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WDXM 98.9 FM

City of License:
Newburgh, IN

Newburgh Enlightenment Radio Center, Inc.

WDXM is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 98.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Newburgh, IN.

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WDXM-LP Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

WDXM is an oldies station.
By: Dick Stevens on October 16, 2016

Dear WDXM, I listen to your radio station everyday. I enjoy it the most when play the 50's and 60's, but I think u are getting away from the true "oldies" when u play songs that are after those decades. Please for my sake and I'm sure others sake play more of the wonderful 50's and 60's music. I thank you for great music and taking the time to read my email. Have a great year and look forward to great music. Truely, Else G.
By: Elsie on January 30, 2017

Thanks for a great station. We really enjoy the music line up. Increased power would be great since we loose reception in certain locations towards the west of Newburgh.
By: Bill Weinert on February 21, 2017

Thanks for the kind comments, Elsie and Bill. We are an LPFM (Low Power FM). We are permitted only 100 watts, so we are limited in our signal reach. Those living in areas above average terrain have a tendency to pick up our signal much better. We get good reports from Boonville, the northwest side of Evansville and even down around Robards, KY. By the way, whenever possible, please support our underwriters. Thanks again! Ray
By: Ray Stevens on April 30, 2017

Thank You Ray and Rock a couple weeks back I requested the song Hot Rod Lincoln and responded saying you had it in the lineup and that You did. I believe it was 5:20 today Saturday July 7th as I was working in my garage listening to WDXM and you played hot rod Lincoln. thanks Again.
By: gerald bowser on July 8, 2018

Our pleasure, Gerald. Glad to have you with us. Please continue to tell your friends about the Great 98.9. We love hearing from our listeners, too, @
By: Dick Stevens on July 31, 2018

I would like to hear this song on the 98.9 logan paul 2016
By: jaidon stinson on July 31, 2018

Hmmm. Guess we can play that one in about 30 years when it’s an oldie? Thanks for asking, anyway.
By: Dick Stevens on August 11, 2018

We have dropped Facebook and Twitter accounts due to very few responses from listeners. Likely we will drop the oldies format by the end of the year and try something entirely different. Three years is enough. In the meantime, we can be reached at Thanks to those who have listened and our underwriters. We are a non-profit and the music licensing fees make it tough to survive as is.
By: Ray Stevens on August 11, 2018

You wrote and we listened. Thank you for the many nice comments we have received since Ray last posted back in August. It gives us incentive to keep on doing what we do best and that’s playing the great oldies you really seem to enjoy.
By: Dick Stevens on January 3, 2019

Finally found a true oldies station. I love it. Just wish they had more power so I could listen further from Newburgh.
By: John Mehling on October 25, 2019

Thanks, John for your kind words. Wish we could have more power, too, but it is what it is. The FCC only allows up to 100 watts for a Low Power FM (LPFM). We broadcast with the maximum power allowed by current rules and from an antenna that is much shorter than most FM’s, but too, our antenna is at its maximum height for a 100 watt station. Usually, in the cool and crisp weather months, our signal will reach further due to better atmospheric conditions. Normally, in the warm weather months, temperature inversions in the upper reaches of the atmosphere will allow other stations to fade in and cover up our lower powered operation, particularly in the morning hours. What’s more, tree foliage will adversely affect our signal, so after the leaves fall we should reach out further. So happy that you enjoy the Great 98.9. We’d appreciate it if you would tell your friends about us. Please tell our underwriters, too, as they help keep our little non-profit on the air.
By: Dick Stevens on October 31, 2019

Great Radio found this station couple months ago. Like everyone else wish you had more power. loose you about Green River road in Evansville going west. kept playing the great music you are playing. Heard Bill Cosby's Little Old Man Lot of people probably didn't know who that was.
By: bob poehlein on January 18, 2020

Bob, We are honored to have you as a listener. Regarding the Bill Cosby song that was popular in the Fall of 1967, it did very well on the music charts. We also wonder why a lot of oldies stations don’t have it on their playlist, but then, we play many oldies that aren’t found elsewhere. Sounds like you are a big oldies fan? Whenever not listening to us, check out WDJO 1480 in Cincinnati and KZQZ 1430 in St. Louis. Both are excellent stations. Again, thanks for tuning in. We always welcome comments and suggestions. Ray Stevens
By: Anonymous on January 25, 2020

We are new to Newburgh and we’re so pleased to find this station. It is getting harder to find the good music on the radio! We hope to enjoy this station for a long time. Keep playing our tunes! Thanks!
By: Gene and Jean on March 8, 2020

Thanks, Gene & Jean. Welcome to Newburgh. You will love it here. Great to count you as listeners. Thank you for contacting us. Be sure to check out our Facebook page at WDXM, Great 98.9.
By: Dick Stevens on March 13, 2020

How in the world have we not known @this station until this summer. For two oldies this has been a God send. Wonderful break from NPR and Cardinal baseball.
By: Marsha Bell on September 23, 2020

Thanks, Marsha. It’s a pleasure having you as a listener and we are very happy you enjoy our great oldies. The Great 98.9 has been an oldies station for almost 5 years now. We are a non-profit Low Power Community FM (LPFM) licensed by the FCC to operate with 100 watts to cover greater Newburgh mainly. We are on Facebook, so please contact us anytime with any comments or suggestions. Furthermore, we can be reached at Again, it was nice of you to contact us. Thanks so much!
By: Dick Stevens on September 25, 2020

Ray, I'm in Dallas and a cousin in Boonville told me about your LP station. Very cool. However, I went searching on line and am getting mixed signals as to whether or not the station is available over the internet. Help. I would love to listen/support, but I need to know how. BTW, this is the way Rupert Murdock started in Australia years ago. Good luck in amassing radio stations..... Thanks  Russ Meinert  (469-774-7774)
By: Russ Meinert on October 9, 2020

Russ, thanks for taking time to send us a note. Unfortunately, we don’t have an internet presence due to the lack of funding available to us to cover such an endeavor, although if an underwriter were to provide funding, it would make perfect sense to stream. Please thank your cousin for tuning in. We have no desire to get into multiple ownership and for that matter, Uncle Sam caps LPFM ownership at one to a customer, so to speak.
By: Ray Stevens on October 10, 2020

Always have your station on untill it fades. Turn back on when I know I am close enough to receive signal. I will be 76 next month this is the music of my life ♥️♥️. Thank you
By: Kate Rusche on October 13, 2020

Kate, so happy to hear that you enjoy the station. Glad to have you as a listener. We are what is considered as a Low Power FM (LPFM) and are only allowed minimal power to serve a smaller community, so we try to do the best we can with what we have to work with. Thanks so much for contacting us! Please check out our Facebook page (WDXM Great 98.9) at your convenience.
By: Pat Stevenson on October 13, 2020

What is the weekend show greatest hits by the sea??? Do they have a website??
By: Kevin Foster on November 2, 2020

Kevin, The website for Dick Robinson’s American Standards By The Sea is We are certainly happy you enjoy his show each Sunday evening from 6-8pm. Thanks for tuning in.
By: Ray Stevens on November 2, 2020

Kevin, Dick’s program features great standards from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Vic Damone, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney and many more. Furthermore, he features artists from today who perform the great non-rock, easy listening standards from the 50’s and 60’s.
By: Ray Stevens on November 2, 2020

would like to hear the 1949 version of "baby its cold outside" with dinah shore
By: greg wezet on December 23, 2020

Greg, we will do our best in trying to locate a copy. By the way, Rock Stevens sends his regards. Merry Christmas!
By: Anonymous on December 25, 2020

Due to lack of underwriting and contributions, we will be discontinuing our oldies format near the end of 2021. A new, non-musical format will then be introduced.
By: Dick Stevens on July 8, 2021

The oldies format will end on our 7th anniversary of Halloween Day. Christmas music will follow thru the Christmas season and then ?
By: Ray Stevens on October 30, 2021

Dear Mr. Stevens, So disappointed that you won’t be able to continue the oldies format. It’s been so wonderful to hear your extensive collection. In truth I have listened to many oldies stations during my travels but have never heard any station that plays such a variety. In my experience they seem to play only top ten or top 20 hits from the past. After awhile it gets very boring. Therefore, is it possible to let me know where and how you obtained such a vast playlist and your plans for the music after your format change. Thanks once more for bringing listeners such wonderful memories. I wish you the best. Yours truly, Gordon
By: Gordon on November 3, 2021

Gordon, the music is from our very own personal collections that have been amassed over the years. Thank you for being a listener. Unfortunately, other than the generosity of two underwriters, we never received monetary contributions from listeners to defray music licensing costs and other operational costs such as electric and engineering, thus we must cease airing oldies. Sure not happy about it, but we have little choice.
By: Ray Stevens on November 5, 2021

WDXM is now 24/7 Weather Rsdio 98.9 with forecasts from NOAA Weather Radio and from local TV station, Channel 25 with updates every 15 minutes.
By: Connor on February 1, 2022

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