Radio Station Information

WKCW 1420 AM

City of License:
Warrenton, VA

Country Oldies

Washington, DC

Edosomwan (Radio Companion Limited Liability Company)

WKCW is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1420 KHz. The station is licensed to Warrenton, VA and is part of the Washington, DC radio market. The station broadcasts Country Oldies programming. WKCW is owned by Edosomwan.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Sunday August 14, 2011 9:30 am Wow! Oldies on AM! I thought I was picking up Buffalo N.Y. for a moment there ! Now you need to diversify with some specialty programming like Doo-wop , Rockabilly or 1960s British Invasion/Garage Band sounds on Friday - Sunday evenings. Heck,those hot rod & classic car folks that assemble at various diners and barbecue joints on weekends would dig hearin' Surf/Drag & instrumental sounds ! Ya gotta good thing here. Get " Manned" not "Canned"! Nothin' like a "Boss Jock" screamin' out of a dash board ! Thanks Art " Lobo " Wray
By: Art Lobo Wray on August 14, 2011

I stumbled upon this AM station and was so delighted to hear oldies. I am weary of old R&R, and have often thought that the "POP" songs of the past are really neglected. There were artists that did not sing Rock who were as popular as Elvis, Johnny Mathis , Doris Day, Dean Martin, Perry Como, to name a few, your format is finally acknowledging them. Thank you. I listen all the time.
By: Sally Biondi on February 7, 2012

I wish WKCW remained a Gospel Format.It was uplifting to listen,relate and be encouraged by the messages these songs presented.They changed the format to Top-40 Oldies,the problem is they keep repeated these songs over again which is really no fun to listen to any longer.I'm disapointed at the station especially that it does not benefit the listeners.On May 12th,2012
By: Wilburn on May 13, 2012

My name is Mike Edwards and I was amazed that WKCW AM 1420 TURNED INTO OLDIES FORMAT. i ACTUALLY USED TO WORK AT WKCW IN THE 1990'S. i WAS THE Mid time air Personality! I had such a great time there at the time. I am glad it is back on te air with Oldies! Have any on air POSITIONS AVAIALABLE haha. Thanks Mike Edwards
By: Mike Edwards on July 6, 2012

I also listen to WKCW, AM 1420 and love the music, what a powerful station all night long. I am more than 500 miles from Warrenton, Virginia, not far from Binghamton, NY. How do they get such a powerful signal with just 60 Watts of night time power?
By: Night time listener on June 14, 2013

I can no longer get your signal even in the daytime, in Reston, VA. I also tried to get it over the Internet, but again, was not successful.
By: John Sauter on April 25, 2016

I was "surfing" the AM band when I came across WKCW. It's great to hear all the songs that the Top 40 "Oldies" stations don't play. (I remember when they "originally" played and AM was all we had.) Your signal is loud and clear throughout NoVA (from Leesburg to McLean and Alexandria to Woodbridge) during the day. Only wish a more powerful signal was possible for night time reception in Herndon. Thank You.
By: James Koca on July 17, 2016

This station was breaking through onto the long wave band around 170khz, monitored on a SDR! 1300 hrs GMT on Nov 22nd 2016.
By: J.birkett on November 22, 2016

I grew up listing to this station in the 60's so glad to see it still has the same format. Wish you broadcast live though the internet. Just wanted to relive my youth
By: Dean welch on February 24, 2017

I stumbled upon 1420 while changing stations on the very first tube radio I ever fully restored, a 1955 Zenith R511 (their marketed name for this model back in the day was, "The Broadway"). What a great find, their playlist of what I heard before they turned down the power for the night was awesome. Now I have another AM station to keep in mind as an alternative to the wasteland of typical AM news/talk. AM can sound good if done right and it's especially good on a tube radio made back when quality meant something. I would love to see this station apply for a better FCC license so they can crank up the transmission power!!!
By: Joey D on March 16, 2017

WKCW, I hear the music, but I do not hear any commercials ! Who pays the bills ? Tax write off for another business? Yes, I liked select oldies for a long, long time. (I still listen to 50s oldies only on Sirius XM in my car.) BUT, why not get some commercials by programming to us of the older set ? WE STILL BUY A LOT, LIKE CRUISES. If it were me, I would mix in the oldies of the mid to late 50s and tone down the 70s and 80s hard stuff. Remember when top 40 radio had EVERYTHING on the "Fab 40" on WHK (Johnny Holiday was #1) and KYW in Cleveland. Yes, one heard the Coasters and Little Richard, but also Lawrence Welk (Calcutta), Dean Martin , the Chordetts, Don Gibson, etc. Heck, KYW jock Joe Finan liked Glenn Gray's orchestra so he played some. I have tried "Gamut Radio" but way too rocky for me as is the present WKCW. Tone it down PLEASE...too much R&B (Temptations an exception). I have a radio in the kitchen for my daily talk show rants on "The Answer 1260" but can not get any music I like since WHVR killed classic country on 1280. I HATE COMMERCIAL FM RADIO !!!!!!! PROGRAM TO EARLY BABY BOOMERS WHO NUMBER IN THE TENS OF MILLIONS...PLEASE ! Otherwise, it's to Pandora for good but the iPad has lousy speaker sound. Thanks for reading this WKCW. Send me an email to confirm you read it. Thanks.
By: Jim Locke on June 27, 2017

Great station! Found it while flipping through channels on my console stereo in the house. R&B and the Oldies are the best combination! And with minimal commercials; the best! I never knew that Washington DC ever had a decent radio station. Only thing, I am less than 50 miles away from Warrenton, and I still get static, and poor reception. I hope they increase the transmission power, so it sound better.
By: Joe McCarthy on October 11, 2017

WOW! I never though there was a station like this in DC. FM in DC is such garbage. WKCW is literally the best station in DC!! Best mix of Yatch Rock, R&B, 70's, 80's, 80's country, and some classic oldies. The best thing: NO COMMERCIALS! Whoever manages this station has excellent taste in music! I can sing along to about every song; classics. I wish there was someway to contact them; I would love to donate to keep this station going! I highly recommend this station.
By: Jenny C on January 14, 2018

GREAT STATION - Yes! WKCW is Northern Virginia's 'Classic hit station'. The best songs, best lineup, and no commercials! What more could you ask for? Do not change a thing, one after another, the songs are all great. I keep WKCW playing in my store, house, and car. I wish your "tune in" website worked, so I could get a better signal when the station powers down for the night.
By: Daniel Juers on March 13, 2018

More Kenny G, and more Disco, please! Otherwise, this station is great.
By: Kevin Wu on March 31, 2018

Im stuck in traffic on I-64 in Williamsburg Va and was looking for the traffic update Station but I stumbled across this Station and I Love it 🤗. I gotta find a way to save this Station or find the live broadcast over the Internet before I go back home to Philadelphia Pa. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
By: Anonymous on August 24, 2018

Wonderful station. I really appreciate the ownership keeping this type of music on the air. Listening from Gaithersburg, Md
By: G. W. B. on October 20, 2018

LOVE THIS Station and live in fairfax near Burk and can get it in daytime really wish they could incresse power during night time to!! i love it and am radio i also listen to zoomer radio 740 and 650 wsm and 570 the answer
By: ZACH G on May 19, 2020

i listen to also WAMU 885 Npr WMAL 1059 WTOP 1035 Big 100.3 classic rock 987 Wmzq Country 933 WFLS Country on fm radio out of dc
By: zach g on July 3, 2020

WKCW 1420am is my favorite radio station. I love the eclectic selection of music played. I am 48 years old, I hear songs that I have not heard since I was a kid in the 70’s. Brings back fond memories of a better era way back when. I find Rev Johnson A. Edosomwan’s messages at 12 and 5pm to be inspiring and uplifting. This station WKCW 1420am really is the best kept secret in radio for all of Washington DC and surrounding areas. It feels good to listen to WKCW’s daily playlist.
By: Steve Campbell on July 26, 2020

We used to listen to WKCW on a regular radio when we lived in Stafford and Woodbridge. We moved out of Virginia in 2017, and I would sure like to be able to listen once again via the Internet. Please start streaming your broadcasts, and the sooner the better.
By: Roger W Klein on November 11, 2020

How do I contact WKCW by email?
By: Barry Davies on January 7, 2021

love this radio station.
By: Lyle W Ray on March 29, 2021

I am a former broadcaster DJ/engineer and now reside 1/2 mile from the WKCW towers near the intersection of US15/29/17 just outside the Warrenton town limits. When they drop power at night, even I can't receive their signal. During the day, I've received them as far away as Charles Town WV, Leesburg VA and Vienna VA. Would be nice if they could get a 24-hour frequency at full power. Regarding the still "commercial-free" music, it seems to be mostly 1970's and 1980's with an emphasis on R&B music at times. It is not clear if the music source is via satellite (they have a few large dishes on the site) or on studio equipment. I've estimated their music library being under 1,000 songs. If management was so hidden away, I would like to offer my services to get involved with the programming. In closing, it was interesting to read all the comments above to learn the history of this station. It clearly has touched a lot of people over the years.
By: Dave on May 10, 2021

It felt like I was in the twilight zone today when I found tbis station.The lineup could be the exact lineup from days listening to the radio from my childhood. Not the usual oldies hits, but the exact play list. I was delighted and creeped out at the same time. I felt like I had literally travelled back in time. The fact that there are no ads and no DJs is also a bit creepy.
By: Heather on June 23, 2021

I remember listening to WKCW ! or as it was popularly callled "Big K" growing up in nearby Rappahannock County in the late 50s, early 60s. Had not thought about it for years, didn't know if still existed. See its not country anymore. It was a great station, back then it played all types of country music, bluegrass as well as latest hits, older artists, not just new stars. One of its great djs was a man named Eddie Matherly who died suddenly of a heart attack and his fans were so saddened. I remember listening on the morning before I went to school when Patsy Cline and other Opry stars were killed in a plane crash. Wish there was a country station like it now, I find so much of contemporary country consists of banal, insipid lyrics, depicting a shallow hedonism so unlike the joy and sorrow, the emotionalism and vitality of country of the past. The liner notes for the soundtrack of O Brother Where Art Thou? cLled it " warmed over pop/rock with greeting card lyrics." Great movie that was, saw Ralph Stanley back in 2012 when Ben Jones(Cooter) put on a Dukes of Hazzard festival in Rappahannock. Have been watching Ken Burns documentary Country Music and reminded of just how great the pionerrs of the field were.
By: Patrick on July 9, 2021

I listened to the "Big K" in the 80s when Tomcat Reeder reigned in the morning and it was a country station. I love the oldies format. It is just like the top 40 playlists of my youth. One thing I loved about top 40 of the 70s and early 80,s is that the playlists were so eclectic. You could listen to Manilow, Aerosmith, disco, novelty songs, country crossover and everything in between. Now I notice that it has been off the air for several weeks. Please tell me that this is not permanent. Does anybody know the reason?
By: Jim on July 12, 2021

Still off the air as of today. Does anyone know what happened?
By: Mike on August 31, 2021

They got knocked off the air by a storm in early July and have been missing in action ever since. I suspect they sustained lightning damage that’s either impossible or just not worth it to fix.
By: Eric on September 2, 2021

They're back! They came back up sometime in the last few days. I caught the evangelist/owner guy doing his little Q&A show at lunchtime, followed by the usual odd music mix. (A Duophonic copy of "I Want to Hold Your Hand"? REALLY?) Glad to have them back at any rate.
By: Eric on September 15, 2021

I had been listening to WKCW for the past couple of months on the websdr site. The station has been off the air for over a week now. Anyone have any info as to what's going on?
By: Tom on February 22, 2024

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