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WPAK 106.9
Is Patty really dead? How long ago? Why do you still call it the chuck & patti station? This is very disrespectful!
By: Heather on May 17, 2024

Oasis Network 88.7 (WOFN)
I very much enjoy listening to Christ centered radio. Thank you for your broadcast efforts. We are in Midvale Ohio. We can hear you in our van. We also use Alexa to hear you in our home. “Alexa, play W O F N Radio.” After a long minute of advertising we hear you folks in Beach City Ohio. I looked hard to find you on a map. Beach City is only a tiny bit bigger than Midvale.
By: Bobby on May 17, 2024

WEPS 88.9
Why do they keep rerunning student programming from like half a decade ago? I've heard some of these broadcasts since 2019 and they have made very little recent content (2024 u-46 jazz fest recordings and solar eclipse info).
By: Anonymous on May 16, 2024

WEJP 107.1
Hey I just discovered this station but I really really enjoy it! I was shocked to hear "What's He Building In There?" by Tom Waits followed by some great folk music. Seems like you have a diverse selection of stuff to play. I really admire that, keep it coming!
By: Derek P on May 15, 2024

WWPJ 89.5
What was the program Sunday May 12 at 3:00pm?
By: Gordon on May 13, 2024

KGPZ 106.7
Good music. Just needs a little more power to reach more people! :):):)
By: chuck on May 13, 2024

WPAK 106.9
This is the best radio I have heard in my 70 yrs except Beacon Street , Boston and XELO Juarez Mexico
By: Scott on May 12, 2024

KCLV 1240
What's up with this station? You keep changing morning shows and now you just play classical music at 7am? And now after all this time you drop Dennis Prager! WTH You have lost my interest now.
By: John on May 9, 2024

WJJR 98.1
I do like this station cause I've been listening to this station for at least a week
By: Aiden on May 8, 2024

WOSN 97.1
Please please please add songs to your playlist and give me a break enough for Billy Joel for heaven sake’s if you need help with a playlist I’ll donate my time I’m just saving all I do is listen to your radio all day for God sakes add songs
By: Barry on May 5, 2024

Freedom 970 (KUFO)
What happened to Radio Show 9AM-12PM on Saturday's??? Robert
By: Robert on May 4, 2024

WRSK 97.5
Love your station and the DJs and the music. It’s great to have a local college station sounding so professional. Great interviews by the students too. I’m always listening. Love the Oldies and Polkas too. Terry in Augusta.
By: Terry on May 3, 2024

WHFV 107.1
EWTN has changed. I no longer get the programs I used to get such as Cresta in the afternoon etc. Why has the format changed?
By: Sandy on May 3, 2024

WSHT 100.1
Is there a way you guys can boost your power, I like the station but it's hard to get downtown.
By: Will on May 1, 2024

KLIZ 107.5
I live just west of Garrison, MN, on the north shore of Borden Lake, and I have trouble getting KLIZ 107.5 in on my radio. I just bought a new radio and still nothing but static.
By: Mark on May 1, 2024

WWL 870
Listening to 870 AM this afternoon I thought it was FOX NEWS, that is to say unbalanced and anti-Palestinian, unknowledgeable, full of hate, and fascistic - inability to see both sides of an issue
By: Angelo on May 1, 2024

WKFB 770
May 1, 2024. Today’s Oldies (12-3) was great. I felt Frankie Day was back! Thank You!
By: JA on May 1, 2024

WCNW 1560
This station is off the air for some time, do to bad transmission lines. or Coax
By: Anthony on May 1, 2024

WBQR 104.3
Hello how wonderful to have classical music again! I found your station by accident. I’ve programmed your station to my car radio as my first station
By: Susan on May 1, 2024

101.7 K-WULF (KWUL)
Really...... ? Now you have some evening a--hole playing songs faster than intended ? That trick has sucked for decades. I gave your station entirely too much credit. Terribly disappointed to see the station take such a shallow approach. You already lost me during the narcissist morning show. You're going in the wrong direction. If not for the lack of commercials, I would have given up before now.
By: Anonymous on April 30, 2024

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