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The Truth


City of License:
Seattle, WA


Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Bonneville International (Bonneville International Corporation)

KTTH is an AM radio station broadcasting at 770 KHz. The station is licensed to Seattle, WA and is part of the Seattle-Tacoma, WA radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "The Truth" on the air. KTTH is owned by Bonneville International.

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Co-Owned Radio Stations in Seattle-Tacoma, WA

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Listener Comments and Reviews

I listen to AM770. Do you have an FM broadcast station that broadcasts your 770 programs on FM locally? Thank you, Neil
By: Neil Standal on October 4, 2017

As a conservative, I enjoy Rush Limbaugh but I ADORE Michael Medved. I understand he is leaving your station. I can't understand why because I think He's absolutely the BEST! I listen to Limbaugh because KVI now has Markley and Van Camp at his time. Don't know who they are and don't want to find out! I don't want to watch TV during Medved's time but may have to. Please don't cancel him! Diane Anderson
By: Diane Anderson on December 20, 2018

I was a devoted listener 6 am to 10 pm and then y’all dropped bombs on the day. Losing Todd Herman is awful. I can’t take the new show that Todd is doing, this is not the Todd I know. Moving Jason Rantz, meh, at least he’s still on the air. This new Saul Spady guy is the worst for me. Friends and family I have all agree. We are changing stations every day till Rush comes on at 9. I’ve given this show a real chance but I can’t. The whiney near screechy & ohhh so egotistic guy comes on & I turn it off. I agree with him on topics 90 percent of the time but he’s too annoying to stomach. Glen Beck has gained our family in the mornings. Rush 9-12. Dori 12-3. I come back at 3 till bed. Sad to lose the mornings with you. Put someone else in and I’ll try to be back. As long as Saul is there, I’m out.
By: J. Jankins on March 26, 2019

Please drop Saul Spady. He is the absolute worst. I thought Jason Rantz was bad. I listened to the last rant about scooters the other morning and will no longer be listening to your station while II am getting ready for work.. He is ridiculous and acts like an adolescent. For heaven's sake you even had his mother on while he was on vacation. Really? I think it is insulting to your listeners. It would be great if you would add Brian Kilmeade to the lineup. He has a morning radio show and is amazing and intelligent on all topics. Your listeners deserve better than Saul Spady.
By: Anonymous on May 7, 2019

What happened to Rush this morning? 11/25/2019
By: Darrell Johnson on November 25, 2019

Why isn’t Rush Limbaugh program not playing on your station?
By: Gloria on November 26, 2019

Where's Rush?what happened? Can you please explain?
By: Bill Smlth on November 26, 2019

What is with Saul Spady? I turn on my raido at 6 am and here is some guy that sounds like he is high on drugs. Can't take that at 6am . had to turn him off.
By: Larry w. on February 20, 2020

Why is Saul Spady leaving? Is it because of his low ratings? Please let us know why he’s being displaced and who is taking his place? We want TODD HERMAN back by himself!
By: Betty on February 28, 2020

I miss the morning show with Saul Spady. I listen from Cleveland Ohio.
By: Elphie N on June 30, 2020

When I see the Seattle City council bending over backwards to defund the police, which resulted in the departure of Chief Carmen Best, how well does doing such fit in with what all Seattleites want? Is the city council caving in to about 1000 protesters when there are 750,000 residents? Is this democracy in action or is it a knee jerk reaction to a situation the city council does not want to confront - the protesters? The council must take the pulse of the city residents, and muzzle some of the rabid council members, before making sweeping changes that are going to affect ALL residents. The first amendment speaks clearly of "...the right of the people PEACEABLY to assemble...". Is that what is happening? I'm sure the framers understood firmly that demonstrations can easily turn violent and by so doing they no longer fall under the First Amendment. But the Seattle City council seems impotent to remind the protesters that the First Amendment is not a carte blanche to do what is now being done by the protesters. People have been shot and some have died. Is that really a PEACEABLE assembly? Which brings up the point of when to enforce the law. I know no one in the Seattle protests want to see any police but the actions of these protesters needs to be reigned in. How much damage is covered under the First Amendment? It doesn't cover damage because it clearly speaks to PEACEABLY. It all suggests a very robust and very large police presence is needed until order is restored. After that any and all issues can be dealt with but not at the tip of the protesters sword. It's clear that the police are being gingerly in their approach to the mobs, at the direction of City council, but are the mobs responding to this approach? No, they are injuring the police with rocks, laser, ice bottles, fireworks, etc. Are these the kinds of things that "...people who PEACEABLY assemble..." bring with them? Why did the woman from Tacoma bring a propane torch to the early riots? Was it for lighting her cigarette or was the intent much more nefarious like light up police vehicles? There are many much more effective, but much more controversial, methods of riot control ranging from water canons to infrasound but I'm sure these would be met with the label "excessive" by the City council. But in the meantime, "excessive" continues on the streets. I guess the basic of all basic questions is when will the City council recognize the need to act, and act decisively, to return the City to all residents? Thanks for reading my missive.
By: Don Intihar on August 21, 2020

Jason, jump ship! This lefty loving station owner is trying to stifle the truth. Tell the owners you identify as your brothers daughter and you feel sixteen therefore you are. Go register your new identity with the state. Haha
By: Ken Johnson on October 13, 2020

Please get rid of Michael MedVed why does he still pretend to be a conservative, long as he’s there I’m out noon to three.
By: Allen miller on November 7, 2020

What happened to clean Freeways? Why doesn’t the State have to obey the same rules home owners have to as far as keeping their property clean? There is a section of road coming onto I-167 and or going onto 512 south that has not been cleaned since at least July 4th 2020. I know because a cat got hit that night and I have watched the remains become indistinguishable over the last eight months. I drove down I-5 south over the weekend and the homeless garbage along the freeway right near our capital is a complete dump. I just can’t believe they are not doing anything to curb this behaviour. Why isn’t someone fired for not doing their job? Couldn’t they use one of those super vac trucks to clean ip the majority of the filth? No one would have yo touch the dangerous debris.
By: Annalee Vicari on March 22, 2021

I thought Clay Travis and Buck Sexton were taking Rush Limbaughs place. What happened. Supposed to be on today
By: Eleanor on June 21, 2021

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