Radio Station Information

KVI AM 570

KVI 570 AM

City of License:
Seattle, WA


Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Sinclair Broadcast Group (Sinclair Radio Of Seattle Licensee, LLC)

KVI is an AM radio station broadcasting at 570 KHz. The station is licensed to Seattle, WA and is part of the Seattle-Tacoma, WA radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "KVI AM 570" on the air. KVI is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

This is not an "Oldie" station. Talk radio-right leaning
By: L Johnson on April 20, 2013

Why is Mark Levin not on your station from 3-6 PM?????? We want him back ASAP! !!!
By: John on August 6, 2015

Get Mark Levin back on.
By: Jon on August 10, 2015

Do not get rid of Glenn Beck! Get rid of Lars and Hannity! Bring back Mark Levin.
By: Jet on December 15, 2015

First you drop Levin, Now where is Beck. I'm done with you.
By: Lance Van Winkle on January 7, 2016

Hillary won the presidential election, however remember POW Pennsylvania, Ohio & Wisconsin=she neglectedd to visit those statea and theit elector's cast their vote for THE DONALD
By: kirby wilbur on April 7, 2017

Why are you not on Alexa?
By: Rich Medved on May 25, 2020

When I see the Seattle City council bending over backwards to defund the police, which resulted in the departure of Chief Carmen Best, how well does doing such fit in with what all Seattleites want? Is the city council caving in to about 1000 protesters when there are 750,000 residents? Is this democracy in action or is it a knee jerk reaction to a situation the city council does not want to confront - the protesters? The council must take the pulse of the city residents, and muzzle some of the rabid council members, before making sweeping changes that are going to affect ALL residents. The first amendment speaks clearly of "...the right of the people PEACEABLY to assemble...". Is that what is happening? I'm sure the framers understood firmly that demonstrations can easily turn violent and by so doing they no longer fall under the First Amendment. But the Seattle City council seems impotent to remind the protesters that the First Amendment is not a carte blanche to do what is now being done by the protesters. People have been shot and some have died. Is that really a PEACEABLE assembly? Which brings up the point of when to enforce the law. I know no one in the Seattle protests want to see any police but the actions of these protesters needs to be reigned in. How much damage is covered under the First Amendment? It doesn't cover damage because it clearly speaks to PEACEABLY. It all suggests a very robust and very large police presence is needed until order is restored. After that any and all issues can be dealt with but not at the tip of the protesters sword. It's clear that the police are being gingerly in their approach to the mobs, at the direction of City council, but are the mobs responding to this approach? No, they are injuring the police with rocks, laser, ice bottles, fireworks, etc. Are these the kinds of things that "...people who PEACEABLY assemble..." bring with them? Why did the woman from Tacoma bring a propane torch to the early riots? Was it for lighting her cigarette or was the intent much more nefarious like light up police vehicles? There are many much more effective, but much more controversial, methods of riot control ranging from water canons to infrasound but I'm sure these would be met with the label "excessive" by the City council. But in the meantime, "excessive" continues on the streets. I guess the basic of all basic questions is when will the City council recognize the need to act, and act decisively, to return the City to all residents? Thanks for reading my missive.
By: Don Intihar on August 20, 2020

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