Radio Station Information

KWXY 1340 AM

City of License:
Cathedral City, CA


Palm Springs, CA

Desert Broadcasters LLC

KWXY is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1340 KHz. The station is licensed to Cathedral City, CA and is part of the Palm Springs, CA radio market. The station broadcasts EasyListening programming.

Nearby Radio Stations

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Dear R&R, It takes a better person to admit a mistake than one who denys his/her error. You made a mistake....a big one. The latest Arbitron ratings show KWXY-AM as 14th in this market, and KDES tied for number 8. Why? KWXY-AM has a very poor signal, and terrible fidelity. KWXY-FM has been way ahead of either of those ratings for as many years as I can remember. Put KWXY back on its rightful FM carrier frequency, and move KDES somewhere else (to AM perhaps?) The public has spoken. Are you listening?
By: Rick Edwards on January 23, 2011

I just returned from Frankfurt ,Germany and wanted to let Don Wardell know how nice it is to hear his voice,a part of the desert,all the way in Europe.I got friends now listening to KWXY over there. Thanks Don Bernie
By: Bernie H.Vielwerth on February 14, 2011

This is my favorite station! I keep it on in the house and in the car. And we have it on at work. My children love it when they come to visit and I believe have it on their computers. Keep up the good work, the music is great. Whenever you change personnel, we do miss them for awhile, but your new people are good and quickly fill in the gaps. Thanks.
By: Sandi Lott on February 21, 2011

I love listening on-line to the music of the beautiful Coachella Valley and the feeling it gives me while sitting at my desk here in rainy, drippy Olympia, Washington.
By: Chris H Smith on March 14, 2011

I am really sick of hearing Frank Sinatra morning, noon and night (and weekends) . If you are short of CDs, I have some old ones I'd be glad to donate. There are lots of other good singers out there -- let that old guy rest in peace.
By: Joan Wilson on June 7, 2011

big mistake moving to AM. impossible to keep my signal in the car so I gave up. Now I am forced to listen to regular radio trash, the usual top 40. horrible. Please return to FM so we can all enjoy listening again.
By: santiago rodriguez on February 14, 2012

I heard that John O. works there. I remember him from Palm Springs many years ago when he attacked a woman co-worker of mine, kicking her in the head several times and severly injuring her. Gee what a great guy.
By: Anonymous on September 30, 2012

I heard that John O. got busted for trying to mount a 12-year old outside of a bike shop a few years ago. I wonder if he's on megan's list and has to register as a sex offender?
By: Hung Chow on June 1, 2017

KWXY has re-launched and is back to its original format and at 1340 AM. No DJ's yet, and Don Wardell works at 107.3 "Maude FM". Hopefully they can woo him back to the original.
By: Merv Thompson on July 20, 2017

Back in my day, I had several of my hits played on KWXY regularly. Then one evening Jon O. came over to my home in the tennis club area and slid down my long bronze johnson.
By: Herb Jeffries on September 26, 2017

KWXY is now back on FM, at 92.3. It’s a Palm Springs signal, so it doesn’t cover the valley, but it’s good to hear it back on the FM dial, as Mad FM is now playing Beyonce, Buble & Harry Connick.
By: Larry Wilson on April 15, 2018

Years ago when we lived in Sun City Palm Desert, KWXY was our station of choice, morning to night. When we moved to Long Beach, we deeply missed the mellow Sounds of the Desert! What joy, when I discovered I can hear you now on my computer! What a wonderful background to have surrounding me! I'll be tuning in often, and thanks for still being present and accounted for . . . we need you!
By: Jo on May 14, 2020

Where did you go? We miss the only station we listen to both at home and in the car. I even have the app on my phone so I'd never be without KWXY .
By: Margaret on August 18, 2021

We are soooo!! glad you are back on the air do you know when you will be on the internet?
By: Michael on January 8, 2022

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