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AM 870 The Answer


City of License:
Glendale, CA


Los Angeles, CA

Web site:

Salem Communications (New Inspiration Broadcasting Company)

KRLA is an AM radio station broadcasting at 870 KHz. The station is licensed to Glendale, CA and is part of the Los Angeles, CA radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "AM 870 The Answer" on the air. KRLA is owned by Salem Communications.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I am a very loyal long-term listener, especially to Dennis Prager as far back as his Religion on the Line days on KABC. I have also been listening to the morning show with Ben Shapiro and Brian Whitman, and Ellissa (last name forgotten). But I must tell you, I cannot continue to listen to that show. I don't mind a foolish lefty like Whitman, but his constant attempts to interrupt everyone else, and constantly blocking attempts to respond to his comments because he isn't smart enough to get his point across without hogging the time has driven me away. If you must have some balance on that show, I get it, but please replace Whitman with a competent on-air personality.
By: Douglas C. Miller on May 5, 2016

Ben Shapiro is a mess. Low energy. Sad!
By: Pete on May 5, 2016

Westlake High School Graduation Special Needs Discrimination We would like to enlist your help for children with special needs. We are incensed that Westlake High School has chosen not to recognize the students in the LEAP PROGRAM (Learning Essential Academic Program) at Graduation on June 9, 2016. Leap Program student, Warren Litberg wrote a speech that was highly praised by the Committee selecting the students for graduation. He was informed that he could only read his speech to the student body assembly days before graduation. So, why not at the Graduation Ceremonies? The graduation speeches should be a representation not only of the brightest students but rather a representation of the total student body. Westlake High School has an outstanding Leap Program. Warren is a perfect example of how much he has grown due to the program and the excellent teaching staff. Children with special needs and the learning challenged should be equally represented; their voices should be heard, after all, this is 2016! Respectfully, Stacey & Matthew Litberg, Parents 818-292-4064
By: Stacey Litberg on May 25, 2016

It was so nice to turn on the radio last week and this week and not have Brian Whitman on. If he’s on I turn to another station. Without Brian its a stimulating conversation. With him, its just irritating. Thank you for giving your audience a chance to give their opinion. Art Martinez.
By: Art martinez on March 27, 2018

I have been listening to the morning shows on AM 870 for a long while, going back to some gal from Bakersfield who was in the studio alone as I recall. Then one day the marketing whizzes came up with "The Morning Answer", and staffed it with a whole slew of folks with minimal radio experience. So be it, you're getting ready for work anyway so who cares ? Finally one day this Whitman fellow shows up as the "Dem" or Liberal voice. No matter the changes from that point forward, it was always obvious that he was the one guy who knew what the inside of the studio should look like, and what a professional radio show should be. It was obvious when the conversation was going astray, or when that cut to commercial was imminent, Whitman jumped in the pool ! His Liberal viewpoint is certainly no far afield than any other Liberal voice on TV or Radio or Podcast or..... Net net Whitman is integral to TMA, I accept having to listen to his whacky opinions as I am sure my viewpoint would make him want to change his surname to Ocasio-Cortez! Further, I bust his balls now and then on Twitter, and his response is always true to form. Whitman is for real. I threatened him that we could probably share a plate of Chili Cheese Fries at The Hat and have a helluva good time! Funny, he ignored that opporchancity! Anyway,let him know that The Dog Faced Boy thinks these complaints against him are as whacky as Maxine Waters!
By: Don Cox on March 28, 2019

This E-MAIL PERTAINS TO YOUR RADIO RECEPTION where I live in Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks, CA. You cannot hear anything on your radio anywhere west of Calabasas due to heavy static, scratchy interference where nothing is audible on your KRLA 870 Station. Sounds like somebody is running sand paper over your audio equipment. I listen to Mark Levin every day on your station from 3 to 6, and Sebastian Gorka from 1 to 3. Your LOUSY radio has been this way for over a month and every time I call your Glendale station to complain, the girl passes it off making it sound like, "TOO BAD PAL, LIVE WITH IT." I was under the impression that your "listening customers" were important, guess not. Will you please clean up your station reception and GET IT FIXED? Everybody I know in this area who listens to your station have given up. Thank you. RUSS RAABE 805 768-5027,
By: Russell Raabe on April 12, 2019

West covina ca reception is terrible
By: Anonymous on July 18, 2019

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