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Radio Aleluya

KMIC 1590 AM

City of License:
Houston, TX


Houston-Galveston, TX

Daij Media, LLC

KMIC is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1590 KHz. The station is licensed to Houston, TX and is part of the Houston-Galveston, TX radio market. The station broadcasts Religious programming and goes by the name "Radio Aleluya" on the air.

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It's no longer radio disney now it's spanish gospel
By: Ana on September 8, 2016

Heart involved in situation that got members of three bands murdered. Posted on the blog on Tuesday May 7th, 2019 In 1992 I before I moved to Beacon Hill I was living with Roselle Williams. At that time, I was working for the Veterans emergency aid fund in West Seattle. I met a person working there by the name of Tim. He said he was a singer for a bad named Militia. He talked about having connections in the music business but at that time I thought it was all talk. Tim decided to get out of the phone business and sold me about 2500 or 3000 taps for a really reasonable price. This was at about the time I’d moved to Beacon Hill with Jon. After a while I had a falling out with Jon. He was being unreasonable about things that where costing me money so I moved. I now know they were intentionally trying to tie up my income and I’m pretty sure this was part of that. I moved in with Tim, his base player Bruce and a lady named Becky. She was the secretary at Bad Animal Studio’s which Steve Lawson and the Wilson sisters of Heart owned. While I lived there Becky came in all excited about the fact she’d met Axl Rose of Gun’s and Roses in the studio. She said something about reading lerix either he or one of the Wilson sisters wrote. I don’t remember at this time. I think it was Axl she was talking about but this was over twenty-five years so I could be mistaken about that. Becky was managing a band that was practicing at the house. They were technically proficient but as far as I was concerned lacked feel. We became friends but I wasn’t at all interested in what they were doing musically. But I’m entitled to my opinion, someone else may disagree and that would be okay too. I started jamming with a guy named Brian and we were intending to put a project together. We got another guitar player from the Freemont fellowship named Dave who was extremely talented. He pulled in a drummer named Jeff and we in a very short time put together the bases of 11 songs. Becky went to work and told them that we were really good. Everybody said we had grove, which we did. Apparently I was already making a name for myself in Seattle as a political activist. It wasn’t something I was trying to do, it just happened. There’s more to it than that but it’s outside the scope of what I’m writing but I wasn’t trying to become known for that. The Family was concerned about it, after all they made aids. So someone from the association with Bad Animal Studio came to Dave and made an agreement that meant getting me out of the band. I’m sure they promised him he’d be a star and he was certainly good enough for them to do that. He didn’t sound anything like Jimmy Hendrix but he was as talented as Jimmy in what he did. That’s one of the reason I was working with him. He moved the band, told them I quit and told me they didn’t want me in the band anymore. I found out later from the drummer Jeff that that wasn’t true and in fact Jeff really liked working with me. People from all three bands where murdered over the situation and as far as I know I’m the only one left alive. One day the owner came and said the rent wasn’t’ paid and we had to move. I’d paid my rent and now am under the understanding this was a maneuver to get me away from these people. I moved to Broadway on Capitol Hill with a girl named Stephanie. I was talking to Matt Brooks about starting a project with him but it never materialized. I now know that The Family was the reason for that. Anyway Pete Russell comes to me and said we can move into this house that’s rent to own and I’ll make you a partner and you can have a band there. When we moved in he back peddled on the band agreement. I now know Pete Russell is a big part of the Family and it’s my understanding he’s been involved in about thirty murders. While I there I’d put in a personal ad in the Stranger. I met Diana thought that ad and she worked at KISW radio station and Ticket Master. She was working two jobs full time because she was switching over to one and she was a kidney transplant recipient and needed to keep current health insurance which required he to do this. She worked in the advertising department of KISW. I was smitten with her but she didn’t feel the same way. I now know that’s because she was involved in games with The Family and apparently it didn’t pay to get close to me. That means she wasn’t worth all that anyway but that’s another issue. Pink Floyd was coming to Toronto Canada and Diana said she could get me some tickets. I didn’t know it but The Family was trying to get me to go to this concert so they could try and get me locked up in Canada. I bought the tickets and they were stolen at Neighbors night club which is on capitol hill. I think I was there with Melissa Binder when it happened. Diana was murdered over the situation and so where quite a few other people as well.
By: Paul Huebel on May 14, 2019

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