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KTBX 98.1
TK.... It's definitely KTBX. KTBX has a significantly weaker signal than most of the other FMs in Tucson. Check out the coverage map above to get an idea where the signal originates from and where it covers best.. it's south of Tucson. If it normally does better and got worse recently it could be they are transmitting with less power so it would make an already hampered signal even weaker.
By: John on January 26, 2022

WCFW 105.7
Enjoy your radio station every morning driving to work at 5:30am and then at 2:30pm. The variety is exceptional. Transferred up here from Iowa …. cannot believe this variety was available. Keep up the great job.
By: Jeff on January 25, 2022

KTBX 98.1
I really enjoy listening to KTBX on the radio in my car. But, the audio quality seems really bad, especially in comparison to other nearby FM stations. Is it something at KTBX or is it something in my car stereo?
By: TK on January 25, 2022

590 KQNT
What happened to your signal I can't get your station in any of my three cars now in Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene when I go down there
By: stephen on January 24, 2022

WQAZ 98.5
My favorite radio station. Love the oldies music with no commercials.
By: Gary on January 24, 2022

WAWN 89.5
Traveling 79 north with my husband looking for religious talk programs on the radio am/fm came across your station again, some fading, nice young lady called in she worked in a local hospital and how she enjoyed telling people how she is in with the church and has God in her life and then ANOTHER religious station blasts right in, WAWN fading in/out then disgusting music playing, all this within 15 min after I tuned the station in closer to Meadville and another religious program on the same frequency, we have an older vehicle still with the analog radio, moving the needle around can’t find your station anymore We have property tail end of Crawford county I can tune you in using my GE SUPER RADIO with the antenna up and moving it around a bit, it’s to bad your signal is not stronger Really enjoy your station
By: Cathy on January 24, 2022

WOSN 97.1
How can I receive the station, as I live in eastern Ohio.... My in laws lived in Vero Beach really and I like Can I your format. Can I pick up coverage on my computer ?
By: Gary on January 23, 2022

610 WTVN
Best radio station in the city for dips--ts.
By: Allen on January 23, 2022

KFJL 1400
looking for the song names and artists of the 1st 3 songs played on musical meditations on January22 @ 3am to 3:15.. Thank you c.a..
By: c.a. on January 23, 2022

Newsradio Orlando WFLA 540 (WFLF)
OMG where is Clyde Lewis and Ground Zero? A must listen when I'm on the night shift. Ughhhhh.. Put him back please!
By: Wallace on January 22, 2022

KHDY 98.5
Found your station a year ago. It was great less talk more music. John Boy and Billy in the morning is now on too much talk they are not funny will be going to 98.1FM
By: Mike on January 21, 2022

WSHT 100.1
Where do you find this music?
By: Joan on January 20, 2022

KEOK 102.1
I like listening to your cherokee station on sunday
By: Jennie on January 19, 2022

WDBX 91.1
I was surfing the dial today and came across your station on my car radio playing some great old country music. I heard them say it was also streaming but could not find it on line can you give ,me the url so I can listen on my computers.,
By: Bob on January 19, 2022

KRAE 1480
So it appears that translator K266CC (currently rebroadcasting KRAE) is about to bite the dust in favor of K213FK (see the fccdata website for more info), which will at least temporarily run KRAE programming, before switching to KRKY. That seems like an oddball move for that translator, and I wish a different solution would've been implemented, but at least 1480 KRAE will remain untouched. I love their oldies! (By the way, they have not been a country station for over a decade.)
By: ZBG on January 18, 2022

K-Love 89.1 (KADV)
JD, K-Love does have a recently played songs list, (try their song search feature on the website), and you can click on the DJ's tab to find out their current schedule. Hope this helps, ZBG
By: ZBG on January 18, 2022

K-Love 91.9 (WLKP)
What happened to K-Love? Get talk radio out of Elkins. If you took it off the air, you could have said so.
By: Stephen on January 18, 2022

WOOG 92.7
Excellent mix interesting music many of which I happily hear for the first time. That's my favorite. A gem.
By: Jo on January 18, 2022

610 WTVN
I think WTVN's programing has become very skewed. There is too much of a stew as to who they are trying to appeal to. It used to be good ole boys now its from gearheads to buyers of bitcoin and people that have over a million dollars in their retirement...I got news for you if they were that rich they wouldnt be listening to your station. Then to ice out the working guy you have replaced Joe Paggs with some guy that tells you in a hundred different ways every week that you should buy bit coin in a condescending way... You are a sinking ship thanks to your owners the ultra liberal/woke I heart radio......You cant be a blue collar radio station when you are owned by a meglo-leftest company
By: bobb on January 16, 2022

106.9 The Rock (KLUB)
I liked Walton and johnson, now the new Mexican music is s--t
By: Kim on January 16, 2022

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