Basic Radio Station Information

BIG 106

WBBG 106.1 FM

Youngstown's Hits of the 70s and 80s

City of License:
Niles, OH

Classic Hits

Youngstown, OH

Web site:

Live Stream:

General Manager:
Bill Kelly

iHeartMedia (formerly known as Clear Channel) (Citicasters Licenses, Inc., As Debtor In Possession)

7461 South Ave
Youngstown, OH 44512


WBBG is an FM radio station broadcasting at 106.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Niles, OH and is part of the Youngstown, OH radio market. The station airs classic hits music programming and goes by the name "BIG 106" on the air with the slogan "Youngstown's Hits of the 70s and 80s". WBBG is owned by iHeartMedia under the supervision of General Manager Bill Kelly.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Why have you stopped playing 60S music? Main reason my wife & i listened! Great music,was our OLDIES ! Thank you . Hope you bring the 60S back! Bill
By: Bill Giesey on September 12, 2014

Dear Sirs: Today at 9am your format has changed again. Last fall your format dropped any music from the 1960's and this prompted me to purchase a subscription to Sirius Radio and now I listen to this in my car . Therefore I am not being reached by any of your advertisers. I have a Bose radio in my medical office to provide background music and many patients and drug representatives ask me what channel that I have selected to play. Now your format has "gone country" I will change to a Cleveland station and now you will now loose a wider listening audience. All I can say that this format change is "BULL" Respectfully E G Myers D.O.
By: Edward Myers D.O. on April 25, 2016

What are you thinking? Country is NOT what I want to listen to, if it was I wouldn't have been listening to K105. My husband and I will not be listening anymore.
By: Marilyn John on April 25, 2016

I can't believe you actually change your format to Country you're going to lose a lot of people there's already enough country stations we don't need another one in Youngstown. Also what's going to happen to the Sunday night cruise is that going to be moved to another station?
By: Tim on April 25, 2016

You got to be kidding me country what were you guys thinking. Upset abut loosing the 60s format, but got by with it. I think theirs enough country stations out there. Us baby boomers like our oldies.
By: Pete Verina on April 26, 2016

What have you done? For years you have been my "go to" station--in the car, at home, online. Now you've suddenly gone country? I have no interest in listening to country music, so I guess my number 2 choice for radio stations now becomes my number 1 choice and my "go to" channel. What were you thinking?
By: Carol Sturgeon on April 26, 2016

is there some kind of contest going on? if so you won for longest time on air without playing a song. i drove from new wilmington to interstate 80 this morning without hearing any music. if there is a college course radio 101, i think you would learn you can't go 10 minutes with nothing but talk and commercials that is not why people listen to the radio. i wouldn't advertise on a station that runs more than 3 consecutive commercials because who remembers them? this was shortly after 7 this morning. maybe it was bathroom break time!!!!
By: robert evans on April 26, 2016

WHERE IS MY OLDIES STATION???? Are you serious? I love country, but we have a huge selection of country already. There is no other station like WBBG Oldies. I guess I need to get Sirius and forget normal radio stations.
By: Gina on April 28, 2016

We don!t need another country station .I was listing to your station because you where the station for oldies and rock . Now we have to find new station to listen to.
By: Perry Santangelo on May 1, 2016

What the hell... More cowboy banging , tractor driving, drinking booze out of a Dixie cup crap. Why...
By: Nakeddave on May 4, 2016

I now have no one to listen to. I loved the oldies format and now there is not an option for me locally. I can listen to 2 channels for rock and 2 channels for today, 2 channels for country and one for the 80'season and forward. I can't come up with a reason for why? I am sorry, but am so unhappy. I loved the oldies format...
By: Kiddiejo321 on May 4, 2016

Taking away the Oldies feels like a knife in the back I won't be listening anymore.
By: Shane on May 6, 2016

I'm just another radio listener who's favorite station has been oldies 106.1 wbbg since it started several years ago. you could have at least moved it instead of bumping it off the air altogether! we have enough depressed people in this area without another "the old lady left, the dog died, crying in your beer" station!! bring back the oldies.
By: Jack M on June 10, 2016

No oldies, no Sunday nite cruise, NO 106.1. good-bye
By: Joe T on June 11, 2016

I'm listening to Majic 105.7 now. No new country crap for me.
By: Barb on June 27, 2016

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