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Auction 109 closes with 97 FM radio stations sold

August 6, 2021

The bidding ended August 5, 2021 for the 135 FM construction permits and 4 AM construction permits. The top five stations sold in the auction were: iHeartMedia's $6,146,000 bid for an FM station in Sacramento, CA, Radio Brands' bid for an FM station in Sanger TX just north of Dallas for $3,080,000, Nelson Rodriguez bid of $400,000 for an FM station in Pembroke, GA, ITM, LLC's bid for an FM station in Desert Hills, AZ that will cover Lake Havasu City, AZ for $266,000, and Eugene Cella's bid for an FM station in Fort Walton Beach, FL for $395,000. None of the four AM permits in the auction were sold but 97 FM permits did find buyers. Several of the remaining unsold permits may appear in a future auction but permits that were offered in previous auctions that failed to find bidders may likely get delete. Complete auction results can be found here.