Radio Station Information

WCCK 95.7 FM

City of License:
Calvert City, KY


Freeland Broadcasting Co., Inc.

WCCK is an FM radio station broadcasting at 95.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Calvert City, KY. The station airs country music programming.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

beats willy all to pieces,play some sleepy labeef,hill billy country,wayne stewart,arkansa wild man, these guys had a lot to do with todays country. and many others for some reason are not being heard them by god,play them. need your number so can call in to have you play real country, good going guys, good going.
By: gerry koch on April 6, 2014

I do wonder if this get to right person. I am short story writer. I have a collection of Christmas stories. Your radio can use in short form on your I Heart radio stations. I have a website - - with the audio form of the stories The Christmas Book audio will be on numerous NPR stations - to mention a few Jefferson Public Radio Network and the Georgia Public Broadcasting Network. This not to mention world wide on numerous radio stations. Pardon, me getting into your selection but the first three stories are prime to use in anecdote form on the air. These three stories are geared toward the younger audience but adults do laugh and enjoy these stories. You may also use any audio on my website with the full story if see fit. These three stories are original stories and will be remember for ages. The Christmas Cat - The story given by the town drunk. A story about a male cat born last of the litter. This male is given a female name. This male looses one of its legs and is given a peg where it walk. This cat develops a legend with its actions one night, that spreads throughout the county and beyond. What is amazing this story is enjoyed by not only child but adults too. The Last Christmas Tree. A story of needless flock Christmas tree which teaches three children what Christmas is about and gives them inspiration for what they do when they grow up. The Christmas Stocking - This is a fable told in America about what child gets if they are not good at Christmas time. This story is taken from an actual event that was told to Franklin P Smith.. This told to me at men’s breakfast by the pastors son who did this to his sister because wanted things for herself and not others at Christmas. She was not a ‘happy’ camper. I do own all rights to these stories on my webiste. I offer them for FREE to be use forever. Why? I am 71, My time is limited. I would like people to enjoy my stories. I hope you will go to my web site and enjoy the audio collections there. HAVE FUN WITH THESE STORIES!! Franklin P Smith 770 742 3136 The Christmas Stocking “Hey! I heard Harry has the hot cider this year!” Norman cried out, walking toward the men that were sitting in the semicircle. “Thereʼs a price for all used car salesmen. A story. No lies this time, Harry wants a real story with some kind of moral.” Ed said looking directly Norman. “I got one. A guy who bought one of my cars last week told it to me.” Norman exclaimed, sitting down in an empty chair. “I brought my favorite coffee cup. I scrubbed the coffee stain out, so I wonʼt taste any of the coffee.” Norman paused holding up the cup. “Bring the cider on.” Norman said pausing looking at Jeff. “Hereʼs the story,” Norman said with Jeff disappearing into the back room with Normanʼs cup. “Has he come? Has he come?" Mike could hear his sister running down the hallway. He moved the dark curtain to the window next to his bed to see if there was any light. He could only see the reflection of the full moon. She had done it again waking everyone up before dawn to get the whole family into the living room to see if Santa Claus had come. Mike turned, flopping over in his twin bed in which his feet were only inches from hanging over the edge. At seventeen, his joints still ached at times. His mother would say when he would complain about the pain in his joints, "You'll probably be like your great-grandfather. He was a real big man. He was six foot at your age and by the time he was 21, he had grown another four inches." He rolled over to the opposite direction facing the wall. Mike paused momentarily and rolled over against the edge of the bed. His eyes were open wide now. He looked at the door slightly ajar. He told himself, he did not want to get out of bed to hear his little sister running and jumping and showing him the present she had got. A gleam suddenly appeared in his eyes; this was the day he would get his vengeance for all those nagging Christmas' she had tormented him nearly to death. Sitting up in bed Mike pivoted his body, sat on the side of the twin bed and rubbed his face. He could feel the short hairy fuzz that was beginning to appear on his chin and on several spots on both the sides of his cheeks. He was probably going have to really start shaving soon. Mike hated this. He had tried shaving a couple of times. The result was numerous cuts with his fathers' straight razor. He wished he could get an electric model, but his father had already told him no. Mike could hear him now with his remarks. "Shoot! All you have is some peach fuzz. It takes a real man to shave his face with a razor. You'll learn, or else you'll have ten million scars on your face. Hell, you can tell the girls you were in a knife fight or something. Staring at the ajar door, he shifted his focus to the clock on top of the dresser. Five till five. How he wished he could ring her neck. She was nothing but a spoiled brat. A smile appeared on Mikeʼs lips. This was the Christmas he would get his revenge for all the Christmases of getting up at three and four in the morning to see what the little fat man in the red suit had brought her. Not to speak of her tormenting voice during the months before Christmas of what she wanted and how she would get it because she had been a "good little girl”. Mike knew what the little hellion had done during the year. His sister hadnʼt been good in the least bit. How many times had she thrown temper tantrums and been too good to associate with the family? If she had been an adult, they would have called her a first rate "so and so".” Norman stopped speaking and took a long drink of the apple cider. # “What was worse, during this season being the oldest and having a driving license, Mike was given the responsibility to take her here and there to buy presents for the other family members. However, ninety per cent of the time, she would wander into shops and stores looking for what she wanted for Christmas: B B dolls and her accessories. Mike patiently waited on his little sister, at first he tried to be kind and suggested that she look and buy things for other people, which was the main purpose for her shopping. As a result, his sister sitting down in the middle of a major department store on the third floor stomping her feet until Mike promised to take her to the toy department where the B B dolls were. From that moment, Mike contemplated and imagined the total destruction and elimination of every BB doll on the face of the earth. This year had been worst. His sister had been the most obnoxious and selfish brat he had witnessed or seen her to be in his life. Once, while waiting on her, he tried to imagine what kind of man would marry such a woman, one who loved Barbie dolls and thought of only herself. Mike could now hear his sister. “Itʼs time! Itʼs time!” Her piercing voice was trying to wake up his parents and even his dead grandparents. How could his parents stand such a monster? Each Christmas she would act this way. Mike had to listen to her clamors of excitement and joy knowing both of his parents would give her anything that would make her happy. His revenge and vengeance were minutes away. For nearly two weeks, Mike had plotted and had gathered the material for this day. This was to be his finest hour and his best achievement. "Get ready! Your sister is so excited!" Mike heard his mother call through his closed door.# Mike still was still sitting on the bed. He looked at the clock; the clock read five o'clock. Mike rubbed his face with his right hand and yawned. "Are you all right?” Mikeʼs mother inquired from the other side of the door. "I'm fine," Mike cried out, while he stood up. "Not really," he muttered underneath his breath after he had stood up focusing again on the alarm clock. "It's nearly five in the morning, only idiots get up this early." Mike said to himself. "What did you say?" His father quickly replied. Mike knew now the die was cast. Both his parents were there waiting on him. His little sister was probably at the living room door waiting to open the door to find the worldʼs finest assortment of B B dolls underneath the Christmas tree for her pleasure. But, he would get his revenge in only a few minutes. This must be how a warrior feels before he draws his first blood Mike thought to himself and opened his door to the hall. Mike stopped, realizing he had a smile on his lips. Holding the door handle he bit his lower lip, which made his smile disappear. "Come on, Mike. Your sister is so excited." His father said while Mike fully opened his door. He looked directly into his fatherʼs sleepy eyes. "Hurry!" "Hurry! I want to see what Santa left me!” Mikeʼs sister yell at his father in a high-pitched voice pulling on his fatherʼs red robe. Her voice seemed to pierce into Mikeʼs slowly waking brain. “Just wait. Just you wait.” Mike thought to himself. "I want to see my presents! I hope my stocking is full of candy and a B B dolls," his sister yelled while she still pulled on his fatherʼs red robe, rushing him making him hurry down the long hallway. The brat was nearly twelve but she was acting like she was three or four, Mike thought, following his parents down the hall. He could feel his smile resurfacing; he bit his upper lip to prevent it from appearing. How he would relish what was going to occur behind the living room door. Vengeance. What power he felt. He had put the right touch on the deed. He felt so good. He thought of the agony and hell his sister had put him through over the years during this time of the year. With each step there was an increasing amount of satisfaction of hope knowing he had taken the right path. "Wait!" Mikeʼs mother called out to everyone. "Everyone has to go in at the same time!" She said, pulling his sister back. Mikeʼs mother was using her hand to forcefully hold Alice back from barging through the living room entrance before anyone could enter the doorway. "Come on, everybody," Mikeʼs mother said. Mike noticed his father and mother were finally awake and were looking around to see what was occurring. Mike thought the man needed a strong cup of black coffee. No decent man ever got up at this hour: only the milkman and the donut shops were open this early. "I'm so excited!' I'm so excited!" cried Mikeʼs sister. Her high-pitched voice pierced his ears, and he only was two feet away from the little monster. "I want my stocking! I want my stocking!" she cried out again and again. She'll get it all right! Mike thought gleefully. He bit his lower lip harder to prevent the smile from coming. Mike could feel blood coming from his lip; this was worth all the pain he was inflicting on himself. Suddenly, Mike thought of the reaction of his parents. He wondered during the passing seconds, what kind of punishment he would receive for his actions. In the next second the door opened. Mike knew it was too late to change the dirty deed he had done. Mikeʼs sister broke her motherʼs hold on her shoulder and rushed toward the mantle in the living room where the longest red stocking hung full of toys from Santa. There was a deadly shriek, which penetrated every inch of the house. This deadly shriek came from his sister. Mike quit biting his lip and a large smile formed on lips. "Santa doesn't like me anymore!" Mikeʼs sister cried with a squeaking voice between the sobs and tears, which she tried to hide by covering her eyes with her hands. After Mikeʼs parents came into the room, they looked at each other and saw the stocking full of short switches. Each had a dumbfounded look. What happened to the two B B dolls, apples, oranges and the small toys they had placed into the large red stocking? Mike came out of nowhere and stood next to his sister, who had finally stopped crying. "I told you, if you were bad and selfish, you would get switches in your stocking." Mike exclaimed firmly, so she was the only one that could hear him. At the same instance, he saw both his parents looking directly at him from across the room. Mike looked away and then directly out of their sight. He was trying to find a way to escape what was going to happen next. There was nothing to say and nowhere to go. This was time for the ax to fall. All he could hear was sisterʼs fake crying that she had started again. "Come here young man!" His father said in a solemn, authoritarian voice while he motioned with his right index finger to Mike. "You have done it now!" His father replied after this statement, shaking his head. Mike noticed his mother was cradling Alice, in her lap wiping her few tears away. Poor Alice cried crocodile tears all morning about the switches in her stocking. Mike knew that she was faking the crying at least most of the time. After the first hour, Mike did felt a little remorse about his actions, but Alice had asked for it. He still had the satisfaction of giving her some of her own medicine. Mike apologized to her for putting the pruned plum limbs in the red velvet stocking, but she still cried. Alice was going to make the most out of this situation. His father made him apologize and told Mike that he couldnʼt drive for six months. However, Mike was driving again in three weeks. Someone had to take Alice to her dance lessons and to piano practice. Last year at Christmas, both Mike and Alice gathered at their parentʼs house for the first Christmas together after ten years after leaving home. After the grandchildren had opened their presents, Alice told this story to all the children. After everyone had stopped laughing, she pulled Mike aside; Alice apologized to Mike for being a royal pain during those years. Mike looked around to see if Santa Claus had really come that year.” Norman took a long sip of the fresh hot apple cider Harry had just poured into his cup. Norman smiled and thought of his own sister. After this incident, both of them learned to respect each other. For the first time and to his surprise, they had become closer after that Christmas when she had told this story to her children. Norman looked at the men sitting in the semicircle; all them were laughing at his story. Norman wondered if any of them realized this was his story.
By: Franklin P Smith on December 13, 2017

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