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Q106.5 (KQXL)
What happened to TJMS Show?
By: Anita Williams on January 21, 2019

Power Talk 1460AM & 101.1FM (KION)
There are several things that irk with your radio station: 1) Double talk, i.e., too often there are two shows going on at the same time or the main show and a commercial going on at the same time; 2) The end of commercials is cut off before the commercial is complete, e.g., the last digit or two of telephone number is cut-off; 3) regularly programmed shows are preempted for sports presentation. If you are going to that, at least have the regular show on your other station (AM or FM). Many times the AM station will be preempted for, let’s say 49ers football or Warriors basketball, so I would go to the FM station only to find another sport on the station. I am a talk show junkie and there are many times KSCO doesn’t cut it. So, I’ll listen to classical music. I am listening less and less to PowerTalk 1460 AM as time goes by. Reading some of the comments, I know you can’t please all your listeners.
By: Jack on January 21, 2019

WSHT 100.1
Very special variety. Makes my day when I’m In Indianapolis. All young people should listen to real music at least once in their life in order to experience what they are missing.
By: Jesse on January 21, 2019

WSHT 100.1
Love, love, love you station. Wonderful songs that no one else plays. Sets a great mood for the day. 😊
By: Sarah Green on January 20, 2019

WALT 102.1
How can I get a program schedule
By: Sandy Barnett on January 20, 2019

WRSK 97.5
LOVE YOUR MUSIC! Don't ever change!
By: Roger Willco on January 20, 2019

96.1 The Breeze (WMSX)
Thank you for being this station.. My daughter listens to this station at work.. While she is driving. She told me about this station and love the music.. Thank you
By: Rose Crandall on January 20, 2019

WWL 105.3
I live in Metairie Louisiana and did listen to your good shows starting a 7:00 AM on Jan 20, 2019. Just before Monica spoke they had 501 c3 organization that is on every Sunday morning describing how they help the lower class of folks. Today they mentioned that there would now be some free Tax preparation help available for 2018 Taxes. I search the internet and could not find how to contact that agency. Is there a phone number or web link for that specific tax service that you could provide to me. Henry
By: Henry Newton on January 20, 2019

WQSG 90.7
Ron and I love WQSG and listen every day. We've missed "Unshackled" on Sunday mornings. What happened to "Unshackled" ?!? Kathie
By: The Yorks on January 20, 2019

KWNC 1370
I am very disappointed in your station since you signed Dana Loesch for your Monday-Friday morning program line-up. She goofs off too much, she doesn't stay near her microphone so I can hear everything(I constantly have to adjust the volume so that I am not then blasted out when she gets near the mic), her producer (?) is not miked which makes it difficult to follow the in-studio conversations. She spends so little time talking about topics that matter, that I wonder how she got a spot in the first place. I appreciate that she has taken a strong 2nd Amendment stand, but that is not enough. Can't you find a replacement like Sebastian Gorka or Dan Bongino or the like to make the morning slot more valuable to you and your listeners?
By: Joy Wright on January 20, 2019

WKKC 89.3
Hi, I was enjoying the station between 5pm and 6 pm on Saturday January 19th, there was a song i really haven't heard in awhile and it put me in a good mood. I got distracted with something and forgot the song. Can i please have a playlist of that time period. I believe the song came on towards the end of that hour. If you can help thanks! Tanya
By: Tanya McKenzie on January 20, 2019

WGAN 560
Where is John McDonald this snowy, Sunday morning? Miss his cheery voice!
By: Shirley Littlefield on January 20, 2019

WGMV 106.3
Congratulations!!.....Let's all celebrate yet ANOTHER addition to the Corporate Radio Empire that has cluttered our local radio dials in all our hometowns in the name of greed and complete control! I predicted years back that this station was gonna end up in the hands of someone who already controls the majority of what is crammed down your throat on the radio. It's 110% clear you jack-azzes at the FCC are in bed with the corporations and NOT protecting the will of the people and the right for others to have a "voice" and an opportunity to operate at least ONE slice of the airwaves that belong TO THE PEOPLE in the first place! I guarantee the measly $325,000 that they ended up paying to snatch the license for 106.7 FM is literally chump-change that was already sitting in the checking account of these ignorant aholes that THINK we believe they are actually operating their stations with a public interest in mind. Wake up people, and STOP listening to these monopolies whose ONLY interest is in making HUGE MONEY by cramming more and commercials on the air everyday. Listen to your iPods and/or sign up for SiriusXM. Local radio is no longer "LOCAL"!
By: Sick And Tired Of Todays Radio on January 20, 2019

WSHT 100.1
Finally. A radio station with a great variety of music.
By: Ivrin on January 19, 2019

KORJ 97.7
Keep up the good work! Can only hope that KORJ is able to expand and strengthen signal.
By: Chris on January 19, 2019

KFI 640
Mo Kelly, As a lifelong conservative, he pushes my envelope with his liberal views. That said, he is a rare example of a liberal who acknowledges that the other side may have a good point or two! His response to Trump's boarder crisis speech (1/19) is an example. He liked what the President said and gave his sincerity the benefit of the doubt. In fact, he was hopeful of a positive result and pointed out that Palosi's rejection, even before the speech was complete, was in bad taste.. Most of all, he expressed his sincere hope that the President's seemingly insatiable appetite for shoe leather will be held in check while his scripted proposal is digested by congress. Congtrats' Mo! I have to keep listening to your point of view, because you are not the typical anointed and enlightened liberal!
By: Gary Schulte on January 19, 2019

KBJX 103.5
I was hoping to get your station to ask something on the air for me. I wouldn't ask but it's important. I lost a ring that belonged to my great grandmother. It means the world to me. It's all I have of hers. I dont know any other way to ask the people of Mertzon. It has 4 stones and it's a mother's ring. Please if you can. I am offering a 100 dollars if anyone returns it . Thank You
By: Lana Riordan on January 19, 2019

DC101 (WWDC)
I understand that you must sell advertising in order to fund your station. I am questioning your choice to air commercials for Juul. Cigarettes are banned from being advertised. They are a nicotine delivery system. So is Juul. Young, impressionable people listen to your station. Do you really want to promote the use of nicotine ? Julia Worthington
By: Julia Worthington on January 19, 2019

KPGR 88.1
Home - Resonance |
By: Audient on January 19, 2019

WCOU 88.3
We would like to add the following event to your calendar: Uncle Ben’s Remedy performing at Three Heads Brewing on Saturday January 26. Doors at 7, show at 8. $5 ticket at the door. More details can be found here:
By: Shawn Huestis on January 19, 2019

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