Radio Station Information

WBOK 1230 AM

City of License:
New Orleans, LA

Religious (Christian)

New Orleans, LA

Bakewell Media (Equity Media LLC)

WBOK is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1230 KHz. The station is licensed to New Orleans, LA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Religious programming. WBOK is owned by Bakewell Media.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

This station has a very small amount of hours allotted to religious christian programs. The primary programming is devoted to the promotion of the political ideas of the Democratic Party. The consistent ideas noted in most programs are the democratic liberal agendas of that philosophy. The alleged religious Christian programs are equally woven or merged to use the Bible , God, and Jesus and christian ideas and then design the doctrines and ideas together to allege that Jesus came to get the church to fix or rehabilitate all forms of government and political agendas so that it favors them. The message of the genuine gospel is not accurately declared or preached as declared by Jesus. The Christian message so declared in the New Testament, by Jesus and His commandments are never properly taught. Most of the alleged religious teaching is a stew mixture mixing some of the Old Testament and New Testament and is a bogus doctrine, fully wrong, and false and misleads many so that others can obtain power over the naive and exploit them for financial support. Christian doctrine comes from the "New Testament", not the old. Jesus said; "teach what I have commanded you".
By: LB on March 29, 2013

I live in Park City, Ks. I had just finished putting in a comment, to a radio station, in the Lyons Kansas area. It is the first time that I posted a comment. I really didn't realize I guess, that this was done! After posting mine however,I started glancing at some of the other comments that had been sent to various stations. The comment that was sent to you from "LB" caught my eye! Especially his last two sentences'. Hooray for you LB! Keep up the good fight. I find that it is sick, that a station could be listed as having a format of Religious (Christian), and be broadcasting as you accuse! Blackwell Media should take a good look at themselves. You want to call it religous,fine but take away the word Christian in parenthesis. We know what religous is!! "Religous" leaders were those who demanded that Christ be crucified! I have been registered as a democrat my entire adult life. I am closing in on 70 years old. The Christ hating liberals who have taken over my party's control, are still hated by the rank and file democrats who make up the "majority" of this party. I know that we are losing these good Christian people left and right. Many going to the Republican party and toward who knows where? I'm sure, that what is going on, is no surprise to God! It is likely that what we see here is the beginning of what God has told his people was going to happen, in these "end" days. I'm just sorry that the hatred of Christ in this time of history, has again raised it's satanic head, through perverted polititians. Yes socialists. It has started in the political party, that championed the hard working, Godly, American, people of Our country for many many decades! I'm a true Christian Democrat, and I'm ashamed of our party for ever letting these devils into our party! "LB", you keep standing strong there in Louisiana. Your friend Dave, in Kansas!
By: David F. Oldham on April 1, 2013

where is gerod stevens why did he leave wbok / where is the al sharpton -1why do we not hear it on wbok from-6-9
By: orlando reena on September 12, 2013

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