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News Talk 103.9 WDBT

WDBT 103.9 FM

City of License:
Fort Rucker, AL


Digio Strategies (Gulf South Communications, Inc.)

WDBT is an FM radio station broadcasting at 103.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Fort Rucker, AL. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "News Talk 103.9 WDBT" on the air. WDBT is owned by Digio Strategies.

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WDBT-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Glen Beck show should be taken off the air in my opinion. I change from 103.9 after Rick and Bubba to another channel until Beck is done and many times I miss parts of Rush. Beck had become a liberal and very much against our President. I know it is a free country and there is a first amendment but there is also freedom of choice to listen to another station or internet radio, I have spoken to several of your advertisers personally including Andy Shack, which I purchased his product and he also had reservations with Beck and he is hearing the same complaints from a lot of his customers. You have my input.
By: Greg clemons on September 15, 2017

What is causing the 'dead air' pauses during the Limbaugh program?
By: Don Campbell on January 17, 2018

I completely disagree with the above comments. Please keep Glenn Beck on the air. I would like to see more shows on like the Jim Bohanin show at 10pm on. Something more than just political talk all day. But again please keep Beck. The Trump koolaid drinkers can't stand anyone speaking anything critical of their god Donald Trump!
By: Henry on May 14, 2018

Is there a way to listen to this station when I am out of town online? I have been unable to find this station on radio apps such as TuneIn or IHeart like other talk radio stations. Perhaps I am missing the radio website? Thanks!
By: Vicky on July 19, 2018

I would like to know how and where to apply for a job at this radio station. I feel I would fit right in with the current employee lineup because I don't have any idea how to run a radio station either.
By: Jim on January 23, 2019

My radio in my truck stays on 103.9 every day 24/7. But when I’m out I have to listen toGlenn, Rush, and Shawn on my phone over I♥️. Please tell me how to listen to you guys online. I would much rather listen to local than West Palm Beach!
By: Phyllis Sanders on March 27, 2019

Has your overnight schedule changed? I listen to Coast to Coast but the last two nights all I get is radio silence in the early morning hours.
By: Cynthia Smart on October 22, 2019

Why did you replace Savage with Sharpio?
By: Jack Manley on October 24, 2019

I can't stand the incessant, repetitive, irritating government advocacy ad council commercials. They're making my ears bleed. That and "Andy Shack"s satellite commercials. And that one guy's "catfish pond" commercials. OMG get some new material. Please.
By: Nate on October 30, 2019

If I have to hear Ruth Ruthie's "I'm a retarded teacher" United Way commercial 1 more time, I'm gonna have an aneurism.
By: Nate on October 30, 2019

Good job Radio People of Dothan, you've been playing the same old "No ID, No Beer, kid with a mustache" commercial for like 6 years now.
By: Nate on October 30, 2019

I wanted to complain about the Ad Council ads too. Discover the Forest, United Way, real men wear gowns, 2 mins/twice a day, etc... I would hope you could find someone to sell more ads to local businesses instead of that garbage. Thank you for airing Rick & Bubba, Rush Limbaugh, and Lars Larson! They are why my car radio stays on 103.9. I would listen at work also but can not find any facility for streaming over the internet. Have a great day!
By: Tiffany on February 11, 2020

So every other station can stay on the air but you guys are off of the wind blows too hard. If you are going to do something, then do it right.
By: Anonymous on April 29, 2020

103.9 FM is and has been having serious problems with its signal. Dead air, carrier only with no modulation and constant drops during conservative talk radio programs. It's almost enough to make one believe in the conspiracy theory; that the station is suppressing the message presented by the hosts of these shows? But really folks you have an engineering problem at your station. I've listed to College Radio Stations with better quality. Time for an FCC review of that license that you currently hold
By: Frank on May 4, 2020

I'm pretty sure this whole radio station is managed and ran by a single mute person with cerebral palsy.
By: Frank on August 15, 2020

For 3 years now they've been blasting a commercial for a kitchen faucet. "Uncover a wealth of possibilities with...[this kitchen faucet]." Really? A wealth of possibilities from a kitchen faucet? So many kitchen faucets out there changing the world. Stupidest marketing dept. ever.
By: John on August 16, 2020

This is by far the worst talk radio station I've heard across the country. The technical glitches, the repetitive government commercials, and the complete absence of any proprietary talent. Plus, who there thought airing Ben Shapiro instead of Mark Levin was a sound market decision? Do you folks at "The Radio People" need to take a good, hard look at your fundamental management? Yes. Maybe we can work something out where you have a local talk show a few times a week.
By: BillyJoeBob on August 16, 2020

This is a suck-ass radio station. Did you know that in 1 hour of talk radio there is only 22 minutes of actual show time without advertisements or "updates"? Well in 103.9's case, that other 38 minutes is filled with the same 1. multiple years-old Government Ad Council commercials, 2. Andy Shakleworthy's satellite TV commercials, 3. The same 30 second weather report recorded at 3am each day 4. The same Alabama news headlines recorded at 4am each day, and 5. Did I mention Government Ad Council commercials? They're THAT bad. Right now they seem to be stuck on this DAV commercial for Alex Hussey who "stepped on the bomb" and now wants to go snow skiing. That commercial plays at least 4 times an hour.
By: Jake on August 16, 2020

I enjoy listening to your station. At various times, your signal goes away. Today, I called and ask the lady who answered if she was aware the station was down. She was not aware and stated she would let the engineer know. Why don’t you have a radio playing your station in all the offices of the station? Then you will know when it is down. Thanks.
By: John Davis on August 18, 2020

What the heck is going on with your broadcast?? So much dead air. Are you part of the democrats not wanting us to hear what is being said?? I would like to hear the different areas of what is going on in our country so that i can make up my own mind as to what is right or wrong. It isn't right that Glenn Beck and the Rush Limbaugh programs experience so much dead air. Is this station trying to prohibit freedom of speech?? Wake up, pay attention and stop all the dead air time.
By: Sharron T. on February 12, 2021

I really like talk radio and I don’t mind actual commercials; that’s how a station makes money. But I hate these “Public Service Ads” so much that I often just turn the radio off. Does a station actually make money off of these PSAs? Why can’t the station get any real ads? There' s one running several times an hour all day every day that has a little boy named “Caleb” with such a shrill voice that I cringe during the entire 60 seconds of the PSA. Who records these Government Ad Council commercials and who is paying for them? Whoever is making the announcements for the Shriners’ Children’s Hospital needs to be replaced. Ditto for the DAV commercial. Does anyone affiliated with the station actually listen to the station? Can’t they sell any real ads? Or are they getting federal money to run them? Something just doesn’t add up with these “ads.” My gosh, I am hearing the DAV commercial right now as I am typing. And now the walk for Parkinsons. All day, all day, what’s going on? Is it just too much trouble to come up with real commercials? Perhaps the Govt. Ad Council is just trying to get the public to quit listening to the conservative radio programs.
By: Betty P. on April 25, 2021

Disappointed today when I tuned in to listen to Dan Bongino only the hear, there was no Dan. I thought he was taking Rush's time slot and was really wanted to hear from Trump. I mean I love the throw back Rush, but how is Dan taking his time slot when Rush is still "on air".
By: Veronica on May 24, 2021

I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry Rush died but he did. Please put some new programming on! Please hire someone to sell commercials to someone other than the government. Dear God, PLEASE! I thought I heard Dan Bongino would take over the time slot starting this week but it's still clips of Rush.
By: Please on May 24, 2021

I am soooo disappointed to hear that you'll be playing Buck Sexton instead of Dan Bongino. Really bummed, terrible decision. Nobody commented here asking for Buck Sexton.
By: Please on June 4, 2021

Ever since temporary signal August 13 thunderstorms the signal i Troy and Brantley is so weak that 103.9 fm cannot be listened to. It's as if some repeater failed and they don't know or don't care. Lost a station I listened to 7/24. RIP.
By: James on August 30, 2021

It's appears that nothing can be done about the Ad Council and we will just have to wait for karma.
By: Your Name on August 23, 2022

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