Radio Station Information


City of License:
Denver, CO


Denver-Boulder, CO

Salem Communications (Salem Media Of Colorado, Inc.)

KNUS is an AM radio station broadcasting at 710 KHz. The station is licensed to Denver, CO and is part of the Denver-Boulder, CO radio market. The station broadcasts Talk programming. KNUS is owned by Salem Communications.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Where is the bill bennet show now and how is steve kelley doing?
By: Anonymous on July 1, 2013

always ontarget brotherman 125 months a/o 11th
By: david brecheisen on March 6, 2014

I would like to talk about ColoradoCare as a single-payer type system for health care for the state of Colorado. It is on Novembers ballot: Amendment 69. Thank you, Phil Reynolds
By: Phil Reynolds on March 8, 2016

Is everybody numb from what happened at the last presidential candidate debate? The end of farming as we know it was announced last night. NO MORE PETROLEUM BASED FARMING. The end of oil usage in the USA within five years was announced last night. What ya gonna pull that 24 row planter with? A tesla? The greenies all gonna show up to pick corn by hand (just in theory if the Tesla gets the planting done) It took a good man to get 100bu picked by hand in the good old days. I'll give the greenies the benefit of the doubt and think they might get 25bu the first day, nothing the next week as they will be healing blisters. Hey Rick how you gonna move that corn to market? No trucks. Oh yea how they gonna get food into the cities? On ox cart? Bicycle? Basket perched on the head of a greenie? No more barges on the river systems. They burn diesel. Anybody with two brain cells than can function at the same time should be very worried. Solar and wind power are the only two things they want. -20° in January COLD windless night. No Sun, no wind, can't have propane or natural gas. 14 hrs of darkness, no electricity, next day cloudy and no wind. How warm will your house be? All the confinement livestock buildings will have to go vacant, no way to grow enough feed to keep them in operation. John Deere will cease to exist in this country along with about every heavy equipment co. The trickle down of job loss will be a total flood. Absolutely no way to defend that stupidity. A vote for that is like volunteering to stand in front of a firing squad. Your balance sheet will be slashed as that combine and diesel fuel burning tractor is worth a few pennies on the dollar and that only to an exporter to a third world farmer. It'll be worse than what another Joe did to his country last century. (Joe Stalin for those of you with just a partial brain cell still functional) remember he (Biden) is the one who likes comparisons to last century losers. What's left of the airline industry will be gone.
By: Tim on October 24, 2020

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