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Silver City, New Mexico Radio Stations

We found 11 FM radio stations and 3 AM radio stations in the Silver City, NM area.

FrequencyCallsignFormatCity of License
88.1 FMKQTOSpanish Public RadioHurley, NM
89.1 FMKURUCommunity RadioSilver City, NM
90.3 FMK212EHReligiousSilver City, NM
91.3 FMKRXGPublic RadioSilver City, NM
92.9 FMKSCQHot ACSilver City, NM
94.3 FMKDEMAdult ContemporaryDeming, NM
95.1 FMKNUWNews/TalkSanta Clara, NM
97.7 FMKPSAClassic RockLordsburg, NM
100.1 FMKKSC-LPChristian ContemporarySilver City, NM
102.9 FMKNFTCountryBayard, NM

FrequencyCallsignFormatCity of License
950 AMKNFTTalkBayard, NM
1230 AMKOTSCountryDeming, NM
1490 AMKCUZClassic RockClifton, AZ