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Latino 102.7 (K274AX)
However much is cost me to put my new song on your station for one month I will pay it no problem, email me please, here is the music video for the song "Mi Vida" already has 60k views in a week!
By: Trent James on September 29, 2020

KPVU 91.3
I was wondering if i would able to submit some music to be played on your station.
By: Lathell Powell III on September 28, 2020

KLMY 99.7
The Grasser family dog is missing in the Long Beach area. She's a white golden retriever, and her name is Harper. She was last seen on Washington street near the golf course. Her family misses her terribly and want her home! If found, please call Lisa Grasser at (360) 509-7401. Thank you so much. If you could mention this on the air, it would be very much appreciated.
By: Lisa Grasser on September 28, 2020

KCDC 102.5
KCDC where did you go??? I’m missing your incredible tunes. )o;
By: Margaret on September 28, 2020

Calvary 88.5 (KJNW)
REPENT - A Peaceful, Christian Protest We are expecting 500-1000 people Oct. 10th at 10:00am at City Hall, KCMO This is a Christian event, which I hope you can promote on your station. Here is a promotion piece I am sending to area pastors. Thank You! -Hal Linhardt ------------------------ Dear Pastor, As you might know, I ministered forty years in the Kansas City area; for 23 years as a pastor of three churches, then, in 2001,as director of evangelism at IHOPKC. My wife and I moved to Raleigh, NC, in 2018, and started International Evangelists' Fellowship. I have returned to KC for a brief time to help Laurie Ditto and Operation Save Kansas City with planning and logistics for REPENT, a Peaceful, Christian Protest. The event will take place on Saturday, October 10th at City Hall, KCMO. Laurie Ditto is a great friend and fellow evangelist of many years. She is director of OperationSaveKC and is widely recognized as a prophetic seer. She recently received a vision from the Lord in which He said, "I want a Protest". The result is REPENT, a Peaceful, Christian Protest. More info...Why, What, When, Where: Choose This Day! As you know, we live in an extremely sinful nation in which the Lord Jesus and His Gospel is the only answer. The church is to boldly declare Him and choose sides in the battle for individual souls and the soul of America. There is no greater battle in the American culture than the slaughter of the unborn. Since 1973, the abortion industry in America has sacrificed over sixty millions babies on the altars of unrestrained sexuality, women's rights and personal convenience. This must stop. The church of America must admit its guilt in this holocaust, repent and speak out. To do otherwise, invites the judgment of God upon America. We cannot be silent and lukewarm on this issue. Please join us and encourage those under your ministry to join us on October 10th as we "humble ourselves, pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked way..." that God might "hear...forgive...and heal our land." The time is short. It is a digital world, but if your church still distributes paper flyers, I would be glad to supply as many as you need. You may call, text or email me to discuss this event. (Hal Linhardt / 913-636-4935 / Watch Sid Roth of It's Supernatural, interview Laurie Ditto about the REPENT, a Peaceful Christain Protest Watch Sid Roth's personal endorsement of Laurie Ditto. Grace to you, Hal S. Linhardt 913-636-4935
By: HAL S LINHARDT on September 28, 2020

KRXR 1480
Pls call as I have an order to place. 818-590-4166
By: Sara Volbert on September 28, 2020

KIGO 1420
Please call as I have an order to place.818-590-4166 Thanks
By: Sara Volbert on September 28, 2020

WZEA 107.1
Do you have plans to resume broadcasting? We miss you!
By: Dan Sullivan on September 28, 2020

WAUP 99.1
No no! Your morning show stinks on ice. Please get the couple back on. They were funny and well informed.
By: Ben R. on September 28, 2020

WPAK 106.9
Funny radio in the morning. Serious, too, thanks for that. But really funny on Sat nite. Where do you come up with this?
By: Posted on September 28, 2020

WPAK 106.9
You all rock my world. Thank U!
By: Oh My on September 28, 2020

what happened to red eye radio. Put it on tonight and it's gone.
By: Louis Loguirato on September 28, 2020

Air 1 88.1 (KWAO)
Washington's own Presidential Candidate. See
By: Im running for President on September 28, 2020

KUOW 94.9
Washington's own presidential candidate. See:
By: I running for president on September 28, 2020

Hot 93.3 (KLIF)
hi! I have a really big favor! my friend is a recording artist and she just released a new song called "goddess" and I would really appreciate if you could help her out and play the song just one time. she's been going through tough times and it would really make her feel better. thank you and I hope to hear back from you.
By: miterio becerra on September 28, 2020

The River 106.5 (WMRV)
Playing racist music about THAILAND BANCOK
By: Teddy Browning SR on September 28, 2020

KZEE 1220
Lately been on and off Is Kzee for sale
By: Anonymous on September 27, 2020

WJOU 90.1
Do you except new music submission Hot new gospel single release this coming Friday
By: Arnold Gatling on September 27, 2020

Z107.7 (KSLZ)
Your signal distance is 400 Miles I been listening to st Louis stations KLOU and 90.7 FM Since last night and thanks
By: Dxing from ohio on September 27, 2020

Trump Country 93.7 (WXNX)
Well thank you for taking away our rock station not everybody listens to country!!
By: Anonymous on September 27, 2020

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