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850 WFTL


Florida's Talk Leader

City of License:
West Palm Beach, FL


Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Web site:

Hubbard Radio (Wpb Fcc License Sub, LLC)

WFTL is an AM radio station broadcasting at 850 KHz. The station is licensed to West Palm Beach, FL and is part of the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL radio market. The station broadcasts Talk programming and goes by the name "850 WFTL" on the air with the slogan "Florida's Talk Leader". WFTL is owned by Hubbard Radio.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

i live in the hallandale area and can not get a radio that will play your station in my condo apartment. Love your station can only hear it in my car. any suggestions. thank you.
By: shirley Schneider on April 11, 2015

Still wondering about Paul Barsky- will he be coming back to WFTL?
By: Peter McWilliam on April 1, 2016

approximately 6 -630 thursday. missed the name of stocks and investments could you please send me names
By: elee on August 3, 2017

In regard to yesterdays show where you were discussing the pentagram that was displayed in Boca Raton during last years holiday season, the Pastor who is planning to get a sledge hammer if it is displayed this year, and destroy it, may caused other people to destroy the nativity scene and the Jewish menorah. Yes, many of us DO NOT agree with the person who put up the pentagram, because of our freedoms, his group had every right to do it. This individual is a teacher in one of the schools in the Palm Beach School District. There position is not to make a big deal of it and let it run its course. This teacher was spoken to about his beliefs and he cannot put his beliefs to any class that he teaches. Glenn S Todd
By: Glenn S Todd on September 27, 2017

Joyce Kauffman is absolutely GREAT. I listen to her everyday and she has educated me. I am a 76 yr old man and she is among the best ever. Prior to her the best was a guy out of New York called Bob Grant who has since passed away. I love Joyce and everything she stands for. Conversely, the guy that follows her, Barsky SUCKS. Can't stand listening too him. BORING. Arnold Einfalt Stuart Florida. Agent 1027r
By: Arnold Einfalt on July 20, 2018

UPCOMING WEEKEND EVENTS - The TREASURE COAST MODEL RAILROAD will have open house for the public to see model trains operating through miniature towns, rail yards and countryside. There is no admission charge. (Donations are appreciated) DATES: Saturday December 22, Friday December 28 and Saturday December 29 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm each day. LOCATION: 273 SW Becker Road, Port Saint Lucie, FL. One mile west of Florida's Turnpike on Becker Road. Near the intersection of Becker and Darwin. Bring the family. For more information go to
By: Robert Schrumpf on November 30, 2018

What happened to rich Stevens??
By: Pamela GAROFALO on February 14, 2019

Where. Is rich Stevens ? ir rich Stevens?i
By: Marilyn on February 19, 2019

Where has Rich Stevens gone???? Who is taking the place of Joyce in the afternoon before Barsky???
By: RHODA on February 21, 2019

WFTL must have the most incompetent program director in all of radio. BTW AlphaMedia dumped them on a company called Hubbard who now owns the station. They got rid of Savage and John Batchelor and Rich Stevens. They now run Barsky who is stupid and unlistenable, Markley and VanCamp in case you run out of Xanax and need to be bored to sleep, and Chad Benson who has nothing to say and seems not to have been told he is on the radio. I wonder how long WFTL will hold on to their ten remaining listeners. I have emailed them but they lack the courage to respond.
By: Peter on February 23, 2019

What have you done with the John Bachelor show - the only intelligent interview show on AM radio in South Florida?? You've lost this listener completely.
By: Carol Raspler on March 4, 2019

I went to an Oldies concert Sat Night at FAU. One of the groups was The Americans, formerly known as Jay Black and the Americans. Jay Black himself is no longer with the group. One of the original members of this group that was formed in 1961 is named Howard Kane/Kestenbaum. One of the things that he stated to the audience was: "Whenever you see us perform, you will notice that our clothes consist of three colors. RED, WHITE & BLUE. WHY? Because we respect the FLAG of our COUNTRY and the FREEDOMS THAT WE HAVE. We want to THANK all of you who served our country and to those of you who are presently serving our country, STAND UP AND TAKE A BOW AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Secondly, Let's not forget our BRAVE POLICE OFFICERS who many times get a bum rap. And what about our FIREFIGHTERS who are always running in to burning buildings to save people from being burned alive. And don't forget our FIRST RESPONDERS who are always ready to step up when tragedy occurs. WE THANK ALL OF YOU PEOPLE." Where have you ever heard anything like this before at any concert?
By: Glenn S Todd on March 25, 2019

I can't believe the idiotic changes made to the programs. First I can be listening to an interesting portion of Joe Pags and they interrupt the program with a basketball game. If I want sports I'll go to ESPN. You are a talk show station. I enjoyed Rich Stevens. He had the best listener participation. He is gone. You were lucky to have Savage. A controversial host with a large following. He's gone and so am I. I'll find Savage and stick with that station. Did you ever here the saying "if it works don't fix it."
By: Ed Stein on August 24, 2019

I love BARSKY RADIO! Paul Barsky is hilarious, and always makes me laugh. I haven't laughed with a radio show since Soupy Sales! I was his side-kick at NBC for years, and I know what is funny, and what isn't! Barsky is great! Laughing cures anything, and everything! Please keep Barsky on the station. I also love his side-kick, who has a great laugh! - Joyce Keller
By: joyce keller on September 19, 2019

PS Please renew Paul Barsky's contract, and give him a raise! I am also a talk-show host and radio personality, as well as being a radio junkie. I know great radio when I hear it! This man needs to be in syndication. He is the antidote to the shouting, ranting personalities, like Rush Limbaugh, who only want to distress listeners so that they can maintain ratings. Barsky and his partner are informative, intelligent and fun! What more can a listener expect? - Joyce Keller
By: joyce keller on September 19, 2019

I would eat Barsky alive. Dear God.....please......I'm here... ALSO: How stupid is the Gater? Barsky is their Morning Guy and they don't even recognize it. TYPICAL WKGR. Instead the Gater plods on with that absolute amateur Rig in the morning. YUK! Liner card radio in Morning Drive? WHAT is the Gater thinking? Hey kooks at WKGR: Get your check book out and call Barsky.....he's obviously your guy. Jeez... you don't see that? But still,... I would eat him alive.
By: Thomas Miske on December 18, 2019

I now tune to another radio station from 1-6 pm. Pure rubbish. What happened to savage and the john bachelor show? Two thought provoking personalities have been replaced by bad comedians.
By: Pamela GAROFALO on December 31, 2019

Did I miss something??? Did 850/WFTL change its format again> referring to January 30th, January 31st. Please don't tell me ....Has Barsky been moved, (I heard that his newest station manager was leaving,; that was a short stay. If its true; I for one can see why they just weren't a good match. I miss savage, I miss Rich Stevens and I miss the longer hours I had to listen to Joyce Kaufman. Barsky's style is different but I truly welcome the touch of humor he lends to all of his broadcasts.I certainly don't like the duo or threesome (hard to distinguish one from the other)They do a lot of laughing at their own material, which I find annoying. On the 30th and 31st I wound up having to endure them straight thru till 5:00 -6:00.
By: Carol Quincey on January 31, 2020

I am another listener that misses Savage. I do like Joyce and am glad she will at least be on the air for an hour. I am looking forward to the new line-up and happy that the 3-6 hours will be politically formatted. I drive from W Palm to Ft Lauderdale daily to and from work. I will not miss the Barsky show at all as very difficult to listen to.
By: THOMAS Andrew Reed on February 3, 2020

I too still miss Michael Savage. Joyce going to semi-retirement was not unexpected. I will miss the Barsky show. It was fun and a break from serious political radio talk. And the loss of the Rich Stevens show still bothers me. I guess we will see how it all works out going forward.
By: James McKee on February 3, 2020

I’m not sure why the lineup has changed but all of a sudden there was no Markley, Van Camp and Robins show!! I had to find them on the computer and listen that way. Also, I love Joyce Kauffman and was quite disappointed that her show was limited to an hour - not long enough!
By: Larry Bergstrom on February 3, 2020

By: R.L. on February 5, 2020

Being in Port St. Lucie I would listen to the Barsky podcast. There's nothing in the new lineup that is attractive.
By: Henry Farinas on February 7, 2020

I loved the Barsky Show. Where is he now. You made a huge mistake. Tried all week listening to his replacement. Can’t even stand his voice.
By: Grace Ann LoRusso Puente on February 7, 2020

Please bring barsky back
By: Anonymous on February 8, 2020

So Miss Barsky in the afternoon! On the ride home got entertained and informed. MISS BARSKY!!
By: Alice on February 10, 2020

Where is Barsky?? Thought maybe on vacation...was so much fun to listen to him and laugh on the way home! We need more laughs not more opinionated hosts! I am done with WFTL. 😣
By: C Cheyne on February 12, 2020

what happened to joe pags?
By: bob c on February 13, 2020

No explanation of Rich Stevens departure. Joyce only on for one hour? She’s the best! Sad about that move. And Barsky gone? He was terrific and funny and reminiscent of the late great Neil Rogers. More humor is needed on AM radio. I’m losing my taste for 850 now. I listen to the morning show, which is good, and Joyce, who is terrific, and that’s about it.
By: Teresa on February 20, 2020

850,,,,what have you done to your lineup. After Joyce I turn off 850. I cannot listen to Dana or Ben....I listen to Ben on FB for about 10 minutes and that's all I can take. And why did you push Joe Pags into the twilight zone? And put Kim Komando on early. If Joyce more 850 for me.
By: Janelle on February 23, 2020

By: Anonymous on March 1, 2020

haven't listened to your station since, Barsky left.
By: barbara l taffe on March 3, 2020

On my drive home at end of long day at office Barsky was always able to give me an entertaining ride home. Now Ben, who talks so fast and furious I feel stressed and his voice is irritating that I have to change station. Not sure what happened to Barsky but it was a big mistake!
By: BARBARA ANN WEEKS on March 4, 2020

I have e-mailed WFTL station mgr. Paul Mason, and did have an early reply. From the above, I see that I am not the only one dissatisfied with the current afternoon lineup. PLEASE rehire Barsky, and eliminate Dana and Ben - you probably have someone else in mind who could fill the 1-3 hrs., and then get Paul back in his 3-6 slot. He was a great end-of-the-day "breath of fresh air". Thank you - I will continue to tune in unless it becomes obvious that changes aren't made. . . . .
By: mary anne greely on April 1, 2020

With amendment 4 inviting 1.4 million ex felons to vote during some elections during school time its time to close schools during elections like other schools do. Florida does have safe school zone laws. We are suppose to keep drug dealers away from schools not invite them to schools.Almost 50% of ex felons go back to jail. We should worry about protecting children,teachers and fellow voters and not politics.
By: PATRICK l SCHROEDER on April 10, 2020

Bring back Barsky and Stephens or lose many of us.
By: J .marcus on April 28, 2020

I really don't like the Joyce Kaufman show. I cannot stand her commercials she sounds like a carnival Barker Hawking Goods. I try not to buy anything that she advertises
By: Anonymous on April 30, 2020

Please get Barsky back. I'm sure Ben is a nice guy but I just can't stand to listen to him. Barsky was the best!
By: Dan Herman on June 6, 2020

I haven't listened to your station since you got rid of Savage a couple of years ago. In fact, I deleted the app after you took him off the air. The only other show I listened to was Joyce Kaufman, and now she's down to an hour everyday, as I understand it. I I used to be a loyal listener, but I stopped listening because whoever your director of programming is is completely incompetent.So to put it bluntly, now your station sucks BIG LEAGUE!! So you can say goodbye to this listener!
By: Bryen DeLaurie on June 7, 2020

Bring Barsky back. He was entertaining. Dana & Ben, hard to listen to, talk too fast, horrible voices. The early am morning couple, all they do is laugh & totally uninteresting. They also have horrible voices. Miss Rich Stevens in the morning. I have switched to other stations. Please, please bring Barsky, Rich back. 850is losing more listeners ever day.
By: Linda on June 22, 2020

I still miss Barsky! What happened to him? I can't find any news on the internet. I just can't listen to the guy that took Barsky's place in the afternoon.
By: Dan Herman on July 18, 2020

Barsky was the funniest most talented talk show host I have ever heard, and I've heard them all. I was a big Neil Rogers fan, but Barsky was as entertaining if not more entertaining than Uncle Neil. Two different hosts, but both amazing to listen to. Clearly Barsky belongs on a much bigger stage than SoFLA, maybe something National. But I don't know if talk radio is ready for someone as different as him, since it's nothing but a wasteland of the same old Rush Limbaugh clones. One thing is for sure, we need more humor on the radio now more than ever.
By: Paul Cohen on August 19, 2020

Can you please deliver this to Joe Pags. He asked for it. I cant find an Email addy.
By: Dr Ralph Cockrell on January 8, 2021

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