Radio Station Information

KYNS 1340 AM

Progressive Talk

City of License:
San Luis Obispo, CA


San Luis Obispo, CA

Mapleton Communications (Dimes Media Corporation)

795 Buckley Road, Suite 2
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401

KYNS is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1340 KHz. The station is licensed to San Luis Obispo, CA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming with the slogan "Progressive Talk". KYNS is owned by Mapleton Communications.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Why not put your station on the internet so others can stream? You're loosing an opportunity to expand your audience for almost no investment. KYNS - AM 1340 - San Luis Obispo, CA Above is the station I couldn't find.
By: Cynthia on January 29, 2011

Bring back Randi Rhode at 12 noon!!!I stop tuning to KYNS at noon because Randi is not on.Not real good for your advertiser like Moren Bros Auto.I think this is A big mistake for A "progressive"radio station to stop with progressive radio at noon.I listen every day for quite a while now I stop at noon.Not good.Mike Rosa,Los Osos
By: MIKE Rosa on June 16, 2011

What happened to Randi Rhoade. I thought this was a progressive radio station. I am deeply disappointed. We need something to go up against Glenn Beck. Again what terrible programming.
By: Angela Anderson on June 16, 2011

What happened to Randi Rhodes? Bring her show back. Please.
By: Barbara Hernandez on June 17, 2011

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Randi Rhodes.....she is an intelligent voice for progressive radio and a sane (truthful!) alternative to the "you know whos"! I will no longer listen to KYNS but will stream Thom and Randi online instead. I hope others will join me. Unfortunate for your advertisers.....
By: Candace Mabee on June 17, 2011

Clark Howard sucks!
By: dshills on June 20, 2011

Who you putting on next, Rush and Glen Beck?
By: bbedit on June 20, 2011

What happened to Rhandi? It was my noon treat!!!!! Please put her back on.
By: LWhite on June 20, 2011

The whole family was listening to Randi, every day. We miss her !!! Put her back on the air in SLO ! Her so-called replacement is boring !!! We want Randi back !
By: Joseph Sourile on July 14, 2011

Is Clark Howard a temporary show at 12:00? I really miss hearing Randi Rhodes when I drive in the afternoon. Please reconsider.
By: Terry Green on July 15, 2011

STILL WAITING..... Where is Randi Rhodes? I called a few weeks ago and was told her ratings weren't good enough. All these comments from past listeners seems to say otherwise. We must all KEEP CALLING and E-MAILING till we get her back. The central coast is one of the very few places with progressive talk/news and they are slowly trying to take it away from us. We must not stop! PLEASE CALL, WRITE, WHATEVER YOU CAN DO TO BRING BACK RANDI!!
By: colin on July 27, 2011

PLEASE - Bring Back Randi Rhodes!!! I loyally listened at home every day. I used Moran Bros...I bought Cedarcide. You have sund to a new low. Are you progressive radio or not? Clark Howard is not it. Randi Rhodes is a rare breath of fresh air. I now must listen to Tune-In Internet radio for Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes on the LA station KTLK 1150. Shame on you!
By: Ann on August 2, 2011

25 sales people in he last 2 years alone, could not sell 1 minute of Randi Rhodes. Whom did you get to advertise on her show? No one. Morin Bros is a rotator (non-specific time) and Bill Benica keeps KYNS on the air at all. Perhaps you need to see the bigger picture. Peogressive talk does not sell in SLO. One advertiser.....Really?!
By: In the know on August 28, 2011

THANKS Bill for having me on today to talk about our Nov 19 & 20 The God Is Still Speaking Players' "Celebration In Song" musical variety show to benefit the work of GALA and PFLAG here on the Central Coast - it's great having a progressive radio station that is supportive of such efforts!
By: Rev Curt Miner on November 16, 2011

Bring back Randi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Mint condish on November 29, 2011

Why can't I find your new station line-up on the internet? I listen to Tom Hartman everyday; I liked his 0900AM slot, please do not take him off. If he is on in the afternoon that's okay, but then put Randi Rhodes or Ed Schultz on at 0900AM. Thanks.
By: Vita Miller on March 12, 2012

Where is Tom Hartmann? Ed Schultz is NOT the same thing. If he is on in the afternoon he has to compete with the stupid LA Dogers!!!
By: Claude Hartman on March 13, 2012

Replacing Thom Hartmann, the smartest man on the radio, with Ed Schultz or that local yokel who is on at noon, makes radio dumber. Thanks for nothing.
By: Parke Godar on March 21, 2012

Why is it that the people who claim to support progressive radio, neither advertise nor spend the dime that is necessary on people like Mike Morin who helps keep this station afloat. In ONE MINUTE KYNS could turn into something entirely different. I can't believe you don't get it......And you apparently don't. KYNS formerly KGLO and prior to that KATY, was the 3rd station to broadcast on the central coast back in the 1930s. You show no respect and you will eventually lose yours. How pathetic.
By: LOCAL YOKEL on May 24, 2012

How many times must we beg???? Please put Randi in at noon or at least sometime during the work day. She is not a Drive Home show. Every time you jerk her off the air I stop listening to your shows. It's that simple. I don't want to hear Bill B read me the newspaper! Honestly get it together. I know he brings in advertising but Randi is who we want to hear. Take her off the air and I'm gone with countless others. Please give us what we want. Randi helps get us through our work day with clever, informative and enlightening information. Bill puts us to sleep. Put him on in the evenings! His loyal following would listen to him wherever you put him. It's that simple. Thanks
By: suzanne smith on August 18, 2012

why is Bill on at noon, reading the newspaper?? we listen to this station because it is the ONLY progressive talk show on the central coast and we want to hear Randi, Karrell, Thom etc speaking substance!!!!! PLEASE???!!!!
By: kathi fennelly on October 23, 2012

What, now no Bill Press or Stepahnie Miller? What's going on here?
By: Kathy on January 28, 2013

What's going on!!! Don't like at all the new programing?? This isn't progressive anymore. Won't be listening unless Thomm et all are on.
By: Chris on January 28, 2013

This is a nightmare programming change, what ever are you thinking?
By: Jenna on January 28, 2013

well won't be listening to this already rotten station any more, bring back tom, ed, etc
By: Anonymous on January 28, 2013

Why in the world would you change your programming from Stephanie, Ed, Thom etc. to the new "news" format. It is worthless. I won't be listening anymore and therefore because I won't know who they are I won't be frequenting your local advertisers.
By: Michelle on January 28, 2013

Let me know when you bring your real programming back. Bye bye for now.
By: Jan on January 29, 2013

WOW!!! wHAT A shocking disappointment! I have been a listener, supporter AND advertiser since the VERY beginning - the 'Ol Air America days!! To not have the Progressive voice on the airwaves in the market is not only a shame, but a huge blow to the Democratic process!! You have lost a listener and a supporter of any and ALL of your advertisers! WHAT WE DO NOT NEED IN THIS COUNTY IS ANOTHER RIGHT-LEANING, PABLAM SPEWING, TALK RADIO STATION under the guise of "news". REALLY BAD BUSINESS MOVE!!!!!!! Especially from the Corporate Capitalist Crowd - GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!!
By: Kathe on January 29, 2013

Why did you change format? Most am stations consist of conservative radio that I will never listen to because we are bombarded with it. Do you really think we need another or are you just trying to shut down the progressive voice. Will not listen to your station anymore. Going to Tune In Radio on internet.
By: why on January 29, 2013

I cannot believe that this has happened. Our ONE channel of sanity in this world of Limbaughs and Becks, and you take away everything that made it special. Very stupid decision. Won't be listening for even a second. I like Bill, but not enough to tune in at lunchtime. BIG MISTAKE
By: Val on January 29, 2013

Unbelievable - I can't believe our only progressive radio station has been hijacked! I've been listening to 1340 since Air America days and can't start my weekdays without Stephanie Miller! Not to mention Ed Shultz and Tom Hartman! I'm sick about this but at least I have access to TuneIn Radio - KYNS - you've just lost a loyal listener (and yes I do business with the advertisers!). I called the station first thing this morning - was told to contact Aaron Criswell the program manager. He'll definitely be hearing from me soon.
By: Cathy on January 29, 2013

Bummed when we turned on the radio this morning to 1340 AM. Shocked to hear your new, bland, tiny box approach. Your move is bad for democracy. "A lot of people in the media, and some everyday people, really aren't in search of the truth. They're in search of something worse than that. Money, yeah. I think the media's the kind of a thing where the truth doesn't win, because it's no fun. The truth's no fun." Jack White We'd like to request that you bring back the creme de la creme of talk radio (see below). Or if not, after hearing the pablum you put on the radio today, our family will no longer tune to 1340. What happened to the entertaining voice of common sense Stephanie Miller, (she's up top in Talkers list for most important talk show hosts in America), the scholarly voice of common sense Thom Hartmann (he's in the top10 list for most important talk show host in America), the all American common sense, in-depth news analyst, Randi Rhodes, the common sense heartland Christian, Ed Shultz, and the common sense financial whiz, Howard Clark? Oh no, where's "Brunch with Bernie?" Oh no, where's Hal Sparks, the Mooks? Thumbs down, KYNS. NO LONGER LISTENING!
By: no longer listening on January 29, 2013

Was thrilled to hear Mike Malloy on in the morning recently. Then today, I heard that KYNS will no longer be Progressive Talk and the new “nothing programming” is some watered-down wolves-in-sheep's-clothing BS (like Osgood), called, "America's News"! AMERICA'S NEWS IS WHAT THEY JUST REMOVED!--THAT was ALL ABOUT "power to the people", the foundation of our democracy (and NO! CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE!!) Research reveals that the grandfather who started Mapleton Communications, founded an advertising firm called "Grey North Advertising".--SCREAMS of "right-wing agenda"! This move is a giant middle finger to Progressives and our flailing Democracy. Earlier in this list of comments, someone from the station wrote that they couldn't sell advertising time for Randi Rhodes but I do know some who have advertised and love Randi,and I, as a consumer support the advertisers on KYNS whenever I can. I’ll bet that a future investigation will reveal they make less $$ on their new “programming” than they did with Progressive Talk—but then again, it’s more about the “investment” and their real agenda. At a time when America is being brought to her knees—this is just a kick in the butt. “Mission Accomplished.” It is obvious what kind of people own this station and the good news is—we’re out of the dark and know what we’re dealing with now. Boycott is the first thing that comes to mind, but I don't want to hurt local businesses that are already struggling, and further the demise of America--suggestions, anyone? We can't just do nothing. We must have Progressive Talk in our area.
By: annonymous on January 29, 2013

Okay what have you done? Where do we turn to hear Thom, Ed and Randi. I will not be tuning in anymore.
By: Kathleen Fisher on January 29, 2013

No Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, Ed Schultz?? What an absolutely disappointing, stupid move! I've been listening to these programs for years, both in my car and at home. And, yes, I also buy from your advertisers. No more. You've dropped intelligent, important programs for what? More thoughtless, right-leaning crap. Internet radio is going to replace local stations - what a shame. By by!
By: JS on January 29, 2013

Boooooool!!!!! Bring back Steph and Randi and Thom!!!!!!
By: James on January 29, 2013

I do not like your new programming and will switch to 1400 music until you bring back Thom, Ed and Randi. I,'ll check back occasionally to see if you've regained your senses. Do not let Corporate America rule.
By: Dodie Imel on January 29, 2013

Will not be tuning in anymore! We need progressive talk in SLO, bring back Stephanie, Thom, Ed & Randi.
By: Annonymous on January 29, 2013

I guess after this ploy fails the station will turn fully right wing, right? What a crying shame.
By: mortified on January 29, 2013

At long last. The bitter "progressives" are off the air. Same old ranting and raving lunatics, even after Obama won twice. Glad to see KYNS truly IS Progressive.
By: Thankful on January 29, 2013

not just bland--warped right extremist opinion.."Obama doesn't obey the Constitution" this sample reflects 2 days minutes searching for KYNS-Progressive. Of course you'll loose 100%--and gain???no way
By: NoNO on January 29, 2013

I thought I lost my mind this morning trying to find you, but it is YOU but you 've lost yourself in the republican swamp.Where is Tom Hartmann...Where are the Smart And caring People .We don't live in a jungle anymore, time have changed, in case you didn't notice, we need to care for each other and deal with a bunch of new problems the right wing doesn't see . Be progressive, be compassionate, solidarity is the key.You are loosing your mind .
By: Another right wing radio on January 29, 2013

I thought i was having a nightmare. I cannot believe the terrible change that was made on us. I plan not to even listen unless you come to your senses and bring back progressive radio. We do not need any more crazy , brainless right wing radio stations, there are too many as it is.
By: Warrant on January 30, 2013

I'm VERY upset with KYNS!!! I will NOT be listening to this "America's News Station"! It's horribly reporting "News" with false facts, and skepticism. I was listening to your radio station for over 10 yrs all day, and will now turn the dial until Progressive Radio is back, and "Bill Benica" is REPLACED with someone who does not only read News articles from the morning paper. BRING BACK PROGRESSIVE RADIO NOW!!!
By: NowFormerListener on January 30, 2013

I wholeheartedly agree with the last post. You guys are NUTS--we are now like Fresno--no Progressive Talk Radio. This is the PITS. KCBX Please help.
By: Kathleen on January 30, 2013

We alteady hear all these nut cases everywhere one more station with horrible, scary comments about our world and politics. In the name of what ? Bring back the good stuff. I'm gone!
By: Not listening anymore on January 30, 2013

Very upset with this format change. Now I get to hear how global warming is a lie on every AM talk radio station on the Central Coast. You have lost a long time listener...
By: slosuenos on January 30, 2013

How much further are we going ? Only right wing Am radios, do you call that information?
By: So sorry on January 30, 2013

OK, I gave it another try this morning. Awful, truly awful. "Journalism without an Agenda" sounds very much like "Fair and Balanced". My only thought is that KYNS is picking this up for free or super cheap. Radio at it's worst!
By: Jenna on January 30, 2013

I will not listen to KYNS anymore, your new programming stinks and we can get non-progressive anywhere all the time. You are really doing a disservice to our community. I hope you lose your listeners, serves you RIGHT!!
By: Jan on January 31, 2013

Can't believe the format changed! I thought my radio was on the wrong channel. Thought it was a fluke, but apparently the progressive talk radio is gone. No Stephanie, Ed, Thomm, Randi etc. Won't be listening at all now - the new programming is lousy.
By: Joe on January 31, 2013

When we need it most we lose the only sanity on AM radio. Bring back Stephanie, Ed, Tom, and Randi.
By: Nevin Musgrave on January 31, 2013

I, too will no longer listen to KYNS. I cannot support any advertiser supporting a Fox network "news" channel. I just hope all those who advertised with the Progressive Talk format will STOP sending checks to this, yet another, right wing channel. Maybe the bottom line here is...the bottom line! Please bring back Stephanie,Ed, Thomm and REAL Facts. Until then good riddance...
By: Ralph on January 31, 2013

I concur with all of the above. I have been a listener of radio 1340 since you became a progressive radio station and proud of the fact that SLO County had such a station. I will no longer listen to your station and I have many friends who feel the same way. Good by KYNS.
By: chuck on January 31, 2013

So disappointed in what I too believe is a way to save money. The news readers on "America's News" completely worthless. I remember hearing this a filler last month in the middle of Thom Hartmann's show. I thought is very odd that Thom's show was pre-empted for about 5 minutes. This happened at least twice. I guess they were just trying it out. As many of the writers above, I have been a listener since Air America and I now I am no longer.
By: Kate on January 31, 2013

What happened? No more Ed, or Thom just a pathetic news cycle. I'm not interested in another news show with a slanted view, Give me Thom or I'm gone.
By: David Deick on January 31, 2013

Was wondering if another radio station had pirated your signal, but apparently you've made the decision to change formats. I think it's a BIG MISTAKE!!! Not only do many of us miss our progressive talk personalities, but the all-news, all-the-time format isn't even moderately progressive or even liberal or centrist. When the on-air news host refers to President Obama's political party as the "democrat party", it's a dead giveaway. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I even miss Bill Benica! You've lost another listener unless/until you regain your sanity.
By: Linda on February 1, 2013

Tunned into 1340 A.M. Mon. morn.,Thought I was hearing re-hash of Fox News,"Fair,& balanced", What a travesty of truth! From cre'me de-la cre'me to Republican bias by the sea! Thomm, Ed, Stephanie, Randi, surely brightened up my thinking! Talk radio at it's best! Sparked up political truths, mind stretched the store of knowledge, honed reason. HELPED LOCAL SPONSORS. I'm so "BLEEPED"! Hope they are all on Sirrius Radio. Most Dem's are straight forward, just some week kneed! Tally-ho! Grace,1/31/13
By: Anonymous on February 1, 2013

This is so disgusting that the Progressive Radio has been bought out by the right(Hate) Wingers. Get them off. I'm ready to get Sirrius Radio because of this. I am fuming mad. We won the election, not the stinkin right wingers. Get rid of those pigs. Want our regulars back.......
By: Anonymous on February 1, 2013

Thanks for letting all of your faithful listeners down. When will we hear Sarah, Rush, and Rove on your pathetic station. Hope you go bankrupt, because I am done supporting you!
By: Michael Johnson on February 1, 2013

Please bring back Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartman.
By: Brenda on February 1, 2013

I spend alot of time in my car and am horrified by your change in format. I use to look forward to progressive talk (the only station in this area) and I even went so far as to get a T-shirt at one your booth at the harbor fest, wear it and tell everyone I know about your great format! I will NO LONGER WEAR IT!I will not listen to your right-wing slanted "news" just as I don't listen to Fox "news". Iam so disappointed and wonder who is the fool who made this decision.
By: Karen on February 1, 2013

I second the comments already made. The new program is crap and I won't be listening to KYNS any longer. Hopefully the program director or whoever made this stupid decision will be fired and the programming will go back to the way it was.
By: Kathy on February 2, 2013

You were my most listened to channel until sometime last year. Your advertisers got my business. I was angry last year with changes but occasionally found something worth listening to although much more infrequently. I have now removed you from my preprogrammed list. One session listening to whoever that guy is on Saturdays ... Roy something.... was the last straw. Your advertisers will be hearing from me.
By: Past listener on February 5, 2013

Well, thanks for shafting your listeners. Most are now "former" listeners. What were you thinking? Now you are just another right wing station shilling for the Republicans and their right wing money machines. By the way, who won the last two Presidential elections?
By: Gerry C on February 5, 2013

Here we go folks. The Repub machine is reaching even further. First Oregon & Washington loose it's progressive radio, now they're in our backyard. What a crying shame... WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT????? Time to get active. TAG WE'RE IT.....
By: Moki on February 5, 2013

Nothing much new to add other than I too will not be listening. I do still like to listen to Bill Benica but I honestly don't know if I want to coninue and support you anymore if your going to completly change.
By: Bradlee on February 6, 2013

I feel so lost without my regular progressive programs. The only place to hear them. I can't stand to turn to the station and hear endless news. Please change back!!!
By: Meredith on February 6, 2013

I hope you come to your senses and see that we are not interested in another zombie lean to the right radio station. We have too many as it is. I will never listen to your station as it is now. Tune In radio is a good option to find progressive radio.
By: Robbie on February 7, 2013

No more Voice Deity Jim Ward?! I won't listen to the new KYNS. Superficial "news" with annoyingly loud background music? No thanks. The progressive talk lineup can be found at stations with online broadcasts, but not as convenient as local air broadcast when I'm in the kitchen or working outdoors.
By: Glen on February 7, 2013

I love the talk radio that you had on before and I'm so very disappointed that it's gone now I'll stop listing to the channel .
By: Janne John on February 7, 2013

yet another right wing(nut) radio station. First you switch all the programing so that it is difficult to find or not there at all. And now this. It is terrible. Thank god we can still find programming on line. Bye.
By: leigh hepburn on February 8, 2013

I agree with all the early comments. All I can say is this station has become the worst of the worst.
By: cleo on February 8, 2013

I used to look forward to riding in my car, listening to the great Progressive programming on this station. Now it's nothing but Conservative "news." Why the about-face? It's going to cost a bundle to put Sirius in my car, but it will be worth it.
By: Gail on February 8, 2013

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??!! I am sad to say goodbye.
By: Karen on February 9, 2013

Have listened to this station from the first day when it was Air America. Just can't stand the sound of it anymore. The news casters on this "news without an agenda" called President Obama a tyrant and an emperor. They interviewed Rand Paul at length. No agenda there! You got rid of Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz and kept Bill Beneca. He reads the paper for crying out loud! And, has the vocabulary of a 10 year old girl who sticks a y at the end of her words. I'm buying podcasts now and it's worth the cost. Will never listen again.
By: Marion on February 12, 2013

If you're bored, make a critical comment on the SLO Radio News Facebook page and count the minutes until it's deleted and you're blocked from posting anything further! (Thanks to the Tribune for linking me here.)
By: Colin Bartolome on February 15, 2013

Ditto all the other comments. Yesterday I deleted 1340 from the channels in my car's memory. I've been a loyal 1340 fan for a long time, but won't listen to this station again.
By: Jeri on February 15, 2013

I listened almost every day, sometimes all day. I have called into and been on the air with Thom Hartmann once and with Randi Rhodes about a dozen times. I really missed Randi when she was off for a few months and was very glad when KYNS brought her back. I have personally thanked many advertisers for spending their dollars on KYNS and have spent money with them simply for that reason. The "new" programming is slanted with a definite right wing agenda and is nothing I have any interest in listening to, ever. Goodbye forever unless management comes back to its senses.
By: bobfromsanluis on February 15, 2013

You dump Randi Rhodes and Stephanie Miller, but keep Bill Benica????? WTF. I'm going back to KCBX.
By: Perplexed on February 15, 2013

So angry and sad with the change in format. Shame on you for betraying your loyal listeners!
By: Laura on February 15, 2013

What are you Thinking?! This was a bad decision, and probably made under pressure from the Conservative bullies in this area. Way to re-affirm this area's Hillbilly mentality. 1340 is erased fom my radio now. way to go losers.
By: AB on February 15, 2013

This is blatant red $cronyism-have some guts....EVERY station has that whack-job Beck and the Bloviating Ignoramus 24-7! You will go the way of the Tea Bag Trumpsters-No credability-NO SUBSTANCE NO THANKS!
By: Jerry Randal on February 15, 2013

Tom Hartman is the best thing you have- BAD Decision-You lost another listener...
By: RJ on February 15, 2013

I listened (note past tense) religiously. I traded with your advertisers. An essential service (information with a different bias was available) was accomplished. The insipid and terribly inaccurate CNN drek is just impossible to hear. Now I listen to KPYG or use my Sirius Sat. In effect your action has done a disservice to your clients. Our income demographic, that you claim to seek, is now lost to your station. Baad juju, KYNS!
By: J. Hughes on February 15, 2013

Oops! No wonder KPYG sounds so bad recently. Also owned by Mapleton. Forget me listening to them anymore.
By: J. Hughes on February 15, 2013

Really - you'r going with ignorance and bigotry and pure drek over people who brought us factual information and the opportunity to expand our knowledge and be better people. When we find who is advertising on your bigoted format, we will boycott them and tell them why. We will also complain to the FCC about renewing your license because you no longer represent our community.
By: Cheryl on February 15, 2013

May as well change your call letters to KRAP as well.
By: dW on February 15, 2013

Flip to 50s-90s oldies. Its much better than listening to those on the left or those on the right going on about the left and or right being the problems for the entire world.
By: P Hut Lover of Oldies on February 15, 2013

KYNS is now another bastion of the corporate owned right wing liar machine. Making the gullible morons believe that which is false. False information = people belive things that aren't correct, and vote accordingly. KYNS has been deleted from my radio.
By: RT on February 15, 2013

Thanks for the info on KPYG. I was wondering why they have been so terrible recently. Another loss for those of us with intelligence.
By: RT on February 15, 2013

I can't believe Radio News has replaced the much enjoyed progressive talk shows (Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, ETC.) who offered the alternative of critical thinking and brilliant discussions to the bigotry and disinformation promulgated by the conservative talk shows dominating the airways. It was bad enough that it was only one station (1340) that offered intelligent discourse to counter the hate mongering and dumbing down of the population that Rush, Glen, Hannity, etc. provide on most of the stations available in this area. Now there is NO sane voice on the air here. I'm not sure what was behind the decision to have 1340 drop intelligent dialogue and replace it with uninteresting, uninformative and often opinionated all day "news", seen through the eyes of less than impressive personalities. Either lots of money was involved in the decision or the powers that be have drunk the kool-aid. I will make it a point to avoid products or services of your advertisers and will not be tuned into 1340 anymore unless you return the much needed progressive alternative to the conservative domination of the airways.
By: JF on February 15, 2013

SOOO disappointed! Was a daily listener for years. I was sad when Randi Rhoades was taken out of your programming, but still listened. Now I'm DONE!!! You may not have realized how many of us were devoted listeners. You should reconsider. This decision has left many people in shock.
By: sandy on February 16, 2013

I'm grateful The Tribune let me know about this link. I tried contacting the station about their change in programming and got nowhere. I used to be proud that San Luis had a radio station with Air America and then Progressive Radio. Friends in the Central Valley told me how lucky we were to have Tom Hartmann. No more...What a shame.
By: VH on February 16, 2013

You dump our progressive voices like Tom and Randi for a KNS 1070, L.A. style "News" format? I've tried to listen, but it is more like 3 minutes of "news" then 4 minutes of commercials. Having now absolutely NOTHING of substance to listen to, I have rediscovered music! I highly recommend FM 104.5 classic rock to all us thinkers out there that like programming of substance! I find it sad that the last voice of reason is gone from our community. This new channel stinks, and does not belong here on the central coast!
By: ts on February 16, 2013

I tried, I honestly tried, to cope with your new format, but you know what? It is really bad! A couple of minutes of news (pretty darn slanted BTW), some loud and annoying bumper music, and then commercials. Plus the announcers all sound like they are trying out for the Saturday Night Live version of all-news radio. If you want to do all-news, why don't you try to be more like KCBS up in the Bay Area -- those folks do it right! Or you could bring back the old format that I loved and listened to every day for years. For now, hello, SiriusXM!
By: Becky on February 16, 2013

Horrible change in programming. I was glad we had a local station broadcasting sane views. Sadly I'll have to tune out and start listening to Tom Hartman, Stephanie Miller etc on the smart phone apps.
By: SLO Steve on February 16, 2013

I just moved to the area and was so glad to find a progressive station. I listened to you exclusively, even paying attention to ads! Now you are removed from my preferred list. Unless you resume progressive programing, I will not be back. You hear so much talk about the liberal media. Isn't it ironic that all one can find is right wing talk on the air? Did you ever listen to your own shows? They were great! I am so sad for you and for us. Mary Whitson
By: Mary Whitson on February 16, 2013

So, now we have another right-leaning "news" station instead of the great progressive station we had before. Unbelievable. I called kyns to ask what had happened to Ed and Stephanie, et al. Was bluntly told this was their new format and that was that. I tune in every Monday to see if they have reverted back to the progressive shows. As soon as I see they have not, I turn it off. What a shame. I've tried finding another station in our area that airs Ed, Stephanie and the others, to no avail. Help !!!
By: Sheila on February 16, 2013

When local stations wont serve local needs we go elsewhere. The best app I've found to listen to internet radio is TuneIn Radio. With it you can listen to several progressive radio stations - WCPT Chicago is the one I recommend. There are several stand alone wifi radios such as Logitec Squeezebox. I discovered these sources when KYNS moved Tom Hartmann from noon to 2 and replaced him with Bill Benica. Who wants to hear him read from the Tribune every day. Let the local stations do what they want and the rest of us will do what we want. We won't to listen to them. Thanks to Morin Motors for supporting progressive radio all these years.
By: SLOdon on February 17, 2013

Will you continue to cover/rebroadcast Dodgers games for the 2013 season? Will it include any spring training games?
By: Kevin on February 17, 2013

I am angry, disappointed, lost and cut off. This is the only station I have had on for ten years to listen to progressive ideas, opinions, etc. It was very informative and substantitive. Now you have a very boring and conservative platform. Who needs this? We have tons of those on radio!!! What is your problem? SLO deserves at least one progressive station. Needless to say, I no longer ever listen to KYNS anymore I feel like we are in the South, backward country now, not a college town with many progressive thinkers. We need some balance in radio. COME ON NOW. BE FAIR!
By: Desda Morris on February 18, 2013

I couldn't be happier with the format change. I find it interesting to see all the comments from liberal loons spewing on about always "supporting all of the advertisers" only to read that the ONLY advertiser was a single automotive repair shop in SLO. I guess liberals drive some pretty crappy cars. Here is a plan for the crazies; take all of your life savings you've acquired through the years of unemployment checks you've received thanks to all the "rich" and invest it in another radio station that caters to your agenda. Stop your whining and complaining. KYNS is a business not a charity! The liberal format doesn't work and never will be successful without the taxpayers footing the bill.
By: Alex on February 18, 2013

I am really sorry the format has changed on this station. Bill Benica is the only show I will now listen to. "news show without an agenda"? What a laugh that is. Where is Thom? Ed? Randi? Are the Dodgers next?
By: Marilyn on February 18, 2013

Yes.. The Dodgers will be broadcasted on 1340am for the 2013 season.
By: KYNS 1340am now known as SLO RADIO NEWS on February 18, 2013

very disappointed with "new" format . unlistenable.
By: edward rogue on February 18, 2013

Alex, typical response from the right that assumes liberals are all unemployed or on welfare. Alex, to borrow and slightly alter a phrase from Bill O'Reilly, if you are not one of the 99%, you are either an idiot or a liar. Stop advocating and voting against your own interests. We are all in this together. You have been duped into being divided from the rest of us by the corporatists and the Wall Street billionaires who have stolen trillions from all of us. By constant propaganda (referenced by your cookie cutter rhetoric), the power elite has fooled you into thinking we, and not them, are somehow taking your money away from you. The Corporate Media is run by CORPORATIONS. They are looking out for their right wing SCOTUS-given right to have more rights than you or I. They see it as in their best interests to have more uninformed and ill-informed citizens who will advocate on their behalf. In fact, having people like you carry their water for them is like a child helping a pedophile find his "lost puppy." You will not favor the outcome. Become aware, and stop being so narrow minded. As if right wingers are the only ones who pay taxes. We don't use taxpayer money, ever. We don't need to. Liberal talk radio makes a profit. It wins wherever it is ALLOWED to. Every. Single. Time. The corporate media will accept a profit loss when they switch from liberal to sports or right wing in a particular market if it means they can have more brain dead tools at their disposal. That's just the way it is.
By: Jim Spriggs on February 19, 2013

The market always decides. If that's true, just how long will the new format be profitible? Believe me, no one is listening to your radio station since you made your dumb change. It's crap.
By: SLObusiness on February 19, 2013

What the heck happened to your programming? Have you gone over to the dark side of conservative talk radio that dominates 99% of the AM radio market? I may be done with you and your advertisers; I will give each and every one of them a call to complain and promise them they won't get my business either. I want Thom Hartman, Stephanie Miller, and the rest of them back on NOW. MP
By: Mike Peeples on February 21, 2013

I really miss Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, and Ed Schultz. I guess that the corporate media is all we have now. Never going to listen to your station again. So disappointing.
By: Anonymous on February 21, 2013

It's funny, I'm sitting here right now listening to Thom Hartmann streaming to my wifi radio. I quit listening to KYNS because they put Bill Benica (Conservative) on in Thom's place a few months ago. Kyns torpedode their own schedule by putting Thom on later in the day after everyone in the whole world had already heard his show either on Freespeech TV or streaming on the internet. Wonder why kyns failed. It's going to fail again with the public domain schedule they now put in place. No one wants to hear their carp!
By: SLOprogressive on February 22, 2013

a month has passed and i can't believe you are still asleep at the wheel, maybe you will wake up when you smash into that big tree, a few more feet, booooooooommmmmm! fools.
By: ronald howard on February 22, 2013

Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm not listening to KYNS and neither are you!
By: Progressive on February 24, 2013

very disappointed that Thom Hartman is gone. I have no reason to listen now
By: eric boege on February 26, 2013

If Bill Benica was a true liberal, he would have left KYNS along with Thom Hartmann, et. al.
By: Slim Picken on February 27, 2013

No EBT cards allowed by ad sales staff? Nobody pays real money to listen to liberals. PS Maybe Gore could hook you up with his oil pals to buy this station.
By: Red State on February 27, 2013

Red State - What happened to the liberal media you always cry about?
By: What on February 27, 2013

Strange that this seems to be happening across the nation including in bastions of liberalism like Portland OR, Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA and of all places Washington, D. C.? Many of the only progressive stations have been replaced with an all sports format. I think Aaron is not telling us what really happened and who is behind this. Also, Aaron is a terrible salesman. He really pissed my boss off who refused to buy radio time after not being treated well by him.
By: Patricia Coogan on March 14, 2013

America's radio news is amateurish and fraught with errors. March 13, 2013 local SLO news included a death at Cal Poly that happened at least 3 months earlier. On another Sunday, the local news announcer was giving news and weather for the "upcoming weekend" (old copy from the previous Friday). The music and sound effects are so over the top - they sound like a lousy college station. "journalism without agenda" is as absurd as Fox TV's "fair and balanced" For the most part, we vote Demo and liberal in this town but must tolerate two talk and news radio stations soaked in right-wing propaganda. At least we all know where Rush Linbaugh is coming from. Your format is fraudulent and hypocritical. At least we all know where Rush Limbaugh is coming from
By: Barbara Honey on March 17, 2013

America's radio news is amateurish and fraught with errors. March 13, 2013 local SLO news included a death at Cal Poly that happened at least 3 months earlier. On another Sunday, the local news announcer was giving news and weather for the "upcoming weekend" (old copy from the previous Friday). The music and sound effects are so over the top - they sound like a lousy college station. "journalism without agenda" is as absurd as Fox TV's "fair and balanced" For the most part, we vote Demo and liberal in this town but must tolerate two talk and news radio stations soaked in right-wing propaganda. At least we all know where Rush Linbaugh is coming from. Your format is fraudulent and hypocritical.
By: Barbara Honey on March 17, 2013

Don't buy local. There are plenty of wifi radios on the market streaming the kind of content enlighteded people can listen to. WCPT Chicago is a good progressive station to tune in. Most people have computers now and don't have to buy from brick and mortar stores or listen to local radio and TV stations not serving local needs. They will all disappear and wonder why they failed. Local radio stations are only interested in the views of their whacadoodle owners.
By: slobusiness on March 17, 2013

I will join the long list of comments. I no longer listen to your radio station. Your programming WAS wonderful and I can't even begin to guess why you would have changed it. There is so much right wing talk already, do we really need another one? So, no more KYNS unless it changes back to some sane programming.
By: Lisa on March 23, 2013

Keep up the good work...good riddance to the liberal whackos out there ... and more importantly thanks for carrying the Dodger games
By: Dennis on March 25, 2013

I no longer listen to this station since you changed to conservative talk radio. Please bring back Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Randi, and the Ed Show. At the top of this page it says "Progressive Talk" - please bring it back because what is on now is not progressive.
By: Ellinor on March 28, 2013

"Money doesn't talk, it swears" (bob dylan) I heard the Republicans were paying people to put up pro republican sings up in their yard in Michigan ..... and here we go Mr. KYNS. You were .... were, the only radio station I listened to. No mas. Think about it. Life, a good life ... a meaningful life is about more than making money. You were doing an important service. Now who are you serving?
By: bryan honore on March 29, 2013

where is Bill? after you essentially destroy your listening base by installing the fox news radio version, "journalism without agenda"-every time I hear that I want to put my work boot through the radio-you also got rid of Bill?. I still tune in to hear Bill and Cal coast news, and Palm theater. That is what us "hicks" call "local". The mindless repetitive drivel that you now broadcast is a waste of my time and limited AM bandwidth. If your that desperate for useless crap to fill the airwaves I can supply you with numerous recordings of waking live stock bellows, hoots and howls, to fill your time, I find them to be more informative than your current "news".
By: shane on March 29, 2013

How on earth does KYNS get to be on the public airwaves when they don't serve the public in any meaningful way? I believe the right-wing wackos are well represented on several AM radio in this area without KYNS adding their generic crap to the mix. If they make their money from broadcasting the Dodgers, maybe they should have a sports format. Anyway, I can assure KYNS no one is listening to you. Why are you wasting electricity?
By: jimmySLO on April 1, 2013

Bad, Bad move. The new format is awful! Please bring back the old line-up.
By: Larry P in AG on April 10, 2013

By the way, how's the new format doing. It really sucks!
By: VinnieSLO on April 23, 2013

I just drove back from LA and had the pleasure of Listening to Randi Rhoads and Stephanie Miller. So what happened to them here in SLO? They disappeared them from KYNS. They did that and then never acknowledged the move. The drive was made tolerable by listening to Randi and Stephanie. Then I get back here and it's crap conservative radio with the likes of Rush and Glen and they already are on so much you don't need a radio to hear them.
By: Patrick McGinley on May 14, 2013

When the programming first changed, I was stunned. KYNS was my go-to radio station, especially because of Thom Hartmann. I tuned in a few times willing to give it a try, but it was like listening to bland music while being putting on hold. Eventually, you have to hang up when nothing seems to be happening. Now, it's NPR only and CDs from the library.
By: Anne on June 1, 2013

This was the only station locally with any liberal and progressive content. Obviously "fair and balanced" is no longer what's happening, and our majority opinion (democracy!) doesn't seem to matter any more. Stand up for what's right, KYNS!
By: Former Listener on January 12, 2014

This is what is left of your station? Ha ha!!! You take out good liberal radio and you put on stupid conservative radio and I don't care what kind of music you put on I will not listen to you since you don't have enough sense to put on what the majority of people want to listen to.
By: Your station sucks on February 21, 2014

KYNS' listenership went up very, very slightly with the format change, but last place beforehand, last place afterwards. The owners' other local stations get 2, 3 and 5 times more listeners than KYNS gets.
By: Adam Clayton on March 31, 2014

Dear KYNS - I used to listen to your station for hours each day at work. I found the Stephanie Miller/Thom Hartmann/Randi Rhodes format a welcome change to the Beck/Savidge/Limbaugh format that everyone else plays all day. I like to hear both sides of things, but now there's only one. I have had no further need to listen to your station, 1340am and have not listened to it now since two days after you got rid of the liberal content. As I've said I do like to hear both sides, but I hear only conservative radio - which is just as bad as if there were only liberal radio - if you catch my drift. You had more listeners than you knew, apparently.
By: Jon Bruckner on April 7, 2014

I'm thinking that most of the listeners here could stand to kick back from the left/right wing political propaganda machine and just read a good book.
By: Milo Minderbinder on August 30, 2015

I think we do also read books Otis, but oddly enough, not while driving.. We should have access to decent news not just the propaganda machine. Looks what is happening to our country.
By: Johnna on November 9, 2016

It's 2019 and I'd like to hear the progressive radio I once heard on this station. I stream those progressive shows now while working, but haven't listened to KYNS since 2014. I like to listen to a progressive of talk shows even if the same station also plays conservative ones at another time. Local businesses get benefits from AM stations and I know many that no longer advertise with you because of your format. Why have you chosen to choke out that lone voice in the wilderness? You still have an audience if you change your evil ways.
By: Jon Bruckner on August 2, 2019

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