Radio Station Information

KFYN 104.3 FM

City of License:
Detroit, TX

Vision Media Group, Inc.

KFYN is an FM radio station broadcasting at 104.3 MHz. The station is licensed to Detroit, TX.

Station Coverage Map

KFYN-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Awesome station. I just found it b3ut i wont turn it.
By: kevin anderson on January 15, 2013

Awesome station. I just found it but i wont turn it.
By: kevin anderson on January 15, 2013

Just found The River. Keep Jerry Jeff comin'.
By: Tim Loftin on January 16, 2013

I just found this station about 3 days ago and I really like It nobody around here plays this stuff anymore. I live in atoka ok and the signal is weak here but I can put up with the static for the music. Hope they stick around
By: Richard on January 16, 2013

I love this station!!
By: Randy Mayes on January 17, 2013

Nothing better
By: Chris McKinney on January 18, 2013

Great station,this station is long over do. Paris has been like radio pergutory . Thanks y'all !
By: Wallay on January 18, 2013

Found y'all Monday and haven't changed the station. Sitting here in the beer garden cookin some steaks and just heard "Bluegrass Widow". Thanks y'all!
By: Brian Wallace on January 18, 2013

I appreciate what y'all are doin, keep playin our kind of music!
By: Michael McDougal on January 19, 2013

Found this station while passing through. AWESOME! Great work. LOVE the music. Currently trying to figure out how to listen online. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
By: Renae on January 21, 2013

Love! This Station!! Finally One That Plays Our Kind of Music,Keep up The Awesome Tunes!
By: Shanon on January 28, 2013

More chris knight!
By: Anonymous on February 4, 2013

Love the station but the playlist needs expanding to include Chris knight ray Wylie Hubbard tommy alverson. Max stallings. Walt Wilkins etc all texas country all the time
By: Anonymous on February 5, 2013

Love the station but the playlist needs expanding to include Chris knight ray Wylie Hubbard tommy alverson. Max stallings. Walt Wilkins etc all texas country all the time
By: Terry Pitcock on February 5, 2013

Want to know if anyone knows the name of a song played on this station and the lyrics are I asked god for forgiveness and he sent me you?
By: Donna on March 9, 2013

can anyone tell me who sings the song that goes take it day by day if your ever gona last? awesome station hasnt left my radio since i found it
By: brian on March 14, 2013

Who is that artist and name of song with tha lyrics that go i watched u go i just thought u should know with ur crystal meth addiction i watched u slip away but regardless i love ur station i travel all over the place but ur music format is rare to a good day it just makes it better
By: ray on March 25, 2013

When I was driving down the road I couldn't find anything good to listen to but as I was channel surfin' I heard Patsy Cline and I was immediately taken back to a time as a little boy when I'd be riding with my dad down dusty roads. Thank you so much!
By: Junior on March 31, 2013

I absolutely love this station! I've been hearing a song i'm not familiar with but would love to get the cd. does anyone know the artist or song title? the chorus: "it's a Haggard kinda day", some of the lyrics: "we burn our trash in the backyard, feed our dogs and cats table scraps, get our eggs from the hen house..." ????
By: Sonya on April 7, 2013

best station ever. answer to rays question it is whiskey myers and the song is broken window seranade. and sonya the artist to your song is hayes carll.
By: psycho jr. on April 8, 2013

donna the answer to your question is josh ward sent me you
By: psycho jr. on April 8, 2013

I heard a son between 10:30pm and 11pm on 6-20-13 and i did not catch the name of the song. Some of the words to the song goes like this. I love you but i hate you. and a verse was along the line: i love you when you are running late and come back for a 2nd good bye kiss. Please anyone able to help me.
By: Amanda on June 22, 2013

I found this station a few months back, it comes in good in Sulphur Springs but I lose it when I'm on lake fork. Great music all the time. I just caught Royce Smithey on Sunday morning and I am looking for his CD everywhere. Please out me in contact with an outlet for his music. It is hard to find. I Keep this station on my number one spot.
By: Shawn Parks on July 22, 2013

Love the station. Need some help on a song that plays a lot on it. The chorus goes " that's just another day in the life of a good" that's all I can think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated
By: seth on August 1, 2013

Greatest station !
By: Anonymous on August 27, 2013

Greatest station !
By: tammy tucker on August 27, 2013

What happened to the website? I am unable to listen to the station on my computer now :(
By: Lana on August 28, 2013

I love your station. I leave home every morning @ 6:30 to be at work by 8 in OK. Leave work @ 5 to come home by 6:30. You are the only station I listen to! I love the music, the DJ's, everything. Keep it up. I can't ever remember a station I have enjoyed so much.
By: Janean Parker on August 30, 2013

I live in OKC and found your station driving to south Arkansas. Outstanding! I get sick of the sterile, everyone playing the same corporate mainstream crap. It was a great couple of hours until I drove out of range. Keep it going.
By: Ken McClurkin on November 12, 2013

I love this station, we moved from Denton TX and listened to The Range, TX country only... great station. So happy to have this station now. My only complant is the aussie woman on the morning show, I can not listen to her, I have tried several times, but I end up changing the station.We live in Frogville OK and can't imagine having a DJ that sounnds like that and talks about facebook so much it makes me sick. I have two 20 yr. old sons and a 32 yr old nephew, a 50 yr old brother in law, a 73 yr old father in law and a 54 yr old wife and we all feel the same way soo its not just me or my age group! Please find a more local country personality so I, we can listen on the way to work in the mornings.
By: Steve Estep on November 20, 2013

We just found Kfyn not long ago..Great Sunday Gospel tunes and Artists...We have had the pleasure of listening to one in particular..It sings "I'm waltzing through Glory praising my Savior in three quarter time."I would like to find the name and hopes of being able to purchase a C.D....I would welcome a reply if possible..This was the only way that I could contact the radio station.. Thank you..Jimmy
By: Jimmy Woods on March 12, 2014

We never change the channel. Awesome music. Only complaint would love to hear mentions of artist and song titles PLEASE!!
By: Anonymous on June 6, 2014

I just found your station and love it. I heard a song this morning 6/12/14 around 9:30 am or so and I love the song can u tell me who sings it and the name of it.
By: Lorrie Brook. on June 12, 2014

Love this station but looking for who sings a song, the lyrics I caught are I knew you were trouble before I knew your name and at the end of the song he says yeah I knew you were trouble when you walked in. He also says you blew in this town like a hurricane but that's all I know it's driving me crazy someone please help
By: Brittany on September 30, 2014

Good station but it will not stay on for more than 10 seconds at a time
By: Jerry shores on January 3, 2015

What is the name of the song that says i will never do it again and ends with amazing grace!?! I love that song and i love this station.
By: Krystal summerville on July 17, 2015

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