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WJAS 1320

WJAS 1320 AM

City of License:
Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh, PA

St. Barnabas Broadcasting (Pittsburgh Radio Partners LLC)

WJAS is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1320 KHz. The station is licensed to Pittsburgh, PA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "WJAS 1320" on the air. WJAS is owned by St. Barnabas Broadcasting.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

i love the music played on this station but the numerous commercials is mindnumbing. They repeat phone numbers 3-4 times and it is very irritating. i have shut off the station at times b/c of this. I do understand that advertising means dollars but...... i doubt you can change this but it was nice to be able to let you know. other than that, keep playing this great music!
By: debbie tedesco on May 9, 2011

By: D JOHNSON on September 19, 2011

1320 WJAS was the best station around! The blend of music was great! Sadly it was sold & became Talk Radio. I've been listening to this station for 27 years. Actually more than that! Back into the 70's really.(remember 13-Q)I wish Jack Bogut, Bill Cardille & Carol Finelli the best!!
By: CHUCK RITCHEY on August 12, 2014

I do love talk radio, however, the quality of sound is poor on the AM dial, can it be improved for day and night time listening? Also, the programming is not constant and I can't count on a program to be there at a certain time - is this what the future holds for us listeners?
By: Barb Sheats on October 3, 2014

i was sad when talk radio moved to this AM station. the reception is poor in Washington and Westmoreland counties. also, I am unable to find a web site for WJAS so I can find the daily and weekly schedule. from what I can find about the new owner, doing things with such poor results is not his normal way of conducting business. PLEASE improve the channel. I miss my 24 hours of talk.
By: susan murdy on October 30, 2014

Hi I have not been able to get 1320 on my radios since Sun June 7. What is going on ? I live near Pittsburgh. Thanks
By: Karen Egner on July 8, 2019

I can't get any signal rather at home or in my car I live in Pittsburgh PA area
By: Anonymous on July 8, 2019

By: Edward Susterich on July 8, 2019

7/9/19 I also still do not get 1320 AM , I live mount Washington. When will this be fixed? Thank u.
By: Laura on July 9, 2019

I can't get 1320 on radio at home or in the car. Why is that?
By: Dianne Warren on July 10, 2019

What is the name of the Sunday afternoon car talk show?
By: Harry Cook on October 10, 2019

I love the programming. Can you improve the signal? Excited for Wendy!
By: SUSAN on January 21, 2021

I was very happy to hear Wendy Bell's voice on WJAS! My husband and I were riding in the car yesterday. I turned on one of my favorite stations-WJAS, and I said to my husband, " That sounds like Wendy Bell" ! I am thrilled that she is back. She has a HUGE amount of common sense, so we have another strong voice back on the air, and I feel strongly that she is speaking for the majority of us. There is a God! .
By: Nancy on January 27, 2021

What happened to the Glen Beck Program?
By: Stephen Wilson on January 28, 2021

I have absolutely no desire to listen to Wendy Bell. Bring back Beck, please.
By: John Latta on February 5, 2021

Why did you stop Glen Beck program? I am not happy. I will have to find something else to listen to between 9-12
By: Joanne on February 5, 2021

Thank goodness Yinz finally got rid of big mouth gold pushing Glenn Beck. Thank You for bringing Ms. Wendy Bell into the lineup. She has common sense and is more of a local personality and cares about local issues that deal with our part of America as well as National news too.
By: DMZABO on February 9, 2021

Bring back Glenn Beck!!
By: Jan on February 10, 2021

I second the above comment= WHAT HAPPENED TO GLEN BECK PROGRAM???? You lost me as an listner when you put Wendy Bell in place of Glenn Beck
By: Willliam T. on February 15, 2021

Manic one-note screecher Wendy Bell lacks the intellectual range of a charismatic autodidact crackpot like Glenn Bell. She's a superspreader of ignorance, and she's awfully rude, in her signature vulgar way, to the station's newscaster and her producer. Maybe she once had some appeal as a newsreader, but left to the shallows of her own brainpan, she comes off as a dullard endlessly repeating her readily refutable articles of faith. It's easy to see why she has drawn some followers; she puts them at ease with their dreamily unnuanced, fact-free approach to provincial life.
By: Listener on February 16, 2021

Really a shame that the station wasted the last hour of Beck's tribute to Rush Limbaugh by sticking with Wendy. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels cheated. WJAS must really hate their listeners. Wendy always sounds like she's rehearsing for a talent show.
By: Beck fan on February 18, 2021

I concur. I much prefer the whiny hypocrisy and moronic, messianic, conspiracy-laden ramblings of Glenn Beck to the whiny hypocrisy and moronic race-baiting of Wendy Bell.
By: Doug on February 23, 2021

Is anyone else not able to listen to WJAS today 02/24/2021 ??? it will not broadcast on my phones or desk top
By: LJ on February 24, 2021

Where is Glenn Beck? He has been a staple for us and our friends for years on your station if he is gone we have no more interest in listening to 1320. Good bye.
By: Conrad M. on February 26, 2021

I'd be concerned if I thought that Wendy actually believes any of the stuff she says. But I think she has reached such a nadir in her broadcasting career that she's savvy enough to realize that appealing to the demographic of the uneducated bitter hick is her only hope. My worry is about the extent to which she is misleading the gullible. WJAS should be ashamed of itself.
By: raydiogurl on February 28, 2021

I rarely tune in to WB's show, but when I do, she's insulting Brock, her producer. Her treatment of him reveals the smallness of her character. Egomaniac that she is, she even talks over him and laughs when he's reading the weather report. Very bad manners, very low class all the way.
By: Bring Back Glenn on March 13, 2021

Bring beck Glenn Beck. Wendy is too hyper. No one will ever replace Rush but if this is the Rose of “Quinn & Rose” you will be loosing me completely. Is WJAS going WOK by going with the women. Good bye WJAS
By: Janet Stuthers on March 17, 2021

First Wendy Bell and now Rose Tennent? You lost me as a faithful listener. My radio will now be tuned to 1250. Good Bye.
By: Marian W P on March 17, 2021

I can't believe that Glenn Beck will be gone... I can understand filling Rushes place, but not with Rose Tennent. Put Wendy on in that slot. I will be listening to the radio on my phone from now on and never go back. Shame on you!
By: Susan Robinson on March 18, 2021

After Rush Limbaugh died, I read some articles claiming that talk radio would die now, too. That remains to be seen. One thing's for sure, though. With the displacement of Glenn Beck and the hiring of Bell and Tennent, I am through with WJAS. It was bad enough that they hired Bloomdaddy. But now it looks as if the station has gone full hillbilly.
By: Departer on March 18, 2021

I like Wendy Bell and I love Rose Tennent two great conservatives. Very happy with both of them.
By: Gary J Radziak on March 19, 2021

I, as so many other people, loved Rush Limbaugh, and have thoroughly enjoyed the shows that have continued since he died. I can't stand Wendy Bell, and now you are bringing in another female voice, Rose Tennent. I am gone from WJAS. I have learned to like Boomdaddy after quite a few years, but I will not be listening to him either since I will be changing stations to listen to Dan Bongino, who has been tapped to fill Rush's time frame, but not on WJAS, that's for sure. You must be getting cheap that you can't have the regulars on--that those of us who have listene3d to talk radio, have learned to love through the years. I am not that fond of Glenn Beck, but he sure beats the two women you have hired. Good-bye WJAS!
By: Carole A. W. on March 19, 2021

It’s obvious that you’re trying to save money by putting local talent on rather than running national shows. This will be your demise. KDKA can get away with it but you won’t be able to because your signal is not that strong.
By: TC on March 19, 2021

YOU LOST ME!! I have been a faithful listener of 1320 everyday from 9-3 forever. I never missed Glenn Beck or Rush. What in the world were you thinking bringing on Wendy Bell in place of Glenn Beck and now Rose Tennent to replace Rush...what a slap in the face to Rush and Glenn for that matter. I will not be listening to 1320 anymore. I guess our only hope is that 1250 realizes what 1320 has done to turn away their radio audience and will not make the same mistake. Good Bye 1320...may you rest in peace!!!
By: Janet Reddinger on March 20, 2021

the only way wendy and rose can survive is to have good guests, often. then they need to be quiet and let the guest talk. if not their shows will be repetitious and annoying. concentrate on four things: the scamdemic speciically the over reaction, the george floyd death and subsequent riots, the fraudulent election, and the capitol riots. these narratives have been deceptive and need to countered. good guests on these subjects will be enlightening. brock contributes nothing but to be wendy's security blanket. he is not needed on the air. he can contribute behind the scenes, like snurdley did for rush. rip rush!
By: donald gerald born on March 22, 2021

Buh-Bye. I like Wendy but can only take her screeching for 30 minutes. Rose has no talent whatsoever. I’m sure it’s a financial decision for the new owners but I can’t believe you will attract more advertising with these two. Surely they know how many people are accessing the station through iHeartRadio.
By: Otto on March 22, 2021

Where can I find the new lineup and times of your daily shows.
By: Cindy on March 22, 2021

Where is Glenn Beck, and Mark Levin? And no Dan Bongino from 12 to 3? I've listened to tour radio for years, but wint be any longer. Maybe Bloomdaddy in am but after that I'll find another radio station
By: Diane M S. on March 23, 2021

Goodbye 1320. Who makes your decisions?
By: Anonymous on March 23, 2021

I would much rather listen to Dan Bongino than that annoying Rose. Six hours of two female hosts is a bit much!!
By: Kathy B. on March 23, 2021

Why didn't the station get Jim Quinn instead of Rose. I will no longer listen to WJAS. I would listen to Jim Quinn. Where is Mark Levin?
By: Samantha on March 23, 2021

What a loss when we all lost Rush, but even though I appreciate Rose wouldn't it been better to place, my favorite, Glenn Beck into the noon spot? I love Wendy Bell and I believe she's deserving of a place in the morning lineup. Beck carried so many of us in the 9 to noon. I'm afraid that Rose just won't be able to hold too long once she runs out of "friends" to interview. Nothing personal towards her, but Rose had her day and now she's in her 60's trying to make a comeback. I hope conservative talk radio isn't burning its bridges in Pittsburgh. As for a financial decision for the station...I certainly hope St Barnabas isn't playing poor mouth as the new owner. You're supposed to make things better, not worse.
By: Brant Dempster on March 23, 2021

No Mark Levin. Rose tenant without Jim Quinn goodbye
By: Stephen Povlick on March 24, 2021

I am totally disappointed in this station. I loved listening to Glen Beck, Rush and Mark Levin. Three great minds! I won't be listening to Wendy or Rose. They are annoying and uninspiring. So done with this idiotic lineup. Goodbye for good!
By: Ro on March 24, 2021

If Wendy and Rose are inevitable, why not just one hour a day for each? Neither has the intellectual range or the material to carry a three-hour show; each has a very limited (and limiting) set of preoccupations. A shorter program would surely play to their strengths. With the three-hour block, you can practically hear them watching the clock. I heard Rose for just ten or so minutes (during her final half-hour) today, and she was treading water.
By: straying listener on March 25, 2021

You removed Glenn Beck and I am done with 1320! Horrible decision for sure.....and why Rose? Bye 1320!!
By: margie on March 25, 2021

Wendy Bell will probably lose her cool again. She seems to run far over the hill with the ethics of her speech. Her scripts point to both low and high points in ways that are unethical. In other words, Ms Bell speaks before thinking. As a journalist both on TV and Radio, she should have learned there are always 2 ways to get your point across. Unfortunately, she seems to choose the path that splatters the mud right in the face, then returns at another time using the same point, but in a different way.
By: Eleanor Skibo on March 26, 2021

Bloom Daddy Big fan keep up the good work to follow up on one of your segments this morning I try to dumb things done if I'm driving my car and someone walks up at the stop sign to get in I don't let him when I get home a beggar comes to the door and wants to live there I don't let him if I go into an office building in downtown Pittsburgh I got to go through security protocol if I want to move from Texas where you can open carry and live in Pennsylvania you have to get a Pennsylvania license to carry and if you want to come into our country like my grandfather's did through Ellis island you need to practice the protocol this is not being prejudice this is common sense and if you're coming from a country that doesn't vaccinate you as a child you present a threat to the health of other Americans and to spend this even further if I wanted to become a citizen of another country you can bet their protocol is as tough if not tougher than ours yikes
By: James Petrucci on April 1, 2021

Thank you for getting rid of Glen Beck at 9. I'm not crazy about the program that's on but anything is better than listen to Beck laugh at his own bad jokes and doing stupid voices. You should have just extended Bloomdaddy to six hours. Beck is in the perfect time slot now because that's when I listen to Joe Pags. Where in the name of God can I get a full schedule? That's something I don't understand your station is on the air from midnight to six AM so why you won't post a schedule is beyond me. Thank you again for getting rid of Beck I couldn't stand that show it was only good when he had guest hosts.
By: Robert Dixon on April 3, 2021

Where’s Clyde Lewis who was on at midnight each evening on Ground Zero?
By: Lily on April 3, 2021

Radio Rose! I love the sparkle in her voice, I love her sunny disposition, but her gushiness starts to sound forced and bogus when every guest is her "favorite" and every caller is a sweetheart, a babe, and she loves everybody--ugh. She brags about herself way too much, and her bumper music--those grating anthems of pre-teen self-empowerment--is the worst to be found anywhere in talk-radio land. But, overall, she's easier to take than woebegone Wendy shaking over the microphone in gusts of paranoia. Poor Brock. He's starting to show signs of Stockholm Syndrome.
By: occasional listener in the car on April 5, 2021

I can not stand 6 hours of women talking! Neither Rose or Wendy are anything like Glen or Rush! It shows that their research into preparing for their daily show is just skimming the surface. The listeners were used to in depth knowledge and discussion. You have lost 2 more listeners
By: Donna on April 8, 2021

I have enjoyed this station for years. It had the per fect line up, but that ended with the new ownership.. I don't care to listen to Wendy pontificate for 3hours. Glenn Beck was great in that time slot. Rose cant carry 3 hours. How could one think she Is better than Dan Bongino? Then at 6pm bye to Dave Clyde Lewis at midnight. The weekend is awful..Handel on the Law. He is pompous and offensive. Radio Delux offered a nice enjoyable musical presentation for a saturday pm. Yes, it is still on at 5 am Sunday, but that is not a really relevant time. I will not be tuning in. You ve hired all of Kdka's rejects. And most evenings it seems one cant even tune in WJAS. ITS SAD..IT WAS GREAT. It would behoove you to rethink your choices
By: Linda E on April 9, 2021

It's really sad to see a good station go down so fast. There were weak spots all along (I think the reason why Bloomdaddy talks so fast is that even he knows that very little of what he says has any value whatsoever; he belonged at Chuck E. Cheese, not on AM radio, let alone during morning drive ), but running some retirement infomercial instead of the first half hour or so of the already demoted Glenn Beck and then expecting that people will put up with the glaring mediocrity of Bell and Tennent is really just too much. I stopped tuning in entirely.
By: G-O-N-E on April 9, 2021

Accidentally heard the first few minutes of Rose today during her symphony of self-love. Was embarrassed on her behalf. Egotism that extreme is creepy.
By: Anonymous on April 15, 2021

Please bring back Glenn Beck! The strident, opinionated Wendy Bell is a horrible commentator. There are other conservatives filling Rush's time slot but having Rose Soma instead of Rush is two too many local women to listen to! I've been a fan of 1320 for many years, but not now. Or never again if your line up stays without Glenn Beck! So disappointed!
By: Dari M. on April 16, 2021

Can any of you talk radio followers answer this question: Rose talks a lot about having taken a leave of absence from radio to work for the 2020 Trump campaign. Did she in fact have a radio job at that point? If so, which station was it? Thank you.
By: questioner on April 23, 2021

Rose claims, at least within the context of a commercial, that she is a germophobe, and yet outside of that context, she insists that she doesn't wear a mask. Makes no sense, but maybe expecting sense from her is in itself unreasonable. She has a beautifully musical voice, though.
By: dial surfer on April 26, 2021

What happened to Wendy Bell?? I'm really really disappointed with your change in lineup. While I can understand some people's comments about wanting to hear Glenn Beck, for Pete's sake there SHOULD be room for both! And to take her off without any real notice or explanation is just wrong. Please post some sort of explanation and I sincerely hope you plan to bring Wendy and Brock back at some point, whether it's for one hour or three, it doesn't matter, there are so few speaking truth right now that we need to fight for those that do and a s a station that advertises itself as TALK RADIO, should YOU stand up for the truth if nothing else.
By: Laurie Mo on May 10, 2021

I listened to wjas every day because of Wendy more
By: s r werrin on May 11, 2021

I want Wendy Bell back! What happened? Also, what happened to Mark Levin show from 9-12 PM? You should disclose the reasons why you have cancelled them as a courtesy to your listeners. I have decided to cancel WJAS,
By: Disappointed and Discouraged on May 12, 2021

I'M BACK FROM 9-12!! Having Glenn Beck back from 9-12 has made my day...I was listening to him on a radio station out of Maryland until I realized he was back on 1320am in his regular slot. You can only take Wendy Bell in small glad she's gone!!! Now you just need to replace Rose with Dan Bongino..or anyone that is better than Rose (that wouldn't be hard). Listen to what your listeners are saying and why we tuned out. The majority of us are not listening anymore from 12-3 because of Rose. Please think about replacing her and you can be pretty sure we'll be least I will!!
By: Janet on May 13, 2021

You fixed what wasn't broken. Ain't s'posed to do that.
By: Brian B on May 14, 2021

Get rid of Rose she is boring don’t listen from 12:00-3:00. To go from Rush to her no way. At least put Dan Bongino in that time slot to bring back your audience.
By: Ruthie P on May 14, 2021

Maybe if Rose occasionally invited guests whose views are opposed to her own, the program would be less of a snooze. There's too much of a lovefest vibe. I listened to the entire show today. There was perhaps enough content for a single half hour, but it was stretched out over three hours. She sounds lazy, insincere, underprepared, and vain. It would be thrilling to pair her with Lynn Cullen and let them debate. Other than calling the left "stupid" and "idiots" (those are the only two words she can summon; she uses them over and over), she doesn't seem ready, or able, to talk directly to the left. Despite her bumper music, there doesn't seem to be any fight in her. I can't imagine that in all of radiodom there was anyone less intellectually equipped to take over Rush's time slot. She's be great at an inspirational, religious sort of show.
By: Dittohead on May 25, 2021

Rose does a decent job. She has a very pleasant personality. There’s not a lot of depth to the show, but she obviously loves what she’s doing. I wish there was more of a focus on local issues, especially since a major part of her appeal is the fact that she is a local host. The Friday round table discussion is always the best part of the show.
By: Tuned in on May 28, 2021

Sad to see that Rose is gone. She has so much potential and so much presence. If only she had put more effort and preparation into her show instead of coasting. She was more of a personality than a pundit. The interviews were too often lightweight and sometimes just happy gab, the weekly hour with Jim Quinn was mostly filler, and she blew her own horn so much that it was embarrassing to hear her keep telling us how great she is. Her monologues often sounded as if they were improvised with little forethought. Yet if she really put her mind to it and did a lot more reading in advance of the program, she could probably shine. Her heart is in the right place, but her mind seemed stuck in a rut--so much repetition from day to day. I hope she does some soul-searching and finds a way to strengthen her presentation and return to the airwaves. I wish her well.
By: Sorry to see Rose gone on June 22, 2021

Rose Tennent is such an unusual character in local talk radio. She comports herself as if she were a national figure yet can't hold a job at even marginal radio stations in a small market. The name of the show, "Rose Unplugged," is also peculiar; borrowed from that old MTV program in which musicians played on unamplified ("unplugged") instruments, the term "unplugged" on Rose's show always suggested that the connection to the power source had been severed. She has usually been low on energy. True, she is great at chitchat, but the low energy reveals itself when the discussion turns to substantive issues and devolves into platitudes and generalizations. I remember when I first started listening to Quinn and Rose while getting ready for work. (Why did I listen, you might ask? Because the pace was very, very s-l-o-w , and I always needed a very gradual re-entry into consciousness and the workday.) She would never show up on time, and when she eventually waltzed in, her contributions to the program were usually limited to insults directed at Quinn (often at his appearance, despite his have aged a lot more gracefully than she has) and her reading aloud of articles she had found online. Quinn did a lot of on-air reading as well (the show always sounded like a filibuster), but he has a charming, self-deprecating personality, so a listener could be a little forgiving of his undisguised underachievement. Wendy Bell is easily the loopiest of the locals, but at least she does her homework: she can cite the twisted statistics and distorted logic of cranks and crackpots chapter and verse. Rose, on the other hand, always tried to get by on cutesy personality alone, and Quinn indulged her. Only a few weeks into her new show, she failed to show up one afternoon, and Quinn, having been summoned, kept saying, "Something came up, we're waiting for her." She never did show up. The next day, the most we learned was that she was suddenly in Florida. I guess she just assumes that everybody finds her winsome and bubbly and adorable. If she could rein in her narcissism, she could probably be a capable host of a puppet show for kids. She has talent, absolutely, but it's underdeveloped. As a fill-in host sitting in for Hannity and others, she always sounds like a substitute teacher, pleasant for a day but not quite up to the rigors and demands of a full-time job. We need more women in talk radio, so I was very hopeful when WJAS signed Bell and Tennent: I really was wishing that they would flourish this time. But neither of them seems to learn from mistakes. Fortunately, they still have time to do so. They obviously have the desire to succeed, and I'd be the first to cheer them on. Maybe reinvention is just around the corner!
By: my two cents on June 24, 2021

What’s with the ego-bloated mushmouth mall cop mumbling self-importantly from noon till three? Even Radio Rose was better in this berth.
By: Been away on February 28, 2022

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