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Relevant Radio

KCEO 1000 AM

Talk Radio for Catholic Life

City of License:
Vista, CA

Religious (Catholic)

San Diego, CA

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Relevant Radio (Relevant Radio, Inc.)

KCEO is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1000 KHz. The station is licensed to Vista, CA and is part of the San Diego, CA radio market. The station broadcasts Religious programming and goes by the name "Relevant Radio" on the air with the slogan "Talk Radio for Catholic Life". KCEO is owned by Relevant Radio.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Some good shows, mostly hosts that talk and not really say anything (Madrid, et al) So much is giving secular advise. There is no real preaching like on the other Christian stations. Those shows that teach Catholic theology seem very legalistic. Sometimes they contradict each other.
By: T.J. on November 14, 2015

Does not have adequate signal to cover portions of San Diego. Very weak and full of static in the South Bay.
By: James Afterton on November 23, 2015

I'm a cradle Catholic and I have to agree with T.J. I have heard priests on different shows say different things and contradict each other. It is very hard to figure out what is the Catholic Church's official policies and teachings.
By: Franklin Sackmore on November 23, 2015

I wish this station would be more like the other Christian radio stations. What I mean by that is the other stations carry shows where the preachers have recorded their sermons. This is true teaching. Why can't the priests record their homilies and broadcast them, thus teaching the faith and maybe non-Catholics who listen might be converted. I have attended many Catholic Churches and the homilies are very boring and very non-informative. Many priest don't know how to preach. But there are some who are good preachers and teachers, they can use their homilies. All the priests say "don't listen to christian radio because their preaching is wrong." Well then why doesn't the Catholic church provide good teaching on it's radio stations? I use to listen to this station all the time, but as time goes on I listen less and less, because there is very little "spiritual substance" .
By: Thomas R. Benton on December 30, 2015

I am a retired priest from a diocese on the East coast. I was even bestowed the title "Monsignor" by Saint Pope John Paul II about 15 years ago. I moved to Southern California after I retired to be close to family . In my 50 years as an active priest I too became very frustrated with the Catholic Church. I can understand why the people who left comments about this station are frustrated and confused. The Roman Church is very specific in it's teaching and doctrines, refer to the Code of Cannon Law,the Rubrics, the Catechism, etc. Here is where the problem exists. Many lay people,the Deacons, Priests and even Bishops apply their own interpretation to these documents. These people interpret it to their own way of thinking or what they want it to be. Some are very conservative and others very liberal. Most Bishops are very busy and don't have the time to supervise all their clergy. They only act upon complaints. Most parishioners will not complain if they see a problem, so the Bishops are not aware of the problem. also many Bishops are reluctant to sanction their priests and deacons because they are short handed and are afraid of loosing them There are many Priest who believe in "same sex marriage" They are not allowed to perform that type of marriage in the church, however, their personal feelings say it's OK and go directly against the church and scripture. So some of the clergy do not believe in the Church's teaching. I only use this topic as an example, there are many other teachings that many priest don't believe in. That raises the question, HOW CAN YOU BE A PRIEST IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WHO YOU REPRESENT? Catholic radio programs are made up of of a mix of lay people and clergy who have differing opinions on the Church's teaching and doctrines. No wonder the listeners are confused. Also some of these radio hosts say the reason why there are so many Protestant denominations is because they all have their own interpretations of scripture. Well the Catholic church is no different. The only exception being the Catholics have one "denomination" (so to speak) but many different interpretations also. So my only advise would be is to stay true to Jesus and all his teachings and don't put all your faith in men and their individual interpretations. Be like the Bereans in Acts 17:10-12. They listened to the apostle Paul, but waited to believe until they could confirm with the scriptures that what he was saying was true. .
By: Retired Priest on January 26, 2016

By: HHHHHH on April 5, 2016

I thought Patrick Madrid finally overcame his constant and most annoying habit of clearing his throat on the air. He had stopped for a while. Well this past week he is back to annoying all the listeners with his disgusting habit. I and several others had sent him E-mails directly to his web site at Immaculate Heart Radio. I guess he and Immaculate Heart Radio don't care.
By: Dr. J.Michael Thompson on November 30, 2016

When theres trouble in the church a true Saint would be at the front of the crowd as a leader and not be afraid of opposition from people or clergy within . That Saint would speak the truth and confront the devil and call him out at that very moment , god gave us a will to us good judgement well in the graces of the holy sprit . In my parish I am thankful to the good priest provided here in Encinitas . We also have a Divine Mercy Shrine site on Encinitas Blvd , north of Westlake St., I have found the faithful there in prayer every 13th of the month at 3pm there to pray the rosary and the Stations of the cross .( the Fatima Believers ) Look no further than the holy Eucharist and recognize The Blessed Mother . My sincere regards to mankind , The Catholic Cowboy
By: Earl Vincent Flores on September 3, 2018

This last week, Drew introduced a monsenor that was well prepared before hand, and spoke viamently against guns. There was no speaker that was prepared before hand to speak of the powerful legitament reasons to own, and if necessary, to rightfully use a gun. This was one sided politics, not an expression regarding the morality that could have been expressed as a Catholic theologin. This makes me wonder if my monthly donation to Imaculate Heart Radio is supporting a political radio station, rather than a Catholic educational station!
By: Herbert Baker on November 28, 2018

Why is Drew expressing a great interest and concern in the attempt to impeach President Trump? He interviewed a staunch believer of a person who strongly advocated President Trump’s impeachment, but never interviewed a pro Trump supporter! This is a very controversial political issue. Drew is giving the impression that the Catholic Church is against President Trump. This misconception is wrong. I do not support Imaculate Heart Radio Station to be a political advocate!.
By: Herbert Baker on November 28, 2018

I would like you to bring Catholic Answers back to the afternoon slot (3-5 pm). I think it would help with support, I know I would provide support again.
By: John J Veneziano on February 10, 2019

I happened on 1000 am this week and heard a discussion about what happened in Kenosha Wisconsin. I am writing because you stated loudly what was an absolute lie and, in this way, you are misinforming many many people who listen to you, and furthering the heinous and evil way this administration is painting anyone who is a democrat. The Lie you told on the air was that the protestors who were shot, two killed, were killed by “LEFT WING RADICAL ANARCHISTS”! Check your facts before you speak. They were killed by a right-wing, gun-carrying, automatic weapon, 17-year-old kid, who just left a Trump rally and was clearly fired up by the false rhetoric that all protestors are thugs and criminals. I am so offended, I can barely speak. This is a Christian station. Jesus cared for ALL people. Trump is spreading the LIE that all democrats HATE religion and church and God! You are furthering that lie by speaking lies on your station. I am horrified at how the religious community has been blinded by these lies. And that they cannot SEE that our president is NOT A HOLY MAN. He does not and never had followed the teachings of Jesus. He’s barely set foot in a church. He is USING people who are devout followers of Jesus by instilling fear and making you believe that anyone who doesn’t support him is atheist and evil! The exact opposite is true. Democrats and people on the left CARE about all people, want love and peace and a lifting of the spirits of those who need it. To watch those very people be beaten down ever further by a man who will do and say anything, commit crimes, to further his own fame, is disheartening to say the least. I’m asking you to wake up. Did the Bible not say there would be a wolf in sheep’s clothing that would lead people into his evil agenda and bring about the apocalypse? The anti christ?? Look around. He did not protect us in this pandemic. He’s actively trying to provoke Iran into a WAR, he’s denying science as we continue to abuse and pollute our world, and he gives more money to the richest of the rich. He stands in front of the President’s church, where he’s never attended, holding a Bible if which he’s never cracked a page, while gassing peaceful protestors who were hoping to hear a hopeful message from their leader. But were only condemned and told they would be driven out with law and order. He has had every chance to calm tensions and fears but he chooses to incite more violence. WAKE UP! Please! You believe in Jesus’ teachings. Then, do the right thing. Stop ignoring that there are some police who abuse their power, commit murder legally. Most police are good people and most democrats DO NOT want to defund police. Joe Biden does not want to defund police. Yet Trump runs untruthful ads saying that he does and that he is a “RADICAL LEFT WING”. He is not. Biden is a devout Catholic who has never missed a church service, who lives a faith filled life and truly cares about people. Your station should open its mind and realize that you’re repeating lies and rhetoric that hurts real people. Jesus is watching you in horror. I would ask you to clarify the truth of this story in Kenosha. Countless other incidents of the real violence, fires, pipe bombing, killing, had been perpetrated by RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS who love Trump. They are using the protests as an opportunity to create mayhem and blame it on the peaceful protesters. Protest is our right to speak. They are paving the way for Trump to take away the First Amendment rights, which coincides with his “FAKE NEWS” claims, trying to confuse and ruin the trust in the press...but only the press that tells the truth about him. The only fake news that is blatantly fake is the news that comes from Fox controlled by Trump like a good dictator sets up, and the Lies he continues to tell on Twitter, where he bullies, calls names and retweets heinous remarks about good people, and furthers the agenda of hate groups. Please see the Southern Poverty Law Center’s booklet listing the 100s of organized HATE groups in our country, many of which operate in the name of God. It is truly truly disturbing and horrifying. These are the very people who make up a large portion of trumps biggest followers. Yet he continues to say he’s not responsible for what people do, even if they take their cues from trump. He does NOT denounce the hate crimes which have shot up in number in the past 3 years. These terrible people have been emboldened to inflict violence upon minorities, immigrants, the LGBTQ community (Yes, they are human beings too), Jews, Muslims, anyone who is not like them. They have been egged on by this Leader because they love what he says. And this terrible DIVISION of America is the result. You need to take a look and really see who the actual good people are. And a person who cares about a family whose child was shot in the back IN THE BACK! seven times, is a person with a heart. These protestors are trying so desperately to be heard BECAUSE they have hearts, and they are AFRAID. LETS OPEN A DISCUSSION and stop demonizing the wrong people! NO MORE LIES. CHECK YOUR FACTS AND STOP THINKING YOU HAVE TO BE POLITICALLY ONE-SIDED. At least, Joe Biden wants to listen and work together with ALL AMERICANS. Trump has no capacity to do this. Thank you for listening. Please correct your error.
By: C. Wilson on August 30, 2020

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