Radio Station Information

KOOL 102.3 / 1280

KQLL 1280 AM

City of License:
Henderson, NV


Las Vegas, NV

Summit Media Las Vegas (S & R Broadcasting, Inc.)

KQLL is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1280 KHz. The station is licensed to Henderson, NV and is part of the Las Vegas, NV radio market. The station broadcasts Oldies music programming and goes by the name "KOOL 102.3 / 1280" on the air. KQLL is owned by Summit Media Las Vegas.

On January 2011 KDOX "Fox News 1280" dropped its News/Talk format and switched to oldies as KQLL "KOOL" 102.3 / 1280.
Station also airs on an FM translator on channel 102.3 K272EE.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Hi .... I'm Mike Candito, Drummer for Gary Puckett and The Union Gap.... I live in Las Vegas and I want to say That your New Format of Classic Rock is totally awesome! ..... when I'm home, my wife and I listen to it all the time !!...... Thanks 702-281-5495 ! It would be an honor to do a commercial for you !
By: Mike Candito on January 27, 2011

I am thrilled to have this station. My favorite band is the Beatles and this station plays lots of them. I love the music the station plays. Please don't go away again.
By: Lorrain on February 19, 2011

Well what can I say I love the music.I work in post office and have got people to switch over to you guys.I grew up in NY listened to WCBSFM101.1 all through the 70's till I left in 1995.I never figured anyone would ever be like them again.I am amazed at the long list of songs you have.I have lived in Florida for 10yr and here for 5 all stations play the same 30-40 songs all the time.I have been saying if you like this group they have more than 1 or 3 songs you guys go deep into there hits.This is what good radio is all about cousin Brucie and Dan Ingram wolkman Jack knew could never accept this.You do play a great variety I have some requests from me and people at work.. Coasters Charlie Brown its my request me and my dad he tought it said Peter Brown of course I was 4 yrs old then I agreed. Little Star by the Elegants my aunt used to sing me this one when it was time for night night lol. Sorry by the Impalas Others requests Rain the Park by the Cowsills Younger Girl by the Critters Susan by the Buckinghams Candyman by SDavis Jr Feels right moonlight by I can't believe i forget Preciuos and Few by Climax Saturday Night by Bay City Rollers Yea I know these are difficult to find I noticed you have no DJ at night I would love the shot at it for little money I am 56 and full of energy always wanted to do this.I do know the music don't know if I have the voice for it won"t be from the lack of effort.Grew up in NY WMCA GOOD GUYS and love this stuff.If you can plaese paly those songs I will continue to spread the word.Can Thanks Your way tooo Coool, Pete
By: Pete on March 4, 2011

I love your music BUT I am in Sun City in Henderson and your signal on AM and Fm is very weak. Also you need to finish each song before you start the next one
By: carl on March 21, 2011

I live in Los Angeles and just came back from Vegas, I heard your station and I love it. Here in Los Angeles we have several " Oldies" stations, but they dont seem to dig into the trenches like you guys do. You guys play hits that you dont hear anymore, and dont get much play. I LOVE IT. Im streaming you at home but, sometimes the connection goes to talk radio, I hope I can keep hearing you guys.
By: Luis Robles on April 1, 2011

I happened upon your station this weekend and am SO happy that there's a station the plays the oldies I actually want to hear! Flashes me back to my past and I love it. Keep it up. I'm telling all my friends to listen.
By: Patty on April 25, 2011

By: MARTY GOOTEL on April 25, 2011

I travel for work, and come to the valley one week a soon as I get in the rental car, on goes your station! thanks for playing the best oldies! Dan - Age 30
By: Dan on April 29, 2011

hi, i'm a long time listener and i'm so glad that kool is back on fm radio. i remember when 93.1 changed programs my heart broke. i would love it if you brought back the MOTOWN MONDAYS progam. anyway i will continue to listen and support this era of pop music.
By: jeremy on May 2, 2011

I think the songs are very good but is to much beter is you put more song from the FIFTIES, Fifties and fifties. Thank you.
By: Luis Quevedo on May 3, 2011

Hi from George Clark Drummer! I work here in Vegas with Phil "FANG" Volk original bassplayer and vocalist of "Paul Revere and the Raiders" of '60's fame. Phil,myself and our wives were guests at a reserved table last night at Southpoint Casino for the KOOL 102 Thursday Night Rock & Roll Party held weekly there! Let me tell you, we had FUN! The dancing that went on and the great sounds coming from the Ronnie Rose Orchestra were nothing less than EXCELLENT! What a privilege to have this available to enjoy here in Vegas. See ya there next time! thanks to KQLL....KOOL 102.3!!!
By: George Clark on May 6, 2011

Just discovered your station, and am sooo happy to have an oldies station again in Las Vegas (KJUL 104.7 is great also). You have two steady listeners (on both stations), and we thank you for your great station(s). Pat & Sally
By: Pat and Sally on May 13, 2011

hi i'm the singer/sax player for the local band.... saints and sinners rock and soul revue love the music !!!!! you guys are playin all the music my band plays great format keep up the good work this music rocks !!!!!!
By: chuck st.troy on May 16, 2011

It is nice to have a genuine oldies station in Vegas but... is it really necessary to play the Beatles every 10 minutes. It's overkill, I'm starting to hate the band and tune out when they come on. It's like a classic rock station playing "Stairway To Heaven" every half hour, enough is enough!
By: Darran on May 20, 2011

So glad you're back! Dave just recently found you. Sure missed you on 93.1 when the platform changed!!! Your signal is pretty weak, can you do something about that?
By: Dee Dee and Dave in old Henderson on May 21, 2011

hi im trying to find out where i can pick up tickets for the summer blast on this saturday nite at the canery i need 8 tickets can you call me at this number 702-348-4584 ill be running around all day in my car .maybe i can go pick up the tickets when im out thank you chevyeddie las vegas philadelphia
By: eddie millard on May 24, 2011

I love your station!!!! Presently, I am unable to tune in. All I'm getting is static no matter where I am in the city. I hope you can do something about this. I miss those great songs.
By: Millie on June 2, 2011

Neil Sedaka tickets. I was just asked to work overtime on Saturday, July 33rd. I have 2 $45.95 tickets which cost me alsmost $55 each with fees. Willing to sell for $40 each. 619 243 6113
By: Robert on July 21, 2011

It's Monday July 25th and I'm not getting a signal on AM or FM! What's going on? Going through withdrawals! You need to up the signal strength too!!!
By: Pilotman on July 26, 2011

Well, I see that I am not the only one that can't get the signal for the best station I have heard in years. My wife works at a local hospital in Henderson and they listen to you there. She told me how great you were. I programmed both cars for your station, but have to drive around in Las Vegas to hear you, ha. What do you need to do to make yourself heard loud and clear valley wide?
By: Bill Clackum on July 30, 2011

i just started listening to your station and love it. what are the chances of playing the cool bobby b show on sunday night like 93.1 did? thanks
By: dan markus on August 22, 2011

Ecstatic fo finally be able to listen to an amazing oldies radio station! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By: CAROL on August 22, 2011

Yeah, it's another comment about the weak signal strength.Live in Anthem CC and can't get decent signal at home. Bummer because the music is the best.
By: Anonymous on September 16, 2011

Was in Vegas last week with my lovely wife. We came upon your station and I love it. I am 60 years old and grew up in southern cali and every song brought back so many memories for us. Cruising Bob's Big Boy in Whittier on Whittier Blvd and East L.A. on Whittier Blvd or hanging at Huntington Beach by the pier. Wish we could get your signal back home in Corona CA. God Bless
By: Ricky D on October 1, 2011

I really enjoy listening to Kqll. However, I won tickets to see firefall Jan 21 and can't find the phone number to call and see if my tickets are still valid and the radio stations hours to pick them up. I have called directory assistance several times and can't seem to get a telephone number.
By: Mary miller on January 7, 2012

Awsome tunes !!!!! Send me some bumper stickers to help advertise.
By: Mike on January 19, 2012

Great station! To make your station even greater please play more songs from 1955 to 1962. Also, you play way to many songs from the Beatles (they drive me nuts). Thanks for taking the time reading this.
By: carl paltrineri sr on March 14, 2012

Love your station, love the music, love the format. One suggestion to make it better. Have the DJ's announce the name of the tune and the artist. I am hearing tunes that I haven't heard in years, and as good as my memory is, there are some songs and artists I don't remember. Many tyhanks. Bud
By: Bud Bellinfante on April 1, 2012

can you tell me who your advertising on your station the dental office here is henderson
By: tracy swis on April 9, 2012

Glad to see that someone woke up and decided to play these great oldies again. This is a great format and your selection is "FAR OUT"
By: Vince Ciano on June 1, 2012

Enjoy listening to your radio station, at work I listen on my computer, do you think maybe in the future sometime you can list the name of the songs and the artist who sings them. There a quite a few songs that I do not know the title,and I want to purchase them. I hope that you stay for a long time. 50's 60's 70's and Motown, that is my era. Thank you again.
By: Alicia on July 19, 2012

This radio station is a fraud it does not play 'oldies', but listeners get constant overdose of the disgusting Beatles and their elevator music along with other English garbage. Oldies are music of the 50's,60's and some 70's and are American artists, not the blathering of idiots who talk and sing as if the have marbles in their mouths. I really believe 102.3 has ten or twelve Beatles albums and is trying to pass themselves off as an oldies station. I have numerous stations on my computer who are legitmate oldies stations and put this imposter to shame.
By: Homer on July 26, 2012

Create a FaceBook page for your fans, please.
By: Reese on October 21, 2012

I have no idea what all the fuss is about,your oldies library is very limited and for the most part your station is a Beatles and a collection of use to be's and has beens from England. Do you actually have any idea how many quality artists there were that make up the fifties and sixties,it is insult to call yourself an oldies station when every third record is a Beatles song. For the most part your station plays elevator music and KJUL beats you at your own game without even trying. I have more oldies recordings in my personal colection than you do in your commercial collection. The Beatles and warblers who sing like they have marbles in their mouth does not make you an oldies station by any means.You will not qualify for any awards in the market you claim to represent.
By: Homer on November 23, 2012

Love your station. All of my old favorites. Thank you.
By: Shirley G. on January 11, 2013

what is the address to pick up my tickets that i won to see the eagles sunday nite or phone number thank u
By: anna pinjuv on February 14, 2014

enjoy your music all day at work in Columbia south Carolina great station from a ex retired dj david wiles thanks keep pumping the great hits
By: david wiles on October 22, 2014

Praise Jesus...the muslim imam barrack al-hussien the obama is gone! The dark days have pasted. It's time to play real Christmas songs for the real Americans. Silent Night Holy Night and so many other songs honoring the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Don't be afraid, the Americans and Jesus are back to stay. Come on Scott, you're the boss, no one is going to go against Jesus.
By: Brian Graves on November 28, 2017

Love your station. Could you please provide me with the song and title you played today around 1:45 pm. Thank you so much, very appreciated.
By: Edith on January 9, 2018

Will you please add a playlist to your website that includes the filler music you play before the news. Thank you.
By: Kay Joyli on March 18, 2018

As a Radio Jock back here in NY I enjoyed your station and music selection very much - Thank You for great music and making my vacation even that more pleasent...Keep Rockin and Oh Yea if you have any DJ Openings I would love to apply for the job!
By: Dennis Dion Nardone on September 28, 2018

Love the music, but can't stand Dave Anthony of Fox News. Totally biased BS. Fire the jerk!
By: Vegas Native on October 5, 2018

I like listening to your radio station all day it brings back memories I had listening to growing up like the Beatles, CCR , the seekers, BTO ,and other artists. Thanks for helping those of us who enjoy this music .
By: garry on March 1, 2019

Are you no longer streaming music?
By: Bryan Chun on March 15, 2019

Can anyone confirm if they are no longer streaming music?
By: Bryan Chun on March 15, 2019

I heard a song this morning (Tuesday June 9) and it was at 9:47 am from your Henderson Nevada station at KOOL 102.3 FM. I cannot remember the name of it and I was looking around for a playlist and could not find one. How do I figure out what that song was? Please help me figure out what it is! My email is
By: Michael J Irwin on June 9, 2020

I love this station. I am so inspired by the oldies and they are all the good ones. Hits from my youth and glory days. You make my life complete. I listen in the car and at home. Every song is a treat! Keep it up! Please email me. I want to donate my Beatle's collection. If you can take it. Thanks!
By: Cathy Sellmann on November 19, 2020

I find Kent Davenports Political opinion ads very offensive. The election is over and the American thing to do now is bring the country together. We have battles to fight that include the COVID-19 virus and the sagging economy. It's time for us to pull together. We are all tired of the decisiveness like the ads that you are playing. I LOVE your music but I can't continue to listen till Mr. Davenport runs more positive ads.
By: Rick L Phegley on December 9, 2020

I have been listening to this station for many years, and whereas, it is a great oldie station, I was totally SHOCKED to hear a song played by James Brown and it was not I Got You, I Feel Good. It was Saturday evening around 5:30, and it was two of his Christmas songs. I had to make sure that I did not have my CD, in the slot. I truly wish that you would play more of his music, because he was not a One Hit Wonder. Thanks!
By: Raymond Joseph on December 20, 2020

What's going to happen March 1st?? Are you adding a morning show? I hope not... I prefer music to listening to radio "personalities".
By: Patrick on February 9, 2021

From KJUL comes my favorite morning guys!!! Yeah! I love you both. Thanks for the smiles every morning. Ann
By: Ann Devers on March 9, 2021

Love your music, but sick of Ken Davenport's views as a commercial.
By: Marla Koot on March 22, 2021

More music please...I have to turn off this station when anyone starts talking. They talk like right wing “nutters”... members of the trump cult. Your talking agenda is trying to destroy our democracy. It is disgusting.
By: Louise on April 29, 2021

why are you not playing abba's other songs i love SOS and the others too ------ im a uber driver and i listen all night thanks
By: phil on June 2, 2021

I like your station but where can I find your song list. FURTHER, I wish you would let some of the songs you play right before STATION ID. I love PIPELINE among others. Even some of the cheesy Herb Alpert songs. But I really want to know what was the Station ID song you played Friday the 18th 2022. It reminded me of what I used to hear in the late 50s and 60s called "Beautiful Music. Sooo please what was it. SOMEONE had to pick it out and I really would like to know. THANK YOU and keep up the oldies.
By: Buzz on February 19, 2022

I haven't been able to listen to KQLL, 102.3, because I moved behind Black Mountain, in Henderson, Nevada; which blocks the signal. I miss the 60's, 70's, and Motown; and in Stereo. ☹ The FCC isn't going to boost their signal. But recently, I found a website where I can listen to 102.3 again. Yay! Here it is: Click on the link, below:
By: Kim on August 26, 2022

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