Radio Station Information

Boss Radio

KFIG 1430 AM

City of License:
Fresno, CA


Fresno, CA

Fat Dawgs (Fat Dawgs 7 Broadcasting, LLC)

KFIG is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1430 KHz. The station is licensed to Fresno, CA and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Oldies music programming and goes by the name "Boss Radio" on the air. KFIG is owned by Fat Dawgs.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Lovin your "Boss Radio" format! This is just what Fresno was missing. I've been telling people to tune in as soon ss I read about the switch in the Bee. Sunday morning I turn on your station & wow...Breakfast with the Beatles!! It just keeps getting better especially hearing Charlie Tuna in the morning. Rock & roll!
By: John Geiger on December 25, 2012

I enjoy listening but you think other music can be played other than 1967? Maybe branch out to 1966 or 1968? The '67 oldies are starting to get real old
By: John Beach on January 10, 2013

First thing in the morning that gets turn on is the "Boss".Back to the 60,s I go love it!!
By: dave on January 18, 2013

I just learned about the station that i grew up with. I remember being 10 years old again. I used to come home for lunch and my mother would be listening to it. I used to hear a song, sung by an old gentleman, "I climb that Mountain." If you could, would you play it. Love the station. All my older sisters danced to many songs. they all tune it too.
By: M. Lee Wood on January 31, 2013

we lost kabx Merced. great to here kyno again,telling all my frends thanks.
By: ron on February 4, 2013

I listened to this station as a kid and now I'am listening to it again, it brings back old memories from the 60's and 70's. thanks
By: Jess on March 22, 2013

I haven't been able to get you for the last couple of days. Please don't say you've gone away! Your music always brings a smile to my face. All those words and melodies from my youth have been taking up so much brain space. Now they can be used again!
By: Joan on May 7, 2013

Started Listening last week. Your oldies music is the best. I only wish that your station would reach Visalia without static. Thanks
By: Ted Simmons on June 27, 2013

growing up in Fresno as a grad school er in the late 60's KYNO was my first taste of 'pop' music..... I wish you netcast so I could listen here in Portland~!
By: baxter on July 24, 2013

uhhh.. make that Grade school er
By: baxter on July 24, 2013

I really enjoy the new KYNO AM 1430 station. Is it possible to start adding the 70's to your format also? The 60's and 70's epitomized the ultimate in great songs. I realize some of the artists and songs are from the early 70's, but would like to hear them all from the 50's up to the 70's. Those three decades produced some of the greatest songs and artists. BOSS Radio is the best format out there. I would like to see a website dedicated to KYNO AM1430 so that we may request some songs. In the future it would be awesome to have all the years BOSS Radio was being played incorporated into your playlist. Didn't BOSS Radio originate in the 60's up to the 80's. That would be great! A true classic radio station that played all the top 40 hits from the 50's to the 80's. Maybe that would be too much for some, but not me. If not that then the 60's and 70's would be suffice.
By: Matthew R. Starkloff on October 22, 2013

PSA...All you can eat Crab Feed! November 22, 2013 @ 6pm. All proceeds go to foster youth...6176 N. Grantland Ave. Fresno, CA 93723. Contact us for more info at 55.241.0955
By: Joseph on November 5, 2013

I have a list of songs from the 50's 60's and 70's that I'd like to hear. Many of them are one time hits.
By: Bill on January 11, 2014

are you off the air waves the station went silent
By: carol on February 27, 2014

Thanks for playing the songs of a station kyno that i grew up with i hope it stays forever ,i listen all the time.
By: paul on June 6, 2014

Public Service Announcement Free Fresno Community Health Fair Sunday, Sept 21 10-3pm 2980 E. Yale, Fresno 93703 Fresno Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church Ask the doctor, Ask the pharmacist, La Leche League; screenings include: diabetes, blood pressure, hepatitis, HIV, infectious diseases. Sign up for insurance. Cooking classes and much more. Come and learn. Free, Free, Free.
By: Pam Madala on September 3, 2014

nothing but daydreams thank you
By: wayne on September 24, 2014

I wish I could find a daily playlist for 1430 AM KYNO online so I can learn the titles of songs. It' frustrating to hear an old song and not hear anyone announce the title. Dave
By: Dave on November 12, 2014

I love your station and am like this weekend after Christmas and upset when you are off the air. Missing history of rock and roll and Machine Gun Kelly! Avid listener!
By: Marcia Clark on December 27, 2014

thanks for bringing back the boss to fresno keep on playing those golden oldies from the 60s and maybe the 70s listening on line from ontario canada.....jim b
By: jim b on February 17, 2015

"Ladies & Gentlemen, The Hits Just Keep On Comin'... K-Y-N-O Fresno..." I heard something like this tonight on my car radio. I was driving home from work, in Las Vegas, on AM 1430. I was blown away... I remember KYNO at 1300 AM. (It was after sunset, around the top of the hour, and then the power was cut and your signal faded away into the background.) Thanks for playing the 60's oldies on the AM dial with the old KYNO jingles. There just aren't enough AM stations playing the good stuff. Congratulations and I hope you continue with the Best Music ever played on the radio!
By: Ken Busser on February 27, 2015

heard you this morning at 0630 a.m. Station ID'd. Just before that I heard Buddy Holly sing Maybe Baby. Heavy interference from a local AM station here. Keep up the good work. John, Long Beach, CA
By: John Morales on March 20, 2015

This station is great. I listen to it all of the time when I can. It brings back memories of the 50's and 60's. What an era.
By: G D on June 12, 2015

Listened to Kyno all the time back in the day. I was pleased to hear that it was coming back, since then I listen as much as I can, but there's a small problem... I live in Tulare, and reception is marginal down here. Are there plans to up the power on your station? if not oh well i'll keep on listening in the hours of best reception. Keep on keepin on!
By: richard matthews on July 14, 2015

Just cruisin the am radio and im hearing music from my younger days. Im down here in San DIego and not one station plays oldies- so sad. Can only catch this station at nite so loving it. Thanks for being here. Real rock n roll forevermore
By: terry on October 21, 2015

THE BOSS IS BACK!I love it!I grew up on 93/KHJ,Los Angeles(one of the stations Bill Drake spawned off the original 13/KYNO).I listen here in Bakersfield at night,when reception allows,and on-line during the day.)The variety of songs from the (mostly)60's and early 70's is great!It's also great to hear an occasional 50's as well!Let's face it,The Beatles ARE great,but they did NOT invent rock n'roll in 1964!Let's not forget founding fathers Bill Haley & The Comets,Elvis Presley,Chuck Berry,Little Richard.,Jerry Lee Lewis,Buddy Holly,etc.who laid the FOUNDATION of rock n'roll back in the 50's!I wish we had an oldies station like that here in Bakersfield!Kudos for keeping the late Charlie Tuna's voice on the air!As a long-time d.j.myself(I work at KUZZ,Bakersfield)I really enjoy hearing the Boss format come back to,where it all began!If I could make a couple of suggestions:I know that since KYNO is now on 1430,you can't use the 13 KYNO jingles anymore.However,I would suggest you find the more uptempo "K-Y-N-O,Fresno!!"jingle that the old KYNO was using back as recent as the mid-80's,when former Boss Jock Tom Maule was P.D.and morning man there!You also might want to focus on "tightening up"the sound of the station.That is,one of the things that made KYNO(and all the "Boss"formatted stations sound GREAT back in the 60's )was a VERY TIGHT format!This means NO gaps,and NO dead air,EVER!I grew up(as I said)on 93/KHJ,I should know!)Secondly,if your budget allows,you should hire LIVE d.j.s to announce the music(just like the old days!)As this one guy pointed out,it's annoying to enjoy the songs and have no d.j to tell you what the songs are that are playing!In the 70's,I worked at KAFY,Bakersfield,and for one summer,we brought back the late-60's Johnny Mann/Bill Drake jingles for a "Gold Rush Weekend",and it sounded GREAT!I never had so much fun, on the air,keeping it TIGHT(and BOSS)! and rockin'and rolling with the oldies!If you EVER decide to hire LIVE d.j.'s.please contact me,I'd CERTAINLY be interested in being a "Boss Jock"again!Most sincerely,Gerry(Jim Diamond)Whitehead,Bakersfield(Author of "The Diamond Mine"(Or,Confessions Of A Bakersfield Disc-Jockey)
By: GERRY WHITEHEAD on March 2, 2016

Back in the late 50s and early 60s your station used to go around to the schools and record their choir singing Christmas carols and then put them on the air. Do you still have any of those in your archives? If you do that would be a great revisiting of early Fresno history with your station.
By: Tom ockey on December 16, 2016

I recently ventured out of the FM realm and found your station. Absolutely love your format. Is there a song list available, or list of currently playing and recently played songs, artists, etc?
By: Dave on July 8, 2019

just like back at barton ave
By: raymond valenzuela on December 26, 2019

And now in 2021 ...A real BOSS JOCK in the morning!! Harry Miller spins the Greatest Hits of All Time weekdays 6 to 9 AM. He's been there a couple of years. You can catch all the grooviness on the web at KYNO FRESNO dot COM (Can't post link... )
By: Kenny on April 30, 2021

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