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KCVW 94.3
yea I would like to listen to this station I like listening to the radio
By: lisa on July 31, 2021

1250 WHNZ
Where is Dave Ramsey
By: Bob on July 30, 2021

KLRB 89.9
Good afternoon, You all played a song this morning I'd like to find the name of and the singer. Friday July 30, 2021 between 11:00 and 12:00. The chorus was "do you know who I am? I have the power to save your sons and dauthers" . It would very appropriated if you can help. Thank you, Darla, Gerty. Oklahoma.
By: Darla on July 30, 2021

KWTN 100.9
By: Steve on July 30, 2021

WBTO 102.3
We can't hear the Bob and Tom show in Davies county bleed over from another station where can we find a good station for Bob and Tom.
By: Bill on July 30, 2021

WJET 1400
This station is owned by iHeart Radio.
By: David Wooledge on July 29, 2021

98.5 KYGO
Stop playing the same 20 songs!! I listen to famous friends at least 10 times a day on this station. Let’s switch it up!!! There are a million country songs yall let’s get some new ones playing
By: Lifeguard on July 29, 2021

95.7 The Spot (KKHH)
They should probably change their tagline to "Michael Jackson - oh, and some other music too". Maybe change their callsign to KKMJ? I enjoy music from this time period but it seems like every third or fourth song is MJ.
By: Not an MJ fan on July 29, 2021

WLYV 104.3 (WIOE)
This station and it's announcers are terrific ! Great voices, interesting and funny commentary, wonderful choice of song lists ! Please don't ever stop. A throwback to the days of the original WLYV format, which I think started when I was in high school, maybe around 1965. May I ask the names of the 2 morning jocks ?
By: steve on July 29, 2021

101.9 KINK FM
I just wanted to let Gustav know , he is the best disk jockey!, Ever and he brings heart and love of radio play back to radio. He isn’t just a button pusher , it sounds to me like he loves what he does for a living and is happyto be here in Portland. I am glad and grateful he came back to Portland Oregon. Thanks for loving where we live and for coloring my daily experiences with great music.
By: Lilly on July 29, 2021

KAGU 88.7
It seems there are a number of people requesting the titles of unknown pieces heard on this station. Add me to the group! Perhaps a playlist could be implemented? A string arrangement caught my attention at 1:06 7/28/2021, anyone able to name the composer or title?
By: Anna on July 28, 2021

98.9 Magic FM (KKMG)
Could you please play last kiss by Taylor swift? And put it on your playlist thank you so so much. Anonymous A
By: Ashley on July 28, 2021

Family Radio 88.3 (KPHF)
I hear an organization around the Phyllis Schlaply report that helps with people whose company mandates the experimental Covid vaccine. Can you provide their name and/or contact information. Thank you and may our LORD bless you, Samuel Sierra
By: Samuel on July 28, 2021

WXCX 105.7
Finally a station that really knows how to play “classic country “ Can’t get this “real” country in the twin cities. Have to come to the north country!! This is the music I grew up with. Simply awesome!! Thank you!!
By: Sweetcorn on July 28, 2021

K-Love 102.7 (WDKL)
You played a song today just before noon, could you please tell me the title and the artist
By: Alisha on July 28, 2021

WBBA 97.5
Stl Cards Baseball Then news/talk GREAT
By: Tim on July 28, 2021

1250 WHNZ
Why is 1250 broadcasting Spanish all of a sudden?
By: Stephanie on July 27, 2021

King of Kings Radio 94.9 (WGNH)
I love that I found your station by accident! I thank you for letting me feel God thru southern gospel. Praise the Lord!
By: Edith on July 27, 2021

100.1 The Buzz (KBBM)
Bring back 100.1 the BUZZ Whatever it is you're playing shouldn't be called music compared to what this station was. Rock is not dead, just folks like you guys trying to kill it and making it harder to obtain and listen to. Shame on you.
By: DARIN on July 27, 2021

ESPN 1040 (WHBO)
Why is 1040 off the air?
By: John on July 27, 2021

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