Radio Station Information

KTAN 1420 AM

City of License:
Sierra Vista, AZ


Cherry Creek Radio (Ccr-sierra Vista Iv, LLC)

KTAN is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1420 KHz. The station is licensed to Sierra Vista, AZ. The station broadcasts Country music programming. KTAN is owned by Cherry Creek Radio.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

What happened to the station format? There is so much sports now and not enough of anything else. Where is Kim Komando on Satruday and "The Great American" on Sunday night? Who is behind this Fox Sports Talk all the time.
By: Frances G. Kosinski on March 7, 2013

I'm with Frances Kosinski what has happened to KTAN station format. I like some sports but a full weekend is just too much. I miss Kim Komando and the computer and home shows. After a Sunday sermon or two might as well turn KTAN off.
By: Glenda Wooten on March 17, 2013

You can't convince me that there are more people who want to listen to sports all weekend than who wanted to hear informational programming.Now in your great wisdom you have let it run into primetime weekday programming. This is the last straw. I am no longer listening to you an since I won't be listening I won't be hearing your commercials an buying their products or services. 790 on the radio dial is the way to go now! Adios KTAN
By: Brad on April 3, 2014

I am through with KTAN. This is cheap broadcasting at its worst. They have the most disgusting programming ever. I have been an AM listener since the mid 1940's and can take crappy programs, but KTAN has gone beyond the limit of decent programming. The commercials make me want to wash my ears out with Preparation H after listening. Good bye and good riddance!
By: Richard Behrendt on April 3, 2014

What happened to Sam Sorbo in the AM and Jerry Doyle in the afternoon following Glenn Beck. You are always changing format and NOT for the better. A whole weekend of sports...get real. And now another new lineup coming out mid April. The ole saying If it ain't broke don't fix it.If it wasn't for Rush and Glenn Beck...i would turn you off.
By: ernette on April 8, 2014

I suspect we will get Laura back along with that blowhard Savage. I am going to get a wifi radio and end this constant BS with KTAN
By: Richard Behrendt on April 8, 2014

Please bring back Sam Sorbo in the AM and Jerry Doyle in the afternoon. I used to listen to Jerry Doyle in the afternoon on my drive home and now its that Fox Sports crap. What gives? Bring back programing that people want. This market has 6 stations, 2 of which I actually listen to. This new programming though forces my choice down to 1 station and its not 1420.
By: Josh Samuelson on April 8, 2014

I must agree with all above! I enjoyed Jerry Doyle on the way home and was dismayed to tune in and hear non stop sports talk! As boring as watching paint dry! For now I will stick to 790 out of Tucson, but will check back April 14 to see changes. Can always hope!!!
By: John on April 8, 2014

Bring back Sam Sabo and I like when you had the Dbacks games and Az Wildcat sports basketball and football on the air. Do enjoy sports on the weekend
By: John on April 11, 2014

I hope the new lineup that has been advertised as starting on 14 April is a lot more talk and a lot less sports. If not, 790 out of Tucson will be my full time station.
By: Alan on April 12, 2014

Where is Glenn Beck??? Not happy, so far, with your new lineup.
By: Judy on April 14, 2014

I enjoyed the Sports since there is absolutely no other stations that we can get here in Sierra Vista.. Im not saying all the time but I liked it for a couple hours in the evening. Talk has its time give the sports fans a little something
By: Anonymous on April 15, 2014

really.....the station has hit a new low....Beck to Rush to is like listening to clones of the same junky talking points displayed by a bad imitation of the Three stooges on radio...followed by the Rush...the political hack...and Hannity yelling at people about the same nonsense...which of course they deny thy they have no talking points agenda...right....Ground Zero is already old...the non-insomniacs Coast to Coast with politics...Fox Sports...I may not say how I feel about that lousy format of nonsense as this is a public forum.....I know radio is cheap but is the programming your are pushing...unfortunately Tucson is about the same....there are many a syndicated show that actually deals with "real" news and not this lowbrow nonsense that oft borders on bigotry they claim is the tool of the other side....but then again the whole broadcast media is designed to "cater to the prurient interests of the masses"...or as the Three Stunads say...Beck Rush and Hannity...low info voters....and you have those on both the right and left and center....hope your advertisers don't notice no one is listening...when we can find real entertainment on the internet...who needs your facility....
By: Anonymous on May 7, 2014

Yet ANOTHER country station? 1440 is the only station that carries Glen, Rush, Sean, and Joe Pags. If I'm out of the house and away from WiFy I can't get them on line. I'd also like to have Kim Komando. And about the weird stuff - from 7 PM to 5 AM it's nothing but aliens, conspiracies and paranormal - enough already!
By: Fred Orman on July 18, 2015

If you go to a country music format, I will no longer listen to KTAN. Currently, we listen to KTAN at work all day.
By: Chip Lyden on July 22, 2015

This is ridiculous. Where does your studies show this city need another country station. I am done listening to 1420 k tan. I know I'm not the only one who will be tuning you out.
By: Brian on July 25, 2015

What happened to Coast to Coast? This is one of the one reasons I listen to your station. I also like Ground Zero. I miss Michael Savage and Sam Sorbo.
By: anonymous on July 27, 2015

I tuned in at 9:00 am monday morn. to listen to rush and got some crappy country music . WHAT GIVES ???
By: daniel w. on July 27, 2015

I too turned on 1420 this morning to listen to Rush. E-nuf C/W music.
By: Gary C on July 27, 2015

I have been a faithful listener to Beck, rush, hannity, coast to coast. I hate country music, you blew it . I'm done. I'll be listening to FM for my info. Keep your crap music.
By: Ken Diggins on July 27, 2015

I assume they are having system problems which prevent them from accessing/airing their normal content. Why are there no announcements on their webpage? Might be because they have no webpage to be found, and not even a facebook page. The Cherrycreek Radio page has nothing. Shouldn't they support webpages for each station in their network, with announcements and podcasts?
By: nobody on July 28, 2015

So KTAN where did you get your demographics? Did you notify your advertisers that bought advertisement packages from you about the format change, so they could make a conscious decision about payments, or did you offer rebates? If want to listen to C/W, there are countless FM and AM available to listen to and now the only talk radio station on AM that clearly comes through is reformatted. My friend gave me a heads up about the format change, I was incredulous but I tuned in this morning, promptly shut it off, tuned in at lunch promptly shut it off, tuned in in the afternoon to listen to Joe Pags and then promptly tuned it off. Called a friend and they told me to go to 790 A.M., which doesn’t come in clearly at night but definitely comes in during the day. Going to buy an Internet Tuner radio. Bad news for all your local advertisers that I have called in the past is I will no longer hear those ads and therefore no longer hire from them. Way to go KTAN  Obviously, there must be a lot of changes approved through the FCC that the common person is not aware of and your radio station is on the down slump and can’t afford to pay .
By: Meh CW on July 29, 2015

bring back Coast to Coast AM
By: Ralph Tengsater on July 29, 2015

Call about the awful format change please: Sierra Vista, AZ KWCD-FM Country KZMK-FM Hot Adult Contemporary KTAN-AM News Talk Station Manager - Jeannie McKinney Sales Manager - Scott Gould 2300 Busby Drive P.O. BOX 2770 Sierra Vista, AZ 85636 520-458-4313 phone 520-458-4317 fax
By: Need Talk Radio on July 29, 2015

I don't know what prompted the format change, but I will no longer be listening. I liked it the way it was. If I want country, I'll listen to it in FM on 97.7. You really screwed up the station I listen most to.
By: Steve Ferguson on July 29, 2015

I guess the petition by is responsible for pulling all the conservative talk off of our local "Talk of the Town" radio station. Pretty much what happened to our newspaper too.
By: Steve Ferguson on July 29, 2015

I gave up last year and bought a internet radio. AMAZING! Forget this crap. I listen to Laura Ingraham, Rush, Savage, Hannity, Levin and others. The only way to go, wave of the future.
By: Richard Behrendt on July 29, 2015

Why in gods name would you take something so informational off the air to change a format for country-western??? Seriously, it seems to me that this format change might be nothing more than an attempt to squash conservatism in this country. That's OK KATAN the truth will prevail one way or another it always does! There are plenty of other stations out there where we can listen to our conservative talk shows we don't need you anymore goodbye forever!
By: Roman Cota on July 31, 2015

Well, as KTAN was the last talk radio station I could pick up clearly, it is now abundantly clear that it is time to switch to internet radio for decent programming. Why in the world would KTAN want to change format to country western??? This town already has an FM country western station. Stupid...
By: Scott on August 4, 2015

KTAN is off my listening radio dial. I will listen to the Talk Radio Programs in my Internet Radio. It is no surprise to me that the Liberal (Progressive) management and ownership of KTAN changed formats. Of course the 2016 election is coming and, as always, the Truth is the first causality. Country Western, who the hades are you fooling? We have several C&W stations locally and in Tucson. As Obama would say, Take over the media and you control the masses.
By: Dick on August 6, 2015

By: karen on August 14, 2015

What a disappointment! There is no longer a talk radio station in SV. I never listen to country music. I can't believe that you will do better with a CW format then a talk radio. PLEASE PLEASE bring back TALK. You have put a lot of us in the doldrums.
By: JUANITA on August 25, 2015

Very disappointed in your new format. We need more country music in this area like we need more holes in our head. What we do need is a good talk radio station. Please resume your old format. We are limited here in SV as it is.
By: Keith on September 2, 2015

Trust me I have been in radio for almost 50 years, as a DJ, station manager and a station owner. Radio stations come and go. The business of radio is first about advertising, and second about what you want to hear. Most of the time the two come together. If not, the station will change the format again to get the advertisers. Only time will tell if the change to country western will sell. If it doesn't they will try something else. KTAN has been around since the mid to late 1950's. and has changed formats many times in the past. I'm sure its not going to be their last change. If you don't like the change, let them know what you want to hear.
By: J.T. Borgman on September 22, 2015

Someone rally screwed the pooch on this country switch... And I'm a huge country fan... Please bring back talk radio and Joe Paggs!!
By: Mark on September 26, 2015

Talk or country, nobody cares because nobody really listens to KTAN. You can make the station rock or jazz or classical and it still won't change anything. I use to work in radio and the way the market is, nobody is making any money except the big boys. I predict that many small stations will go silent in the next 10 years.
By: Ralph R. on October 7, 2015

Bring back Coast to Coast, so many people on the base work nights and rely on it to stay awake! We have enough of country music in this area.
By: JessP on October 11, 2015

What ever happened to AM radio? I know FM has a better sound quality. But in the 50's through the 80's AM radio was king. They had great disk-jockeys, unique innovative commercials and were a vibrant part of the community. Yes even in Sierra Vista KTAN, then called KHFH had quality DJ's like Phil Taylor, Robert Fulbright, Red Riley and others . You had your favorite station and you were part of their listening family. The DJ's made personal appearances in the community and everybody loved it, they were local celebrities. The station kept you informed on everything local, something the Tucson stations couldn't do. KTAN was the only station in Sierra Vista but they worked hard to serve the area. Even when competition came to town (KSVA 1470AM) KTAN continued to be king. Now there are too many radio stations both AM &FM in the area and the Tucson stations don't help matters,also the completion from satellite and internet radio have ruined the business of broadcasting. If the advertisers don't get results, they stop buying airtime. When that happens the stations have to cut costs just to stay afloat. Even though KTAN and it's sisters stations KZMK & KWCD are owned by a big company from Colorado, these stations are run by local Sierra Vistans. If the community and local business don't support them they will close their doors and local radio will be a thing of the past. Maybe someday all things will come full circle and quality local radio again will rule the airwaves. We can only hope.
By: Armand Clifford on November 2, 2015

I just recently found out that KTAN, KZMK and KWCD are all up for sale. Rumor has it the new owner will petition the FCC to move KZMK & KWCD out of the area. Yuma and Parker have been suggested. If this happens any chance of good radio for SV will be gone forever. My sources are from within Cherry Creek Radio headquarters in Colorado.
By: Thomas The Radio Guy on November 10, 2015

I work very close to the source, trust me I am probably moving to Yuma.
By: can't use my real name on November 13, 2015

I recently posted this note in our Winterhaven Newsletter. I deleted the links. Are You Suffering “Talk Radio” withdrawal pains? Recently Cherry Creek Radio’s outlet in Sierra Vista, AM 1420, KTAN, changed the format of their local radio station from “Talk” to “Country and Western.” Cherry Creek Radio is a small market radio company based out of Denver, CO with over a dozen radio stations located throughout the Western United States. Why they chose to change formats is anybody’s guess, but it is usually for financial reasons that stations choose to do so. This change has left a void for some of us here in Sierra Vista that are addicted to Talk Radio. There are several ways to fill this void: • Tune into AM 790, KNST in Tucson. This works quite well while driving around the area in one’s car, but inside your home, reception is marginal at best. • Download the iHeartRadio “app” for your smart phone, PC or tablet. This is a free application that allows you to listen to select radio stations throughout the country while connected to the internet. KNST in Tucson is one of the outlets among many others that you can “tune into” on iHeartRadio. • On your Android smart phone download the iHeartRadio “app” at the “The Google Play Store and install. • On your iPad or iPhone go to the App Store and download and install.
By: Charlie Glenn on April 13, 2016

I rolled with KTAN's format change for exactly one week -- precisely long enough to order and receive three Wi-Fi radios from C.Crane. One for my kitchen, one for my bedroom, and one for my ship. It was one of the wisest purchases I've ever made. Not only do I have Beck, Rush, Hannity, Savage, and C2C back, there's a whole plethora of similar programming on the web. Tell the retards at Cherry Creek to pound sand -- get yourself hooked up with Wi-Fi radio!
By: Arjay on July 17, 2016

I rolled with KTAN's format change for exactly one week -- precisely long enough to order and receive three Wi-Fi radios from C.Crane. One for my kitchen, one for my bedroom, and one for my shop. It was one of the wisest purchases I've ever made. Not only do I have Beck, Rush, Hannity, Savage, and C2C back, there's a whole plethora of similar programming on the web. Tell the retards at Cherry Creek to pound sand -- get yourself hooked up with Wi-Fi radio!
By: Arjay on July 17, 2016

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By: Abbey Bond on July 20, 2016

TO ABBY BOND: What kind of nonsense are you trying to promote in your post? You said " I had chance to go through your company’s website" (not even proper grammar). Well that statement is a bold faced LIE. KTAN does not have a website. How did you go through something that does not exist? Why did you choose to target this radio station only? It strongly appears that you and your company's business practices are less than honest and truthful. If you know how to market your product, why do you post it on a website that was designed for people to comment on a particular radio station. Most radio stations don't even look at this site. I question whether or not you and your company are even a legitimate business, or are you just a fraud trying to steal money from from honest businesses? STOP BOTHERING HONEST PEOPLE WITH YOUR FILTH AND GARBAGE.! ! ! ! !
By: R. James Martinson on July 20, 2016

I am the Station Manager of CAVE 97.7 FM and recently discovered this site. I'm in a position to shed a little light on KTAN's switch from right wing political talk to old country music. My station has been playing classic country since 1983. In mid 2015 I had a phone conversation with Joe Schwartz who at the time was the President of Cherry Creek Radio which owns KTAN along with KWCD and KZMK (K-101). I pointed out to Schwartz that CAVE had better Nielsen ratings than either KTAN or KWCD. It was shortly after this phone call that KTAN switched to country oldies in an apparent attempt to cut into my station's ratings. But Cherry Creek shot themselves in the foot because the next survey showed KWCD's ratings taking a dive. KTAN had taken listeners away from KWCD but our numbers remained as good as ever. To make things even dumber, KTAN's political talk format would have been perfect in view of the emotion charged presidential election that would take place the next year. I predict that the next ratings report will show a big gain for KNST in Tucson which continues to air political talk. Incidentally, Joe Schwartz got fired from Cherry Creek but his successor doesn't appear to be doing much different.
By: Paul Lotsof on March 8, 2017

3578, the real radio people know what that means

Sure was enjoying the old tyme country but whatever the hell you are playing now won't be on my radio. Good luck and asta la vista~!!
By: Cylon Cyborg on June 3, 2019

It seems like everytime I turn around KTAN is changing it's format. Just pick one type of music and play it. If you are really good people will listen. If not they wouldn't listen and you'll have to change formats yet another time. I'm just wondering what is next.
By: Jefferson Borgman on July 22, 2019

I work for a while at KTAN Radio back in 1974 on the 5PM to Midnight shift-My radio name was "Governor George" a tag that I used because I was also to Ft. Huachuca Army News Broadcaster and did 5 minutes of Army news on KTAN and the Arizona Broadcast System every day at 5:15 pm (I precorded at The Ft Huachuca Public Affairs Office) and used my real name for that broadcast. In 1974 KTAN was an almost new station and our live broadcast was on AM and automated on FM with crossover broadcast during news time. I loved that station-it was a great facility and for the day-state of the art. Back then the format was Middle of the road music in the morning-Country in the afternoon-and Top 40 and Rock after 5. The "Big Cheese" back then was Ken Ferguson-News was John Brown-Weather and Sports was Bob Carr and there were deejays: Bob Carr-Bob Melvin and Governor George(well at least for a while-I moved on to Key West Florida and worked a country station WKWF-Am on a 5 to midnight gig. Back then radio was fun not only to listen to-but-it was fun to be a deejay-KTAN was my 1st shot at being a deejay and I thank Mr. Ken Ferguson for the shot at it. I have been writing and recording Christian music and you can google Cowboy Bob Wallace and find a place to hear my songs. Peace, CBW
By: Bob Wallace on September 21, 2021

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