Radio Station Information

Radio Punjab Sacramento

KRPU 1210 AM

City of License:
Rocklin, CA

Ethnic (Indian - Hindi/Punjab)

Sacramento, CA

Web site:

Dabaj, LLC

KRPU is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1210 KHz. The station is licensed to Rocklin, CA and is part of the Sacramento, CA radio market. The station broadcasts Ethnic programming and goes by the name "Radio Punjab Sacramento" on the air.

Formerly broadcasting Family Radio/Family Stations before being sold to Spice Radio, Inc..

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By: Pamela R. Jackson on July 11, 2012

Please help ~ Question for you and listeners, you will know best how to get responses! Here is the scenario and would like opinions of outsiders looking in. 3 sisters all in different states, the oldest sister wants to reunite with the 2 younger ones and have a family all together again so they talk about moving to where the oldest sister is cuz she is the most stable at the time. one sister going through a bad divorce and the youngest just existing and not living. the 2 younger sisters both have 1 child left at home, the oldest has none at home, lives in a small 1 bedroom apt. so they all decide that they could stay with the oldest sister until they get jobs and get on their feet and would pay $400 /mo each, so 5 people in a 1 bd 1ba apt. the 2 sisters quit their jobs, left their homes and lives in their towns and moved to where the oldest was. they paid her the $400 for july, even though they had to pay 1 wk rent at their old places cuz they didn't leave until the 2nd week in july. but the oldest sister insisted on having the full $400 for july, even though they were only there for 3 weeks, they had no choice but to pay. so a couple weeks into august the 2 younger sisters were getting their financial info together cuz all the final bills from lights, gas, cable, etc were coming in and needed to be paid, plus all their other bills, car payment, insurance, cell, etc. school was also starting for their kids and so there's school fees and school clothes. well after adding everything all up they realized that they were not going to be able to pay the $400 each for rent to the oldest sister and were trying to figure out how to get money to pay, they couldn't figure out a way so they knew that had to tell the older sister asap so they could figure something else out. they told her, she freaked out and said if the 2 younger ones don't come up with the $400 each then they need to leave at the end of the month. They were shocked by this, cuz they left everything behind to be with family and start new lives, now they are being kicked out. So they all said they should talk to try to work something out. But the oldest sister and her son said that this was "not about family, that it was business" so they had a scheduled meeting the 3 of them and the oldest ones son (who is her "accountant" but he is not even an accountant) they came to an agreement that $400 each was way too much and that they could do $150 each plus pay all utilities and of course food, cooking & cleaning and whatever necessities they needed for 3 months and then they would review again in 3 months to see if anyone was working and could pay more, etc.the 3 sisters had all agreed to this and it seemed like it was going to work out. until the son "accountant" said that the 2 sisters also needed to pay (upfront-today) $300 each for last months rent (trust payment because the original $400 agreement was broken and she couldn't trust them to pay). So there was no way they could come up with an extra $300 plus the $150 and utilities so that ended that conversation without a new agreement and for the 2 sisters and their kids to be out by the end of the month. So the oldest sister won't change her mind about the money cuz she doesn't trust the other 2 anymore, cuz they broke the agreement. My question to everyone is, is there a right or wrong, who is right or wrong, what if any is an option for everyone to be happy, just looking for opinions about the situation and if possible a solution. So now 2 youngest sisters are going to be homeless and jobless with 2 kids, any help or resources would be greatly appreciated as well.
By: Rita C on August 15, 2014

Happy birthday any Punjabi songs
By: RandeepKour on April 28, 2017

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