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KQAR 107.1
The message of Christ is meant to be published abroad and many times I could not finish a preacher's message because the signal faded. Please don't let a good work of getting a station falter in not improving the signal. Is there a church that you could work with to improve the station and music to reach others than those 70 plus in years.
By: Listener on April 18, 2021

FM 102.5 / AM 540 WFLA (WFLF)
I woke Sunday morning and read two very disturbing news stories. The first story referenced Maxine Waters urging anti-police crowds to become more confrontational. If I read between the lines that means more violent. Why doesn't someone with common sense accuse her with inciting a riot. It worked against Trump. Secondly there was a story of a Theology Professor writing a prayer in which she asks for God's help to hate white people. Mercer University really needs to take actions against this individual. I will leave it at that. Thank you.
By: Kevin F. on April 18, 2021

KFSD 1450
The last thing the AM dial needed was more religious and/or conservative talk-radio programming. Disappointed to see that KFSD is now broadcasting Catholic radio. So hard to find music anymore on AM with my old vintage radio sets.
By: Zoot on April 17, 2021

Q97 (KSEQ)
Hi! Please add Moose's "My Love" track to your playlist! I'd love to hear it on air!
By: Vivian on April 17, 2021

KSWS 88.9
My wife, Sue, was listening to your radio station in the car today on her trip (Snoqualmie Pass) to and from our home in Richland, Washington. She was very interested in a female pastor speaking about the Book of Revelation in the Bible. The pastor was on around 6 pm Pacific Time. My wife was interested in listening her message, and possibly, more that the pastor had to say, and would like to know if there is a way we can see, and/or hear the message that was shared today or other messages the pastor may have shared. Enjoyed your station. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Dick English
By: Richard English on April 17, 2021

KCWR 107.1
I understand that the station is held to the current music out of Nashville. But, there is a lot of Outlaw Country coming out of Nashville and Austin, TX. Not sure what defines Outlaw Country...but it's based on old Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings music. Add in the new cross-over music, blues, Americana, Bluegrass. Artists like Todd Snider, Jason Isbell, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and many more deserve to be heard on commercial radio. It is after all true American music based in the roots of Southern music.
By: Mark Livingston on April 17, 2021

KRAN 103.3
There is something wrong with your normal radio signal. You are only broadcasting 1/2 of stereo. LOTS of the songs have missing instruments/parts/sounds. Also, your signal has a noticeable lack of midrange currently. This seemed to happen in association with the loss of 1/2 your stereo signal. Maybe check the "PAN" knob on your outgoing signal and make sure someone hasn't played with it?
By: Bill on April 16, 2021

WJAS 1320
Please bring back Glenn Beck! The strident, opinionated Wendy Bell is a horrible commentator. There are other conservatives filling Rush's time slot but having Rose Soma instead of Rush is two too many local women to listen to! I've been a fan of 1320 for many years, but not now. Or never again if your line up stays without Glenn Beck! So disappointed!
By: Dari M. on April 16, 2021

WOMC 104.3
I love this channel. Plays oldies but goodies!
By: Wendy on April 16, 2021

WEPB 106.3
I really enjoy listening to your station but receive a lot of static here in Carmel. I wish your signal was stronger. Do you have any suggestions for better reception? Thank you.
By: Steve Gross on April 16, 2021

KAGO 1150
show you plugged into Rush's time slot is terrible. I'm not listening between 9 am and 12 pm
By: C on April 16, 2021

WMCA 570
Please strengthen your WMCA night signal
By: Preston Taran on April 16, 2021

KZZE 96.5
do you have a internet site to listen to online?
By: Sylvia on April 16, 2021

WFAN, The Fan 101.9
All the WFAN Sport's Radio 📻 66.0 AM pesonalities are great 👍 except Chris Moore I'm from Dover Delaware and The Smooze Steve Simmers needs to keep his new 7:00 PM until midnight shifts ! I have been a native listener since the early " 1990's" and all contests on WFAN should be available to any listeners areas not 👎 just in the New York New Jersey and Connecticut areas Thanks, Steven
By: Steven Towers on April 16, 2021

The Cowboy 104.3 (KSOP)
My band is called Davis County (Named after Davis County I guess) and we’d be obliged if you would give us a play! You can access some of our music on YouTube. Search for ‘Medicine City’ by Davis County, and it’ll take you to several tracks. Keep up the great work Salt Lake. Many thanks and stay safe y’all.
By: Steve Eden on April 16, 2021

KTBX 98.1
Please let me know how I can listen to you in Canada. I come down to Green Valley Arizona once a a year to visit my father and all I tune in is you guys!!
By: John Sanford on April 16, 2021

WALX 100.9
Enjoy all the political commentary you bring to the airwaves, Mr. Todd. It keeps me highly educated. I learn so much from you.
By: Dan Presley on April 16, 2021

KRCK 97.7
We can’t hear you over here in Indio, where are you, I’m starving for some radio music
By: Jack on April 16, 2021

WFVS 96.9
What happened to Radio station 99.6 in Reynolds?! I sincerely enjoyed the variety of music; old school and recent throwbacks, R&B, funk, and groove.
By: Chelsea on April 16, 2021

WCHC 88.1
You played a song around 4:20ish that was mostly instrumental with some female vocals on 4/15/21. I was wondering the name?
By: Aiden O on April 15, 2021

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