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KWPQ 103.3 FM

Real Blues Radio

City of License:
Springfield, MO


Springfield, MO

Web site:

Willow's Wood Community Network

KWPQ is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 103.3 MHz. The station is licensed to Springfield, MO and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Blues/Jazz programming with the slogan "Real Blues Radio".

Station Coverage Map

KWPQ-LP Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

KWPQ-LP 103.3 Springfield, Mo. is a Blues/Jazz format.
By: Dave Anderson on March 1, 2017

Please boost the power! Love the format!
By: Jeff voss on March 11, 2017

I discovered your radio station about 2 weeks ago, and I am in radio heaven! I could listen to this music day and night. Sadly, I live just North of Division Street, and none of my radios in my house will pick up your station. Not even tunein app lists your station. My car radio seems to pick you up fine, especially the more South I drive. Any ideas how I can listen to your amazing music in my home? Seems I've got the signal challenged blues. Also, how long have you been broadcasting? Are you here to stay for good? Thank you so much for being here.
By: Nara Campbell on March 19, 2017

To Jeff Voss and Nara Campbell: This station can't increase their power. They are classified as a Low Power FM Station (LPFM) They are not allowed to have more than 100 Watts ERP with a very small service contour area, approximately 3.5 miles in all directions from the transmitter. They are licenced to non-profit entities. Most of the time these stations have more freedom with their format, because they don't have to please advertisers. So if you are having trouble picking up this station, your only alternative is to get a more sensitive receiver. Try using an external antenna, maybe on your roof
By: L.L. Arfaman on March 22, 2017

This radio station is awesome.
By: Cheryl on March 24, 2017

Oh wow man, that's good. I thought the Volvo's radio was getting something from nowhere because of the weather, but it's really you. I've wanted you for so long. Please please stay with me. I'll do right by you baby.
By: greg on March 25, 2017

By: Springfield Resident on March 30, 2017

Love the station. Consider streaming. Fundraising. Bet the listeners would be willing to donate to help keep the station on the air an to increased the listener base. Love no commercials. Local bands could be a source of music and promotions. The Blues Society of the Ozarks would be a good group to work with. I am a member even though I don't live in Springfield.
By: Ann on June 7, 2017

Love,love,LOVING IT!! Is there a playlist somewhere.I know alot of artists but dome I dont and would like to find out who they are.Thank you sooooo much for this station.I listen to it all the time!! DON'T STOP THE MUSIC!
By: Chan Grider on June 21, 2017

Coworker texted 103.3 to me today. I am not joking, on the way out of town, I told 3 people next to me a stop lights to check it out! Will be volunteering for more assignments in Springfield for sure.
By: Donny on August 23, 2017

Discovering your station just made living in Springfield a whole lot more fun! This is my favorite type of music!
By: Stephanie P. on October 13, 2017

So, I have lived in Springfield many years, struggling with radio stations that were more commercial and mindless jabber than music. Pushed me to XM until their costs pushed them out of my interest zone. Never heard your station at all. None of my car radios seemed to even pick it up on scan, then I picked up a new old car. 03 Ford PU that was passed down to me after the passing of a relative. Rough, hand crank windows, no cd, no tape, just AM/FM and suddenly, as if my magic I find 103.3. Signal ghosts in and out. Could pick it up in parts of Ozark, but rarely in Springfield other than my office area at Battlefield and Lone Pine. I was baffled as the format was genius, and entirely alien to SWMO as far as I could tell. First thought was a college station, then maybe a pirate station working at low power (I ran one as a kid in the 60's from my basement one summer) Happy to know you are legit. Had to pull out an old Radio Shack tuner and dipole antenna, but finally have you in my house and intent to keep you here. Researching, it looks like your "corporate" address is near Luster & Primrose. Is that your antenna location? I am looking for a unidirectional antenna to improve reception as you get fuzzy still in Stereo, better in mono. I am thinking line of sight may be better. Keep up the good work! Love your station. I leave my truck tuned there and listen to static when I can't pick you up!
By: Tom Oney on November 5, 2017

Ok, you just played a Mexican tune (12:50pm), today, and I loved it, so checked your most recently played tunes list, and it wasn't listed, there was a Tom Petty diddy (say that fast), but no Mexican tune? The artist almost sounded like Cheech Marin, but I doubt it was him. Are there different lists? Thanks for reading, know you guys are busy. Nara
By: Nara on November 7, 2017

Great when you thought you had to break down and pay for sirrus and wow free radio wins nothing like it around THANKS LOVE IT
By: Darold H on November 10, 2017

Love this station! My good friend from Tennessee played guitar for Buddy Guy for about 12 years and has been on his own now for awhile. If you get a chance play a little of his stuff - Scott Holt Band. And fundraiser!! I live in Bolivar and need your station!
By: Terry Martin on November 21, 2017

Clarification on power - LPFM's are limited to 100 watts ERP with a PRIMARY service contour of 3.5km, below 60 db it's whatever coverage you can eek out, which in this case is as far as Republic, Ozark, Nixa, Willard, Strafford...or roughly 8-10 miles mobile or with an external antenna. They've been operating with a crippled antenna but have it sorted out now and I regularly listen to them west of Brookline. Met one of the owners at a Blues show and they're working hard to improve their setup all the time. Great music for a small budget low power station.
By: Nick on November 27, 2017

Tuned it in and ripped the knob Off! Thanks
By: Daniel Harrington on March 12, 2018

Bought a new truck and was adding the presets. Used the search feature to fill it in and stumbled on 103.3 Unbelievable how long have I not known about this station. Love, love, love the format. This is the only, no lie, station I listen to any more. I'm glad I can also find it online cause I sure would miss it if/when I go out of town.
By: David Bellamy on April 23, 2018

Needs address to send music 314 402 -8562
By: Gene norman gino Records on April 26, 2019

Recently installed a new high end audio system in our the process of auto scanning and setting up the tuner I came across your station. I,love it ! I am near Mercy Hospital and use an amplified indoor antenna...the signal quality is very good. Your 100 watts ERP is working well...keep up the good work ! Many thanks for a great FM listening experience. Bill Dillstrom
By: Bill Dillstrom on August 19, 2019

Thanks everyone for commenting on the station, be sure to join us on facebook @kwpqFM. We don't usually see messages on streaming services but glad to have your comments and thanks for listening.
By: Gary KWPQ on May 21, 2021

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