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Easy 105.9

WEZV 105.9 FM

City of License:
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Easy Listening

Myrtle Beach, SC

Web site:

Fidelity Broadcasting (Byrne Acquisition Group, LLC)

WEZV is an FM radio station broadcasting at 105.9 MHz. The station is licensed to North Myrtle Beach, SC and is part of the Myrtle Beach, SC radio market. The station broadcasts Easy Listening programming and goes by the name "Easy 105.9" on the air. WEZV is owned by Fidelity Broadcasting.

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WEZV-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Where is Jim Morgan? I followed him from 92.1 to 105.9. I missed the Friday morning show. Was there some announcement? What happenend to the 6:30 AM news? This "Monti in the Morning" isn't going to fly with me - I need something calmer when I wake up to the radio coming on at 6:00. Really don't need to know about the designer pillows in her car. I want the news that happened overnight.
By: Carla on August 21, 2017

the transmitter goes out and the entire station lineup changes...would be nice to have told your listeners...just like when Kelly left years ago!
By: Patricia Francis on August 21, 2017

WEZV has been our radio station of choice for the past 10 years since moving to Calabash and the Myrtle Beach area. We did notice that the transmitter was down late last week into the weekend. Our favorite part of WEZV has been the Sunday morning music and the announcements shared by Jim Morgan. We turn on the station Sunday morning before church and no Christian music, no announcements, and no Jim Morgan. Then when we turned on the station this morning, Monday, a new announcer, Monti, was on. I feel for her in that she was doing her job. No explanation what happened with the changes. My wife's comment, "if they don't continue playing the Christian music on Sunday mornings, then we will no longer listen to this station. I agree.
By: Larry Thurman on August 22, 2017

I totally agree with all the above comments! I have been listening to WEZV exclusively for 13 years. What have you done with my radio station?! Where are Jim Morgan, Eric Long,Bob Collins, and Bob and Jan On the weekends? These great personalities and their input into the programming is what made WEZV a great station for so many years. I feel like I have lost several "good friends"! No longer having these people has created a great void in your programming format and the station now sounds like a cross between "classic rock" and some of the contemporary alternate stations. Sadly, I think I can speak for many others in saying that I will no longer be a regular part of the now defunct "Relaxation Station" family which I enjoyed for so many years. I think you owe it to all your loyal listeners to explain what happened and why! Mack McLaurin 8/28/17
By: Mack McLaurin on August 28, 2017

Where did the Christian music go that was played on Sunday mornings???????????????????? I guess your trying to go PC........................................... GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Ralph Bauer III on August 28, 2017

What has happened at WEZV? Many of the announcers I enjoyed listening to are no longer there. What has happened to their website?? This new woman in the morning, Moni, is irritating! please tell us what has happened?
By: Peggy O'Neil on September 10, 2017

You,have made a huge mistake in changing the line up of your station.I will follow Jim Morgan over tom the Surf.
By: arthur bowden on September 23, 2017

What happened to the Sunday morning hymns? I am disabled and unable to get out. I so enjoyed the songs from 6-10 each Sunday. Then one Sunday, nothing! I now turn it off! I don't call what is being played at 6am Sunday relaxing! After yrs of listening I at least deserve an explanation of why it has been removed.
By: Patricia Ulicny on September 24, 2017

I do not like 105.9 now, most of us miss Jim Morgan. Where is he? Tell us. The woman is not anywhere near as good as he was including the music. I don't listen to it much anymore because it is not very good.
By: Ellen Hayden on September 26, 2017

I used to like to listen to the dj's jim morgan, bob collins and bob natale. What is just not the same. Now I have to find a new stations.
By: debprah on October 1, 2017

Never lister to wezv again go on internet find another station
By: Tim on October 1, 2017

I really miss Jim Morgan and the Sunday morning hymns. You had a unique format when it came to song selection. You were able to crossover into multiple genres of music without skipping a beat. It all blended well. Jim was full of popular culture knowledge that my wife and I found enjoyable. I’m sorry but I tried the new format, which is really an old and tired same old, same old, nothing special. I gave the new morning woman a try for a few days. I listened as she botched her way through the first morning with the help of “the only one left standing”. Tuned in the next morning and still wasn’t impressed. I purchased an internet radio and now listen in the morning to Phlash Phelps 60’s on 6 on SiriusXM. Awesome change! We miss you Jim.
By: Tom Geller on October 3, 2017

Not happy. Loved Jim Morgan in the morning. Why?
By: Laura on October 20, 2017

Have been a way for several months. Turned the radio on this morning during Jim Morgan's show and there was a woman broadcasting. Is Jim no longer with the station?
By: Candie Meier on November 1, 2017

I agree with all of the above comments. I feel you have made some huge mistakes. First, replacing Jim Morgan and secondly, not keeping your listeners informed. Jim's replacement is just not appealing and I so dislike her choice of music. Also, your Sunday morning time period is terrible. Yep, you have lost 2 more longtime, loyal listeners. Good luck trying to stay afloat as you loyal following go elsewhere. It would be nice if you tried to at least explain what happened.
By: Fran on November 3, 2017

Was away and finally returned home, missing my home radio station. What a mess you've made of it Loved 105.9 the way it was. Now you brought in Delilah ? Stopped listening to the station she was on when I lived up north. Both cars and home radio were set permanently on 105.9 All will be changed. This is at least one listener you've lost.
By: Bill on November 13, 2017

Seriously????? Evidently the folks in charge do not realize what a mistake they made when they got rid of all of our favorite DJs!!!! I have been listening to your station since 1978 when I was in my early 30s and am now in my early 70s. One of our favorite programs was listening to Jim Morgan on Sunday mornings while he played gospel music as we were getting ready for church. I love Christmas music but ALL day long?????? That is just plain dumb and stupid!!! That seems like the DJs are too lazy to give us a variety of music to listen to all day long. PLEASE give us our beloved DJs back!!! What a great Christmas gift that would be!!! Yes, I have stated my opinion and feelings very strongly but some really made a BIG mistake with the changes that have been made. Sadly I must say good bye to WEZV and turn my radio dial to another station. I know that I speak for many folks out there who are just as upset with y’all. Good bye to what I considered a friend to connect with during my daily routine.
By: Barbara Beasley on December 6, 2017

Hi.. Just was trying to find the song line up in order to see who the artist was on several songs. Can you show me where to find that? Thanks.
By: patti on December 13, 2017

Your station is no longer unique in the least bit! I miss the old... So, so sad.
By: Fred on December 31, 2017

Radio stations amaze me. Out of the blue they change formate or DJs in the name of change must me good. What a big mistake for Easy 105.9. Bob Collins and Jim Morgan were perfect for the station. This Monti in the morning is missing the mark.....sorry I’m gone too. Scott Richards should have known better.
By: Dennis Mays on March 23, 2018

Cannot get to a live stream ov WEZV on my mobile. No Listen or Listen To Radio buttons take me to a live stream player.
By: Lex Siehler on April 6, 2018

Most of the radio stations do format changes to keep up with trends and demographics, because the bottom line is advertising sales powers the stations salaries, overhead..but its sad to lose a Grandstrand legend, because of it. Farewell WEZV. It was nice while it lasted.
By: Bryan furlong on June 19, 2018

You had something unique and worth listening to. The people that were responsible for this "new format" (which is the same as any other radio station) must have convinced themselves that they were geniuses and had something more to offer than any other stations....WRONG!! You HAD the right format & music and completely ignored the fact that it worked very well for years. Your radio station and this format is terrible...good luck, you're going to need it!
By: steve on June 22, 2018

Our church, North Myrtle Beach Christian Church in Longs is having a Bluegrass Band, The Morris Brothers & Dixie Station on August 25th at 7:00 pm. Come on out and have a good time. No charge.
By: Paul Foltz on July 23, 2018

Well after a year being gone from the air waves, there is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't say to me, "what happened to Easy Radio??!??" I tell them that Jim Morgan is doing a great job on 94.9 the Surf. It is my morning routine with news and "things you need to know." For those who ask, Yes, I do miss the on air "personality radio." Jan and I had a very enjoyable time with the anniversaries and family life stories. We have gone out on our own to internet radio, Easy jazz with a little of the rat pack sound for your afternoon wine time. Feel free to contact us at See you on the radio! bn
By: Bob Natale on March 8, 2019

These clowns in the morning are absolutely un-listinable!
By: COLLEEN M PRICE on September 9, 2020

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