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KBCX 91.5 FM

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Big Spring, TX

Religious (Christian)

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American Family Association

KBCX is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 91.5 MHz. The station is licensed to Big Spring, TX. The station broadcasts Religious programming. KBCX is owned by American Family Association.

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KBCX-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

The Challenge of Faith Not so long ago, I found myself in a lost and dismal place. I struggled with my faith and my self-worth. As I sought the Lord for help, He gave me a way out. He had me confess my entire list of struggles in front of the people from my church. These were people who I believe held me in great regard, including my immediate family, who also didn’t know what I was struggling with or why our lives had been so disconnected. As I stood in front of the church that day, I saw the faces of friends and family drop in disbelief and concern. I didn’t feel any judgment coming from them and one person in the church was able to share her own struggles because she saw me confess. What God did for me on that day was take all my burdens and struggles away in a blink of an eye. Peace filled my life once more and I had found my Fathers face shining on me again. After recommitting my life to Him things began to happen. He had me seeking Him on nights when our church didn’t hold services. My family and I would visit wherever He led us without question. We attended churches of all denominations and were blessed just because our actions were done in faith and faith alone. We visited churches where services were held in Spanish, which our family doesn’t speak, and we found they were just as big of a blessing as any other church we visited and in some cases, a greater blessing. For me, I knew in my heart, God was having us search for a new church home, but I felt there was a reason for this particular direction He was taking us through. As I sought His leadership and understanding I had thoughts and visions of a connected message. All the pastors we had visited focused or touched on the same subject: revival. I started having dreams about a huge revival in our town where churches of all denominations gathered at our local coliseum and all the pastors and worship teams united for one cause. What did it mean? I personally started reaching out to Christians I knew asking them what I should do? Asking God why would you ask something so large from someone like me? I would pray, “You know me, You know all that I have done, You know how I’ve slipped in the past, You know how I’ve hurt my family and how I’ve lost trust with so many.” How can you possibly believe that I would be capable of such a large task?” The answer was simply a challenge of faith. Because, what I found was He had shown us that He moves throughout all churches regardless of their denomination. He moved not because of the pastors and their beliefs, but because there were individuals in the church whom were there by faith, seeking Him. He moved through the pastors for those seeking Him in order to reveal His great love and mercy for them and guide their paths therefore rewarding their faith. As I reached out and tried to act upon my feelings, there was so much negative feedback such as, “All denominations coming together for one cause? It could never happen,” so I gave up. By giving up, I had failed at my challenge of faith. It wasn’t that I didn’t want it to happen, it was simply I didn’t believe I could do what was asked of me. That was my mistake, faith is not what I believe about myself, faith is demonstrating to God that you do believe and trust in Him. Putting together a revival was not for me to do, putting together a revival of all the denominations that was what GOD would do. My job or challenge was simple, start the ball rolling take a leap of faith. The way in which I had approached my fellow Christians was as if I was being asked to be a leader of some great revival, when I should have been focused on the fact that God wanted to lead a great revival and kept myself out of the equation. For two and a half years now I have sat in church still troubled by not doing what was asked, as I listen to the pastor preaching on how this country needs a revival. How we need to stand up united under God and show our faith in him, yet I sat quietly. Every year as Easter approaches, I feel the same push for a revival that overwhelms me, and again I run from what I feel God is asking me to do. This year I’ve decided not to run. I believe God has shown me a way where a small leap of faith from me is all He is asking and He will lead a nation. Psalms 9:1 ”I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart. I will show forth all thy marvelous works.” This letter is my leap. As I’ve read the bible, I see where the nation of Israel all worshiped the Lord with song and praise. The key was all. How could we as a nation all worship the Lord at one time? In my first thoughts two and half years ago I had a vision of people standing in their homes hearing the praise and worship of a great multitude and being led to investigate. A vision much too large for one man to create, but now I know it was not for me to create, God will do that. In order to show my faith all I need to do is share by telling what I have seen and felt led to share. This past week as I sought out the Lord in prayer for a solution to how I should proceed with what He was asking of me once again, He gave me a solution. I feel His solution was simple, “Share what I’ve shown you.” Then He showed me the outlets in which I was to share the information. I want all who read this to know I am no prophet nor am I some great leader; I am a simple man wanting to show the Lord my faith is in Him and would prefer to remain anonymous in this challenge. What I see is a nation praising the Lord with one voice and one song just as Israel once did. March 31st 2013 is Easter Sunday and I believe it is a challenge of faith for the entire nation to demonstrate their faith by uniting in one song. Amazing Grace is the song I pictured, and 10:45am central time would be the time on the clock. What marvelous wonders could our Lord and Father do for this nation if we showed our faith and loyalty to Him as a whole? If every church or Christian that gathered together on Easter Sunday opened there doors and sang out with all their hearts the same song at the same time? How many would hear? How many would be influenced? How many would be saved? I know every church worships the Father and many of them sing similar Hymns, but what if we all sang together at one time. Pastors everywhere are expressing the need for a revival, and what better way to demonstrate that this nation is still led by God, than a joint praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe that this is where my challenge of faith ends, until that day where I will be singing praise to the Lord. I ask that if it be God’s will that your leap of faith would be to promote this event or print this document, that my name be left off, because in an event that glorious and spectacular, all glory and praise should go to the Father. I do not want anyone to see me as anything other than a simple man, without Jesus I wouldn’t even be that. I am praying now that my Heavenly Father knows that I have expressed my faith and devotion to Him through this letter. Thank You
By: Nathan Pettigrew on March 1, 2013

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