Radio Station Information

KOUV 107.9 FM

City of License:
Vancouver, WA


Recording Nw

KOUV is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 107.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Vancouver, WA. The station is currently off the air and not broadcasting any programming.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

The frequency isn't silent at all. It claims to be a station out of Eugene with a translator in Albany, so must be pretty strong to get up to Portland on the FM band, I didn't get the call letters, but it plays contemporary Christian rock. The recurrent theme is hope for mankind. It appears to be a 24 hour automated non-commercial station, with a lot of testimonials of people who like to listen.
By: Jim Schira on April 25, 2019

It's sad I won't be hearing KOUV. I heard about it in 2018.
By: Tim Lambert on October 8, 2019

Dear Sirs and Madams: Re: Dwight Richey has been falsely charged, accused of Rape and sex abuse allegations, how, I even came to reading about it, was, that I was online listening to 105.3 FM Spirit radio Secret Sound Contest, and a man by the same name as Dwight called in to guess at the answer. I thought, hmm, let me stop, what I am doing and I typed in Dwight Richey in the google window and his name popped up right away. I was shocked in horror, because, I knew and I know it is not true. I know Dwight Richey and I had the pleasure of getting to know him in 2007. He is my friend. As I read and heard all of the allegations, I immediately felt her and his evil intentions that they carried against Dwight Richey. Intentional harm of a Deputy Sherriff is a Felony. Defamation of character and possible black mail. I wouldn't be surprised if this woman's ex-boyfriend, ex-friends of Dwight's was in that friend's house, videotaping." Something about her story and my findings of reading and feeling her and her so called ex-boyfriend’s vibe, something does not meet the eye". My gut is telling me something is way off, either way, I am sending my response to be circulated. Everyone has had their chances to deal with this situation. I am exercising my right to be heard and to stand up for the truth on Dwight Richey behalf. I am not angry with any media entity. I am fresh with the news, so I am upset and I am going to send my response and I am willing to be a Character Witness for Dwight Richey, because, I know for a fact that he had-has always had everyone's well-being first on his list of duties as a Deputy Sherriff and he was targeted and taken to the cleaners by a woman and her man. In response to your onslaught on Dwight Richey, I have a major problem with people who use the very words against Dwight Richey when in fact that this woman and her boyfriend are in cahoots with each other and two more individuals that had actually intended on killing Dwight Richey, but, instead had figured out a more deadly outcome of his Character assassination and this so called acquaintance, which I do not believe. I believe she and her ex-boyfriend have-had taken the steps to Set up Dwight Richey in this bogus rape and abuse charges to gain Monetary and fame value. I also believe that they have been stalking him and projected on him every step along the way, because, I know him, and I am from Oregon, but, I had moved away and I just heard about this two weeks ago, and I know he is kind, and gentle, caring man, and I am not buying this from the woman. I believe she planned it all out and she is no different than any other person who has faked their own abduction, death, and it is a crime to Falsely accuse of rape when she obviously initiated it, by 'Oh my neck hurts’, she knew, knows how sweet Dwight Richey, and that he would offer to rub her neck, give me a break. In fact Dwight is so sweet and everyone who is anyone knows how wonderful he is, and he is. I will not stand by and watch you women devour him, misjudge him on the accounts of libel and slander. Just be glad dear woman that you are not in the United Kingdom, because, your friends that you think you have there in Oregon are only going to stand for it a little while. In the UK it is a life - sentence. I will spend the rest of my days proving that you are a liar and a Pre-meditated murderer. The burden of proof, I am willing to bare, because, you have gone too far and you and yours are Mischief and mayhem makers - wicked in your heart of hearts. Dear made up victim, woman, you made a mistake when you said," Now Dwight Richey gets to find out what it feels like to be arrested and go to jail." This does not mean rape. This is a Vindictive Retaliation. Against Deputy Sherriff Dwight Richey. Woman and her ex-boyfriend are guilty of jealous -envy, that Dwight was going to retire at age 50. I know you knew that, so did your ex- boyfriend, Dwight's ex-friend (s) also knew it and you-woman couldn't stand it that Dwight was going to have a life and a future without your controlling him. That was your second mistake. You-woman said, "Now Dwight Richey will no longer control your mind or your body.” That's because, you have taken his retirement, his credentials, his reputation and you have crushed it to the ground and this is not rape this is Murder. And you dear woman, became the Predator. Your ex-boyfriend the Perpetrator and you dear woman could have been loved by Dwight Richey. Instead you chose to malign and betray Dwight, you dear woman misused your power in getting paid to secure your future in a quick cash sinister scheme. The obvious deduction is, that someone in your friendship circle got arrested by Dwight Richey. In which you failed to know, Dwight prayed for each person he had to arrest so your validity is a wash and you and yours will be held responsible. It's just a matter of time. I want Dwight to file a counter suit against you in the sum of $5-$40 million and comparable to the Case of Steve Wynn. Who also was falsely accused of rape allegations and this was ruining his life, so he did that for libel and slander and you Ms. made up victim are accountable for intentional harm to Deputy Sherriff Dwight Richey who is innocent of all rape and sex abuse charges. And your focus was that Deputy Sherriff Dwight Richey would have Felony charges. This called “Pot calling the kettle black” And for all the other Felony charges that you and you want to be- ex-boyfriend committed in your friend’s home. Ex-boyfriend my foot. Lisa Owen
By: Lisa Owen on October 25, 2019

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