Radio Station Information

KMFO 98.1 FM

City of License:
Tulsa, OK


Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of Fame, Inc.

KMFO is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 98.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Tulsa, OK and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Jazz programming.

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KMFO-LP Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Just found the station today. WHAT A BLAST FROM THE PAST !! Great big band programming. WIsh you had a little more power. Hard to get (clearly) in Owasso. Thanks for the great music however.... Is this station a self funded enterprise or do you allow listeners contribute to it's existence? let me know OK ? ($5 bucks for a car window decal ?). John
By: John on June 6, 2017

Jessie Ed Davis full album? So cool. I'll listen again!
By: George on June 27, 2017

Wow! Tulsa hasn't sounded this good since John Henry passed away.
By: Rachel on August 29, 2017

stumbled accross the station today looking for something besides talk radio that i usually listen to. added to my presets on the radio. hope the station sticks around
By: Jo on November 8, 2017

I'm so happy to have found this station! Such a great lineup on the daily.
By: Macie on February 16, 2018

Came to town from L.A. to visit my folks and discovered this station. Wasn't here when I lived here! Far better than the Jazz station in Los Angeles. Wish I could listen to it online when I go home.
By: Matt on April 10, 2018

Big Band Jazz on the radio! In Tulsa! Thanks!!
By: Susan on April 12, 2018

Just discovered the station and I have one word to describe it: AMAZING! I wish the station had more power because it gets drowned out by a lot of other stations and static. Can we do a GoFundMe to boost it up? I love the programming and as long as I'm in the car listening to music this will be my go-to!
By: Dana on June 8, 2018

We really enjoy this station! I hope you all have a long life and hopefully an expansion in your listening area and audience. Awesome music.
By: Curtis and Janice on December 9, 2018

Do you stream your signal on the Internet ? I have an Internet radio and enjoyed listening to jazz all over the world however there was a jazz station in Tulsa that was screaming over the web but I can’t recall his name. It may have been your station. Let me know. Earl R Donaldson 405-323-7739
By: Earl R Donaldson on January 31, 2019

Love the music have it on all the time in the car. I do have a problem with the commercial about "jazzless babies" this is in very poor taste and makes me switch off. Please tell me you will delete this commercial?
By: Dave on April 18, 2019

Just to say I am in complete sympathy with the jazzless babies, please continue to talk about them. And I'm a donor, so you can listen to me.
By: Steve Tedder on May 11, 2019

I live south of Tulsa but always try to listen to this station when I am within range.
By: Emily on June 27, 2019

I'm a senior citizen who discovered your station within the past year. Love it! Listen to it whenever not listening to NPR news - around the house and in the car. Like Sunday morning gospel - REAL gospel. Like all the Leon Russell stuff. Like it all, really. Also love your campaign to end jazzless babies- what a worthy cause. Sorry - couldn't disagree with "Dave" more.
By: Ann Jackman on December 23, 2019

I love this radio station! It's a welcome relief from the usual radio programming in town.
By: Ruth on January 21, 2020

Just found this station a week ago and haven't turned it off. Plays in my car and radio at home. Love the near-hourly Leon Russell and especially the gospel tunes on Sunday mornings.
By: John on February 4, 2020

Loving this station. Found it after having to have new battery put in the car. Messed up all my pre-programmed stations. So glad it did because when I started to re-program them I found this great line-up of music. Can't listen to it all the time since I get out of range, but I flip it on at least once a day just to see what's playing.
By: Shannon on February 26, 2020

I was recently in Tulsa and love your station! Listened the entire time I was there. I hoped to find you on TuneIn, but looks like your not on. Big Bummer!
By: Rick on August 5, 2020

I live in midtown Tulsa & am is thrilled that we have a real jazz station in town now! Love the steady diet of Chet Baker one of the smoothest singers and trumpet players who was from Yale, OK! Also especially enjoy the ragtime and big band music from decades gone by! Keep up the great work!
By: Steven on August 30, 2020

I found this Station about a year ago by accident. I preset it on my radio in my truck. Lots of surprises as to who shows up on the playlists. It a pure joy to listen to. Love they play Tulsa music icons. Those babies that go to sleep every night without jazz really Is so sad! So keep this station going strong!
By: Ann on November 20, 2020

Glad to see the great music of the Big bands ls still alive in Tulsa.. I always listen when I am in tulsa... Johnnie Martin would be proud... Andy W
By: Andy on December 18, 2020

I love the mixed jazz programming from all periods. Only comment is the continuous format is great but pieces and artists are unidentified so it is particularly tough to try to find out who some of the early ones are.
By: John Roberson on January 11, 2021

Found this station only yesterday while looking for contemporary music after my favorite station underwent a format change. Decided instead to stick with this. Am enjoying it.
By: David on January 23, 2021

where did this radio station go? I've looked all over internet. Is it because The Jazz Hall of Fame is declaring bankruptcy? I miss it so much and I'm sure so many others miss it so much also. Please come back!
By: Ann on April 1, 2021

So sad miss my Jazz station. The station and museum are a victim of greed and politics. A musician friend who jammed there a ton gave me the inside scoop. The Tulsa County Commissioners filed to evict the Jazz Hall last year right before Thanksiving for not reimbursing them $8500- evicted during the pandemic no less. Ridiculous - anyway it forced them to file bankruptcy which in short closed the station. Remember we’re all In this together- ;) They had the best music- but like good music and culture matters, ask Leon Russell what it’s like to be harassed and chased off. KMFO, Gone like the Zingo.
By: Scott S on September 1, 2021

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