Radio Station Information

KRZX 106.1 FM

City of License:
Redlands, CO

Classic Rock

Grand Junction, CO

Cochise Broadcasting (Cochise Media Licenses LLC)

KRZX is an FM radio station broadcasting at 106.1 MHz. The station is licensed to Redlands, CO and is part of the Grand Junction, CO radio market. The station broadcasts Classic Rock music programming. KRZX is owned by Cochise Broadcasting.

Station Coverage Map

KRZX-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Best station in town ,can I help 778-8206
By: Kim Jessup on August 23, 2012

I hope you guys stay around, I love your music format, I've heard songs I haven't heard in years. Keep up the good work.
By: Mike on November 19, 2012

Heard a song about 6:20 P.M. Sunday 12/16/2012 that I really liked. Don't have any idea who it was, or the name of the song but I think it had a verse "born to be her fool" or something like that. I can usally guess older stuff from the music style or voice but this one is new to me. Just wonder if you keep a song list for each day and if you could email me songs played from 6:15 to 6:30 of that night? I really like your format, great songs from great albums that NEVER were beat to death by the top 40 stations. Discovered your station purely by accident while changing CDs in my vehicle one day and haven't played a CD since. I have a ton of suggestions, but only if wanted. Anyway let me know about that song if you can and keep up the great tunes.
By: Lee on December 17, 2012

great tunes keep it up
By: robert downs on February 23, 2013

Love the music, but want to know who you are? how do you operate without commercials? curious
By: John Moore on August 5, 2013

please never go away. You are the only station that plays what I wish to hear. thank you for being there.
By: Kim on August 9, 2013

I just found this station! What a hidden gem, never go away!
By: RICH GOLDEN on August 9, 2013

I really like your format, great songs from great albums. I was stunned to hear "The Pusher" by Steppenwolf...Never heard that on the radio before...It seems that your DJ has a real ear for the best music that rarely get played on any other station...The Grand Junction oldies stations are washed up, now that you are here...and thanx for being here...Keep it up!!!
By: Greg on August 13, 2013

Like the fact that your commercial free, listen all day at work and enioy looking forward to the next song I haven't heard in years. And some never heard before. Seems like the best tracks on a album are the one's that don't become "hits." "Purple Haze" NO NO NO. "Love or Confusion" YES YES YES. Only complaint is there's no playlist identification, and your off air as much as on. Need some feedback from you people.
By: Terry on August 17, 2013

Great music, no commercials. Does anyone know why this station is off the air for days at a time?
By: JohnE on September 12, 2013

you are the only station in grand junction worth listening to. When you go off the air I don't listen to anything else. I'm a child of the sixties-and very grateful to have been there for it. Your format is right out of my vinyl collection and I thrive on it. What can I do to help you stay on the air all the time? Why the frequent and long broadcast lapses?
By: howieJ on September 13, 2013

Best music in G.J. hands down! Here's hoping y'all will not have any more lapses in air time. The current offering is mighty fine, a little Jimmy Hall with Wet Willie's "Dixie Rock"! Keep it coming!
By: Janis Johnson on September 17, 2013

Why are you not on air?
By: Janis Johnson on September 19, 2013

What was the bob dylan song played on Sunday, the 13th at 12:30 pm?
By: elaine rau on October 13, 2013

Love Love Love this station. No commercials and awesome music. Whoever you are picking this is so darn great! Tell us who you are..can we support your cause? Why are you off the air sometimes?
By: Kay and Don Cook on November 3, 2013

Driving us crazy without a playlist - I wonder, how far the flames will go - A vietnam protest song? Dec 21 at around 1800 hours. Got to find that song, but you cannot or will not help. What's the point?
By: Beufard on December 22, 2013

What's the story with this station? Best radio station I've ever heard and I was a record label owner for 30 years! God bless 'em Bill
By: William Hein on January 8, 2014

Maybe you should headquarter out of De Beque and when we go shopping there to replenish we could make donations to this station to stay unique, without commercials. Maybe a backup CD player so we won't have to suffer again a day of skipping music - the only thing worse than the crap we have in the valley. Maybe more power so we can listen uninterrupted on our trips to De Beque. Maybe 1 commercial would be acceptable for a DEDICATED DRIVER "car pooling to the pot store"
By: Paul Muldowney on April 3, 2014

Love the station, nothing better in town. Would love to be able to listen using my Sonos or even the internet
By: Sam on April 4, 2014

I just found this station. It is absolutely the best station I've ever listened to. I love it!
By: Mateo on April 22, 2014

Best station I've heard in years, please don't go away
By: Tim on April 22, 2014

Awesome station! Have listened for the last 2 days while over here from Denver Wish you broadcast over there but will listen now via web Great mix of long track type songs and artists! What a breath of fresh music/air
By: Bob on May 15, 2014

Help! Who does the song, with the hook " carry me away"? Love the play list!
By: Julie on May 16, 2014

wow, what planet did you come from? Just discovered your station. I'm not moving off of it.
By: DeeDee on May 19, 2014

So nice to listen to some great music. Good Job....Love it, don't even listen to XM in my car anymore. Been a great Sunday of music.
By: JayCin on May 25, 2014

I've been listening for almost a week solid now and I don't think I've heard more than one or two songs twice. Frickin awesome. Who knew that Fleetwood Mac made more than three songs, amazing!!
By: Daleen Brown on June 2, 2014

By: Victor on July 9, 2014

Fantastic station, great library of music
By: dieseldave on July 26, 2014

Wish we could get reception on all our devices. Alas, only one in the house and the car radio. So we carry the portable from room to room and won't leave the car till the song ends! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your station. Been dancing for days. Would like to send some support.
By: Debbie and Dee on September 10, 2014

Glad your back on, please don't leave again!!
By: dieseldave on September 11, 2014

What can I do to keep you on air? Let me know!
By: dieseldave on September 12, 2014

Yep, I love this station too and really miss it when it is off the air! Glad it is back on after a long hiatus... hope you had a good vacation?
By: KP on September 12, 2014

Keep hearing a song I can't identify, and since this station is run by DJs from another dimension I'll ask if other listeners might know it. Wednesday Sept. 24th 8 p.m.ish. Song has sort of a country flavor like Poco, Marshal Tucker, Outlaws? But not any of them. Only lyrics I can make out are; "One fine day I'll walk to town" then later "Heart and soul I'll give to you" Kind of a slow tempo, feel like I should know the voice but just can't guess who it is. Not much to go on but any help would be appreciated. Keep playing the good stuff 106.1
By: LQ on September 25, 2014

We love this station! Bummer when it's off for days at a time. We just check every morning. We use the Soundhound app on my phone to ID those songs we can't figure out.
By: Anonymous on October 30, 2014

I've been listening for a while now. Checking my presets, hoping you're on the air. On 3 off 4....been on steady for a good run right now and I'm loving it!!! Got a few of my friends hooked too. Let me know if I can help out in any way, it would be my pleasure. Keep up the good work!
By: Terry on November 19, 2014

Found this station about a year or so ago. Best in the grand valley when is up and running. Love the no commercial and no DJ' s. How you stay around.
By: Russell Malik on November 25, 2014

Great Programming. Honestly, I am sincerely IMPRESSED with the selection of "oldies" "classics" fantastic music. And so little interruption with adds and such. GREAT !! Thank you Thank you Thank you. Can I help ? Who knows about this station ? I've lived here 5 years from the east coast and thought KAFM was thee only cool station in town. Just found you guys last month. Is there more than one programmer ? Feel free to email me. Very curious and would be happy to do P.R.
By: Diane MacKenzie on November 26, 2014

Again you amaze with your music library!! Keep up the good work.
By: dieseldave on December 13, 2014

Your not in my city directory of Grand Junction, I'm on the Redlands. I think your playing 'Teeter and the Monkey Man, but the artist I don't know, trying to find the cd alb. Will ya help me out here. I like the music here...
By: Calvin on December 24, 2014

Keep on truckin' best station in town
By: Dana on January 13, 2015

you are my new fav,i have heard songs i haven't heard since i was in high only recommendation would be that you tell the songs title and artist as your playlist is so diverse that even i,a professional musician,have a hard time keeping up with whos what
By: james mcnally on January 17, 2015

i would like to invite you to listen to the latest recordings of our local band "the instagators".we are recording two cds,one rock and one country,right here in can listen as we progress on soundcloud/the instagators.maybe you would consider playing a cut if you like it,thanks jimmy
By: james mcnally on January 21, 2015

By: Anonymous on January 28, 2015

Yes...King Crimson..Poco...Keep playing
By: Rick quilico on January 29, 2015

THE Best station ever. I've been raving about you guys for over a year now. To Calvin 12/24 Tweeter and the Monkey Man is the Travelling Wilburys
By: Codino on February 6, 2015

love the station, less comercials I listen to it all day on my bose radio nice when a song comes on that I like I turn volume up to the max, great ! great station, stay here, Richard here
By: richard on February 10, 2015

This has to be the best station around. But you have been off the air for three day. Whay happened?
By: Tim Wren on April 22, 2015

Do you stream on the web? I'm visiting from SoCal....I want to take you with me!
By: Jim Morrison on June 9, 2015

Passing through the monument, heard your station; great cuts deep into the lp's tracks. Wish I had it in Chicago...
By: John P on July 4, 2015

Great station. Kinda frustrating that the songs are not ID'd in any way, but love the no-talk, no-commercials format. And great variety. Keep up the good work.
By: Dave on July 27, 2015

Great music! Keep it up. Thanks..
By: bob on August 9, 2015

Awesome music catalog - the deep "B" side cuts are the best... really shows excellent musicology in the line up. THANK YOU! Even KAFM can't keep up with you!
By: Bill B on August 28, 2015

This station is playing many of the songs that I grew up with and haven't heard in a long time, or at all! Excellent mix of tunes from Dylan, Petty, and Ziggy Stardust.
By: Brian R on September 2, 2015

Please play more AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Cinderella, Scorpions, Anthrax, Metallica, etc., etc.; from the 80's..............
By: Brian R on October 15, 2015

Well, nothing for a few days now. Please don't say it's over! I'll come pedal the bike that runs the power. My days are not the same without KRZX. Please come back!!!!
By: Terry on November 9, 2015

takes me back to the basement, headphones and backlight posters
By: John M on December 1, 2015

Wonderful selection of music! So many songs that I haven't heard in many years. I'm in Delta County and sure would like to stream your station. Thank you very much, whoever you are.
By: Ewell on January 26, 2016

Lots of songs I haven't heard in a REAL long time, songs I've never heard, and I was in the music biz in LA. Would love to be able to find out song names and artists on those I have no clue about. Music is great!
By: Dale Rostad on February 6, 2016

Hey guys! Nothing but static now for a few days. I hope you're not calling it quits? I would be happy to help keep this running!
By: Terry on February 22, 2016

What has happened to you, such a great station, are you broken or coming back on the air. You are missed very much.
By: Alan on March 17, 2016

Just static...what a shame. So...did the local "commercial" stations complain enough to get you taken off the air.
By: Doug on April 4, 2016

I live in Las Vegas and drive through Junction on my way to see family in Steamboat. I love this damn station! I cannot get it on any streaming service. Please make that happen! Best classic rock station ever!
By: Stephanie on April 22, 2016

Say it ain't so!
By: Zeke on April 26, 2016

Check out it has a web stream of a station owned by the same guy and plays the same music.
By: John on April 27, 2016

Thank you for coming back on the air. You save me from the insanity of radio stations in GJ. Best ever.
By: Doug on May 8, 2016

By: KP on May 8, 2016

Hazzah! Please never go away again!!
By: Terry on May 11, 2016

Fantastic! I've never heard radio this good, no commercials, no DJ's, great songs that never made it on the radio before. I don't know how you do it, but I'm telling everyone.
By: GT on May 28, 2016

You were recommended by a friend and I had to pass you on to another friend. We now have a radio station in JG to be proud of. What do we need to do in order to keep you on the air.
By: steve on June 6, 2016

Wish I knew the real story behind this station. Best station ever. More studio Peter Frampton cuts please :) I have also discovered a lot of great stuff that is new to even me - thanks soooo much! We also selfishly ask that you stop going on vacation ;)
By: Terry on June 29, 2016

Crazy good station! Very shocked to hear all of this great music - whoever programs this station is fantastic!
By: Kate on September 14, 2016

Crazy so secret right? I try to picture this "DJ" (guy I think), must be cool, I'm 50, totally relate to tunes -keep it up.
By: Jeff C. on September 18, 2016

Just like someone else posted, I just can't wait to hear what the next song will be. Fantastic selections and the versions we never hear unless you have the original album recordings. Thank you Rachel Sauer for the awesome write up in Out and About. I'm hooked!
By: Dee on October 1, 2016

Wow you guys! We are thinking of moving here just because of this station. No announcers no commercials. My god what have you done! Thank you so much!
By: Nancy and Dave Joecks on October 8, 2016

October 14 at 12:16 p.m. went off the air, just static. Please fix this! Major Thompson must be lost in space.......
By: Dee R on October 14, 2016

A great great song which periodically is played on this (best ever) station. Cannot Identify - lyrics do not show up on google (which always works). Also tried two different song identifier apps, both say "song not recognized". Hmmmmm. "Girl I know you" would be my guess for the title, common lyric in the song. Male vocal, nice guitar riffs, sounds "80's or "90's-ish? Any help? Must be obscure but it shouldn't be...
By: Ron on November 6, 2016

Love your station. How do you make money? Can I contribute?
By: Paul ennis on November 8, 2016

1st Just like to say..This station is the only thing in Mesa County that reminds me of being back home in Cleveland Ohio. When i came across your station a few years back. I was amazed how many tracks that are played that i used to play as a mobile DJ Back in Ohio. Love The E. Hunter : Cleveland Rocks. And Was amazed to hear your guys play some Michael Stanley Tracks. Along with Classic Southern rock. Outlaws, Blackfoot., Molly Hatchet ect. And found out about a Artist i was not aware of, Until i heard it on your station: James MCMurtry : Track is called Choctaw Bingo. The version you all play is truly amazing! I tried finding it. And purchased the CD : Saint Mary Of The Woods. But the version on that CD. Is not the version you all play. I did some digging.. and was told there is another version of that track. Thats on the : BEER FOR MY HORSES Music Soundtrack. iF ANYONE COULD Contact me , Via e -mail or by phone. to let me know, how i can get that version on Choctaw Bingo you all play. That would be amazing! 970-260-4112 I would love to talk to someone about the amazing format of music you all play as well. Please dont ever change and keep up the amazing list of tracks you all play. Thanks again for making me feel like im back in the ROCK N ROLL Capital Of The World! Cleveland Ohio! Mike Kaneck aka(Michael K The D.J.
By: Mike Kaneck on November 27, 2016

Love, love, LOVE this station. Got some new converts in the office, too! I keep hoping I'll hear Mason Williams' Classical Gas - any chance? I also would be happy to contribute to your station rather than ever lose it. Does it go dark when you take a vacation? I'll come in, if you want. Thanks for this wonderful PUBLIC SERVICE.
By: PrettyGirl58 on January 18, 2017

I just found this station. WOW Am I excited about the MUSIC!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Best radio station around. Am listening on house radio, certainly hope I can pull you in on my car radio. Where on the Redlands are you? I live up here and don't have a clue where you are located. Please don't go away!!!
By: WR on January 20, 2017

Love you guys, please keep doing what your doing! Listening to ya all day!
By: Cathy Swiger on January 22, 2017

I LOVE YOUR STATION! It's on my home, and car radio's. It's so great to hear songs that I've long ago, forgotten! KEEP UP THE GREAT LINE UP'S. I'd LOVE it if you guys would play a song by the Moody Blues, titled, "GO NOW." NO ONE BUT YOU GUYS WOULD EVEN HAVE THAT FIRST HIT BY THE BLUES. LOVE YOU GUYS!
By: Nicki Broughton on March 8, 2017

Just...Wow! Please keep it up - like others, I could donate to this. Playlist somewhere so we can figure out songs we don't know who/what so we can purchase them?
By: Eli on April 4, 2017

The other day this station was playing at my dentist's office, and I was surprised to learn that the station is ad free. How? Regardless, this morning I heard a song that was a hit back in 1979 when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor, but have not heard too many times since, and this evening there was a rarely heard oldie by Grateful Dead. Pretty neat stuff from the '60s and '70s, the stuff that I grew up on. Thanks.
By: DDD on April 6, 2017

Just curious if I can find out what you guys where playing at 5:30 am on May 9th? It got me all jazzed up! Can ya help? The song had no lyrics, it was just awesome!
By: Thea on May 10, 2017

Stumbled on this station passing through last Monday evening on a solo camping adventure. Wish I could have received the signal the whole trip. Good job and keep up the excellent playlists.
By: Tom on June 26, 2017

Fantastic playlists. You only repeat a few days at a time, then on to the next. And the only ads I've ever heard are for Halliburton on weekends, and when Viewpiint is presented. Just wish you wouldn't have that dead air for days at a time, like now.... :+(....but keep up the good tunes!
By: Dee R on June 28, 2017

I deliver the mail in a very rural area near Delta and usually tune in to XM radio but it annoys me when they blab too much instead of playing music like they used to. I dont like paying for blab. I discovered your station by accident and quit listening to my XM. You are awesome and make my day go by so much faster, Thank You! I googled 106.1 when you went off the air worried you were gone forever but reading these posts gives me hope you will be back, I wll kerp trying. Would like to get rid of XM all together if you were full time. Keep up the Great Work! We love you!
By: Patsy on July 20, 2017

you folks looking for song identification should get the shazam app for iPhone. it nails it 99 percent of the time even on KMSA.
By: jerry on July 21, 2017

W.O.W. I have scared passengers in my car when I scream at the radio in disbelief "I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM HEARING THIS!!" Madison Ave Man & Can't Stop Hurting Myself by Greg Kihn - pure gold. Tracks by artists such as Robin Trower that I don't even recognize. Holy crap you played Meet on the Ledge by Fairport Convention! (I had tears of joy). Then last night you played Phasers on Stun by FM. Seriously?? A little known prog band from Canada in the late 70s I played the album Black Noise (and the aforementioned song) repeatedly. You guys blow my mind with your playlist, and there have been many times I have sat in my car waiting for a song to finish. It's been like finding a long lost friend. Don't ever stop.
By: peggy on July 27, 2017

heard a song with the lyrics "i was standing on the edge of my mind". can not find it anywhere. does anyone know it or the artist. with so many unknown songs, i would give monetary support to have the artist mentioned or is that how they get away without paying royalties and have no commercials?
By: david on August 5, 2017

I heard a song about 9:00a.m. or earlier on 8- 25-17. Definitely blues, singer was black, slide guitar or dobro and harp. Shortly after that a Beetles song was played. Could you send me the name of the artist or name of the song. Theme was, tired of waiting in line among others. Thank you. Great station ! Thanks !
By: Terry on August 25, 2017

This station is so insanely good. Great old songs that fly under the radar in today's corporate run lowest common denominator playing classic rock stations. Keep up the great work! Here are some suggestions for great under the radar songs even you guys do not play (yet?) Fig Tree Bay - Peter Frampton (the original 1972 version on "Wind of Change" album) Disciple - Doobie Brothers ("Toulouse Street" album) Moon Song - America ("Homecoming" album) Rock and Roll Nights - Bachman Turner Overdrive (Rock and Roll Nights" album) NEVER go away!!
By: Terry2 on September 7, 2017

Was just out in Grand Junction area for four days and happen across this station while there. This is the best radio station I've ever heard. They played some of the deepest cuts and such a wide selection of music, absolutely unbelievable! My dilemma is I live in Ohio, so I can't enjoy this incredible selection of music that 106.1 plays. If you're out in the western slope you have to give this station a listen. It will open your ears to some really great music!
By: Zim on September 18, 2017

I've loved this station since we moved here in May!...but lately it seems like it's on a loop some days--I've heard the same song at the same time of day, two or three days in a row...usually while I'm doing dishes at 6:30 pm!...but other times of day as well...but just now a Pousette-Dart song is playing, so I love you guys all over again!!...thank you for playing a few Tom Petty songs this week, too, helps to get through one of the worst weeks in rock....
By: Ruth Perry on October 8, 2017

song identifier request - Chorus lyrics - "Baby don't you understand, you're not looking for a real man". Can anyone identify this song for me?? Greatest station ever. Frustrating to not be able to find out the artist and title of some of the great obscure songs you play.
By: Sam on February 6, 2018

You guys and/or girls are great!..Always great memories and great surprises with B sides or extended or live cuts. Not much more to say but Thank You. Hope you guys stay on the air.
By: JimmyG on February 20, 2018

I’ve always wondered why classic rock stations always play the same songs over and over. We love those bands but thank you for going deeper into their bodies of work! I’m hearing many songs I haven’t heard before or at least not in decades. Great job!
By: Rmart on May 4, 2018

The BEST!! Love the lineup playlists. Reminds me of my record album collection. Every other radio station sucks next to KRZX 106.1
By: Sam I Am on May 9, 2018

Now I have a song identifier request. Lyrics -"Their life is a show just see how they go". " We fell in love in the south of France now all the media knows..." Can anyone identify this great song????? Good vocal harmonies. Sounds kind of like the group "Player" (Baby Come Back....), but probably not...
By: MariaR. on July 6, 2018

Man....I am really diggin what I'm hearing coming outta my speakers. Keep it up... :-)
By: Jim Carr on August 3, 2018

Love no commercials! When I first started listening, it seemed to have more of a variety scale of music, which was wonderful. Then it went to not having such a variety. Seems lately a bit of the variety has come back. Thank you, keep with the large scale of variety!
By: Anonymous on August 18, 2018

are you ever coming back ?
By: stu on September 6, 2018

Best station in 40 years. I grew up with those bands and music. Please come back online. If you need help I’m willing.
By: Vga on September 15, 2018

Hoping that you'll be back soon! It's been a month, longer than usual! :(
By: Ruth J Perry on September 21, 2018

From Inside Radio: May 30,2017. "Cochise Broadcasting is being forced to surrender or donate 10 radio stations across the Midwest and Mountain West as part of a consent decree with the Federal Communications Commission. It’s a penalty for failing to keep the stations on the air, in some cases, for years. The company’s remaining 11 stations will be given abbreviated one-year license renewals in exchange for a pledge to comply with a minimum operating schedule." Although some of the Cochise stations did operate for meaningful periods during their past license terms, most of the stations operated so little that their public service record is essentially non-existent,” Media Bureau chief Michelle Carey wrote in the 19-page order. Carey pointed to a 2001 warning from the FCC which said that a license holder would face a “very heavy burden” in demonstrating it had served the public interest when a station had remained silent for “most or all” of the prior license term. “Like public officials charged with public trust, a renewal applicant…must literally ‘run on his record,’” the Commission said in a decision 16 years ago. The listening public isn’t likely to notice much of a change on their dial since the stations that Cochise is being forced to donate to not-for-profit groups or surrender have been off the air for years. Among them are KXWY Hudson, WY (102.9); KTWY Shoshoni, WY (97.1); KWWY Shoshoni, WY (106.5); KFMR Ballard, UT (95.5); KZLM Lewistown, MT (107.9); KZNM Milan, NM (101.9); KHSK Allen, NE (100.9); KDNM Reserve, NM (90.1); and KSFQ Thatcher, AZ (90.9). My guess is Cochise didn't meet the minimum time on air for the rest of the stations...therefore lost their license for the other 11 stations
By: Doug on September 22, 2018

So Glad you are back on the air. Thanx
By: Doug on October 7, 2018

Best station ever, bar none. I don't even listen to Sirius anymore. Don't stop what you're doing, it's perfect!
By: Laurie on December 12, 2018

3:20 on June 4 song played words like this "girl I know you" who does this song? Keep up the awesome. Takes me back to high school. Basement parties music you just can't get anymore.fond memory's.
By: Harlan Dalton on June 4, 2019

Absolutely the most wonderful radio station ever! We go into massive depression when you are off air. So keep being on air and the world will be a most delightful place! Don't ever stop!
By: Caroline on June 28, 2019

Do you stream online? I'd love to listen to your radio station on my work computer.
By: Jim C on August 17, 2019

Best music ever! Thank you so much for playing something different and excellent. You Rock. Never stop!
By: Jake on August 21, 2019

I never lost faith that this radio station would be back (gone for 6 weeks?) I notice the long absences seem to take place in the summer. I too am depressed when this station goes away it is the best ever!! From the recent post above - I have asked previously on this forum who does the "girl I know you" song - does ANYONE know who does this song?? song apps say "song not recognized". Keep up the great Frampton cuts they are the best!
By: Mike on August 23, 2019

Best station ever
By: Avid fan on September 4, 2019

From Lafayette, out to Fruita for the wkend.. great music, will stream this for sure.. super set list.. hit my demographic perfectly (64..male). Cool deep cuts.. I play in two band on the front range.. radio sucks I Denver etc.. I listen to 810 oldies, only thing listenable. Thanks
By: Marc on October 22, 2019

Great station, found by accident, you rock!
By: Dana on January 22, 2020

Friday 345 before montigo bay what song was played
By: Michael watts on January 24, 2020

Thank you for staying on the air during the public health crisis please continue to do so! Its a little thing that makes things a little easier.
By: anonymous on March 30, 2020

I've LOVED this station since I started listening last playlists and no commercials!! I think I've heard this is a one man show.... and if nature calls, you need a vacation, or a trip to the's 'adios'! LOL I laugh when it happens in middle of a song too.....makes me think of all the stuff that could've pulled you away, sad if it's a good song...haha. As a child of the 60s I can relate, and only find 1 or 2 that I don't like as much, but love the exposure to the 'odd' songs... thanks for keeping GJ going! music soothes the soul...
By: Cara on July 5, 2020

Help please. What was the Moody Blues (?) song before 7 p.m. 8/5/2020 I was working on the irrigation ditch, muddy wet hands not able to remember the lyrics to track it down. Also, love the weaving of the political thread yesterday and today - at least I can still remember those days and appreciate your skills.
By: Paul on August 6, 2020

Hi! Do you have a playlist?! I heard a song today at about 7 pm that I haven’t heard in years! Trying to find it based on lyrics !
By: Kim on August 18, 2020

Can anyone identify the song played from time to time with the chorus "baby don't you understand, you're not looking for a real man" ?? Thanks!
By: anonymous on October 8, 2020

How do you fund yourself? The only commercials I've heard were the ones supporting Hickenlooper for Senate. The AOR mix is MUCH appreciated!
By: Carl W on December 1, 2020

Super-nice station; also rather mysterious! Is there any way to contact you, or are you incognito? Like Pirate radio...Caroline, wasn't it? Anyway, good music and good luck!
By: Deborah Hurley on December 7, 2020

By: CHUCK EHRESMAN on December 17, 2020

Being an old man that grew up in LA in the 60s, your station reminds me of the original FM stations back then and the only difference is, those old stations would play album sides or full albums un-interrupted, love your station and if not for my current situation I would volunteer to help out to alleviate those days of non-broadcasting, thank you so much for your station and your apparent love of music. thanks Dennis McGuire
By: Dennis McGuire on January 25, 2021

What was playing 2/17/2021between 2:15 pm and 2:30 pm?
By: Sandra Lee on February 18, 2021

Oohhhh yeahhh! Visiting from MPLS, The best all around. I got a great stereo in my transport and wow! I love the music... Sunday Mothers Day. DJ has to be cool as can be. This is what I grew up lisenting too. Respectfully, Chris
By: Christoe Schmitt on May 10, 2021

LOVE this station! It's the only one I'll listen to but in the last week, the reception has been really poor. I hope it's fixed soon.
By: Julie S. on July 9, 2021

Thank you for "fixing" or whatever you did to your antenna today. As stated above the reception has been pretty bad for about 2 weeks. This is the absolute best freakin' radio station in the world. Adds to the quality of life here in GJ. Please never go away....
By: john on July 20, 2021

Hi guys, love listening, however I would love to see the playlist for Friday Sept. 17th around 10 A:M. Hope you can help.
By: Marilyn on September 18, 2021

Did 106.1 and 102.5 get their wires crossed tonight?? Tuned at 106.1 gets 102.5 (big band), visa versa....
By: Rick on October 15, 2021

Great station. Wonderful song play list. Sounds like my college Station in the 70s. Please go online so I can listen in Denver. Keep up the good work and great tunes.
By: Joe W on May 1, 2022

Format change to classic country music? Say it ain't so. Please?
By: Cleg on May 22, 2022

I'm not sure why you changed the station to country, I like country but not that much. Wondering if you're going to change it back to old rock and roll. If it does not change back to rock and roll then I guess I'll stop listening to your station. Sorry I love the music that you played before but I am not that big of a country fan. Thank you
By: Greg on May 23, 2022

I had you on both vehicles and my home stereo. Great tunes! I am deeply saddened by your change in format. Please, revert back to the Classic Rock. I loved it so.
By: Troy on May 23, 2022

I've been listening to your station for years. Love the old classic rock...takes me back to high school days and beyond. Plus I love hearing music I've never heard before. I hope you return to the old format! Miss the old 106.1 music!
By: Sandie on May 25, 2022

This station was a cornerstone of he Grand Junction high quality of life. Best station in the universe. Please return to classic rock :) :)
By: sam on June 1, 2022

Best station ever before format change. Now seems like FM is dead. Time to get sirius
By: Wayne V on September 4, 2022

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