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WWWX 96.9
Good Morning 96.9 The Fox! I'm putting together the 2018-2019 boys basketball programs on behalf of Oshkosh West High School. We are interested in partnering up with you this year as a preferred sponsor we can recommend. We are super excited about producing professionally done, full color, customized media guides for the Oshkosh West Basketball programs. We would love to feature you in these information packed media guides showcasing the Wildcats. Hundreds of parents, faculty, fans, and students see these guides at each game, all season long! We're trying to have a company of your nature that everyone can reach out to throughout the year featured and be highlighted out at the games. Benefits of being a Sponsor There are very few high schools in the country that have as detailed a media guide as these. These programs will not be sold but handed out for free all season long at all home games. Home and visiting supporters alike will be gifted these special keepsake programs, and will see your information week after week all season long, while also seeing you connected to your local schools! There is a growing hype surrounding this years teams! This ensures you maximum exposure and outreach potential not just with fans, family, faculty, and students, but with the other surrounding schools that Oshkosh West plays. Some of the prime spots we have below are - Individual senior pictures and profiles - Team Photos and Rosters - All-time records and stats - Past player updates - League schedules - Coach commentary - Article on history of the school/program - Welcome letters from Head Coach/Principal/Athletic Director Cost There is an option for every budget! Sponsors can purchase a full, half, double wide, or quarter page ad for their company. The cost includes everything, all the graphic art work, proofing, sponsor copies, and printing for the whole season! Full Page Ad (5.5" X 8.5") -- $800 Half Page Ad (5.5" X 4.25") -- $600 Quarter Page Ad (5.5" X 2") -- $400 Thousands of these are going out and thousands of dollars are going back to the school, and the kids because of our sponsors. It really is a win-win for everyone! We are trying to get a feel for who will be in this year's program, if you would like to participate please call or email back as soon as possible to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your consideration. Cheers, Chris Bright -- GamedayMedia MN Office: 763-852-3750 Email:
By: Chris on September 24, 2018

WLAM 1470
Hi! I'm wondering why station 870 is on sometimes and off sometimes. Is it a financial thing that not enough money was raised to keep it going?. I live in Scarborough and can't get 730 too clearly most of the time, but I love 870, and especially on Saturday when you play the old country music. I thought maybe it was caused by a power outage in that last storm, but now it's off again. Originally I couldn't hear it much beyond Gorham, but then for awhile It was even really clear way up in Standish and Sebago, which was even better, but alas, it's very erratic everywhere these days. Did you know this was happening or why? It's very frustrating. Thanks for any information you can give me.
By: Judy Hawkes on September 24, 2018

WTVN 610
We have all.known that Corby could not be replaced and now you have proven it.. Really miss him.
By: Joyce Smith on September 24, 2018

WJJL 1440
When traveling on Buffalo Ave in Niagara Falls I saw the old WWJL letters just rusting. Wouldn't it be great to retrieve them and put them on the lawn at the NACC as art and a little bit of advertising? Thanks
By: melissa henwood on September 24, 2018

KBSQ 90.7
Hello, my name is Carolyn White and I am a former resident of McCall, who moved to Colorado fifteen years ago and took a job writing for The Fence Post periodical. Since 2011, I have also been published twelve times in IDAHO magazine under editor Steve Bunk. This past April, my book "Bricks underneath a Hoop Skirt" — about the years spent as a female guide, packer, and cook outside Elk City — went up for sale through Barnes & Noble, The Life Rich bookstore, and Amazon, where it has sold out three times. Because it is an educational book (and the first in a series) about living without electricity, telephone, hot tap water, or even daily mail service, I would like to know if we could arrange an interview about it on either KBSQ or one of its sister stations. The current book tour schedule puts me in Boise during the week of November 19th. I would be happy to send you a copy to read beforehand. My cell phone is (970) 596-8160. Thank you for the consideration! Sincerely, Carolyn
By: Carolyn White on September 24, 2018

WRXZ 107.1
Do you not air the steeler games any more? or did I have a different station last year?
By: william m hamilton on September 24, 2018

WRSK 97.5
What a breath of fresh air with listening to WRSK LP! Had the good fortune to have met Doo Wop Dave, Dennis and Tony in August 2017 at the vintage vinyl record shop on Spring Street in Newton. Love the music as it brings back so many memories! Continued success with the station! Hope it will someday be available streaming on the internet some day! Cheers!
By: Bill Priester on September 24, 2018

WMVU 96.9
Check it out I think you'll like it
By: Warner Mendenhall on September 24, 2018

WBLE 100.5
Two other people have written about a song that nobody seems to be able to find... I know these lyrics: If you’re feeling weak then come be weak with me You can always drink with me I’m not very picky on who I let my demons meet Anyone know? Google search doesn’t pull up anything. TIA!
By: Lauren on September 24, 2018

WUWF 88.1
Are you ready for some wholesome family fun? You are invited to join us every second Tuesday of the month! We have lots of activities and gatherings like FREE movie nights, arts and crafts, informative seminars, discussions, recipe swaps, banquets, pizza and game night, and much more. Join us Tuesday, October 9, 2018 from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the Gulf Shores Public Library Community Room located at 221 W. 19th Ave for FREE Pizza and Game Night! This event is family friendly and sponsored by Kingdom Palace Retreat Missions. For more information call 251-230-2455.
By: Lyn Michelle on September 24, 2018

KFSD 1450
Love the music. I wish the station had more power to cover the entire county.
By: Indie Montoya on September 23, 2018

KRXT 98.5
Lost two young dogs, females. One solid black and one Black and Tan. They are hunting hounds. There are collars with phone to contact on the dogs. Please help. Lost at County Road 332 and Highway 77. Thank you.
By: Michael SassoRossi on September 23, 2018

KRHQ 102.3
Just heard station ID "KRHQ Indio" format appears to be classic rock.
By: Joe Miller on September 23, 2018

WLPE 91.7
Good morning, Shortly before 11:00AM this morning (Sunday, September 23rd), I heard a new ( to me) and rousing rendition of the hymn “ Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross.” Can you tell me who recorded that upbeat version so that I can find it and listen again. I would also love to tell choir members about it so that they may find it and also be uplifted. I listen in Augusta, GA (WLPE Christian Radio). Thank you for any information that you can share. Ann Poole
By: Ann Poole on September 23, 2018

WTRV 100.5
RE: Sunday Morning @ 8:00 AM Whom ever is selecting your music format and various "artists" needs to return to the Speck Howard School of Broadcasting and re-take the introductory course of "How To Select Music For Sunday Morning"...the choices played this morning are crap...I switched back to Sirius Radio.
By: Gary L. Kalmar on September 23, 2018

WUTC 88.1
I'm a single mother of 4 I am 29 yrs old. I need help to get a vehicle. Can someone help me please contact me at Please if anyone can let me know please
By: Vania on September 23, 2018

WUTC 88.1
I'm a single mother of 4 I am 29 yrs old. I need help to get a vehicle. Can someone help me
By: Vania on September 23, 2018

KZHP 93.3
The Death Cab for Cutie singer sounds like Nils Lofgren!
By: Dennis Kincaid on September 22, 2018

KRZX 106.1
From Inside Radio: May 30,2017. "Cochise Broadcasting is being forced to surrender or donate 10 radio stations across the Midwest and Mountain West as part of a consent decree with the Federal Communications Commission. It’s a penalty for failing to keep the stations on the air, in some cases, for years. The company’s remaining 11 stations will be given abbreviated one-year license renewals in exchange for a pledge to comply with a minimum operating schedule." Although some of the Cochise stations did operate for meaningful periods during their past license terms, most of the stations operated so little that their public service record is essentially non-existent,” Media Bureau chief Michelle Carey wrote in the 19-page order. Carey pointed to a 2001 warning from the FCC which said that a license holder would face a “very heavy burden” in demonstrating it had served the public interest when a station had remained silent for “most or all” of the prior license term. “Like public officials charged with public trust, a renewal applicant…must literally ‘run on his record,’” the Commission said in a decision 16 years ago. The listening public isn’t likely to notice much of a change on their dial since the stations that Cochise is being forced to donate to not-for-profit groups or surrender have been off the air for years. Among them are KXWY Hudson, WY (102.9); KTWY Shoshoni, WY (97.1); KWWY Shoshoni, WY (106.5); KFMR Ballard, UT (95.5); KZLM Lewistown, MT (107.9); KZNM Milan, NM (101.9); KHSK Allen, NE (100.9); KDNM Reserve, NM (90.1); and KSFQ Thatcher, AZ (90.9). My guess is Cochise didn't meet the minimum time on air for the rest of the stations...therefore lost their license for the other 11 stations
By: Doug on September 22, 2018

WBDY 99.5
Great jazz, it's about time I hear some real music other than junk rap, and pop. People that can play real instruments. Love this.
By: gabriel on September 22, 2018

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