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City of License:
Little Falls, MN


Little Falls Radio Corporation

KLTF is an AM radio station broadcasting at 960 KHz. The station is licensed to Little Falls, MN. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Please treat this email as if I called in. I have a great morning talk radio discussion for your prime time drive, and it will actually effect about 100 people in Denver and another 100 people in St. Paul. The topic is how much better revenge is when you are on the right side of the law against an employer. The man I am married to worked for a company for 8 years. He worked so hard that I put off having children to help in his career. He made his former employer much more money than they ever paid him, even considering the one time they sent him on a vacation and the yearly bonus. He actually loves the people he used to work with. Well, thanks to 8 years of pillow talk, I know everything about this company, where every skeleton is buried and all the details, even the tacked on charges that might not be justifiable. I gave great advice. When the son of the owner took over, he hired a consultant as his second in command, who went to a phony business school in AZ. Right away, the son started making cuts in staff, in order to continue living a company funded jet set international lifestyle, going to a from Mexico for sport fishing, on safari in Africa and the beautiful beaches in the Med. Understand that this company is subject to DOS export compliance restrictions and required to have licenses, Many of the personnel in this company came from a PMC-PSC company that was likely the most investigated and fined company by the DOS in history. So when my husband was dismissed from being a full time employee without two weeks notice, he was recommended to another company as a contractor taking a 15% pay cut. Within one day of moving to the new company, his former company called him back begging that he take care logistics, travel, and expense reports for a contracted DOS program. If my husband did not do this favor for his former company, then they would lose thousands of dollar, lose additional contracts, and so much more. As a kindness, my husband helped the former employer. Then, the former employer asked for more, "Oh please please please, train someone to do what you used to do for us" and "Teach us about the computer programs that you put together in serving us" and "Help us with our licenses." So, now my husband is doing two jobs for less pay than one job. Now here is where it get interesting. After all those nice things my husband did and is still doing, the sister of the current owner just informed him that they are not going to pay his severance package. which would have paid off our losses and consumer debt. The reason they gave is because he found other employment. What the former employer is forgetting, is that the severance package includes a contract that would restrict my husband from helping the former employer's competition. The help that could be provided to the competition is substantial and would make the competition able to dominate the particular niche business. My man is a good man, but I am not. If they do not pay him his severance, I will let the authorities know every little secret and see to it that the competition gets every labor, time, and money saving improvement possible. I will not be breaking any laws in dong so. My husband has no idea that I am going to do this. He is a good man and would disapprove. So, I am not a Postal Employee, Day Trader, or person who was fired from an abusive job in Florida right before retirement and I am not going in for a revenge which is against the law. I am not a Nipon Electric Company Engineer fired before retirement who decided to cut the most expensive high voltage cables. I am simply a concerned citizen turning someone in and helping others do better.
By: Dian on August 14, 2018

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