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NewsRadio 1190 KEX

KEX 1190 AM

News, Traffic & Weather Station

City of License:
Portland, OR


Portland, OR

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iHeartMedia (Citicasters Licenses, Inc.)

4949 SW Macadam Ave
Portland, OR 97201


KEX is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1190 KHz. The station is licensed to Portland, OR and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "NewsRadio 1190 KEX" on the air with the slogan "News, Traffic & Weather Station". KEX is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I was disappointed in your 6:30 Sunday magazine show. (I had listened before and it was interesting.) The reporter started out with a good clear, pleasant voice giving an intro, then a member of the Portland school board, I think. That person talked slowly, with a lot of "uh"s and "yuh know"s, but I was sure it would be short, and then the reporter would summarize and move along with the story. Well, the slow, tedious voice went on and on and it was too much--I turned if off. It doesn't seem that a tape of a slow-talking guy makes an interesting story.
By: Jim Olsen on November 2, 2011

Really, KEX. You bring in a New York attitude with your morning program, Michael Costner (I'm sorry If I mis-spelled his name), and expect listeners to just lay back? I thought the FCC had rules about using offensive language "on-air"? On ANY given morning program, pick one, you'll hear him using a variety of cuss words. YOU may not care . . . But I'm POSITIVE your advertisers who pay your salaries, would be appalled to have customers come into their business and start shouting and using cuss words. Then say - you advertise on KEX radio, so you must condone this ? Given the number of words in the English language . . . A radio personality should have a better vocabulary.
By: Kevin on August 1, 2015

Screen your news items for accuracy. As an analyst, your news on Facebook data was grossly misleading: to assist your education an article in depth.: See: There is no excuse for sloppy reporting, or intentionally biased news. Evidently your newspeople lack objectivity. PLease clean up your mess.
By: Lt. Robert Powell on March 28, 2018

On the rare occasions when i listen to your 12-3 section I REALLY try to wrap my head around Mark and company. When it becomes obvious the phony attempt at journalism is supposedly backed up by characters like ANDY FIELDS, ABC news, i find it repugnant. The oh so thinly veiled coverage of anything TRUMP is ALWAYS in the negative. And today's episode was really an eye opener at how biased Andy Fields is in regards to all things Trump. Epstein is is a creep of the lowest order on that we agree, but when Bill Clinton came up in the discussion it was quickly brushed over, EVEN though there are pilot logs tieing Clinton to those trips on Epstieins plane and island! Instead Fields takes an illogical leap into a netherworld of Trump and Epstien partying all the time. In fact there is NO factual evidence of this. Additionally Fields alluded WITHOUT A BASIS to a 13 year old who is on youtube saying Trump had attacked her. If FIelds was a real journalist he would focus on Epstien and get FACTS together BEFORE making additional UNSUBSTANTIATED statements about anyone!!
By: David on July 10, 2019

people buying advertising have to be smarter than the current group of advertising investors 111 day after day hour after hour it is MARK MASON,,,day after day hour after hour..PLEASE, day after day hour after hour,,day after day hour after hour, day after day hour after hour.....yes I repeated that line a few times to show you how the redundancy of his voice gets real old.. We must have someone else that could do the job. He is on 3 hours every day if people want to hear his voice they can tune in then.. It is getting annoying. Get some kids or a few pets on the air: woof woof and meow meow would be refreshing compared to the same voice and silliness of M M all the time. Thanks for listening:
By: cobo beggs on September 19, 2020

Overheard Paul talking about Black Licorice today, 9/25/20 around 1:50 pm or so. I was sick for years because I ate black licorice as a candy treat. But when I ate large amounts I became very sick, unable to work. It made the sac around my heart inflamed. I went through exams on my heart due to palpitations and difficulty with heart beat. I found out by my own research in the early 90's that licorice was the problem. I shared it with my heart doctor and he validated the problem. I also had a gal friend whose brother was on disability; he ate licorice all the time. He went off licorice and was able to return to a full life of work and pleasure. I have a hard time believing the medical community is still ignorant about licorice. It nearly destroyed my life and I know it has destroyed others lives. I've saved more than one life since the 90's by just asking people if they ate licorice. Whenever they share similar symptoms, I ask. I hope you'll mention it again on the radio soon!
By: David House on September 25, 2020

Are Oregon State and Portland Trail Blazers games still on 1190 KEX? I have my radio set to this station but now all I get is talk radio. Please bring back those two OSU and Blazers.
By: Christine on December 27, 2023

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