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Family Radio

KTXB 89.7 FM

City of License:
Beaumont, TX


Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX

Family Stations, Inc.

KTXB is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 89.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Beaumont, TX and is part of the Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX radio market. The station broadcasts Religious programming and goes by the name "Family Radio" on the air. KTXB is owned by Family Stations, Inc..

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KTXB-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

By: Donna Smith NEW DIRECTION MINISTRIES on January 14, 2014

The South Texas State Fair has been a family tradition to this area for most of our lives. Closing day of the fair this year falls on Easter Sunday. In keeping with the idea of helping to bring families and the community together, the Board of Directors of the YMBL are giving local ministries an opportunity to help present an interdenominational Community Easter Celebration. The entertainment area of the fairgrounds at Ford Park will open on Sunday, April 5 at 9 am and the worship service will begin promptly at 9:30 am and should conclude by 10:30. All participants and attendees to the worship service will receive FREE ADMISSION to the fair for that day. For information: John M Burk
By: Alese Deckard on March 27, 2015

Fireworks for sale - Texas Independence Day Feb. 27 - March 2. located at: New Life Church on the Rock 3116 N. Main Street hours: 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm. Proceeds go towards mission trips. Fireworks will also be sold on San Jacinto Day (April 21, 2016) and Memorial Day (May 30, 2016) and four days prior.
By: Paula Tacker on February 22, 2016

Jasper TX Job Fair, Thursday, August 9, 2018 from 10a-2p at the Wesley Center located at 329 N Bowie St. Jasper Tx. Come dressed for success and interview ready with resume in hand. Sponsored by Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas and Jasper Economic Development Corp.
By: Anonymous on July 12, 2018

In 2004 my Mother passed away and your station was playing a song that touched my family in a special way. My precious brother was taken off life support yesterday. I’ve searched the web for it. Please, if you can help me recall the name and singer of this song, it would be greatly appreciated. .......I thought it was called “The Rose”. The lyrics were about God knowing when to let the last petal fall. It may be a song from someone local. Thank you!
By: Deborah on December 23, 2018

****TRIGGER WARNING**** Starting out my dad only wanted 1 kid n I have an older brother, my mom was on birth control but it didn't work so my childhood my dad acted like he had a grudge against me, I went through a lot of mental abuse. Later on n my teenage years my father would punish me by making me kneel on uncooked rice, stand on my tipsy toes for long periods of time, made me take cold baths in a 55 gallon drum n the back yard, sit on the wall like I was sitting n a chair etc. Well I had resentment towards him. Then when I was 16 my best friend shot n killed himself with a 12 gauge, I hurried to my buddy's house thinking to myself I'd never do that, I was absolutely devistated. This was Jan 8th 1993 as the year went on i got n some trouble nothing big just teenager stuff, then on new years I went out n got n trouble for not coming home n I thought u know what screw it ima just wait 7 days n kill myself n it would all b over, boy was I wrong I keep a shotgun shell on my dresser n looked at it for a week n never had second thoughts. When Jan 8th 1994 came around I was watching the movie aspen extreme in the living room half way through the movie I said its time I got the gun n shell went n the bathroom n sat on the toilet n said on the count of 3 I counted to myself 1, 2, 3 n it was done. Now I don't remember this but I was told I unlocked 2 bathroom doors n walked back n the living room n sat back where I was watching the movie my mom was outside when she came in she saw me n flipped out now being an rn she tried to stay calm n called 911 it was busy like 3 times, I was life flitted to Beaumont TX 30 miles away, the doctors said they couldn't do anything for me to send me to galveston TX another hour away to utmb. N this is where I stayed for a few months. I don't remember anything for 2 weeks when I started rembering I though damn I can't even kill myself right. Thinking damn ill never have a normal life now for sure. As time went on I said well there has to b a reason in still here so I started asking God y he saved me. With no answer I just decided to be the best me I could b when I got out of the hospital I was home schooled for 2 months but I didn't stay at home i went out as much as I could holding my chest out n my head held high. I went back to school after the summer break everybody would stare n talk but I paid no mind I was here for a reason I experimented with drugs n kept doing them as most people my age were. I actually had several girlfriends some how, but it made me realize not everybody looks at the outside, while in college I met this girl that was awesome we ended up getting married on Jan 8th 2000 to make the date a good date. We both played around with drugs as i tried to keep jobs but discrimination is a hard thing to deal with we had our first child n August of 2000 that made me wanna try even harder to do right we were clean n sober for 5years then coming home from work I got n a wreck with an 18 wheeler at 80 mph my truck flipped 5 times, n walked away with a bloody nose n went home. 2 weeks later I had a violent seizure which broke both my shoulders. At this point we had no money nothing we lived on faith n God alone for 3 years getting it all fixed but every time id get my shoulder fixed I would have another seizure. I have had my right shoulder fixed twice n in waiting on my 5th operation on my left. In 2011 we had our 2nd child n we got back into drugs bad. We battled with cps among other things finally in 2015 I got clean my wife didn't so me and the kids left, she went to jail for 6 months n it opened her eyes we were apart a year n a half. Then when she was bout to get out id been clean a while n relapsed 1 time n ended up n jail for 2 months n a different state. My charges were dropped n I got time served. Now we r doing great only by the grace of God. I also have become a licensed Chaplain and founder of the group suicide prevention & Gods helpers on facebook. Remember I started asking y I was still here well I asked God this everyday for 13yrs, well after my wreck when I thought I had nothing God said he wanted me to help people battling from suicidal tendencies n I said no that's not me, well for a week that's all I could hear in my head was help people, help people so I said ok I will do it. At this moment God revealed to me so much about myself my my life all the way back to conception. It was like a light turning on. And here it is yes my mom was on birth control but God put me there to endure a childhood like I had so I could help others, he knew I would try killing myself but didn't stop so I could b the voice of him to help others. God took 13yrs to answer me because when I shot myself it was an uncommon act, but when I got Gods answer suicide was all to common. So that's my story n this is y I'm here to help others suffering from suicidal tendencies. Thank you God for What I've been through I would never take any of it back n I don't regret anything in my life.
By: Korey Burris on February 2, 2019

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