Radio Station Information

820 News


City of License:
Largo, FL


Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

Web site:

Genesis Communications (Genesis Communications Of Tampa Bay, Inc.)

WWBA is an AM radio station broadcasting at 820 KHz. The station is licensed to Largo, FL and is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "820 News" on the air. WWBA is owned by Genesis Communications.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

is your station carry laura ingrahm show?
By: edward j schiffner on January 4, 2013

I'm looking for a radio opening in largo at genesis or other station. voice over or other. I'm currently a retired real estate broker from Cook County,Ill ,who sold 3 homes in my first 6 days of licensing. Any suggestions? Thanks
By: Patricia Gutzmer on July 6, 2013

What is going on over there,we've lost Savage again,purity products commercial. And wy is looped at 8'30,now dead air, you've got to be kidding me. STOP IT, TIGHT N UP !
By: Robert on May 19, 2014

What's the problem now? Someone at the station pissed off at Savage ? Never mind I'll just go over to WFLA.
By: Anonymous on May 19, 2014

What seems to be the problem with your program?
By: Anonymous on May 21, 2014

No Pankow? No Shulman? Too bad. Now play Joyce Riley, The Power Hour, in the morning. "Watchdog" is a bore.
By: Rick Sitz on June 5, 2014

I thought this was going to show me the Station line up ?
By: Anonymous on August 4, 2016

Looking for Laura Ingraham. Big mistake to bump her for shock jock. Big mistake.
By: Dennis on February 13, 2017

Where is Laura? Which conservative listener really wants to hear Bubba? We tune in for Laura.
By: Irene gaccek on February 13, 2017

Where is Laura Ingraham? Loved that we could listen to her show for 3 hours on your station. If you have dropped her show, BAD MOVE!!
By: Judy on February 13, 2017

You made a grave mistake by taking Laura ingraham off mornings for bubba the love sponge!! Expect your ratings to take a dive!
By: Deborah Mather on February 13, 2017

Who the hell would want to listen to the vile filth of Bubba the Dumb sponge over a hard working truth progressive elites can take your radio station and shove it where the "Sponge won't shine !!
By: We the Public on February 13, 2017

I will not be listening anymore without the Laura Ingraham show.
By: Bjwl on February 13, 2017

Sorry to see you dropped Laura Ingraham. Bubba as a replacement is quite a disappointment. Your decision is a good prompt to purchase Serius radio.
By: Chris on February 13, 2017

What a major mistake choosing to remove Laura from your programming. Your listener base will certainly decline due to this. You are losing a very captive committed audience. 820 will now be removed from my car radio.
By: Ken Scott on February 14, 2017

Where is Laura Ingraham?? Sad day in Tampa bay to hear you dropped her from programing and added Bubba. 820 is no longer on my touch dial.
By: Mark N on February 14, 2017

Where is Laura Ingram???!! Why didn't you alert your listeners? Guess I will have to switch channels again! Bad move :-(
By: Kimberly on February 14, 2017

where is Laura we want her back
By: bessy on February 14, 2017

Use to love to listen to your station at 8am on my drive to work then Laura,but Bubba the loser, who is not funny, and just a has been.Took you off my preset, gonna lose lots of listeners
By: Jim trzeciak on February 14, 2017

What happened to Laura Ingram??? Also the morning crew. Dump Bubba and please go back to the old set up. I no longer have a reason to listen to you.
By: Kim E. on February 14, 2017

I would much rather listen to Laura Ingram then Glen Beck on FM. Why did you remove her? She is much better then a HELL of a lot of others.
By: steve lee on February 14, 2017

The only reason I listened to your station was to hear Laura Ingram!! You just lost another listener!! What on earth is going on?? Have you changed owners, managers, or is this your way of protesting President Trump being in the White House and Laura is a conservative?
By: Carolyn on February 14, 2017

I can't believe you dropped Laura for Bubba. I just removed 820 from my radio's button programming.
By: Mark on February 14, 2017

Savage constantly preempted for sports every other day it seems and now you put bubba the idiocy sponge on in morning? ! Plus you dropped dana loesch ?. I'm moving over to 860.
By: Bill on February 15, 2017

Removing Laura Ingram from the lineup is bad enough but adding Bubba is quite another. You have lost a listener.
By: Penny on February 15, 2017

Thought WWBA really had a great lineup for this area. But now it seems like WWBA is grabbing at wet straws. New lineup sucks. Bubba the Love Sponge, shock jock, has no place on news talk. Trash talk. Miss the 6-9 am news talk segment and miss Laura Ingraham Show. You have lost me as a listener. Back to WFLA
By: Martin G on February 15, 2017

Where is Laura?? Bubba- really?!?! Too much sports interfering with Savage too. No one left to listen to on your station.
By: Eddie on February 15, 2017

By removing Laura Ingraham, you have lost me for a regular listener. Changing my presets in house and cars. Bubba is not entertaining or funny.
By: Shea B. on February 15, 2017

Since you removed Laura I am no longer listening to your station. Bad move.
By: Audrey on February 15, 2017

Again interrupting savage nation 30 minutes in for basketball! Conversation station my ass. More like sports station. And bubba has no business being on this station. What happened to Dana loesch ? Feeble decisions being made.
By: Bill on February 15, 2017

You lost me as a listener, since you took out Laura!
By: Barb Lytle on February 16, 2017

i will go elsewhere now for laura ingraham. your changes are for the worse. you are no longer my go to station. good bye
By: mark on February 16, 2017

You replaced Laura Ingraham with that douchebag Bubba? What a second rate losers this station is. Good bye!
By: Chip on February 16, 2017

Switched to your station for Laura Ingraham. Couldn't stand Beck anymore. What happened to Laura?
By: Sandy on February 17, 2017

Where's Laura? Where's Dana? I will never listen to the vile Bubba. Your station used to keep me company in the morning, but no longer. I also used to stay tuned for Dana after Savage, but now you only have Savage. I'll listen to him, but for all other hours of the day, I'll say "Buh-bye."
By: Cindy on February 17, 2017

I agree with many others. It was a poor decision to remove Laura from your morning lineup.
By: Don D. on February 17, 2017

You removed Laura Ingraham, I remove you! Simple as that! More liberal puke control.
By: Tony Lewis on February 17, 2017

Another moron acting as a program director. No more 820.
By: John Yossarian on February 17, 2017

Bubba is awesome. Give him a chance at least.
By: Joanna on February 17, 2017

No Laura? No listener. You have scraped the bottom of the barrel replacing her for that "loser" Bubba. He's not even funny. Bad move on your part. I love Laura. Bring her back.
By: Mary alvarez on February 18, 2017

Honestly...what imbecile thinks that Bubba the black mailer is a better fit for this market, on an AM radio station whose only prayer for competing is in news radio? I listened to the station. Not any more!
By: Jeff Aziz on February 18, 2017

What filth I heard, when I turned on my radio a few mornings again, tuned into WWBA 820 AM, and heard some of the worst smut coming over the airwaves into my car that I have ever heard. Do you REALLY need Bubba? Is he going to encourage wholesome thoughts, strong morals, and integrity to your listeners? I have listened to your station in the mornings for years, and found it refreshing and enjoyable. As of a few days ago, that has drastically changed. Shame on you - do none of you have families and children or grandchildren? Would you want them listening to his smutty mouth? Unless something changes, and quickly, you have lost me and a WHOLE bunch of others in my sphere of influence. Lets see what your sponsors think about this.
By: Excalibur on February 18, 2017

I do a long commute every week day before 8:30 a.m., during which I listened "Your Wake Up Call" with Chris Fisher (not so good) and his sidekick (Kurt Shriner? who was actually better than Chris). An alternate was the morning show on 970. I can tell you one thing - I'll never listen to your station again because of Bubba. You've really stooped low. I thought you positioned yourself NewsTalkFlorida - NOT. I want interesting informative entertaining talk radio - and Bubba is just gross noise constantly interrupting anyone trying to say anything worth listening to. I'm not the only one who feels this way either. Several people gathered at the office last week were talking about the same thing.
By: Martigc on February 18, 2017

Where's Laura Ingraham ??? You really should soak up the Bubba Sponge & put Laura back on !! You're gonna lose out for sure !
By: Kim M on February 18, 2017

Well I have reached the end. Savage nation preempted again! For sports. Constantly! It's literally impossible any more to hear savage 1full week without interruption for sports. Plus loosing the wake up call for idiocy extroidenair bubba the lowest common denominator sponge in the drive to work in the morning and loosing Dana loesch in the evening is totally feeble. I'm done with 820.moving to 860 and 970. I'll stream savage from now on. You've lost another listener. Good luck to your sponsor's I hear most of them don't approve either of your nonsense. Bye bye. ..
By: Bill on February 21, 2017

Your website does list programming schedule. I was trying to see if Laura Ingrahams time slot changed . Now I see from comments that you dropped her. I guess you're like the rest: NYT, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc. that you can't cope with an alternative opinion. Why don't you take Ruth off? You've lost me as a listener.
By: Armando on February 21, 2017

bring back lori ingram and leave dr. savage on or loose these loyal listners and fire your program manager
By: jeff on February 21, 2017

I will not be buying anything from your sponsers your program manager is a idiot or a hard core dem operative will listen only to savage screw bubba put lori ingram back on
By: chris on February 21, 2017

You had me as a regular listener. Bubba the Love Sponge is a step down in entertainment talk. Why did you remove Laura Ingraham? Really? Don't get rid of Savage. Please no interruption with sports. You are losing me as a listener...
By: Rich on February 21, 2017

No Laura, good-bye
By: George on February 21, 2017

Looking at all the above comments, I guess I don't have to say anymore!
By: John on February 21, 2017

I am fairly new to Tampa. Enjoyed Laura Ingram . Also keep Savage. I tried to listen to Bubba but its nothing but nonsense. I'll find another morning station.
By: Eddie Dodd on February 21, 2017

This is repetitive, but.... You removed one of the most intelligent people on radio: Laura Ingraham You added a moron: Bubba; I will be listening to the old guys on the other Channel on my way to work now College basketball ILO Savage sucks. Who listens to basketball?! I'll always tune in for Savage, but based on recent decisions; he is likely next. I'm usually at work, so I don't care about the wonder twins; but they were better than Bubba.
By: John C on February 22, 2017

Hello, I thought 820am was doing a fantastic job being competitive against the iheart juggernaught. I found your station a couple of years ago on my quest to follow Michael Savage, who is the best broadcaster in America. I had been getting sick of Glenn Beck for a long while and when I found Laura was on your station I switched instantly. Same thing with the blowhard mark Levin. When I flipped over and found Dana I noticed I was now listening to your small comparatively independent station more than those big guys and I felt GREAT about that! Dan Midori is good and I like the local aspect of his show however I do generally listen to Rush and Hannity on the other guys but my point is this: I went from near exclusive listenership to the other guys to a 3:2 ratio in your favor. Now I find myself desirous of quality programming in certain day parts whereas I was extremely well satisfied before. I've listened to a lot of bubba over the years and I have nothing against him but I cant hang w his show for very long because his topics don't always appeal to me.
By: Nemtiluk on February 23, 2017

I sincerely hope your ratings plummet after making such a stupid move, replacing news and intelligent discussion with this disgusting, vile replacement. What is wrong with management of this station? Do you actually think people want to listen to this garbage first thing in the a.m.? I greatly miss Laura ingraham. Used to listen daily, and now I won't turn on your station. Very sad commentary on Tampa Bay listeners, if this is what they want
By: Emma on February 23, 2017

Like many of your listeners have commented . Bubba instead of Laura. I will no longer listen to anything on your station. Seems as if you're taking a wrong turn IMO
By: Jackie on February 23, 2017

Idiots. Would listen to your station ONLY because of Laura and Savage. No more them; no more me. Bye Bye
By: harry on February 23, 2017

Out of shear convenience I decided to try to listen to savage nation from 6pm -9pm after having been only streaming savage due to constantly being preempted for sports and sure enough 1 1/2 hours into the show boom! Preempted for sports! 100% BS. This perpetual idiocy coupled with bubbain the morning drive time and loss of daDana loesch show solidifies my boycott on 820. You're dead to me .
By: Bill on February 24, 2017

What? Really? New program manager? I'd like to know who hired this moron. Laura Ingraham was the only reason anyone listened to your weak station. She was taking significant market share from Beck on 970, even with very little promotional support from the station. This move to Bubba stinks of desperation. Laura would have increased your market share steadily over the long haul. You had a golden opportunity dropped in your lap when Trump was elected. How stupid could this program manager be. Bubba?? What a joke! SAD!
By: Carl on February 24, 2017

Why isn't Laura Ingrahm on 820 mornings anymore?
By: Frank Eveland on February 24, 2017

Your decision to remove Laura Ingraham and substitute Bubba is a monumental error. Do you realize how many listeners you have lost? Do you even care? Obviously not.
By: Bill Martinson on February 24, 2017

Are you kidding me you drop the Laura Ingraham, are you trying to sabotage your own station. Lost a listener here.
By: Don on February 24, 2017

You have lost two more morning listeners as long as "Mr. Sponge" is on your schedule.
By: Bill on February 25, 2017

Where is Daniel Ruth? Bubba for Laura? Goodby 820 off my car radio.
By: Jerry ain on February 25, 2017

Enough with the USF sports, move it to a sports radio channel for the 5 people that want to hear it.
By: Jay on February 25, 2017

No Laura Ingraham? Good bye 820. Your lame ass station will suffer. Good luck paying the bills.
By: Dave on February 25, 2017

I simply had to come back and comment. My first comment above, stands. Do you not realize that for every one of us that has taken the time to find a way to notify you of our displeasure regarding your current changes, there must be a hundred people who will not take the time to do that, or simply do not care to. They will simply listen to another station. What on earth - is your new program manager trying to sabotage the station? If so, it is working. We simply do not wish to listen to Bubba. I simply will NOT listen to him. What came from my radio the first time I heard him on there, was the equivalent of radio pornography. Wish you would give him his walking papers, and put some intelligent programing back on the air.
By: Excalibur on February 26, 2017

I was so disappointed that you chose to replace Laura Ingraham with Bubba??? I guess after reading the rest of the comments that I'm not the only one disappointed and not listening to your station any more. Good luck.
By: Pat on February 26, 2017

Bubba is great. You will have me listening every day, four hours a day, just to find out what happens next. Thank you for the program change and for giving Bubba a chance to again become number 1 in the Tampa market, as he always finds a way to do. Say what you want about Bubba but he is no quitter. I am with him 100%. Listen every day.
By: chessboardman on February 27, 2017

I do a long commute every week day at 6:00a.m., during which I listened to "Your Wake Up Call" ! I miss Chris and Kurt so much. You now have a wannabe Howard Stern with Bubba, and he doesn't even come close. Please bring back Chris and Kurt ! You are losing a lot of listeners. Oh well, I found 860.
By: The teacher on February 28, 2017

I listened to your station from 6 am to 9 pm loved Kurt and Chris,Laura Ingraham etc.and was upset with Michael Savage being interrupted with sports.I could not believe whrn I heard Bubba what garbage.I no longer
By: Maria Sanchez on March 1, 2017

Welcome back @BTLSradio !
By: Jon on March 1, 2017

Like everyone else, put Laura back in the morning time slot... Don't like Beck, so to the FM stations..
By: Donna on March 1, 2017

I'll be removing the 820 pre-set from my radios. Laura was the only reason to listen. Bubba is awful.
By: jan on March 1, 2017

Add another consumer who will not be listener to your sponsors. Bye Bubba. Bye 820.
By: Ryan on March 1, 2017

Hello can you put Laura back on now that Bubba has some domestic violence against him a whole slew of people would appreciate it. He should be on another station unless you lowered your standards. Even if he didn't have domestic violence against him he's still not worthy of your station people that listen to your station have a brain and they actually use it please bring Laura back. Until then I'll be listening to 860 AM
By: Karen on March 1, 2017

Wheres Laura? Will follow her on another station now
By: Lily curry on March 1, 2017

Bubba, domestic violence charges? Really? And he's still employed by you. SHAME ON YOU! Bring Laura back and get rid of smut! And trash.
By: Mary on March 1, 2017

Will no longer be listening since you dropped Laura Ingram...can't believe you would think her loyal listeners would accept Bubba as a replacement! You've lost a very large, loyal flowering!
By: Marsha Craig on March 3, 2017

Can't believe you have dropped Laura Ingraham, and for such duds! I hope you keep Savage, but if you don't, there is always the internet (for either of these programs). Someone needs to be fired over this.
By: Nancy on March 3, 2017

Have you decided to bring Laura Ingraham back yet? In this day and time we need to hear intelligent talk radio. Not trash!
By: Susan on March 3, 2017

Not listening anymore since u took Laura Ingraham off
By: Joe Royle on March 3, 2017

Guess you don't care about your listeners' preferences - just your own liberal agenda! Now that you axed " The Laura Ingraham Show" and butchered "The Michael Savage Show" you've lost a loyal listener of several years. I'll be turning to the internet for these programs now. So much for "The Conversation Station!" What a joke!!
By: Susan on March 4, 2017

You've lost another loyal listener since you've dropped Daniel Ruth from Saturday mornings.
By: Kathy on March 4, 2017

As an Independant, I felt Daniel Ruth presented a very rational andl balanced political point of view and his two hours on Sat.AM was a must listen for me. This Michael Savage, a Rush Limbaugh wanabe, does not provide me with a valid representation of a moderate Right perspective which I am always interested in hearing. It seems like radio programing is dominated by very Conservative commentators and as politcally divided as our country is now, we should be able to evaluate the positions of both sides. Maybe there's another opportunity for Ruth on Serius XM or NPR.
By: Bob on March 4, 2017

Missing Daniel Ruth last two Saturdays. He is the only person whom discusses local, state, and national issues, and with a great sesse of humor. I do not listen to national talk junk. You owe us a reason we tune in and have a Savach replacement. I would like to hear him on WMF 88.5. One more listener lost for your station.
By: gil amspaugh on March 4, 2017

I Agree, that Daniel Ruth was a show to catch each week. Even If I did not agree with most of what he had to snicker about. That Laugh. But if anyone hears where his next radio gig is please post it to this page for me, as I will keep checking it regularly. And thanks for giving Bubba a chance in the morning - that's a good show.
By: Chessboardman on March 5, 2017

Why in the heck would you drop Laura for a pig?
By: Phil on March 5, 2017

I listen because of Laura Ingraham and Mike Savage. I don't need a sponge enough of them exist. 820 was always a go to listening station. Now I hear a rerun once in awhile. You lost a good listener of 20 years. Hello 860 she is great. Don't mind the black sphere he's okay. Ruth's mindset is stuck on liberal period wish you well wish you could raise your signal because of an old rule that is outdated. The Mexican speaking stations are louder then 820. That makes no sense. A friend of 820 for a long time is pulling out. Thank you
By: Jc Imfeld on March 7, 2017

Miss Laura, certainly won't listen to Bubba. My guess is that will be a bad bet for you on an AM station but he probably works cheap these days.
By: R Moore on March 8, 2017

Listening to 820 morning shows was the highlight of my drive to work, & I'm not even a Republican (doesn't matter really when you're listening to intelligent people having conversations). That was before this bubba character came along. Why must we revert to idiocy on AM radio? Don't we have enough of that on FM? You've lost a listener.
By: KSB on March 10, 2017

Where is Laura Ingraham????? Why does Savage get bumped for every stupid sports event? Isn't this supposed to be a talk station.
By: Dave on March 16, 2017

I am very disappointed in your programming decision to remove Fisher & Shriner from the morning drive. Your station went from interesting, intelligent conversation to that of a repulsive, loud mouth, uneducated, simpleton with his band of laughing hyenas. What the hell, were you people thinking? You blew up a great morning show that was building audience. Very disappointed. Needless to say, I no longer tune in. BTW, where IS Laura Ingraham? Fisher and Shriner are really great. I also like the Savage show. He's a very smart man with great perspective. All of your programming WAS very good. How the heck dig you drive the train off the tracks with this bubba fool? BAD DECISION!
By: Peter DiCostanzo on March 17, 2017

Please keep Fisher and Shriner but put on at another time and bring back Laura Ingram. I believe your station is loosing many loyal listeners. Words cannot describe the depth your management stooped to putting Bubba back on the air. BElieve It or not, there are still a few moral people in this area that would like to have a station that you are not concerned with having your children listen too. Are you proud to have your children listen to Bubba? I guess this shows your moral compass in a bright light.
By: Chris on March 22, 2017

I'm now listening to WWBA 820 am now that Laura Ingram is gone. We need more progressive talk.
By: Dennis on March 28, 2017

Bubba??? Really???
By: Jorge on March 28, 2017

I'm very disappointed that Laura was removed from your station. I cannot now or in the future tune in to 820 which may not bother you however I hope the advertisers start realizing they can spend their dollars elsewhere.
By: Theresa on April 2, 2017

To remove Laura from the morning line-up was so wrong. Have the courage to admit the error and bring her back to the previous time slot. Your former listeners and soon-to-be former advertisers will support you in making amends for the mistake.
By: John M Shevlin on April 7, 2017

Are these comments for real? I didn't know this many people listened to Laura Ingraham, let alone WWBA. You folks realize she's nationally syndicated and you can listen to her show on your phone, right? Laura will probably end up back on 860 WGUL, they carried her before 820 picked her up. Quit your crying.
By: Cedric on April 8, 2017

Love Bubba! bubba army! thanks for bringing him on. Never listened to 820 before now its all i listen to.
By: Heather on April 9, 2017

I looked up the radio station site trying to find website for any advertiser, doesnt exist and unable to find in a search....would love if you could connect me. I read through some of the comments...the only reason I listen to the station is for the Bubba the Love Sponge show. I have previously never listened to am, except for occasionally sports. That you for bringing him on!!
By: Jennifer dillon on April 11, 2017

Used to enjoy your morning line up...always listened on my way to work at 6:am. Who on earth is this "Bubba" I find it disgusting..... I've swithched over to 860 or 970 for my morning listening...
By: Debbie eskew on April 13, 2017

I heard that Conservative Opinionist "Uno" is coming to 820 WWBA on Friday nights after Laura Ingraham. Uno is a different type of conservative that weaves entertainment into a conservative message. You can find him by Googling The Original Uno
By: John Tatum on April 17, 2017

I used to bounce between 820 and 860, Laura or Gallagher; Glenn Beck is a nutcase. Now that Laura has been moved to a horrible night slot, I never go to 820. That crap you have in the mornings now is only fit for air-headed teenagers.
By: Glenn on April 20, 2017

No Laura, Bad move
By: Paul on April 21, 2017

Bring back Laura Ingraham. Bring her back NOW.
By: Susan on April 26, 2017

Dropping Laura was a really bad and stupid move. The only worse thing you could have done is to pick up Howard Stern. The love sponge is nothing but trash radio. I'm not sure how bad it is because I have absolutely no intention of listening to it. See ya!
By: Phil on April 27, 2017

Awesome to read all these conservatives complaining about Michael Savage being cut short. Note, his real name is Michael Weiner not Savage. Also research him swimming naked in Hawaii with poet, Allen Ginsburg circa 1969. "Conservative Values"!
By: Rob on May 1, 2017

WHY did you get rid of Laura Ingraham??? Do you WANT to lose all your women listeners? That PIG you put in her place is both offensive and stupid. I'm GONE until you bring Laura back. Stupid, stupid, stupid decision.
By: Julia on May 9, 2017

Kurt Shriner who exposed his self righteous cavalier attitude towards the Tulsa verdict where a police officer shoots a man to death with his hands up because he wouldn't ly down with the toss in of making a move to put his hand in a car his family said had closed windows, where no weapon was ever found is the end for me of listening to a long obvious tone of useless self righteous. I love this radio station, but its time for him to go behind the scenes and work.
By: rich neidhardt on May 20, 2017

Glad to hear Bubba. Right up to the point where he implodes. If it hasn't happened yet, it's coming. No homo.
By: Clee Torres on May 28, 2017

Bad move dropping Laura,will not listen to this station any more are you for real
By: Robert on June 14, 2017

I find all of you complaining about the station dropping Laura Ingram for Bubba comical. Do you really this station is worried about the 60 of you that listen to Laura? Or the million+ bubba listeners? Think about it. I know thats not what Glen Beck, M. Savage and fox news encourages you to do but you should consider it every once and a while.
By: Donald T. on June 20, 2017

Haven't listened to an AM station in a long while. Glad you got Bubba - you made alistener out of me. Thanks!
By: Sever Anton on July 20, 2017

I have stopped listening ever since you brought that PIG Bubba in. Laura Ingraham is smart and interesting. He's a vile stupid disgusting jerk. DUMB MOVE.
By: Monica on August 9, 2017

If the guy on the air from 3 to 6 PM would quit repeating himself and stuttering his show could be cut to one hour with the same content allowing time for Laura to be brought back for 2 hours.
By: Scott on August 28, 2017

while giving updates on the hurricane, will you be playing the Irma shmirma song by the pig bubba the love sponge about mocking the storm and making fun of it? making fun of stupid people over reacting? making fun of the governor and local officials for trying to warn people? it's real funny. I'm sure you pieces of garbage will love to play it for the millions of folks without power and or homes to go back to. I hope you all are real proud of the racist, woman hating, liar pig that you gleefully promote. again, I am compiling all the racism and filth this pig spews in the name of your station and it will be sent to all advertisers.
By: jerrry johnson on September 9, 2017

I always listened to Laura Ingrams at night. Rebroadcast of her day show. Where is she. The best radio talk show ever, soooo disappointed. Please put her back on at night.
By: Anne grimes on September 17, 2017

For at least the last week, the live streaming of the station has not been available. I listen at home on my computer but now i can't. With all the changes, I suspect the station is being sold/bankrupt, or they can't pay the streaming service (Simply Radio, Tunein, and others). I called a program last week to tell them, but nothing has changed.
By: Chuck Brown on September 23, 2017

what happened to fisher and shriner love their show, between them and bubba did not changed channel from 6 to 12, however the guy from noon till 3 very boring, you had great fun, bubba nuts and fisher and shriner great fun to listen too
By: thomas lauber on September 26, 2017

As I told you idiots in February, Huge Mistake! Get Bubba off the air now.
By: Tim on September 27, 2017

Where are Fisher and Shriner?
By: Cindy on September 29, 2017

where are fisher and shriner ? laura ingrams ? she is on at the same time on another station. need more power at night. bubba is no howard stern...needs to be replaced...i lke laura but is on to much... thanks for reading my griefs..
By: george on October 2, 2017

When are you finally going to drop the looser sponge . He is so disrespectful, annoying and the show really sucks. I no longer listen to the radio station in the mornings. Who ever made the decision to bring bubba to this radio station should be fired!
By: John on October 6, 2017

I find it hard to believe you have signed on Bubba the Love Sponge. His show is trash in my opinion and switch it off as soon as it comes on. I also switch off your station when one of his endless obnoxious commercials come on which is very frequent. I hope his contract is a short one!
By: G Carr on March 12, 2018

Please bring Laura Ingraham back to the morning slot on your station. Loved her show in the mornings and your station. Without her their is no lead on to other shows on your station.
By: William Quill on March 14, 2018

It was bad enough when you moved the Laura Ingram's radio spot and put on that moron "Bubba the love Sponge." Now you have moved her again. There is no reason now for me to listen to your station. You obliviously are the morons from reading comments from your listeners.
By: Vivien Pla on April 3, 2018

I used to listen to AM820 every morning, to listen to Laura. Since you no longer want her, and you also (for some reason) brought us Bubba, I will no longer be listening. Stupid move on your part.
By: Paul G on April 11, 2018

By dropping Laura Ingram you have lost me as a listener. I'm disgusted by this.
By: Paul Mundt on April 13, 2018

Are you people mentally deficient to air Bubba TLS?? Idiots!!
By: Rob on May 29, 2018

Bubba has a sick twisted mind for being adult & get paid for it! Not able to listen @ night on ""? Bubba get you kicked off of ""?
By: Tom H. on June 1, 2018

Very disappointed that you no longer work with tunein. Cannot stand Bubba!!
By: Dan W on June 3, 2018

What part of BUBBA IS CRAP do you not understand. The PD must be a moron.
By: C Taylor on June 4, 2018

Listening to a show this morning, 6.17.2018, I don't remember the name of the host, but it was just another run of the mill pundit, going on about the worst places to live in the U.S./Florida. It was interesting, but unfortunately did not address the root cause of why things are the way they are in those cities. If the host had a pair, he would have identified the Florida State, republican legislature and the current putrid Gov Rick Scott as the root cause. The bought and paid for reps do little or nothing reflecting the will of the people of the state.They refuse to fund programs voted on by the population of the state, including but not limited to Education, Medical care etc. They do the bidding of the corporate pimps who sponsor them so they may stay in power instead of getting real jobs and contributing to the common good. Next time Mr. whoever you a more detailed investigation before you start placing responsibility on those who are subject to the whims of representatives who care nothing for the people of Florida. Why do you think wages are so low? Why do you think people in these cities feel hopeless? It's because they have no representation in this state where we all pay taxes. I guess as long as everyone has a gun, the rampant violent crime numbers will just increase and thats ok, because we'll just keep making more people, right?
By: Richard C. on June 17, 2018

Laura is the best show you ever hadm
By: rich s on June 18, 2018

I thought we were rid of Bubba a long time ago. I think he's a disgrace. But here he is on your station for four hours every weekday, with interminable promos for his show throughout the day and night. Even when one is listening to other programs, Bubba gets shoved in one's face. I find it sickening. I just can't fathom why anyone would willingly put this piece of filth back on the air. You don't even seem to care that you're losing listeners. Shame on WWBA. I've lost all respect for your station.
By: Jean on June 24, 2018

Learned Laura Ingram and Michael Savage are being dropped by year end. The broadcast announcement promised their programming replacements would be posted on this site. So, what’s new?
By: Mark H on November 25, 2018

I heard a comment about 11:00 lAM on the irrelevancy of Tom Arnold. I wondered, who would be more irrelevant, Tom Arnold or the rambling clown of an announcer at that hour? Take time for a little introspection, please.
By: Joseph Johnson on November 30, 2018

why does 820 am in largo fl cut output power every night @6 pm when mike savage is on but yet when they broadcast a bulls game they never cut power until the game is over
By: dave on December 28, 2018

By: frank cuonzo on January 1, 2019

I have been listening to the Chris Ingram show for about 6 months. I really like this show a lot. I drive for a living for 8 hours a day in Tampa Bay area, and this 2 hr show at 10 a.m. on 820 AM is the best local show on the air. I hope he ends up with a better time slot when more people are listening or he gets syndicated. Very good show! Wonder if he is related to Laura Ingram.
By: Jack Ludholm on January 29, 2019

What happened to David Jolly?? Great show but can no longer find him from 1:00 to 3:00! Instead you have Savage whom I refuse to listen to at 6:00, so now he’s on twice??? Please bring back Jolly who is a rational and reasonable person!
By: Anonymous on February 6, 2019

Why are you taking Bubba off the air? I found your station from listening to Bubba and stayed on the station all day. Now he's moving to 1040 and so am I.
By: Was a new listener on February 7, 2019

Where is Kurt Shriner? Also where is Fisher? Are they ever coming back? Thanks
By: Leslie Joyal on April 18, 2019

PLEASE, bring "The Savage Nation" back! I love the guy! SO smart he is.
By: Erica on May 3, 2019

Leslie, If you hate socialism why are you living in a socialist nation? The United States of America is a socialist country. If you attend a public university your tuition is subsidized. If you take out a student loan you are getting something for nothing {since the interest is is so low}. The fire department, police department, and paramedics come out even if you pay zero taxes. Did you ever hear of SSI? SSI comes out of social security even if you never ever worked in your life. You are also IGNORANT about socialist economies some of which allow people to get rich, so there goes your argument about a physician shortage. The infant death rate is actually lower in some socialist countries. You represent a huge embarrassment to academia!!!!!!!!
By: Edward Saint-Ivan on May 12, 2019

Where's the Chris Ingram show? All we hear these last couple of days is some hosts from Portland, OR, syndicated programming. What did WWBA do to Chris? His show was so much more interesting than Hannity or Schnitt.
By: Billy on May 13, 2019

When/why did You change to 24/7 music?
By: Hal on June 17, 2019

What the heck happened to this radio station ...did you get bought out by the criminal George Soros ...what the heck bring back conservative radio Patriot radio let's go
By: Jeffrey on June 17, 2019

If Dan Maduri and other Talk Hosts have moved, please announce where we can hear them. Bad enough you changed venue with no notice, let's have some info as to where, if possible, we can find the programming we want.
By: Neal Fargo on June 19, 2019

finally in tampa bay a station that plays old country and not the new country rap, love the foremat and program director for some great selections
By: robert smith on June 21, 2019

By: John Carr on June 24, 2019

Wonderful! Just returned to St Pete after a 2 month trip. For years have been looking for an 'oldies' type Country Station, which are in most Larger cities. The 'alt-rock country' and new wave country garbage that the other Tampa stations keep putting out are disgraceful. So elated to click on 820 to hear REAL country Pls put out a programming schedule, looking forward to see a station line-up. A little bit of 60's with Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Waylon, George Jones, etc. too would be so GREAT!! Thanks.
By: AC Macas on June 27, 2019

What happened to red eye radio?
By: Econig on June 29, 2019

I must live right as I just found the station by accident. It's great! Keep up the good work!
By: Mike Baron on July 2, 2019

your switch to vintage country music is a real refreshing change - HOWEVER, whatever you have on right now 1800 Sat 07/20/19 is simply awful - it sounds like a wink-wink happy ending infomercial for folks of a certain persuasion - seriously, it's that bad... i will support you and listen if you maintain your country western playlist, but for the love of God, please put any other format on in this time slot other than what is on right now...
By: willie on July 20, 2019

Love the western music format. Best artists ever. Is there a playlist online? Thanks
By: Annette on July 20, 2019

By: Marge on July 28, 2019

We found a station that plays older country music. Surprised us that you are AM. Glad to find WWBA. Receiption is way better during the day than after dark. Do you have to turn the power down in the evening?
By: Bev from Bradenton on August 27, 2019

Bubba is disgusting... I stopped listening to your station when he was on before... I loved the old country music you were playing... Bubba is back? I am gone
By: Drbbie on September 10, 2019

PLEASE, PLEASE get rid of Bubba. His show is disgusting. Think of the kids who are being driven to school whose parents are listening to this garbage. How does this obnoxious show survive on the airways? CANCEL IT PLEASE!
By: GC from Largo on October 8, 2019

on 10/10/19 I listen to the savage nation first time in months like finding a long lost friend.Play his showing in its complete form (no shorten versions) . Also give the country music a long break go back to conservative trump friendly radio to repel the B-S on CNN & MSNBC that you hear all day every day.Keep the sponge on in the mornings he good
By: dave on October 11, 2019

Bring back DanMaduri! Best show on radio!
By: Richard Makuchan on October 11, 2019

10/12/19 today I tuned in around 12 noon and listen to bubba on and off for 4 hours great move everyone else is playing info shows about hormones/health/money investments and drugs today you have the best radio programming on am/fm radio bubba even interviewed bill oreiley great segment need more of this stuff very interesting
By: dave on October 12, 2019

Keep Bubba, thought he was off the air, made my day. Like running into an old best friend!
By: Larry on October 14, 2019

Why can't I find the new lineup for am820? I google it and get the lineup from 2 years ago. Google is failing miserably.
By: RIch on October 31, 2019

It's Saturday and I am out doing errands. My car radio is limited on what it can pick up. I am listening to 820 AM. It is about 1:30P. What the F am I listening to. A work place bitch fest? Why is this on????? A boss bitch out! Please, do you really think we want to hear this? I have been searching for a phone number to reach you people. I have a lot to do today- can't find the number... Hearing bubba? someone now taking God's name in vain in regards to Lumy?
By: Linda on November 16, 2019

I'm so upset with WWBA. I tuned in to hear the NFL playoffs and what happened? You station IDs popped on at the top and bottom of the hour just like there wasn't a life sporting event going on. And yesterdays Super Bowl, you had the same ID's plus ID's and commercials at 20 and 50 minutes passed the hour. These "breaks" happened at key parts of the game. I hope the NFL takes the games off your station. And yes I have already sent the NFL a complaint.
By: Walter Dworak on February 3, 2020

Love Bubba and BL shows. Resign both
By: Wg on April 21, 2020

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By: Carol Oschmann on July 30, 2020

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