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WSHT 100.1
Found your station while waiting in traffic to enter the 500. I like the idea of no talk, just music and it was music that I could listen to. I will be visiting with relatives during the Memorial Day Holiday, I'll turn it on there during our outdoor cookout and games.
By: Bob on May 28, 2023

92.9 The Ticket (WEZQ)
Will you have the Celtics on 92.9 tonight?
By: Warren on May 27, 2023

KDAC 1230
Bulls*** "news" ...smears "unfavorable" locals that hosts are compelled to (or, willingly) broadcast. Tool for the top 20 richest, old money families and their minions that really run the town. So much more... all dark, totalitarian crap.
By: Anonymous on May 26, 2023

The Life FM 88.9 (WILF)
Cannot seem to pick up your station the past week or the station down or what has happened? Miss hearing this station.
By: Ronda on May 26, 2023

WYHA 102.9
Today May 25 2023 you aired a sermon by Adrian Rogers but I missed the title . He talked about nazi and gas chambers and compared to today with abortion. What is the title and the series?
By: Cindy on May 25, 2023

KQOR 105.3
Play some Tina Turner. RIP
By: Sonja on May 25, 2023

KOER 101.5
This was submitted today at the FCC: "Due to the recent poor health of the most active board member of the licensee, he was unable to DJ, manage programming, and work with the public...all of which caused a loss in funds. Because of this, the transmitter site was lost due to lack of payment. As a result, the station was forced off the air on 05/18/2023. " Hope he gets better soon.
By: Anonymous on May 24, 2023

WJVG 96.7
Just found this station while driving my children home from school this year. I wish it was a little thicker. I live on the edge of Bexley and can get it if I position myself just right. Love the smaller stations who do not bend to marketing and keep basics basic!
By: Amy on May 23, 2023

WULB 96.3
Where are you… I’m miserable with your station… Don’t tell me you’re changing format I heard a couple of semi commercials in The last few weeks… Give us some reassurance. You’re on your way back please…🕉
By: Bridgette on May 23, 2023

Key 96.5 (WKYE)
I don't know what happened to 96 Key but some of the music is horrible. At work we have quit listening. also power 92 has a person rebuilding the station instead of putting some kind of music until it is finished. And last but not least why is WJNL not bringing Pittsburgh Pirate baseball games, that was the only station in Johnstown to bring them!!!
By: Anonymous on May 23, 2023

92.5 KGB (WKGB)
It drives me crazy Doushie sticks up for the tucking in a bathing suit like she does like she has a daughter she doesn’t see that as an issue a 6 or 7 year old doesn’t know if they want to tuck or not! That’s unbelievable to me!! Unbelievable!!
By: Kristi on May 22, 2023

93.3 The Bus (WODC)
93.3 is beyond boring. Wish you could play true variety like 103.9 Jack-FM did before it unfortunately switched to country music (as if we needed that).
By: Marcia on May 20, 2023

WLLT 94.3
I live in Clinton so sometimes your station fades a bit. Nonetheless I really enjoy the music. Keep it up!
By: James on May 19, 2023

WOSN 97.1
Great format classical music. Brings back memories from orchestral band class.
By: Anonymously Yours on May 19, 2023

KBDZ 93.1
How do I find a list of the songs played this morning? Trying to identify a song that has lyrics like "that ain't the way to mend a broken heart whoa whoa yeah"
By: William on May 17, 2023

101.1 The Wave (WAVV)
We REALLY miss the old format you had. This is not the relaxing station we used to love. We listened to it for years when we were just visitors to this area. We looked forward to our vacation here every year and WAAV 101.1 was a special part of it! Then we moved down here full time and were excited to listen every day. But then you changed the format! It was a wonderful niche that we all loved! Please return to that format!
By: Loree on May 14, 2023

WXBA 88.1
hello WXBA 88.1 I live in Masapequa And can you please improve your signal coverage WXBA 88.1 Plays the best music than any other radio station your radio station is way to weak to have a good signal I'd recommend WXBA to improve their signal coverage I know WXBA broadcasts on 180 watts id recommend a Power increase to 699 watts
By: Isarel on May 13, 2023

KVXL 101.1
Fav station..I need list of programs..names,time,,, schedule.. please
By: Nathala on May 13, 2023

WGYT 92.1
Moved here from Chicago. This is better than all of their stations. Love it!! Just wish you had a stronger signal.....:-(
By: Ro on May 10, 2023

KKMA 99.5 Beatles. a pop band, not a rock band.
By: Peabpdy on May 10, 2023

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