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KOYS 94.1
Is it possible to publicize an event on your radio station? The event is the Orcas Island Jazz Festival that takes place over Labor Day weekend. Thank you.
By: Jan Ehrlichman on July 21, 2018

WBLF 970
I am extremely disappointed with this station. It had a good lineup of conservative talk shows. The station recently changed from that format to more left wing biased programs. When I tried to listen with an open minded ear, or try to see the "facts" though the commentators view, I found myself asking why they can't give all the facts of an issue? I am, therefore, not going to listen to this station any longer.
By: Gary Farber on July 21, 2018

KWUL 101.7
I knew it! Keep it coming . Looking forward to seeing what happens next. Having fun playing Name That Tune.
By: Fred Flinstone on July 21, 2018

KCDC 102.5
You guys seem to spend more time off the air than you do broadcasting. I like your music selections when I can listen.
By: Gary on July 21, 2018

KHOC 102.5
Trying to find out what the name of the song and who sings other song that played at 6:33am on July 20 th 2018. On the radio station 102.5 fm! ..KHOC The heart 102.5
By: Peggy A. Wagoner on July 21, 2018

WFTL 850
Joyce Kauffman is absolutely GREAT. I listen to her everyday and she has educated me. I am a 76 yr old man and she is among the best ever. Prior to her the best was a guy out of New York called Bob Grant who has since passed away. I love Joyce and everything she stands for. Conversely, the guy that follows her, Barsky SUCKS. Can't stand listening too him. BORING. Arnold Einfalt Stuart Florida. Agent 1027r
By: Arnold Einfalt on July 20, 2018

WSJY 107.3
Daryl Hall and John Oates have a new single called Philly Forget Me Not with Train. Could you play this? Thank you.
By: Joe Sealey on July 20, 2018

WMMM 105.5
Daryl Hall and John Oates have a new single with Train called Philly Forget Me Not. Could you put this song in your circulation? Thank you.
By: Joe Sealey on July 20, 2018

KPLW 89.9
Hello, I'm so sorry to bother you. I over heard on the radio 89.9 this morning - requesting water or water with eletrolytes for the fire fighters that are fighting the fires. Where do we drop it off?
By: Fuanileva Tonga on July 20, 2018

WMGN 98.1
Daryl Hall and John Oates have a new single with Train called Philly Forget Me Not. I wish you could play it. Thank you.
By: Joe Sealey on July 20, 2018

WRHU 88.7
Can we advertise on your radio a local carwash event
By: Raj on July 20, 2018

WYAY 106.7
I am a devoted listener starting with Shannon and ending with The Kimmer. It is a great lineup and I hope management has the good judgement to not change anything. Listening today, I am afraid that you might do something stupid, like dropping the Kimmer show. Should you change either of these shows, you will lose me and many of my friends as listeners. Please do the smart thing.
By: Jack Keheley on July 20, 2018

WWFJ 88.1
I am working on my family tree. Ihave hit a brick wall at my great grandmother. Her name was Eliza(er) Elmore . She was married to my great grand father Lonzo Cavaniss(?). am tryin to find her parents name or any information that might help.
By: C. B. Crawford on July 20, 2018

KJRN 88.3
Hello, How do I get a radio station on-site at a Community event please?
By: Von on July 20, 2018

KDHX 88.1
I’d like to know where to send a CD of my sons to see if you would be interested in playing his music. He writes his own music and lyrics and sings and plays several instruments including a harmonica. Please let me know by e-mail or phone. Thank you.
By: Vicky Gusman on July 20, 2018

KUAZ 89.1
Andrea Kennedy: "Join us tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM." Would someone explain to Ms. Kennedy the meaning of redundancy?
By: r. g. tamminga on July 20, 2018

WGCO 98.3
By: Donna on July 20, 2018

KQFE 88.9
Coburg Quilt Show Starts Today Friday / Saturday July 20-21st 2018 10am-4pm Coburg Charter School Part of the Golden Years which is happening all weekend What to see and do: Over 100+ quilts on display (mostly local quilters) • Quilters come vote for viewer’s choice (turn in for a prize) • Quilters and families take part in a family friendly quilt show scavenger hunt (turn in for a prize) Classes happening all day long - We have 10 classes still open to sign up for at the door come early to learn more Stage presentations by amazing Quilting Charities and Authors • Friday from 1pm – 3pm: Quilts of Valor will be presenting 7 Quilts to 7 Veterans who served • Fri/ Sat 12pm -1pm: Bags of Love will be presenting on how you can support children on our community • Saturday only A local Author Ann Simas will be presenting her latest book that has characters from 10 Vendors Sharing their love of sewing and quilting with amazing variety of products to learn about Raffle tickets sold at door and hourly winners on the hour each day! Silent Auction sales happening all weekend!
By: STACY LEWEY on July 20, 2018

KKLQ 100.3
Hi there! Ya really lift me up guy's, thank you. OXO Help me please.... You play a cool song. I think it maybe titled I Just need you, or Lord, I need you. "When the wolves come around ~" please??? You know the one???
By: Kevin on July 20, 2018

KTBX 98.1
What a surprise finding your station. I can listen to the radio again. Please don't change your format your playlist are awesome. Almost like kwfm back in The early 70's.
By: George A. on July 20, 2018

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