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City of License:
Manteca, CA

Religious (Christian)

Crawford Broadcasting Company (Kiertron, Inc.)

KCBC is an AM radio station broadcasting at 770 KHz. The station is licensed to Manteca, CA. The station broadcasts Religious programming. KCBC is owned by Crawford Broadcasting Company.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Hello, I listen daily and I have my Masters in Catholic Theology. I just wanted to mention how much misinformation you give on the Catholic Faith. Today made me cringe when a gentlemen was speaking of the Catholic Faith. He gave many theological errors on the Church, especially about Mary. We do not worship her. We honor her as the mother of Jesus as she always points to Jesus as our way to salvation. I challenge your station to actually get Catholic scholors when speaking of the Church. This has been many times when I have heard false teachings of the Faith been broadcasted.
By: Tara on February 13, 2016

RESPONSE TO TARA: It is sad to say that many non-Catholics are misinformed about Catholic teachings because what Catholics have told them. So what is a non-Catholic to believe when a catholic tells them false teachings?. For example I had a practicing catholic tell me "we are Catholics, we don't believe in the bible". Also a friend of mine who was teaching confirmation classes at his church to teen-age boys, asked them if as Catholics do we worship Mary? The overwhelming response was YES. He had to stop and correct them. I also heard a priest respond to a non-catholic when asked why Catholics pray the rosary, and why do they say the same words over and over during the rosary? His response was "it's kind of like a mantra". I have also seen Catholics in church bow down and kiss a statue of Mary and ignore a statue of Jesus. What conclusion would you draw from that observation? Don't be too hard on non-Catholics,they form their opinions from talking to and watching the practices of Catholics. Many years ago I worked with a Mormon. He told me many things about Mormon beliefs and teachings, many of those things sounded very weird and strange. I eventually spoke to other Mormons, some of those things were actual Mormon teachings and other were not. You appear to be very passionate about the Catholic faith, and so are most Protestants about their beliefs. They feel compelled to speak out against what they perceive to be heresy and false teaching. And this goes back to my original statement Many times it is Catholics themselves that wrongly inform others about the Catholic Church.
By: J.B. on February 22, 2016

I have to agree with J.B 's comments. I have only been a priest for about 10 years, yet I have seen and experienced these and similar things myself. Most of the time Catholics are their own worst enemy. I'm not sure how to correct this problem. Trying to teach the faith to our parishioners doesn't seem to work. A couple of years ago the "New Evangelization " was suppose to re-educate Catholics on the faith of the Church. It didn't work. Does anybody have any Ideas?
By: Fr. David on March 18, 2016

Bible studies should clear up inconsistencies in both doctrines. Of course, students should read several scriptures on each topic. I read the New American Standard after being told it was taken from the Original Greek and Hebrew and possibly a few more Bible translations have been taken from the same. The King James. was not among the other few. While I still see inconsistencies in the Bible, I am attributing it to misinterpretations from either Greek or Hebrew languages to English. Also, having dated a Calvinist while the Lord put me into Armenian churches for years, I sought out answers on some foundational truths again and learned from a simple Bible church it is okay to personally take a few points from Calvin and a few from Armenian doctrines (and the other main Protestant doctrine that slips my mind).. However, the main message of the whole Bible on salvation does not contradict itself and if Catholics follow what Christ said on that - how to have a right relationship with God through the shed blood of Jesus and our acceptance of his substitutionary sacrifice for our own sins, then those Catholics as well as Protestants are saved. Secondary matters should not divide us. The verse stating "they" (the non-saved) know us by our love for each other prompts me to pray for unifications among Catholics and Protestants since the world must see we both honor Christ. They cannot see us divided anymore..
By: Kammy Kelley on June 24, 2018

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