Radio Station Information

KCDC 102.5 FM

City of License:
Loma, CO

Classic Rock

Grand Junction, CO

Cochise Broadcasting (Cochise Media Licenses LLC)

KCDC is an FM radio station broadcasting at 102.5 MHz. The station is licensed to Loma, CO and is part of the Grand Junction, CO radio market. The station broadcasts Classic Rock music programming. KCDC is owned by Cochise Broadcasting.

Station Coverage Map

KCDC-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I was just wondering what happened to KCDC in LaVerken Utah. I own a cabin in Southern Utah an found this FM 102.3 radio station while I was there in the spring of 2015. They played mostly classic rock (which I like) but they also played some deep tracks of 60's and 70's music that I haven't heard in years. Now there is some country station on there playing main stream country but I would like to see the old KCDC back. How can we get the station back to the Saint George / Cedar City Utah area???
By: Tom Oliver on January 21, 2016

My wife found this station several days ago. I found it very good and a enjoyable mix of sveral types of music(classic rock, older music from the past, and some old jazz). I'll be sure to listen often from now on. Excellent job.
By: Gary Dorosz on September 30, 2016

I LOVE this station and so glad I found you! The music is bringing back lovely memories of my life and loves. How can you do this without commercials?
By: Lori Hastings on October 4, 2016

Thank you for a lovely music day!! I miss you when you are not to be heard.
By: Lori Hastings on December 17, 2016

I love LOVE this station. My kinda music finally and I tell everyone about this station.
By: Tami on January 16, 2017

Found it by chance late in 2016 Love the music being played, it's what I grew up with Hope they stay on the air and more consistently
By: Jim in gj on January 16, 2017

Stumbled onto your station yesterday, by chance, or perhaps fortune... so glad that there's now an easy listening station in my area again! Tired of the repetitive stations on. It's like they play the same 30 songs over and over again. It's refreshing to hear songs that don't involve hollering or profanity. Thank you.
By: Jim Winterswolf on January 21, 2017

Found this station and absolutely LOVE it. It is perfect for listening to at work. Best station in the valley in my opinion!!
By: Deb on February 3, 2017

My husband & I LOVE this station! So nice to hear songs from when we were younger, that we haven't heard in a long, long time. Just wish there was a playlist so we could refresh our memories on who the artists are!
By: Sharon-Ed on February 19, 2017

I live in Clifton Colorado and I love the station, however I am not getting your reception again. I have not gotten youbstation since last Wednesday is this something that is. On going?
By: Vivian kingsbury on February 26, 2017

Hi again I love to hear your station however, I can not receive your station at times like now it is off the air. I am wondering If I need to do something in order to receive your broadcast. I really like hearing your station and miss it when I don't receive it. Thank you
By: Vivian A Pottorff-Kingsbury on March 15, 2017

I love your station!! No commercials, great music, especially the old big band jazz and some new too like Michael Buble. When your on the air, I'm listening!
By: Trish on May 12, 2017

I've been listening to 102.5 for the past month and really like its mix of oldies, classic hits, and standards. No announcers or commercials yet. I hope it keeps this format and adds to it. Sorely needed in the area!
By: stephen fullerton on June 18, 2017

I stumbled onto this station by accident, started listening and can't stop. Great music from the 50's to the 70's
By: Kevin on August 5, 2017

By: judy on August 17, 2017

Enjoyed you ALL day as usual. Thanks for playing my good memories!
By: Lori Hastings on September 24, 2017

FINALLY, a radio station that plays the "other" songs, not just top 40 over & over & over & over. Was switching through stations the other day and heard "Puff, The Magic Dragon" playing and haven't changed the station since. Songs of old that I haven't heard in many years. Lots of memories. I tell all my friends about your station. WE LOVE IT. Thanks!
By: Michael B. on October 17, 2017

Great station to listen to! I love the mix of old and new. I was wondering if there will be Christmas music? I would love to have Christmas music station in the Grand Junction area.
By: Chris C. on November 25, 2017

A was super surprised of this station two weeks ago. The music is really great and it plays my kind of music I like. Keep up the great work you all. It is also nice because no news no ads. Keep up the great music. Thank you for making mt days be great!
By: Kevin F. on March 27, 2018

Moved to Grand Junction this year. Found this great station. I’ve noticed that there are some days it isn’t broadcasting. There is just silence. I’m a rock guitarist but also enjoy much of the music this station plays. I can hear sixties pop classics to Louis Armstrong. For the last two days it’s been silent. Wished I could find its programming schedule.
By: Robert on April 5, 2018

Thanks for the good format. Your station is on our radioS now. As an employee of a car rental company, I am setting the dials to your station on the many cars that I drive. Keep it up.
By: Ernie Humphrey on April 14, 2018

I have not been able to listen to this station for about four days now. Is it kaput?
By: Robert on April 25, 2018

What has happened to my favorite radio station? I really miss the music you used to play! Have you switched to ‘talk’ radio? Please bring back the great tunes you used to play!
By: Cheri on April 28, 2018

Just had to let you know how much I enjoy your broadcast. Easily the best radio station in Grand Junction! Keep it up!
By: Ken on April 30, 2018

This radio station is the best EVER! I discovered it purely by accident two weeks ago and I listen to it all day every day! Many, many thanks!
By: Sherry Bley on May 26, 2018

When are you going to be back up? I have told everyone I know about you!
By: Michael Mcgovern on June 6, 2018

You guys seem to spend more time off the air than you do broadcasting. I like your music selections when I can listen.
By: Gary on July 21, 2018

I just one day was surfing as I don't have X M an found your station heyvery good I now pre set in my pickup an enjoy the mix of years of music very good keep up your veriety music I pass on the call numbers often so thanks
By: Paul noyce on July 29, 2018

What the hell happen to you we just get to enjoy your tunes then BAM nothing please get it strait
By: Paul on August 3, 2018

Well ill be your back on again what is it every other week you need vacation you could be the best station in the valley but folks start listening then your off another week maybe we in valley need to go back to red rock
By: Paul noyce on August 18, 2018

Love the oldies music, hope you can stay on all the time. Great job.👍😄
By: Phil Dahlberg on October 1, 2018

I LOVE your station! I haven't heard easy listening music for years until I found you! Most of he music of today is NOT music, just depressing noise. I had forgotten how much good music influences our mind and body. Having you available is just good medicine. I don't know how you do it without commercials, (which I would be happy to endure just to know you were there. Thank you so much! You are absolutely a community service!
By: Sue Hughey on October 28, 2018

Love the music play on this station. I live inMontrose and don’t get good reception. Can you expand your area??
By: Randi Cooley on November 14, 2018

I just found you the other day. It was like a great Christmas present to myself. Love the music and have been telling my friends about the station. Thanks for taking me back in time.
By: Ruth on January 2, 2019

I have tried to set up and listen to your radio station KCDC 102.5 but have been unsuccessful. What is the procedure step by step?
By: Jim Eller on January 10, 2019

Love this radio station. The music is wonderful with a great variety of music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s (sometimes the 40s). Covers all styles of music. And no advertising. Well worth the listen.
By: Karen McKee on February 12, 2019

Very good you are on steady now your all I listen too I pass you radio station around all the time XM has nothing over you KEEP UP GOOD TUNES THANK YOU
By: Paul on February 19, 2019

Are you about to go back to work you had a week off i miss the good music keep up the good times when your on like very much
By: Paul on July 15, 2019

Live in Fruita, found your station and really enjoyed it, but lately you have been off the air. why???
By: Anonymous on July 15, 2019

Well your off so often finally far up on you an went back to K/star 96.1 need to improve as good as your music is hate to go another station
By: Paul on August 4, 2019

I just discovered your station this summer and am really enjoying it. I appreciate that you usually play music from a variety of decades and that you have fewer repetitions and fewer "duds" (more obscure songs that aren't very good) than most other stations. Would you please consider adding one or more of the following to your mix? Taps for the Fallen Brave (101 Strings), Jazzman (Carole King), Moon River, Old Days Gold Days (Chicago), Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer, Summer Breeze, Summer Samba, Instant Concert (this last one contains many commercial jingles, etc., that Baby Boomers will remember from our youth) Many thanks!
By: Martha on August 7, 2019

I love the music you play! Sometimes you are not on...why is that? I sure hope that you stay on the air as you are a great alternative to all the country stations we have here in Grand Junction.
By: Kay Brauhoff on September 16, 2019

That’s for the wonderful music, it’s the only station my 87 yr old Mom listens too and I also love it!
By: Laura Verniers on September 19, 2019

This is an great mix of music you just don’t find on “dedicated” rock, oldies, or classic rock stations. You never quite know what’s next and that is really fun. Not sure why there are breaks in broadcasting, but if it’s because the dj’s went out to enjoy our lifestyle... go for it. We’ll keep checking back.
By: Bugs on July 25, 2020

Love your station . How do you afford being on the air. Do you take donations?
By: Larry w Rossman on August 23, 2020

Just discovered this station! Great music - I had to go find it in my car to see what channel I was listening to. Kept waiting for it to be ID’d! How are you funded?
By: Dorothy on September 7, 2020

KCDC where did you go??? I’m missing your incredible tunes. )o;
By: Margaret on September 28, 2020

Your radio station is awesome. I am a 71 yr old living alone, and your music brings so much joy and memories to my day. I just sit and listen and sing along.
By: Ann on November 9, 2020

Just moved into town and was searching for a good radio station and instead found this outstanding station. You play a wonderful mix of songs, listen to you all day long. Thank you so much for sharing!
By: James M on November 26, 2020

Really great station Why are you off the air occasionally?
By: Anonymous on January 21, 2021

I have lived here for many years, but just came across your station. I love, love, love it! Thanks for great music.
By: Linda J on January 31, 2021

Thank you for a great station, you’re very much appreciated!
By: Lanetta on February 4, 2021

We love this station; we play it every day at work and often share the channel info with customers who like it too. We love the variety of music. But what happened this afternoon? It changed to all talk, sounds like infomercial ads. Ick!
By: Anonymous on February 8, 2021

you have been playing Somewhere Beyond The Sea recently today at about 2 oclock It is a great version. could you please tell me who the artist is and what album it is on. Thank you Fred Schwartz I love your station
By: fred on August 16, 2021

I bought an old radio shack table radio to listen to your station in Grand Junction. It was fine for awhile but now I can't get KCDC at 102.5, it is some other station in the house that is not the same music KCDC plays. I can still listen to you on the car radio when I am out. Is there another station on my radio that would tune you in in the house?
By: Jane on November 11, 2021

KCDC does, in fact, have plans to move to 102.3, to protect KQSE. Otherwise, this is kind of an odd decision.
By: ZBG on November 12, 2021

I came across your station recently and am really enjoying your music - brings back lots of memories. Would you please add Old Days (Chicago) and Jazzman (Carole King) into your mix?
By: Martha on June 23, 2023

I wish you would play more upbeat music and more top hits from the era instead of secondary tunes.
By: Anonymous on June 26, 2023

I love to listen to the Grand Junction 102.5 station. I was noticing, in last week your sound is cutting out during songs. I have two Bose radio and both are cutting out. Your station is on for 6 hrs daily here, really great music.
By: Frankie on June 27, 2023

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