Radio Station Information

KGHO 98.5 FM

City of License:
Hoquiam, WA


Aberdeen, WA

Grays Harbor Lpfm

KGHO is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 98.5 MHz. The station is licensed to Hoquiam, WA and is part of the Aberdeen, WA radio market. The station broadcasts Oldies music programming.

Station Coverage Map

KGHO-LP Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

there is a problem with the quality of some of the songs. The signal sounds like only one side of the stereo is being played into both channels of the broadcast. One song, for example, Oye Como Va, is missing most of the guitar and bass. Can't think of others right now, but there are a few. I like the overall playlist; keep it up thanks
By: Anonymous on March 3, 2012

We have been trying to get somebody to listen to our story but so far we have been treated like low-lives whose lives our worth less than a dog's life. The story about the dog in Copalis Beach is tragic, but we our in the middle of an Environmental Health condition. We live in Pacific Sands Motel in Ocean City Washington. When we moved here with our children we were told everything was safe for them to live here, nice people. Then last month we get served summons from Grays Harbor Superior Court because the owner of the motel was told clear back in January that he needed to fix the septic system which is draining into the ditch behind us into a creek and then into the ocean. We have been told it is a health hazard to not only us but the community around us for such things as E-coli, Hepatitis C among others. Everybody who lives here are here because it was a place we could afford for our families. The owner of this place is legally obligated to pay us $2000 for relocation, he offered us $1000 and we had to sign a paper that we would not sue him for anything else. My daughter and son-in-law are sick right now that could very well be from the conditions here. nobody has the money to move from here some of us prepaid rent because we are college students and pay rent for 3 months at a time with our financial aid. Our manager abandoned us and we have no maintenance man. The owner can not be reached by anybody. Yesterday he started turning off utilities on us we might have enough propane to last until Monday which is our main cooking, heating, and hot water source. We have kids here the youngest is 11 months old without heat it could get really chilly at night for him. The people living here are either low-income families, disabled people, or college students. My neighbor attempted to talk to KOMO news 4 yesterday when they were down here for the dog story and was treated like we didn't matter we are maybe 5 miles from where they were. The man who is responsible for this owns 3 other businesses and sits up in Everett not caring about the people down here in this hazardous place, the fish, sea creatures and other animals around here. We may be lower class citizens but we are human and thought we deserved to be treated as such. We just want to feel like somebody cares enough about this story to get it out there for people to be aware of the hazardous conditions going on in this small tourist community. Hope to hear from you soon, Sarah Fruchella ​ (360)591-6276 (360)824-0935 Pacific Sands Motel 2687 Ocean Beach Hwy #3 Ocean City, Washington 98569
By: Sarah Fruchella on October 5, 2014

I have four comments. 1) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your station! I have 101.1 set on every radio I own! Thank you...thank you...thank you for the opportunity to listen to "my" melodic, happy, love-filled music instead of what passes for music most of the time these days! 2) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Breakfast with the Beatles on Sunday mornings! 3) Would it be possible to play "I Will" every once in a while? I know it's a rather obscure Beatles song but I love it. 4) I hate, hate, hate the new "you" jingle. It's wa-a-a--a-ay too long! I find that I'm irritated by having to wait for it to be done so we can go on to the next song. What it says is fine but do you have to say all of it all at once? Maybe play clips of it every once in a while...???
By: Susan Cook on July 17, 2015

Why do you drowned out other stations I get into montesano and you bleed out the station I'm listening to 99.9 kisw I don't think that station would like it very much especially since they pay to play
By: rich on August 18, 2016

Please send me a declaration form to keep your station at Ocean Shores in Grays Harbor County Washington. Thank you.
By: Anonymous on July 12, 2018

I live in Lacey where I can hear you on 101.1 but, I work in Tacoma. You do not come in at al on 104.1.
By: Dan Garcia on August 19, 2018

I live near Maytown, work a few miles west of Chehalis - seems like years ago when your signal was "loud and clear" it's a challenge to listen to KGHO without static or getting drowned-out by area stations with freqs near 101.1. Wish you could increase your transmitting power and drown them out ! Not to mention I could listen to you clearly and static-free while traveling the SouthPugetropolis region. In any case, love the music, may CLASSIC ROCK MUSIC from the 60s and 70s continue to radiate courtesy of K G H O !
By: Nick Trehuba on November 20, 2018

How do I get form or address of relevant FCC HQ.I don't want to be associated with facebook.I enjoy listening to in Tumwater LP 101.1]in early 2018 when I was in fife listening to 104.1 I had to shorten antenna and angle sony handheld radio to get station your LP is overpowered in tacoma.need relevant spacific address of FCC to send message to burear.....bye
By: Gnat tac-sea on January 13, 2019

There was an instrumental that played about 5:40 pm just before “ticket to ride”. What was it?
By: Kevin Morrison on February 22, 2020

Hi my friends! I love your radio station! I was listening to your program on 101.1 in Olympia, but now I can't get your radio station anymore. Did the evil FCC kick you off the air? Is there any way I can help you? Please let me know if there is. Again, I love your station! Is there a way I can still listen to you here in Olympia? Take care, Ted phone: 509 750 9793
By: Ted Mahr on June 23, 2020

Your jan 25 programming on mark metcalf made me violently ill. This is journalism today? I know; kgho; where the harbor tunes for news, sports and dead air. I've always been curious: do you get paid twice for the infamous,"overlapping adds"?
By: Gerry on January 25, 2021

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