christ Superstar will be in Cleveland with Ted Neeley and Barry Dennen live and in person. If it would be possible, they are available by phone or live for an interview. I am attaching contact information for you below. Thank you for your time.Here is the information for the Cleveland screening: What: Screening of digitally remastered 1973 film "Jesus Christ Superstar" with special appearances by the film's stars Ted Neeley (Jesus), Barry Dennen (Pontius Pilate) and Bob Bingham (Caiaphas). When: Monday, March 30th 7 p.m.: Q&A session with movie's stars 7:30 p.m.: Movie starts After the screening, the stars are scheduled to sign autographs and greet fans. Where: Cinematheque at the Cleveland Institute of Art, 1141 East Boulevard, Cleveland. Tickets: $12; $9 for members and CIA I.D. holders. $12 and $9 tickets available in advance at Tessa Neeley Communication & Social Media Coordinator Team Neeley
By: Roberta Potter on March 28, 2015

WBYT 100.7
VFCMI Annual Rummage/Bake Sale in Elkhart behind Bethel Assembly Church 600 E. Bristol St. in Fellowship hall. Thurs and Fri 4/9 & 10 from 8-6 and Sat. 4/11 from 8 - 5 p.m. A very large clean sale! Lots of clothing, Electronics, Books, Housewares, Linens, toiletries & Cosmetics, Christmas Decor. Collectibles, Baby Buggy, Bouncer, Johnny Jump-up, Toys, Dehumidifier, Mosquito Repellent Bowls, & More! Luncheon avail. Chicken N' Dumplings, Nachos & Cheese, Hillbilly Hot Dogs, Chicken N' Noodles (New!) Very Large Bake Sale: P.B. and Choc. Fudge, Homemade Breads, Gourmet Baked Goods Table & More! Vision for Christ Missions Inc is a non-profit org. Proceeds go to overseas & local missions.
By: Vision For Christ Missions Inc. on March 28, 2015

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