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KALI 900
I just discovered your radio Christian music . Would you play a song by Lita Perez ? Thank you , Carlos
By: Carlos on September 29, 2023

WBLE 100.5
Looking for a song that comes on weekdays 6:30 - 7 recently. Female new song. Sings about coffee cup at the bar.
By: Cindy on September 29, 2023

Country 95.3 KRTY
This seems to be playing worship music
By: Anonymous on September 28, 2023

104.9 The Patriot (KMJM)
What happened to the Jessie Kelly show at 5 o'clock? Nobody listens to this infomercial idiot del womsly or whatever his name is. You've lost a listener.
By: JJ on September 28, 2023

K-Love 89.7 (WMLV)
Hi please let us know wha happened to 89.7 K love station. it's been down since saturday. I miss my Christian music. I hope you guys can fi. the problem
By: Isabel on September 28, 2023

KZXK 98.9
Being a musician from the '60s and '70s '80s I appreciate hearing everything this station plays no commercials that's astounding but the most amazing thing is the quality of what you choose to play. Having this country the way it is could you please play every other day at least NO NO NO By DEEP PURPLE. AS FAR AS SONGS GO I THINK THIS WAS THEIR BEST. THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!
By: Frank on September 28, 2023

WOBS 106.1
I enjoy listening to music on this station. It's a great mix of old and new, pop and r&b. Keep up the great work
By: Bee on September 26, 2023

98.7 The Shark (WPBB)
Your discussion today about bad body odor. The best solution is to soak your arm pits with lemon wedges. The lemon kills that bacteria that causes the stink.
By: Trish on September 26, 2023

Oldies 92.7 (KAZG)
What happened to 1440 AM? I live in Mesa and have not been able to get it.
By: Timothy on September 26, 2023

K-Love 89.7 (WMLV)
Was listening k-love 89.7 and suddenly it went off no reception since 9/25/23. Tried to call station no luck.
By: Sylvia on September 25, 2023

KTPO 106.7
We are just in the area for a few days and I was lucky enough to come across this radio station. It is outstanding. I wish we had this where I am from. Great job!! Keep up the good work.
By: Wayne on September 25, 2023

103.7 NNJ (WNNJ)
FYI - your signal is blacking out randomly. Makes it frustrating to listen to the music.
By: Stacy H on September 24, 2023

KTIG 102.7
We enjoy the messages that relate to happenings in our area, especially the community events calendar and interviews with people doing good things and building a climate of trust, faith, and positive messages. They help ensure a safe, receptive environment to all who wish to enjoy our precious freedoms.
By: Steven on September 22, 2023

KBPN 88.3
This station (and others from MPR) provides a steady flow of interesting programs geared for listeners who appreciate thoughtful, passionate expressions on topics relevant to life in our region. The public service aspect of public radio is essential for our future.
By: Steven on September 22, 2023

WJTK 96.5
How can we listen live. I have been looking for link and didn't find one. ENJOY 12-3pm show
By: Karen on September 21, 2023

WKCI 970
Are you coming back on the air? 970am Do you have an FM station?
By: Wade on September 21, 2023

K-Love 98.9 (WLKU)
I noticed I keep the volume the same (which I think is turned up) and the audio will fluctuate from low to high and is inconsistent. What’s wrong?
By: Patrick on September 20, 2023

WRDO 96.9
Please play more 80s and up music not so much hippie disco stuff.
By: Fred on September 20, 2023

WKCI 970
What is wrong with the radio transmission. You can't understand anything being said
By: Gayle K on September 19, 2023

WPJB 93.3
We're back on. Check us out at 93.3 FM Selma or on the internet.
By: Dan Presley on September 17, 2023

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