Radio Station Information

WFOG 95.9 FM

City of License:
Hillsville, VA

Pink Doors Media

WFOG is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 95.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Hillsville, VA.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Lost husky / Aussie mix female dog missing from 2760 Mallory Road, Pipers Gap area, Galax Virginia since Monday December 12th. 40 lb wearing camo collar and rabies tag. Goes by the name of Sofia. We are very very sad to lose Sofia, my husband has PTSD and has seizures and she is his very best friend. Please call or text 276-237-6117. Thank you
By: Trina Miller on December 14, 2017

What is the deal with this station. It played one song over and over all night. And it 8snt the first time sometimes there's nothing on it at all is. there nobody there. Even when it does actually play the music is so terrible at times like you listening to elevator music. Sometimes you do have a few good songs on there but not enough to fully listen to your station regularly.
By: Chris g. on May 30, 2018

So sorry for typos must hurt a bit to read that.
By: Chris g. on May 30, 2018

Your landslide song is stuck in a loop. Been playing over and over for about 20 minutes
By: Janice knighton on April 27, 2019

Same song is playing 1/22/20
By: Daranette Sikes on January 22, 2020

Same song playing again. 1/29/2020
By: Daranette Sikes on January 29, 2020

The consequences of discarding a sacred moral code to govern the actions of individuals are far graver than most people realize and this means that the corrupt democrats are satanic and that the Good Republicans are Christian. Proven True Today in America and around the world! By Andrew Miiller • January 29, 2020 Why do nations fall? Very simple in which that they succumb to democratic satan to become corrupt and that the greatest empires of the past, down to the last one, have each collapsed. Why? Is every civilization destined to decline and fall? Or is such a catastrophic disaster the effect of a specific cause? Historians attribute the collapse of various civilizations to being democratic and satanic, disease, demographics, political corruption, mass immigration, economic stagnation, climate change, inferior technology and/or foreign invasion. But are weapons, applied sciences and jobs the way to make a civilization invincible? Many people today apparently think so. Could America fall? Could Britain fall? Or are our societies too modern, too sophisticated, too enlightened for such a cataclysm? Understand that the Bible in the form of parables and symbols said that in order to become a CHRISTIAN, you have to become a REPUBLICAN! This is PROVEN TRUE in every area of the world! The Trumpet newsmagazine’s predecessor, the Plain Truth, began publishing in 1934 the forecast that Britain and America would experience a collapse more devastating than the fall of Rome and this is became of being democratic or satanic which are the same by moral standards as being Christian is the same as being Republican and that the longest-standing and most consistent forecast the Trumpet has made since Volume 1, Issue 2, in June 1990, has been that America and Britain will fall, and that the fundamental cause will not be birth rates, weather phenomena, superbug epidemics, gross domestic product or carrier strike groups. Fundamentally, it will be because America and Britain have rejected the foundation of national stability: the biblical statutes, judgments and laws. There is a tremendous amount of evidence behind this forecast. Most compelling and formidable are the many prophecies in the Bible that speak about lawlessness and immorality, and its consequences, many of which are directly aimed at the modern-day nations of America and Britain. We will discuss a few of these later in this report. But even to the individual not yet convinced of the veracity of biblical prophecy, even secular history sounds a clarion warning about the grave dangers that accompany national moral decline. Timeline: Moral Decline in Britain and America
By: The Trumpet Gospels on January 29, 2020

Thanks for this refreshing radio station !
By: REL on March 9, 2020

same song for over 30 minutes
By: Lee on May 29, 2020

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