Radio Station Information

Unanimo Deportes


City of License:
Kendall, FL

Spanish Sports

Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Web site:

Actualidad Media Group (Actualidad 990am Licensee, LLC)

WMYM is an AM radio station broadcasting at 990 KHz. The station is licensed to Kendall, FL and is part of the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL radio market. The station broadcasts Spanish Sports programming and goes by the name "Unanimo Deportes" on the air. WMYM is owned by Actualidad Media Group. This station broadcast a majority of its content in Spanish.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I’ve posted this information in Washington DC, Denver and Boulder Colorado, Seattle and Spokane Washington. Sacramento and San Jose California, Leesburg, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Miami Florida. I’ve also gotten it to almost all the radio stations in Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington including KISW. On Wednesday May 15th, 2019 I was locked out of my email accounts by hackers and prevented from opening any new ones. As a result of this situation I’m forced to recreate this message every time I get on the computer. Today I’ve already been forced off the computer once in order to prevent me from getting information out concerning HIV. Two days prior to that The Family got their hands on my thumb drive. It had all the files I was using to inform people about what was happening between The Family and I. I had back up’s in my email accounts but once they locked me out of my email accounts I lost all access to the previous files I have been using to inform people about the criminal conduct of The Family. I had started sending information to radio stations two days prior to being locked out and had contacted quite a few radio stations in the Los Angeles area the day before this happened. I was sending out information about Radio 1190’s failure to cover the Randy Rhoad’s murder who had a moral obligation to do so. They are the Colorado University’s radio station located in Boulder Colorado. The motive of the murder was tied to an Ozzy Osbourne performance at Colorado University’s Event center in 1982. I was also discussing the situation that involved the Wilson sisters of the band Heart that got my bandmates murdered and the bandmates of two other bands that happened in 1992. It involved the secretary of Bad Animal studio’s which the Wilson sisters own. Becky was also murdered over the situation. I also included information about the Seattle Radio station KISW. An employee of theirs was involved in a situation where The Family was trying to get me across the Canadian Border to lock me up outside the country to neutralize my actions as an HIV activist that happened in Seattle between 1990 and 1994. There was a Pink Floyd concert in Toronto Canada that Diana had gotten me tickets to from KISW. She and several others were murdered over the situation. I understand that this incident was a huge factor in the decision to murder hundreds of people over my situation after 2007. Because Diana worked for KISW and they were involved in the situation they like Radio 1190 also had a duty to cover this story. Both Moral and legal. This was and the fact that The Family was responsible for the HIV pandemic was the information I was sending out at the time I was locked out of my email accounts on May 15th, 2019. If what I everything I have been saying wasn’t true, The Family would have had no reason to lock me out of my email accounts and in fact the courts will ultimately view this act as an act of admission. There is absolutely no other motive for doing this. The reason they have locked me out is because these activities where tied to the fact that The Family created and distributed HIV and started the pandemic. They are desperately trying to stop the public from finding out that they are in fact guilty of genocide. The HIV pandemic was started with tainted vaccines produced by two organizations. One was Merck which has a website at The other is a Federal Government program called The National Institute of Health who have a website at The fact that they produced vaccines tainted with HIV virus is evidence of the fact that the US Government is involved in the HIV pandemic and knew about it prior to it’s being disclosed to the public in 1980. I contacted the White House about the Family locking me out of my email accounts and preventing me from opening new ones to stop me from sending information about the situation on Wednesday May 15, 2019 and President Trump has done nothing to restore those accounts and allow me access to my files. What many people don’t know is around 2007 at about the time The Family intentionally exposed me to HIV I found out that OHSU located in Portland Oregon had discovered a vaccine for the HIV virus that of course went to the FDA for approval. For information about this technology go to In about 2014 or 2015 I’m not sure exactly when I knew the FDA had still not approved the HIV vaccine and I contacted them by email. They didn’t respond of course. I also tried sending emails to OHSU about the issue and hackers blocked thoughts more than once. I don’t believe I was ever able to reach them on that at that time. My point is this. They hadn’t yet approved the vaccine at that time. I contacted them so they knew there was an issue with it and yet still they haven’t approved the HIV vaccine as thousands worldwide are dying daily from aids. There is more to this that is available the blog but I will say this. The United Nations was involved in administering the tainted HIV vaccines through their organization called the World Health Organization. The reason President Trump has done nothing to restore my email accounts is because clearly the US government was involved in the distribution of Aids and the ongoing genocide that’s still happening as a result of the inaction of the FDA to approve the HIV vaccine. The Family has the power to end the HIV pandemic and up to now has failed to act on this. This should be a serious consideration to everyone because not only is HIV a serious health issue to all of society but it’s clearly an act of war by The Family against the entire world. When all this is considered it’s no wonder they got stole my thumb drive and locked me out of my email accounts.
By: Paul Huebel on May 17, 2019

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