Radio Station Information

WRJL 99.9 FM

City of License:
Eva, AL

Religious (Christian)

Rojo (Rojo, Inc.)

WRJL is an FM radio station broadcasting at 99.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Eva, AL. The station broadcasts Religious programming. WRJL is owned by Rojo.

Station Coverage Map

WRJL-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

The Gospel Jems * The Gospel Jems would like you to play our CD on your radio station * The name of the recording is "I Love to Call Your Name." * The name of the artist is "Martin Gregory." * The title of the CD is "I Love to Call His Name." * Where should I mail the CD? * Or do you prefer an mp3 format of the single..
By: Martin Gregory on October 9, 2012

We heard a song on 2/14/13 around 9:00pm that we would like to know the artist and title. It was something about good news and bad news and that God is in control.
By: Stewart family on February 15, 2013

can you tell me who sings the song, He made a way where there seemeth to be no way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,??? when all is lost, Jesus makes a way.
By: JANICE WAGNER on August 26, 2013

I heard a song this afternoon around 4pm (9/28/2013) and part of the lyrics were something about who can take your pain away, I know my God can. I have been trying to find it but the only song I can find has the title I Know My God Can Do It, but the lyrics don't match. It was a beautiful song and just what I needed to hear while driving to the cemetery to say goodbye to a friend who was a mother and her unborn baby. I would like to be able to post the youtube video for it (if there is one) to my facebook page for the others to hear too.
By: Jennifer Hale on September 28, 2013

I've heard a song a couple of times but each time not all the way. The chorus is On the way up well see King Jesus in the air On the way up well leave this world
By: Beverly Hunt on December 17, 2013

Can you tell me the name of the song and the artist who sang a song played this morning at about 7:41 AM? It was the song played right before Mark Lowery's "You Reap What You Sow". The song mentions that God hears the whispers of our hearts. The words I remember the most from the song played are: "Still He Listens. He's listening right now." This is the first time I've ever heard this song, and I so needed to hear this song this morning! It was as if God Himself was singing to me! I drove to work with tears in my eyes, one hand on the steering wheel, and one hand lifted in praise! I've had an awesome morning! Thank you for your radio station and for spreading God's message through gospel music. May you always have a song in your heart and a smile on your face. God Bless You! Teresa Kidd
By: Teresa Kidd on February 15, 2016

Need to know hrs to pick up Free Jetpep Gas I won can't get an answer on the phone to ask someone? Thanks!
By: Patricia Stillwell on April 15, 2016

Do you have my latest radio single "Heavenly Rain"? I had someone ask if your station was playing it. You can download it at or Thanks so much Deborah Peek 256-244-1550
By: Deborah Peek on October 14, 2016

I heard a song called pictures. I can't seem to find it on the internet. Can you please tell me who sings it. It was about a lady that only remembered the pictures on the wall and her lord.
By: Sarah on January 1, 2018

You played a song about 30 minutes ago or so which was something like ( I wanna be like him) talking about his father being such a good example . All I know is that I have got to listen to it again tonight on the internet so I hope I am explaining the song well enough! Thanks
By: Kelly Echols on January 24, 2018

coming into work this morning between 5:30 and 6, I heard a song saying somthing like, trust in God and he will move that mountain one rock at a time, is that the name of that song and if not what is the name and who sang it.
By: Arvil Bailey on February 8, 2018

By: Diana Waldrop on February 8, 2018

I heard a song and I want to know who sings it and the correct name of it. This is some of the chorus. "How does it feel to be home, how does it feel to hear the angels sing around the throne, " I really loved this song . My friends grandmother passed away and I thought that this song may help her.Thank you.
By: Joy C Bradford on March 14, 2018

Who sings the song recently played this morning....says ive got a home in paradise Thanks
By: Stephanie Brown on May 17, 2018

I heard a song around 1:00 today. It was like he's a friend that will walk right there with you. I tried looking it up but can’t find it. What is the title? Sounded like a quartet.
By: Preston Zeller on February 11, 2019

Hello, this is James I have noticed the cars in the WRJL parking lot. I wanted to know if you would like me to properly dispose of the car batteries. Please Contact Me@ (256)-316-1104 Thank You, James!
By: James on February 17, 2019

Hello, My Pastor heard a song today (4-17-19), but he didn't catch the name of it. He does remember some of lyrics though. He said it was "it doesn't matter if you are a Baptist, or Pentecostal, nor Methodist Denomination....." I understand that isn't a lot to go on, but if you know this song would you please email this song title to me so I could give it to him please. Thank you & Have a Blessed Day.
By: Malinda Bell on April 17, 2019

I would like to get the name and number of the gentleman who is in real estate named cody looking for property for hunting and fishing. Thank you Robin Dyer
By: Robin Dyer on August 2, 2019

I heard a song called Back To The Foundation Saturday 8-17-2019 at around 12:00 p.m. I would like to know who sings this song. If you could email that to me, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Chris Moody
By: Chris Moody on August 20, 2019

I heard a song today with the lyrics John said pray, love one another, that’s what it’s all about. Who did it?
By: Terry on May 23, 2020

You folks do a great job delivering a good mix of spiritual music. Two songs I hear that I'd like to know more about, one is the 'Hallelulah Chorus with the line 'new life comes from an empty grave', the other is more of a chant chorus with the line 'none but Jesus' winding down toward the end. It has a heavy bass drum beat to go along. Can you provide me with Artist and the correct Name for each of these?
By: Bentley Howard on July 10, 2020

Is it possible to obtain lessons of life by Pastor Shane Lewis?
By: Isaiah Hill on July 11, 2020

Does anyone know if the radio station WRJL 99.9 FM have an email address and an updated website?
By: Chris on September 11, 2020

Please join Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) in prayer for America, Saturday, September 26, 2020, at 12:00 Noon. Franklin will be conducting a prayer march in Washington, D. C. at this time for America. Thank you in advance.
By: Maxine Garner on September 22, 2020

I heard the song “Up There With Jesus” between 7:15 and 7:25 this morning. I would like to know who sang it.
By: Tara Humphries on March 1, 2021

At or around 3pm this afternoon a women's a capella did a song with 3 or 4 part harmony...any chance you could say who it was?
By: Tom on March 15, 2021

What was the last song played on Tuesday, 9/21/2021 right before the 4:00 PM newscast?
By: Randall on September 21, 2021

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