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WKNL 100.9
Brad, I'm not from the area, but man does "Tide 101" sound real familiar, as like a beautiful music standards in the 70's. I am, on rare occasions, in the Eastern US, so I might've remembered it from that. It might be nice to bring back an easy listening format for your town. Where I live (SE Wyoming), we kind of have that under KWBL-HD2 "The Breeze". ZBG
By: ZBG on September 22, 2021

WBFH 88.1
From '82-'87, I was Pete Bowers right-hand man. Lot's of fond memories. I want to hear the station with young voices reading news and everything. All I'm getting is music and station IDs. Where do I go for what the kids do in school?
By: Thomas Klopcinski on September 22, 2021

Rock 100.5 The KATT
Rick and Brad was my all time favorite morning show until they started to subtlety push the vax! If you would do just idk 6 minutes of research on an open search engine, (not Google)you'd realize unvaxed CANNOT develop and spread variants. Only the people who have inoculated themselves can develop that. Wake up...this is world genocide!
By: Jessyca on September 22, 2021

WHAS 840
I was so pleasantly surprised by the conversation on the Clay and Buck show on September 21st that I will now make it a point to listen to WHAS every day at that time. I have avoided WHAS radio after trying to listen to the two guys in the morning who bring crudity and unprofessional conversation to a new level.
By: Mary on September 22, 2021

WFLE 95.1
Wfle 95.1 needs to provide a daily playlist to the public. Thank you and furthermore, this station is awesome!
By: Charles on September 22, 2021

WKNL 100.9
I remember when this radio station was soft east favorites WTYD FM Tide 101 at 100.9FM Back in the 1980s I miss that, we need a radio station like that again, does anyone remember Tide 101 FM
By: Brad on September 21, 2021

WRJL 99.9
What was the last song played on Tuesday, 9/21/2021 right before the 4:00 PM newscast?
By: Randall on September 21, 2021

Rock 106.7 (KAAZ)
Limelight by Rush and Interstate Love Song by the Stone Temple Pilots would be much appreciated. Thank you.
By: Listener on September 21, 2021

WYSR 1590
Love it. One of my favorite Spanish station to listen to God's word.
By: MERCY on September 21, 2021

KLXR 1230
KLXR is off the air. Mike hasn't responded because he's in Palm Springs.
By: claudine on September 21, 2021

KTAN 1420
I work for a while at KTAN Radio back in 1974 on the 5PM to Midnight shift-My radio name was "Governor George" a tag that I used because I was also to Ft. Huachuca Army News Broadcaster and did 5 minutes of Army news on KTAN and the Arizona Broadcast System every day at 5:15 pm (I precorded at The Ft Huachuca Public Affairs Office) and used my real name for that broadcast. In 1974 KTAN was an almost new station and our live broadcast was on AM and automated on FM with crossover broadcast during news time. I loved that station-it was a great facility and for the day-state of the art. Back then the format was Middle of the road music in the morning-Country in the afternoon-and Top 40 and Rock after 5. The "Big Cheese" back then was Ken Ferguson-News was John Brown-Weather and Sports was Bob Carr and there were deejays: Bob Carr-Bob Melvin and Governor George(well at least for a while-I moved on to Key West Florida and worked a country station WKWF-Am on a 5 to midnight gig. Back then radio was fun not only to listen to-but-it was fun to be a deejay-KTAN was my 1st shot at being a deejay and I thank Mr. Ken Ferguson for the shot at it. I have been writing and recording Christian music and you can google Cowboy Bob Wallace and find a place to hear my songs. Peace, CBW
By: Bob Wallace on September 21, 2021

WRHP 100.1
Who was the preacher named Doug on tonight at 845. Great sermon
By: Michelle on September 21, 2021

WCAP 980
About WCAP being stuck in night pattern - there is no record on the FCC website of their management requesting special temporary authorization to operate on night pattern full time with reduced power. So it looks like they haven't even notified the FCC of their problem, which they are required to do, even though it has been going on for years. On occasion, I've searched the net for information on this but have always come up empty until I found Marie's comment. I live between Lowell and Leominster. The daytime signal here is so weak you can barely detect anything on 980, whereas historically, the signal has been quite strong. I've been tinkering with electronics old and new for decades as a hobbyist. Although occasionally, the replacement of an expensive part is unavoidable, most of the time, the problem is something that costs pocket change or nothing but took considerable time to troubleshoot. The number one cause of transmitting problems at small stations is a long history of sloppy maintenance. Number two is poor environmental conditions. It may just be some relays in need of cleaning and lubrication.
By: Jeff on September 20, 2021

Is Greeny no longer included in the 970 am radio schedule?
By: Anonymous on September 20, 2021

103.1 The Wave (KLO)
Fun station to listen to. Get to hear songs normally not played by other radio stations.
By: Anonymous on September 20, 2021

WOOG 92.7
The music is great, especially the traditional bluegrass!! Just wish there was a playlist available.
By: Joe D on September 19, 2021

New York Jewish Radio 107.9 (WMDI)
are u still on the air it is very difficult to find your serial bit stream that works...
By: Dave on September 18, 2021

KRZX 106.1
Hi guys, love listening, however I would love to see the playlist for Friday Sept. 17th around 10 A:M. Hope you can help.
By: Marilyn on September 18, 2021

W243DG 96.5
I am listening to your station and I am in tears! The vaccine truths you are speaking has me in tears, I am in Lexington right now and I have pulled over just to listen, the young woman speaking is speaking nothing but truth. I am moving to Kentucky from California and you would never have been able to speak this truth where I am from. God bless you!
By: Rachel on September 17, 2021

KTJJ 98.5
To the DJ on air right now...Griff, I think....I have no idea what Col. Max Klinger wore to try to get discharged in M*A*S*H*, but CORP. Max Klinger wore dresses! Oh, and Mr. Bentley's first name is pronounced DERKS not DEERKS! Get it right!
By: Gloria on September 17, 2021

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