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101.7 K-WULF

KWUL 101.7 FM

City of License:
Elsberry, MO

Adult Album Alternative

St. Louis, MO

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Live Stream:

East Central Broadcasting (East Central Broadcasting, LLC)

KWUL is an FM radio station broadcasting at 101.7 MHz. The station is licensed to Elsberry, MO and is part of the St. Louis, MO radio market. The station broadcasts Adult Album Alternative programming and goes by the name "101.7 K-WULF" on the air. KWUL is owned by East Central Broadcasting.

Station was simulcasted south of St. Louis on KQXQ which also broadcast on 101.7 before that license was cancelled.

Station Coverage Map

KWUL-FM Coverage Map

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Listener Comments and Reviews

101.7 fmx plays a wider variety of your Rock favorites of today and more. Visit us online at
By: Mike Batchelor on January 5, 2011

Awesome station! Change nothing.
By: Timothy Hall on May 1, 2011

whats with the billy joel? please leave that to the other 10 stations in st. louis that play his songs. thank you
By: Anonymous on May 14, 2011

Heard they just hired that drunk PC. I give him 2 weeks before they let him go for public intoxication.
By: Tina Hill on January 9, 2012

Great music. Thanks!
By: cherie arnold on February 12, 2012

where the hell did you go?
By: Anonymous on May 28, 2012

what happened to the station? I loved it and can no longer recieve it.
By: Anonymous on August 23, 2012

i'm in elsberry missouri listening to 93.3 fm cause 93.3 is out of hermann
By: eddie david weiss on September 29, 2017

I've stumbled across 101.7 recently and IT'S AWESOME! So far I've heard pop, rock, soul, blues rock, metal, alternative, dance stuff, new, old, and not all top chart stuff or overplayed stuff but songs that I'm like "oh yah! I loved that song!" . In my opinion, it;s how radio ought to be. All kinds of music,major and minor hits all jumbled together.
By: Reid Krueger on December 2, 2017

Thee best station around hands down .No commercials or talking heads, same thing. Only station tuned. Keep up the great work.
By: Drew Steele on December 12, 2017

Traveling thru. What's the last 6 songs you just played? Heard an awesome song with a female singer & want to find it.
By: Gary Dawson on March 1, 2018

can you play some my morning jacket?
By: susan on March 2, 2018

just found this station today. Reid Krueger & Drew Steele, said it best!! Now, I have a preset button set to this station. Does anyone know if they have a streaming app or if you can listen on line?
By: rb on April 1, 2018

Awesome station. Do you have an active website?
By: Marinemama on May 5, 2018

Lovin the programming! The way I remember radio in the old days! Thanks for playing all different types of music much needed in this more commercials & same old songs most stations are doing! Some suggestions Amos Lee, Black Berry Smoke ,Rival Sons, Sturgill Simpson, Cadillac Three, need get these great bands more exposure! But once again great job listening all day everyday! Ernest Whatley Troy Mo.
By: Ernest Whatley on May 5, 2018

This is like listening to my old vinyl collection. My favorite station. Great mix.
By: Dennis Hale on May 6, 2018

The best station around! I spend a lot of time driving and it's great listening on the road! I'll never switch!
By: Theresa A Martin on May 8, 2018

You kiddin' me ? I heard Nektar and Zappa at 5:00a.m. ! Nobody does that anymore !! Keep playing Goodrats, U.F.O., Batdorf and Rodney, Dave Matthews, Stillwater, Crawler, and other classic bands that have been forgotten by the squareheads that now influence most stations. Stay this course, and you have a devoted listener. I've also turned quit a few co-workers on to your programming. Thank you again !
By: Greg Carmody on May 11, 2018

The best. Chris Smither, Mommas pride, blind faith, Jason Isbell back to back. Been listening and spreading the word for a long time. Stopped listening today. Goofy howling. Goofy.
By: Sam on May 11, 2018

Love the station! Can you please play something by The Roadside Band? They were a well-know regional southern rock group (opened for original Molly Hatchet, Commander Cody, Missouri) etc. Put out one album on Southern Star Records titled "Storm's About to Brew." The songs "Somewhere Tonight" and "Give What You Get" got a lot of regional airplay, particularly in Chicago. Thanks!
By: Southern Rock Fan on May 14, 2018

Just found your station. Totally LOVE it! Way better music than the station I was listening to for years. Thank you for the GREAT tunes, keep it up!
By: Theresa on May 18, 2018

Just discovered this station. Outstanding. Please keep playing tunes that no one else doesn't play anymore.
By: Dan Smith on May 23, 2018

I just found this station. Love it! I want to know more about it, barely anything about it on line.
By: Liz on May 25, 2018

My brother just turned me on to this station. Excellent playlist! Thank you for the great music!
By: Splig on May 30, 2018

Is this real? Too good to be true. What our original station should have evolved into. Wish we could get better reception.
By: Aaron on June 3, 2018

Wow! This station blows me away with their selection with no bull or commercials. Reminds me of being a teenager and listening to late night FM in the 70's. But the music is fresh, with new and obscure stuff mixed in and good stuff, not half head banging stuff like KSHE evolved to. Keep it up and let your listeners know how to support you. We want you to stay !!
By: Joe Cronin on June 6, 2018

Ditto Ditto to what Joe Cronin said. How about adding some Sippy Wallace or Stevie Ray Vaughn? I’m in my garden most of the day and this is all I listen to. Found your station after having withdrawals from 96.3 changing their format. It’s preset on my car radio too. Whoever put this station together has it together! Question though, why aren’t you on air today? June 7 Thursday 2018
By: Nancy Indelicato on June 7, 2018

Pokey Lafarge- Riot in the Streets- awesome! songs and artists you never hear on any other stations. keep up the GREAT work
By: crazee on June 7, 2018

Hubby is loving it. But with no commercials how is the station supporting itself? Just curious.
By: Jeanne on June 10, 2018

Yep I found it too last July by accident can't listen to any thing else when I am in range. Hope you keep it going!
By: Bo Trost on June 15, 2018

Absolutely loving this station great song list great Classics mixed with all kinds of eclectic jams keep it up
By: Dennis Porter on June 19, 2018

Thanks for playing the so called kshe classics.I appreciate your station not holding the real classic rock hostage until sunday mornings.Thank you and keep rockin!😎
By: Daniel on June 21, 2018

Just found you guys. Best station out there. Love it.
By: Dave on June 21, 2018

Love this station!
By: Jackie on June 23, 2018

Great station so glad I found it! Please play more steely dan
By: Ryan on June 28, 2018

What song played around 9:08 pm July 2nd. Female singer? Love your station!
By: Tracie on July 3, 2018

Another listener who stumbled onto this site - EXCELLENT - radio with no commercials - my new station along with KDHX 99.1 - kudos to the program director and the court appointed attorney.
By: Dennis Goetges on July 10, 2018

Definitely the best in ST. LOUIS. Like what Joe said in previous comment. Cannot change dial. Great Music.
By: Rick Dotson on July 15, 2018

I found this station a few months ago, and have re-tuned the radios I have all over my property. Great music, deep album cuts you never hear, and no commercials! How do you do it? Please keep it up, I'm telling everyone I know!
By: Greg on July 17, 2018

Original (1967) KSHE listener here. Tuned to Kwolf to check it out last week. Haven't touched the dial since. Honestly don't know some of the artists you play, but I really like what I'm hearing. Enjoyed some stuff I haven't heard in years. Keep it up. HOWLLLLLL!
By: Mike Talbot on July 19, 2018

Been listening since I came across it last summer, never listen to anything else! Awesome station, hope it stays just like it is!
By: Susan Miller on July 19, 2018

Well, it was bound to happen............... Heard a commercial or two today, as well as live voices. The first one was Katy Kruze ! What a surprise ! Welcome back to the airwaves, and keep the killer tunes coming.
By: Greg Carmody on July 19, 2018

I knew it! Keep it coming . Looking forward to seeing what happens next. Having fun playing Name That Tune.
By: Fred Flinstone on July 21, 2018

Great station Katy Kruze is back! Is there a way to listen to it on line?
By: Greg Naes on July 21, 2018

The best station around, hands down!! I don't change the radio when I am in your listening area. Thanks for the great music!.
By: Zo on July 31, 2018

I love your station and would like a play list. Please e-mail to me.
By: Cheri Bauer on August 2, 2018

Hey everybody, GREAT NEWS! 101.7 is streaming on-line now!!
By: at work listener now on August 7, 2018

Love your station. Do have to agree with Cheri Bauer a play list would be great. You played a song 8/7/18 about 7:30 pm I've been trying to figure out who plays it for a few years now.
By: Kook on August 8, 2018

Kook....this is K-WULF....that song was Sugar Magnolia by The Grateful Dead accordong to the playout sheet Glad everybody is enjoying the station, more to come!
By: K-Wulf on August 16, 2018

Are you streaming? Where??
By: Kim D on August 19, 2018

Yes K-wulf is streaming @
By: Alpha Wolf on August 20, 2018

Looking for song played between 12 pm and 1 pm today 8/21.
By: Vic on August 21, 2018

Looking for song played between 12 pm and 1 pm today 8/21. Before song by Thorns
By: Vic on August 21, 2018

I've had Sirius XM in my car for years, just couldn't tolerate the stations in the St Louis area, now I've found K-WULF, and am canceling my Sirius and saving tons of money!😍Some of the new stuff is pleasing but sure appreciate the older stuff! heard Long John Baldry the other day! ❤️❤️
By: Diane Hudnall on August 22, 2018

I've had Sirius XM in my car for years, just couldn't tolerate the stations in the St Louis area, now I've found 101.7 and am canceling my Sirius and saving tons of money!😍Some of the new stuff is pleasing but sure appreciate the older stuff! heard Long John Baldry the other day! ❤️❤️
By: Diane Hudnall on August 22, 2018

play some UFO and Anthony Gomes
By: Anonymous on August 23, 2018

Cannot locate a web site. Are you up and running yet?
By: Joe Gandy on August 24, 2018

All I can say is WOW!! Your station blows EVERYTHING away! Keep this up and you'll put K-SHE out of business EASILY!!! Thanks!
By: Paul on August 29, 2018

Much better than KSHE's boring "over-played" music! I'm switching from KSHE to K-WOLF!
By: Anonymous on September 6, 2018

Are you kidding me - wow keep playing and where is the play lists, awesome tunes
By: BIG D on September 7, 2018

Do you have a played list on line? Great station by the way.
By: Jim HAYES on September 8, 2018

Recently played tunes now available streaming at
By: DJ on September 8, 2018

Get a bigger stick, and procure a billboard along Hwy. 70 in St. Chuck county. You will take a giant bite out of K-SHE's lunch. They're complacent, and have it coming. I think they're scared, and rightfully so. Rock on !!
By: greg carmody on September 10, 2018

I'm looking for a St. Louis station that will play the "progressive rock" KSHE did back in the 70's. K-WOLF is about as close as I've found. But I'm still not hearing any Camel, Aphrodite's Child and Mahogany Rush. Maybe some day. Anyway, a LOT better than KSHE which is downright boring these days.
By: Anonymous on September 11, 2018

I love how KSHE acts like they own classic songs that they don't even play. GO K-WOLF!
By: Paul on September 15, 2018

I'd be more than happy to chip in for the billboard that puts KSHT outa business.
By: Paul on September 15, 2018

Oh my Katie Cruze I've been wondering where you went!! I am Sheepdog was a D.D. in St Charles for 20 years along with once being a heavy metal vocalist and a roadie. I'm so glad to have moved here to elsberry mo I hope somehow I can contribute to k wulf and Katie I met your friend Cindy that does x Ray's please remember my name "Sheepdog"
By: sheepdog on September 16, 2018

Hello Fellow Rockers! It is soooo cool to read all of these comments! Thank you Thank you!! We are thrilled to have K-WULF up and running, even better to know that you are out there, listening, and diggin' it! Katy Kruze
By: Katy Kruze on September 17, 2018

Holy Smokes! Outstanding music on the radio. I'm in a time warp. I listen all day and night on my day off. Don't Change a Thing. And that guy Gordon is so . . . interesting.
By: Brenda on September 17, 2018

Awesome station, love listening to "KSHE" klassics all day. So happy to hear a station playing the rock classics on a regular basis. Love the mix of old and new and I love the taste in music these DJ's have. Awesome to hear Katy Kruze on the airwaves again. Need to hire Tommy T. Never listen to KSHE anymore. They have alienated the listeners who made that station.
By: Nancy on September 17, 2018

This station is a dream come true and I REALLY I hope it lasts!
By: Greg on September 20, 2018

I never miss the weekend shows with "Mike in the Box"! KSHE has gone too "commercial" for my tastes!
By: Anonymous on September 25, 2018

Was great till katie kruse showed up. The music and mindless chatter is what drove me away from other stations, just a bit of constructive criticism, so playing the same old songs on katies 80's, theyre was more to the 80's rock scene than ratt,winger( who were a joke),poison and Def leppard, if your going top play them at least play something , other than their #1hits
By: Anonymous on September 26, 2018

Was great. Add a couple of dickhead DJs and a high school sound effect. Howling??? Couldn’t last forever.
By: Sam on September 27, 2018

Did you really think a station could survive without revenue ? The once in a while howling is a small price to pay for the lack of commercials.
By: Anonymous on September 29, 2018

Katy Kruze! I missed ya girl! I never knew this station existed and I'm damn glad I found it! Of course I still listen to KSHE but only for the Sunday morning Klassics show now. One day KSHE was doing their usual 15 minutes of commercials and I was driving in my Chevy truck and needed music not blah,blah,blah. So I hit the search button and lo and behold I heard a familiar voice! So I now listen to 101.7. KEEP ROCKIN THE GREAT MUSIC KATIE!!
By: Gail Price on October 3, 2018

Until "Spacerock 24.7" ( -new streaming radio-station ) hits the net in January -KWUL is the obvious choice. KSHE's just embarrassing. Looking forward to finally hearing Mahogany Rush, Camel, Trumvirat, Eloy, Hawkwind and similar bands next year on "Spacerock 24.7"!
By: Anonymous on October 4, 2018

Gordon, it sounds like you're playing the albums I had to relinquish in July of 2017. Thank you for playing what you do. All almost of Zep, Allman Bros, Poco, Spirit, Petty, Rundgren, Stones, Eagles, etc.. (there were 2 wooden crates). You've made so many people happy. I wait for you to come on afternoons to make my day. Thank you for being able to integrate everyone. I'd never heard "My Pearl" by automatic man, the corduroy jacket song, or the female vocalist's song with emergency sirens in the middle. I am unfamiliar with those but loved them. Please provide the artists" names. I like your taste - please continue and add the same genre in the current music industry.
By: Cheri on October 5, 2018

Good variety most of the time, but a few repeated too often and I would like a variety of songs instead of just one by some bands (e.g. Hot Summer Day by Beautiful Day). Please revive Sweetwater (long forgotten Nansi Nevins), Spooky Tooth and others from the late 60s & early 70s. I for one like DJs as long as talk is kept to a minimum & they mostly stick to announcing songs & artists. It is nice to know there is actually someone out there and feel like you are sharing the listening experience with them. I really hope you can extend your range sometime soon. Great stuff so far. Thanks so much!
By: Aaron M on October 9, 2018

Recently got turned onto your station and Love the classic vinyl that other stations forgot or can't play because their too commercial.... You now have my EAR BENT and tuned in. Keep it up! From a Classic Rocker
By: Ron S. on October 12, 2018

Bandit Visions Of You
By: Cheri on October 13, 2018

Gordon Painter Down the road again.
By: Cheri on October 13, 2018

Snail The Joker
By: Cheri on October 13, 2018

This station is awesome! We are huge fans. Music, DJ's, the whole package. You have got to get a history of tunes played on-line somewhere! For once (ala K-SHE), I don't know every single song that is played.
By: Andy on October 13, 2018

I’m looking for a little help with the song please. Today is Saturday, October 13, 2018. What was the name of the song and the artist played at approximately 118 right before Ry Cooder
By: Jack Wagner on October 13, 2018

Bill Neal here Jack and thanks for listening. I don’t have access to my set list but I do remember playing the Eagles and Hotel California and the Old 97s Champaign IL about that time. I will check my set list and get back to you. I greatly appreciate your comments and keep listening to K-WULF!
By: Bill Neal on October 14, 2018

love listening to your station, u play more music, less commercials than ANY other station around here. can you play more Michael Stanley Band? thanks and keep up the good music!!
By: K-WOLF LISTENER on October 16, 2018

Hello Jack, I had a chance to review my playlist in response to your question about the song played this past Saturday 10/13 right before Ry Cooder. The song was Tongue in Cheek by Sugarloaf from their 1971 album, Spaceship Earth. I hope that helps and once again, thanks for listening to K-WULF 101.7 fm.
By: Bill Neal on October 17, 2018

Wow. What a variety. Love it. New, Old and in-between, b-sides and alternates. Don't know how you get by without commercials but it's great. Additional artists I would love to hear that nobody plays, Bonnie Raitt, Shannon Curfmann, Jonny Lang, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Alabama Shakes, deeper cuts from Thin Lizzy, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, ZZ Top. Keep up the great music.
By: Steve Brock on October 18, 2018

This radio station rocks, grew up on KSHE Klassics and love the mix of songs. Good to hear Klassics more often instead of just on Sunday. Riverview Gardens class of 1980. Wow JUST heard Lake Time Bomb. Great music.
By: Fredog on October 25, 2018

Is there any way to fix the hesitation or skip that occurs about every 15 seconds on the live stream? Also, the modulation varies quite a bit. Some songs are very loud and others are quiet. Love the station! Welcome back, Katy.
By: Dan R. on October 28, 2018

Love it. Best variety in the local area. Thank you! I am happy to hear Katy Cruz again. My new work station. ! Listen all day.
By: T.H. on October 30, 2018

Brings back memories of old original KSHE from the 70s and I love it. No commercials makesvit better on top of the variety they play of music. Keep rocking us out. See corporate radio, you suck! Send the Wolf to eat the pig!!
By: Jim fitzpatrick on October 31, 2018

Deep Cuts! Love it
By: John Davis on November 1, 2018

Please, if possible have the DJ tell us the band/artist for every song you play. Before the song is played and for those that come-in at the end of a song, after too. Thanks!
By: Mark on November 1, 2018

Winfield, coming in loud and clear. Now if I can just remember that one it has earwigged in deep... you are you are. Plz tell me the Name !
By: Rad O on November 2, 2018

Great music Miss Katie on a Friday morning. Some tunes I haven't heard in a long time. R.S.
By: Anonymous on November 2, 2018

Just heard about this station from my son, ( I raised him right ), brings back memories of late Saturday nights, like the old saying, "The music that was playing in the front seat while you were playing in the back seat."
By: Bruce RVN 70 on November 5, 2018

Why isn't this showing up more? Love my albums!
By: Cheri on November 7, 2018

Who are you Gordon? Do you have my old albums? Thank you for lettimg me hear them again.
By: Cheri Bauer on November 8, 2018

Any chance someone can tell me who did the song Nobody’s Fault But Mine at around 5:30pm today November 10th?? It was a blues version. Love the station!!
By: Ashley on November 10, 2018

Great station! So glad someone told me about it, finally some decent songs and great programming for St. Louis radio! I hope you're here to stay for years to come, playing good songs. I just heard a song with the lyrics of "15 to 25. I know it's not much to go on. Heavy piano, drums and bass. Wondering if any one heard iit and knows the title and artist to the song?
By: Barry Judge on November 11, 2018

Ashley thanks for tuning in. The song “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” is by Ry Cooder from his Prodigal Son album. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on November 11, 2018

Barry, Bill Neal here; the song you are referring to is by Justin Townes Earle, "15-25" is from his Kids In the Street album. Thanks for listening to K-WULF!
By: Bill Neal on November 11, 2018

What's playing now? 1::55 pm 10-11.
By: Cheri on November 11, 2018

Cheri, I believe it was Mr Soul by the Buffalo Springfield. Thanks for tuning into K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on November 11, 2018

Nice cover of Woodstock. Love Joni
By: Cheri on November 11, 2018

My gosh, This radio station just keeps playing amazing classics, unbelievable. Great Program, keep it up as you have it right!!
By: R. SMITH on November 16, 2018

Hey where did you go? Missing the great music this Saturday morning
By: Veronica Harris on November 17, 2018

This station is a breath of fresh air with Americana, a little country, and the " off cuts " of rock artists they play. Songs you would hear if you're playing vinyl at home! :)
By: Chris S on November 18, 2018

this station is awesome I don't know how I found it but damn glad I did keep up the great work I wonder if u-man from kshe has listen if he hasn't he might jump ship I know if I was him I would this is his type of music
By: DANIEL L on November 20, 2018

Your station is unbelievable! Such a breath of fresh air. Could you please play some Rival Sons?
By: Chance on November 20, 2018

By: Anonymous on November 20, 2018

Thank you answering Bill Neal. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I was listening to a song that I heard once before on your station but I don't have much once again. The station played it around 7:00 or a little after 7 tonight. There's a nice break to the song with a beautiful bass line and drum beat, funky sound to it. I thought it was from Rainbow, Deep Purple or maybe even the band Mountain, but something along those lines, late 70's era or maybe early 80's. However, I am not sure. Excellent song!
By: Barry Judge on November 22, 2018

Barry,,,,not Bill but the answer to your question is is "Feel To Good" by The Move
By: Head wulf... on November 23, 2018

Hello Head Wulf and thank you for your reply. Although I like the song you provided "Feel To Good" by The Move, it is not the song I heard other night. I wish I knew where I could get the list of songs played between 7 to 7:45pm 10/22. I will continue to listen in hopes that the station will play it again. If you have another suggestion I would appreciate that too. Thank you.
By: Barry Judge on November 23, 2018

I love this station so much! I can't turn it off, except when I am driving to work, and I lose the signal as I get closer to downtown STL. Hoping you get a stronger signal so I don't have to listen to KSHE anymore. Love Katy in the morning.
By: Carol on November 26, 2018

day of the eagle from robin trower this station kicks ass especially you KATIE
By: DANIEL L on November 27, 2018

Barry, I would be the keeper of the list...11/22 7p-758p Lady Styx Feel to Good The Move Forever Evermore Nothing But Thieves Rock of Ages Def Lep What You Deserve No Resolve Cult of Personality Living Colour Take Me Home Tonight Eddie Money Try Janis Joplin Something Human Muse Dirty White Boy Foriegner Runaway Damn Yankees
By: Head wulf... on November 27, 2018

A breathe of fresh air compared to KSHE's stale output these days. Keep spicing up your playlists with odd cuts like "Billy the Kid and Geronimo". KSHE would never do that. Nobody I know even listens to that boring station anymore!
By: Anonymous on November 30, 2018

Want to start by saying really digging the play list with the expanded classic rock however there seems to be technical issue with 101.7 in that there is a audible buzz in the left channel.I apologize if I am being repetitive.
By: Daniel on December 3, 2018

I used to listen to 103.3 for Oldies...which are no longer. I used to listen to K-Hits 96.3 for classic rock...which is no longer. Now I tune into KSHE just Sunday mornings for the Klassics show as I drive to work. BUT NOW...I'm digging this KWUL. Accidentally ran across it while scanning stations looking for something other than a commercial. It has a bit of everything. Just wish there was a website that had the playlist and artists. Comes in strong playing out of Elsberry. I live in Troy, MO. Keep up the great work!
By: J. Splitt on December 7, 2018

Okay, I really like your programming. This station is the best thing to happen to the area's airwaves in decades. So, I never imagined I would bitch. But I've heard D.O.A. by Bloodrock at least six times in the past two months. It's a morbid, buzzkill of a song, and tarnishes the value of the preceding tunes. It is indeed a classic, but a couple of times per year would seem to me to be plenty.
By: Anonymous on December 9, 2018

Who did that guitar instrumental @ 10:30pm 12/14/18?
By: J. Splitt on December 15, 2018

J. Split I think you are referring to Tommy Emmanuel featuring Jerry Douglas doing an instrumental version of Purple Haze from Tommy's CD Accomplice one.
By: Michelle Holliday on December 15, 2018

To Anonymous from Dec 9 You are right regarding D.O.A is in a category of songs that are ment to come up once every couple of months . Being very under staffed we are still adding songs to that category to correct it’s rotation . K-Wulf is a locally owned mom & pop shop run by people that are from here .
By: William K-WULF founder on December 16, 2018

glad there are still mom and pop shops they do things the right way where corporate is only worried about the almighty dollar . sorry your under staffed I use to live in Elsberry i'm retired now if I did i'd work there for free to me the music is important not how many times you hear a song would you hear D.O.A. ON KSHE maybe on sunday every 5 years KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
By: DANIEL L on December 17, 2018

Thanks, Michelle. I found it on Youtube and it's just great to see how those guitarists work their magic.
By: J. Splitt on December 18, 2018

Anonymous.....DOA has been regulated.... Happy Holidays!
By: Head Wulf... on December 18, 2018

What????? Why have I not found you sooner??? Love this station. Keep up the great work!
By: Roger Ellis on December 18, 2018

Just listened for first time driving from work in Westport to Grover, great GREAT mix. I'm going to try streaming tomorrow. Wish I could find more detail, DJs, time slots, playlists, etc. Reminds of 1970s KSHE and WMRY! KEEP IT UP!
By: Joe Kolodziej on December 19, 2018

Absolutely LOVE the format, music and jocks! Hearing Katy Kruze on the Morning Show, along with the others and hoping a few more Big Names (Soon?), will join up and help cure what ails us here! K-Wulf is a badly needed FIX for the region and nothing like tuning in and catching artists that have been tucked away from the airwaves for so long! The "Side B", stuff is awesome and can't wait for More Power so we can all hear the HowwwwwL even further away! THANKS 101.7
By: Todd Traylor on December 20, 2018

Thank you for both the reply and the subsequent action. I know a corporate station would never have done that, and I appreciate that very much. I'd be more than willing to help if there is some way I can assist. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! Greg
By: Greg aka Anonymous on December 22, 2018

More chillowack please! And can't get enough Katy Kruse! The bald knobbed trained her pretty well. Keep up the excellent work!
By: Perry the pest on December 24, 2018

Killer station. My friends and I really enjoy listening all day long.
By: John Blankenship on December 25, 2018

drivin wheel by foghat this station is one word AWESOME!
By: DANIEL L on December 26, 2018

Great station,you are all I listen to,reminds me what KSHE 95 used to be. Do you all have bumper stickers? If so, how do I get some? Thanks for playing great real classic rock,and sending me on a sentimental journey,every day. The signal is strong up here in Foley,Mo.
By: Phil Baker on December 28, 2018

By: DANIEL L on January 4, 2019

Found the WOLF one day on accident. I was pushing buttons on my radio in response to another 20 free commercial block (presented by guessed it the Kings of self-agrandisemen)no call sign needed,it's a sneeze! I have lived here since 71 and I didn't even know Eberry had a radio in town.I don't always drink radio but when I do it's 101.7enjoy my friends r u as hot as u sound?Originalain't it?Mumbles
By: Tim Weiss a.k.a mumbles on January 6, 2019

Absolutely great station, keep up the good work please.
By: Bill on January 8, 2019

can you tell me what song play around 2pm on Tuesday 1-8, right before "walk on the wild side" keep up playing the GREAT music and not talking so much. there is NO other radio station around that plays music 50/55 minutes every hour like you guys do. luv it
By: K-WOLF LISTENER on January 8, 2019

K-WULF listener...that would be Around the World by Kings of Leon.....
By: Alpha Wolf on January 9, 2019

How do you contact your station? Can you post it or e-mail back?
By: Cheri Bauer on January 9, 2019

Good question, Cheri. I have wondered about that as well. I even volunteered to help any way I could. So far, this seems to be the only line of communication. Greg
By: Greg on January 10, 2019

You can contact all the jocks by email for now using first name and K-wulf ......example
By: Michelle Holliday on January 11, 2019

Miss Katy nickname for you now is 'Kickass Katy'! :) Your music selection hits it out of the park each day. I'm on the road around Franklin county everyday and the only complaint I have is the signal is not as strong in areas, causing interruptions. But I want to thank you for playing songs by bands that never get played elsewhere. There is a huge body of work out there by bands but all other stations play only the worn out songs while ignoring the rest of that band's work. For example, you would think that 'Taking care of business' is the only song BTO ever made, but their body of work is loaded with fantastic hard-hitting songs like Blue Moaning, Stayed Awake all Night etc. Anyway, point being, KWULf is playing outside of the norm. Who knows? You might even be turning on the younger generations to truly good music (and God knows they need that exposure!). As a side note Miss Katy, I remember you from your days at 104.1 ha ha. (telling on my own age there!). Thank you ALL at K-WUL; may your station grow in leaps and bounds and take over the airwaves as the #1; just please, don't go the corporate route and ruin it.
By: Lorene Carden on January 11, 2019

Thank you for the response. However, three attempts to e-mail have resulted in failure to deliver notices.
By: Greg on January 12, 2019

So sorry Greg, My is working fine we will have to see what's going on with Katy's
By: Michelle Engemann on January 14, 2019

hey what happened to the streaming music web site. i get an error. hope you get it fixed. really miss listening to u guyz.
By: K-WOLF LISTENER on January 14, 2019

it's working for me
By: AlphaWolf on January 16, 2019

Nice Job ! This is what KSHE and KADI sounded like in late 60's and 70's. Good to hear this stuff !
By: TheAugMan on January 21, 2019

Wow - I just King Crimson's "In the Court of the Crimson King" on FM radio! Can't believe it! Please keep up the good work.
By: Matt Miller on January 21, 2019

Is there any way to save 101.7 K-WULF as a stream or station on my Grace Digital Internet Radio?
By: Edmundson Greg on January 25, 2019

What was that instrumental that played around 8:05pm-ish on Sunday 1/27/19?
By: J. Splitt on January 29, 2019

Great music set this afternoon. More Sonia DaDa.
By: Roy Sykes on January 29, 2019

J. Splitt...That was Gina Lola Breakdown by The Dixie Dregs
By: Alpha Wolf on January 29, 2019

Greg...working on it
By: Alpha Wolf on January 29, 2019

Great variety. Some deep album rock cuts good to hear. Blows KSHE away. Anyway we can get song ID on the car radios? Keep up the great work.
By: Bill Martin on January 31, 2019

Great variety! Love the oldies too. Just heard the Standells with their hit "Dirty Water". Doesn't get much better than that.
By: Bill Martin on January 31, 2019

Do you have bumper stickers ? If you do where do I get them? Also more chillowack and dust plus poco!
By: Pest on February 3, 2019

Do you all have online play list ? Just wondering because I could not find one. I know just enough on how to work my tablet to make me look dazed and confused!
By: Pest on February 3, 2019

Love this station. I am a lineman for Curvie River Electric. Glad they are advertising on your station. Found it last Summer when my niece advertised her campaign for Lincoln County Collector. Have been a listener ever since. Keep up the good work Katie Crews. Would like to hear Dixie Chicken by Little Feet.
By: Buster McDaniel on February 4, 2019

I am digging this a lot. I listen to you guys often in North County St. Louis. To bad I lose you on my way to going to work in Arnold. Hey I would say don't play this or play that but it happens that something that gets played that is over played on other stations. Love Katie! Just Keep On Rockin!!!
By: Terry Lewis on February 10, 2019

Love the station, reminds me of KSHE95 back in the day when they used to be good and before they commercialized their station. They play the same old boring tunes day after day. Love Katie Cruz (sp)!!!!
By: Keke on February 11, 2019

Just stumbled on this station. I am living near Moscow Mills and the station comes in great. The programing is what KSHE and KADI was "back in the day". The mix is incredible, and I have it on in the truck and around the house. Must be really good, the wife still tells me to "TURN IT DOWN". Keep up the good work.
By: gozmo on February 13, 2019

By: RICH O on February 14, 2019

Love the station. Need song titles and artist info and at some point push the stream from 64 to 128if possible. Much better sound.
By: Damon Denoyer on February 15, 2019

Rich O, welcome...That was I Cover the Waterfront w/ Van Morrison and Booker T from the album, Mister Lucky.....
By: Alpha Wolf on February 15, 2019

Damon....Changing provider in the next couple of weeks, higher bit rate and AAC files.....
By: Alpha Wolf on February 15, 2019

Oh no! I turned on radio at 5:40 this morning and no WOLF. Say it is not so.
By: Bill Martin on February 19, 2019

Bill, site issue, we're back....
By: Alpha Wolf on February 19, 2019

Glad to hear you folks again. Keep up the good music.
By: Bill Martin on February 20, 2019

Hey Katie, thanks for playing "You Make Me Crazy" by Sammy Hagar. Great cut!! Your station is the BEST!
By: rb on February 20, 2019

Waking up to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida from Iron Butterfly. Yes, it will be great day! Thanks K-WULF.
By: Bill Martin on February 22, 2019

Hi! Recently discovered this station and loving it! Do you post daily playlists? I heard a song today (Friday) around 11:25 am with the lyric “Big City”. Can you tell me the song title and artist? Thanks!
By: Richard Schademann on February 23, 2019

did you know that 93.3 is rebroadcasting on 101.7 kwulf so cool
By: Eddie Weiss on February 24, 2019

Could you tell me the name and artist of that song that was on about 5:45 am on 2/26? Had haunting piano chorus and horns at the end. Thanks.
By: Bill Martin on February 26, 2019

Could you tell me the name of the Cross Canadian ragweed track you played yesterday (2/27/19) please? Thanks you Rick
By: Rick Drevet on February 28, 2019

Richard, the songs in that quarter hour were Key to the Highway from Derek and the Dominoes , Domino from Van Morrison and Static from Son Volt Thanks for listening!
By: Alpha Wolf on March 1, 2019

Bill...that was Crime of the Century by Supertramp Thanks for Listening!
By: Alpha Wolf on March 1, 2019

Rick, 2 that day...51 Pieces at 739a and Fighting For at 3:25p Thanks for listening!
By: Alpha Wolf on March 1, 2019

Thank you! This is the KSHE I grew up on! We play this at work, in Moscow. Comes in great and you gained +/- 500 listeners. About half our shift does the howl lol.
By: K-WULf listener on March 2, 2019

You guys are killing it. Please keep it going. Best station ever!
By: Jerry Carlyle on March 2, 2019

Katy Kruze. Great to hear you on K-WULF. If anyone knows the music of the '80's you are the one! Keep it sounding good.
By: Bill Martin on March 3, 2019

By: Greg R on March 5, 2019

When will the results of the Liston Brothers be announced?
By: Cheri B. on March 7, 2019

A friend of mine turned me on to you all. All I can say is You Need A Bigger Tower! Do NOT Change Anything, You all put K-She to Shame! You guys ROCK! And I Love Katy!
By: Ron in O'fallon on March 8, 2019

Whose version of "Let's Get Together" did you play around 1am today? I know it's not the Youngbloods.
By: J. Splitt on March 8, 2019

J. Splitt, That version is by Dale Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore on the album, Downey to Lubbock....thanks for listening!
By: Alpha Wolf on March 8, 2019

LOVE your station, don't change a thing, Can you tell me who the artist was of the song played about 7:55AM this morning - I think the title was "Lazy River" Thanks!
By: Bobbette Bequette on March 8, 2019

When will the Liston Brothers ticket winners announced?
By: Cheri B on March 8, 2019

Cheri B...This afternoon
By: Alpha Wolf on March 8, 2019

Thank you for responding! I'm waiting. By the way, love the name.
By: Cheri B. on March 8, 2019

Congrats to the Liston Bros winners! Thanks to Michelle for a great set. Bill never disappoints either!
By: Cheri B. on March 9, 2019

Thanks Bill for playing my favorite Captain Beyond.
By: Me on March 9, 2019

Listening to this live stream Saturday afternoon from Atlanta, GA - excellent selections. The set list picked by Bill is excellent!!
By: John Harris on March 9, 2019

I cannot believe that this station has been on the air since 2011. I will be telling anyone who will liisten to tune to 101.7 Would you possibly sell a V neck tshirt with logo? I would proudly wear it . Im a classic rock n roller....kshe i love you and the classic show rocks but holy cow this station plays music that no one plays unless you are in your buddys livingroom flippin through albums. 28 yrs with kshe im moving on to kwuf. Im sorry im so new i dont even know the call letters for certain. Im thrilled. Cant wait to tell Mary.
By: Patty on March 13, 2019

I am a member of the Bill fan club!
By: Bill Martin on March 14, 2019

Really enjoying the station. Love the excitement and nostalgia about hearing something I haven't heard in decades! Heard one tonight, just caught the end before Taurus - 'round the corner'? Sounded Framptonish around 11:45 pm 3/16. Keep the classics coming! Thanks
By: Cheryl B on March 17, 2019

Thanks for listening Cheryl B. last night after Spirt's Taurus we played Roger Cline and the Peacemakers God gave me a gun.
By: Michelle Holliday on March 17, 2019

How about playing Maybe It's Time from the movie A Star Is Born sung by Bradley Cooper. It has that Americana vibe to it. Good song to.
By: Terry Lewis on March 17, 2019

Terry, thanks for the song suggestion. We will look to add Maybe its Time to the K-WULF library. Thanks for listening.
By: Bill Neal on March 17, 2019

You had mentioned changing providers and having a higher bit rate. Is this still going to happen? Thanks.
By: Damon Denoyer on March 19, 2019

K-WULF, thank you VERY MUCH for setting up a streaming service! I discovered your station last summer while passing all too briefly through St. Louis. Loved every minute of the programming and as many of said above, it reminded me of beloved radio stations from my youth in Los Angeles (KLOS, KMET and KROQ) At that time, I could not find a way to listen from here in western Kentucky. Now with lightning stream bookmarked I can listen everyday at work. I realize you may be operating on a shoestring but if you could expand your website to offer playlists and merchandise It would be my pleasure to support you whenever possible!
By: kevink on March 20, 2019 streaming provider in place
By: Alpha Wolf on March 25, 2019

glad I found k-wulf hearing music I have not heard since I was a teenager, glad to hear katy kruze again, wondering if she made off with all k-shes library that they quit playing when they canned her.101.7 plays the old with interesting new music, keep it up
By: steven glascock on March 30, 2019

Would gladly donate to your station going! Anyway you could tell me the name of the song/artist that played around 6 p.m. Sunday, March 31, right after Joe Cocker's Little Help From My Friends? Wonderful song! You Folks TRULY Rock!
By: John on April 1, 2019

OH MY GOD !! Gordon Adkins !! My favorite DJ from the old,old,old KSHE ! I recognized his voice immediately! Nobody out rocks this dude...been streaming non-stop day and night
By: TomG on April 1, 2019

Hey Tom, glad to have you with us! Lots of things still to happen, keep us posted on what you think!
By: Gordon on April 4, 2019

I Always listen to Gordo...just an ole timer from waaaaay back in the day... Gordo & this staff know how to get the tracks laid down....Katy as well know how to bring us St. Louis Music the right way thanks K-WULF
By: Tony P Pona on April 5, 2019

to show you how clueless K-SHE is they are having a KSHE pig roast A ND ONE OF THE BANDS IS MISSOURI and this girl google it saying she couldn't fine the web site typical clueless DJ'S LERN is her she name katy need to give that girl some lessons on the great history of rock from the 70 and 80's she doesn't even know about MORNING STAR ANY WAY GUY'S KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LOVE LOVE YOU STATION GLAD THAT someone stiil cares about 60,70 80 rock
By: DANIEL L on April 11, 2019

love your station great programming , keep it up,
By: Timbo on April 12, 2019

WOW ! Had Post Toastee's for breakfast and some Sugarloaf for Dinner...and just ran out of Pale Ale...this is the best station I've ever heard...No more PANDORA for me !
By: TomG on April 12, 2019

I just found you guys a while ago. I have to say it took me back to throwing frisbee and drinking huber beer. And of course getting baked and just being cool. Thanks for that!
By: Rick on April 16, 2019

Where can I get K wild stickers ?
By: Al on April 17, 2019

Glad Rags and CD Reunion in Hawksnest Plaza in St Charles , Music Reunion in O'Fallon and Old Friends Guitars in Wentzville
By: Alpha Wolf on April 17, 2019

could you tell me the song list on 04/15/19 between 12:30 and 1:00 pm....heard an old song that I love and don't know the name or the artist...thanks Wulf! station is awesome! keep up the good work! Right on!
By: Christy on April 19, 2019

could you tell me the song list on 04/15/19 between 12:30 and 1:00 pm....heard an old song that I love and don't know the name of the song or the artist...thanks Wulf! station is awesome! keep up the good work! Right on!
By: Christy on April 19, 2019

What’s the name and contact info for “Betty” the insurance person whom Katy advertises ?
By: TheAugMan on April 19, 2019

Christy, Between 12:30 and 1 on Monday afternoon there were a couple classics that were played....Your saving grace by the Steve Miller Band, Dreams By Berry Goudreau, and It's my life by the a Animals....hope that helps you to narrow it down! Thanks for listening!
By: Michelle Holliday on April 20, 2019

Thanks so much.. I couldn't think of the artist and was driving me crazy! Stevie guitar Miller! The 70's are a bit of a blur at times. ..hahaha
By: Christy on April 20, 2019

I love the station. Great old album cuts and the djs chatter with information about the artists. Always thought Gordon had the BEST fm radio voice. Wondering about the song played a week or so back. Lyrics included "children of the night" I think Gordon said ARS, but I am not sure. Thanks.
By: Carl C. on April 21, 2019

Carl C, I believe you are referring to Childern of the Night by the Climax Blues Band from their album Reel to Reel. I just played it again this afternoon. We at K-WULF are glad you are enjoying our programming. Thanks for listening.
By: Bill Neal on April 21, 2019

Thanx Bill, that's probably the one I am looking for. ARS and Climax kind of get lumped together in the rolodex in my head every now and then.
By: Carl C. on April 21, 2019

Thanx Bill, that's probably the one I am looking for. ARS and Climax kind of get lumped together in the rolodex in my head every now and then. Wish you guys had a phone number, so I could bother you at a moment s notice and not have a freak out with the "I am not a robot" sobriety check!
By: Carl C. on April 21, 2019

That's the only thing missing from your "fm radio the way it was" sort of format
By: Carl C. on April 21, 2019

Augman....You can reach Betty Bauer at 314-740-6190 or her site is
By: Alpha Wolf on April 22, 2019

Radio Rich a joy to hear you rockin the air waves again.How about some TRAPEZE.. Rock on Rich.
By: Dan Hall on April 22, 2019

I discovered this station a few months back after getting tired of listening to "commercial rock blocks" LOL Now, it's very hard to listen to any other station. It's so relaxing to be able to listen to more than three songs at a time without commercials. I love this station, great songs and DJ's. Keep up the great work!
By: Butch Jorden on April 23, 2019

Great station. Great staff. Kudos to Bill for playing Rotary Connection (a fantastic band that KSHE never recognized). The album Aladdin by them is a masterpiece! Another band I would love to hear and again ignored by our old friend (except for Circus) is String Driven Thing! Any song off Please Mind Your Head is a treat! Keep up the good work and we’ll keep spreading the word👍🏻
By: Marty on April 24, 2019

Hey, who sings the song with the lyrics "live now"? And is that the name of that song?
By: Butch Jorden on April 25, 2019

Just found your station a few months ago and really enjoy the music you're playing, although I can't receive it very clearly and don't get to listen for long. I'm hoping you'll get a stronger transmitter soon so I can quite changing stations to find music worth listening to, without ten minutes of commercials per song!
By: Matt on April 27, 2019

Is it possible to get some Leo Kottke played as part of the Americana genre?
By: J. Splitt on May 1, 2019

J Splitt, thanks for the Leo Kottke suggestion. We are working on expanding our music library and he is one that is on our list. Thanks for listening to K-WULF!
By: Bill Neal on May 3, 2019

Tune in stream is not working. Thanks.
By: Damon Denoyer on May 4, 2019

Damon, To stream K-WULF from any streaming device just go to www.K-WULF.COM. K-Wulf is no longer available on Tune-in. Thanks for listening.
By: Bill Neal on May 4, 2019

LOVE Gordon! So excited to hear Radio Rich Dalton again. Have listened to this station since the very beginning back in 2018. Keep up the good work.
By: Anonymous on May 7, 2019

Nice to hear Radio Rich again. How long’s it going to be before we hear Mark Klose ! That would really be cool.
By: TheAugMan on May 7, 2019

I heard a song a couple of hours ago and I'm sure it was Janis Joplin but there are no words...just her singing whoaaaa, whoaaa, whoaaa, ... etc Anyway I've searched everywhere but can't find it. Can someone tell me the title of it? Thanks 1,000,000. Love the station! Thanks
By: Lorene on May 9, 2019

Lorene: not sure of title either, but it included Big Brother and The Holding Company. KWULF Staff: who else plays Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats around here ? “You Worry Me” is growing on me....nice tune.
By: TheAugMan on May 9, 2019

What was the Molly hatchett song played on 5/6/19 around 6:50 pm right before alien boogie song
By: Blair on May 10, 2019

Radio Rich, what is the name of the song you played by Nathaniel Radcliffe and the NS at around 2pm today 5/10/19? Really liked. (Welcome home btw)
By: Marty on May 10, 2019

Would you like me to donate what vinyl I have left ? Love this station. Tripped on it last fall
By: Dennis Fogerty on May 11, 2019

Lorene, The Aug Man was correct it's Big Brother and the Holding Company from the LP Cheap Thrills...."Combination of the Two" is the song
By: Alpha Wolf on May 13, 2019

Blair...That was Bounty Hunter off there self titled debut album....
By: Alpha Wolf on May 13, 2019

Marty....Still out There Running
By: Alpha Wolf on May 13, 2019

TheAugMan/Alpha Wolf That was it. Thank you! First song on Cheap Thrills. Drove me crazy the other night. lol! btw AugMan, You Worry Me....great tune. Nice video on YouTube too. The guy is from the area....Hermann? somewhere in the immediate area. Record Company another great band. Excellent tunes... Anyway, Thanks again guys.
By: Lorene on May 14, 2019

Alpha Wolf, 99% of the song selections are outstanding! The pop songs that someone is choosing to insert... not so much. ‘Maybe I’m Afraid’ by lovelytheband: terrible. Please stick to classics and true Americana, thanks!
By: Don V. Mueller on May 14, 2019

Don, new music discovery is a key to a station surviving these days, not everyone in the audience feels the same....thanks for the comment
By: Alpha Wolf on May 14, 2019

To all KWUL listeners: Mother’s Day is not so far in the rear view mirror to miss this cut from Nathaniel Rateliff (not Radcliffe) and the Night Sweats entitled “Hey Mama”. Then read the words. Happy Belated Mother’s Day ,
By: TheAugMan on May 15, 2019

Would love to know name of song I heard at 1:35 today. Female singer, lyrics have Shame, Shame, Shame in the song. Bluesy with great guitar. Love this station. Keep up the good work😉
By: Laurie on May 16, 2019

Found it. Jeff Beck Rosie Bones🙃 Shame
By: Laurie on May 17, 2019

Can U please get. Katie to stop with the stories of no interest to most everybody. And she herself says she yappin'. Way too much!
By: Doug on May 23, 2019

Today at 11:04 I heard my first rap song on here. In the last few weeks I have heard more alternative music than I like but I endure it. But rap I can not stand. If this is the formate and direction you are heading to well you just might have lost a listener.
By: Terry Lewis. on May 24, 2019

Your stream does sound a whole lot better. Perfect.
By: Terry Lewis on May 24, 2019

Used to be able to use my amazon Echo to play "101.7 K-WULF" with no problem. Now that it's not Tune-in, only way I can do is via BT from my phone. Is there an Echo expert who can walk me thru using another streaming (don't see it on LightningStream website). Love the station.
By: Gail W on May 24, 2019

Good morning Michelle sounding good this morning. Have a good Memorial Day.
By: Terry Lewis on May 26, 2019

Used to be able to use my amazon Echo to play "101.7 K-WULF" with no problem. Now that it's not Tune-in, only way I can do is via BT from my phone. Is there an Echo expert who can walk me thru using another streaming (don't see it on LightningStream website). Love the station.
By: Gail W on May 26, 2019

I've been trying to get some info, and I see a couple of people associated with the station have responded here. Hoping I can find info here. Yesterday morning, Katie asked for listener input concerning the Hermann simulcast (93.3), but I lost the signal and did not hear much of what she said. I'd like to find the contact info that I missed because I have detailed feedback that I'd like to send you, with the aim of keeping this station in my ears! Thanks.
By: John Humason on May 28, 2019

John to have your us at 314-944-5900 and press on and leave us a message with contact info and we will get back with you
By: Alpha Wolf on May 28, 2019

I'm in the same boat as Gail W. I live in Fenton and cannot pick up KWUL on radio. I used to pick up on Tune-in on my Amazon Echo Dot. Not now. HELP! I LOVE THIS STATION!
By: Paul C. on June 8, 2019

Well, I'm here with a temporary solution to not being able to stream KWUL to Echo device with Alexa. My first choice will be KWUL whenever that issue is resolved. Until then I say 'Alexa, play Handcrafted Radio.' It plays a pretty awesome selection with some nice deep cuts - not like what KSHE plays (the same 'Classic Rock' hits over and over.) Still rooting for KWUL!!
By: Paul C on June 10, 2019

First.....really enjoying DJ'S and classic rock the WULF plays but there seems to be a technical problem in that many songs have distortion but other songs do not.Seems one of your music players is at fault.
By: Dan Hall on June 16, 2019

Well, I just got a new car and was setting up my dials when I ran across your station. I can't believe I have missed this!! I used to listen to KSHE HD w/deep classic cuts and KSHE HD3 80's cuts, but never had such a diversified, cool, Americana/Rock station come up. This is literally one of the best stations out there. Where else can you hear Lucas Nelson and an oldie from Saga in the same hour. I am truly impressed! I have been a fan of Katy Kruze 4EVAHHH, love you Katie. She's the best and the sweetest in person. She is great to her music fans and has such a classic Radio voice and knowledge of music! Thank you for playing what you play....that no one else plays! These artists must love you too, because you are getting their music on the air and sharing their talent with all of us. I mean I just heard Raconteurs, Wood Brothers, and one from our STL guys Liston Brothers that I was blown away! DON'T CHANGE A THING, THIS IS THE BEST STATION TO DATE! Thank you Thank you and TELL KATIE I SAID HI! LOVE YA GIRL
By: Rocky Chura on June 18, 2019

Any progress on the distortion issue with some songs? Been going on for awhile now and is the only cog in a wonderful station and format. Sentimental Journey by Fleetwood Mac sounded terrible about 3:00 this morning. I hope this gets resolved soon and also hoping the clicking noise on 93.3 stops soon too. Keep up the good work folks.
By: Bill Martin on June 19, 2019

hey how about playing "1st day of summer" (Tony Carey) today, since it is the 1st day of summer
By: wolf listner on June 21, 2019

K-WULF listener, thanks for the great suggestion for First Day of Summer. We did play it today at 12:21pm on the second day of summer. We hope you had a chance to enjoy. Thanks for being a K-WULF listener
By: Bill Neal on June 22, 2019

You need to have a site we can reach for comments easily and get information. You need it for your FCC upcoming. You have a large, dedicated audience and we can't even easily get to the site to promote you and attest to your significance to us. Free tickets would be nice, but a face-to-face would be better!
By: Cheri B on June 23, 2019

You have a following - let us speak for you to the FCC. Jus sayin.
By: Cheri B on June 23, 2019

October 25, 2017 The FCC voted yesterday to remove the requirement of radio and television stations to have a local studio in the community or within the coverage area of the station. The change comes as the FCC looks to simplify regulations and help smaller stations that do not have the resources to operate a fully staffed office better survive. As part of the change, all stations will soon be required to have their complete public file online. In addition the FCC will still require broadcasters to have a local telephone number in the community for listeners and viewers to contact the stations.
By: Cheri B on June 23, 2019

What happened to Gordon Atkins? He hasn’t been on air for about three weeks now, and nobody filling in or anything. Being jockless from noon-6 pm is not good. I hope Gordon will be back soon.
By: John B on July 3, 2019

Visited an old friend in Paducah, Kentucky this pass weekend. Listened to it all the way down and as we drove around town and on my way back. Turned my friend on to it and he loved it. Lots good stuff he was not familiar with. We now he is.
By: Terry Lewis on July 8, 2019

hey bill, I did hear the "1st Day of Summer" on the 2nd day of summer. lol Thanks K-wolf for playing it.
By: wolf listner on July 8, 2019

Can you play "Tiny Daggers" by INXS? This song didnt get much playing time but it was a good song from the 80's. Speaking of 80's, it would be nice to play more of "Katys 80's" . Maybe like in the AM at 8?
By: live stream listener on July 19, 2019

Off air.....miss you guys.
By: Dan on July 19, 2019

With all the great classic artists, why not play more variety, i don't need to hear Elton John every couple hours, don't need to beat Ritchie havens freedom 3 times a week, maybe throw in some obscure songs from the big artists, maybe some Jethro tull other than aqua lung or locomotive breath, or any Frank Zappa would be great.
By: Dan on July 21, 2019

Missing you this weekend. What happened? Great station.
By: Randle Bowen on July 21, 2019

Please come back.where are you.just when you find something good ,they take it away.
By: Renee Maroney on July 21, 2019

" You don't know what you got 'til it's gone ". Appropriate lyrics, glad you're back on the air. I hope you get everything squared away with a quickness !
By: Greg on July 21, 2019

Sorry to hear about the circumstances regarding being off the air. But now you are back on (even temporary fix), the music is much better anyway. Stay with the "fix music". Playing good classic rock and it sounds great.
By: Bill Martin on July 22, 2019

Please announce that on August 3, 2019 Christ Apostolic Church Bethel High point Men's Fellowship is presenting a 2019 Reality Check Health Screening. Free to the public. The Date is August 3, 2019, the time is 10:00AM-2:30PM. Venue 314 Kendall Avenue, High point NC. 27260. Guest Speakers: Dr. Kay Onasanya, Dr. Lori Simith and Terence Hunt. The Host Minister is Pastor & Evang. Adeneye. 3 Johyn 1:2.
By: Sharon Nwanna on July 22, 2019

Was great while it lasted, early on. It was true classics, which was awesome. What KSHE was many years ago. Then Americana, much of which is really nice. It’s become a mess. Huey Lewis? No. Weezer? No. Bailen? No. Oliver Tree? No. We are a very prominent business in St. Charles County that you have hit up for advertising multiple times. You can’t seem to figure out who you are but once the classics gave way, so did our marketing interest.
By: Richard on July 23, 2019

Off the air again on 101.7. THE KWUL station license is set to expire in 6 days on 8/6/2019. Has this been renewed or have you gone dark until further notice? Miss the radio side but at least the .com is still on for now. .
By: Bill Martin on August 1, 2019

Killer tunes, but that cnn news ticker is BEYOND annoying...
By: bigken on August 6, 2019

Wow, thanks for playing "Hot Cherie"- Danny Spanos this AM. u guys rock!
By: wofpack listener on August 29, 2019

Dang, what a cut playing now "Doctor" by Bliss Band. Keep playing the best and MOST music!
By: loyal wolfpack member on August 29, 2019

Billy Joel: NO Plenty of his pop schlock available on the many local crap stations.
By: Richard on September 9, 2019

Katy and Rich, It was such a pleasure to meet you both today. I'm happy to have been able to express my thanks. The area airwaves will never be the same. Katy, please do look ( listen ) into Cross Canadian Ragweed's " Soul Gravy " release. It might just make you smile. : ) Fellow Wolf Pack members........... the future sounds promising ! Enjoy......... Greg
By: Greg on September 14, 2019

Can you play some Ozark Mountain Daredevils to get us in the mood for the Sept. 28 concert in Warrenton 7:30 pm. It's the Warrenton Fall Festival. Hope to see you there! Thanks Cheri
By: Cheri Bauer on September 16, 2019

You played a song around 5:10PM this afternoon that I thought was Crosby, Stills and Nash, but I don't think it was them. I don't have the title of the song except a lyric, "all my life happiness has found me". Sorry that's all I have. If you could let me know the song it is much appreciated! Thank you.
By: Barry on September 21, 2019

Barry, the song you are referring to is “Home Again” by Batdorf and Rodney from their 1972 album Batdorf and Rodney. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on September 22, 2019

Bill Neal, thank you.
By: Barry on September 22, 2019

Really enjoy the music, but wish the owner would invest in equipment. The only station I listen to that doesn't show the track's title and artist on the receiver screen.
By: Anonymous on September 24, 2019

What happened to KWulf? 93.3 is silent and the modulation of 101.7 dropped to barely audible. You folks had a good station(s) there. Get it together!!
By: Bill Martin on October 4, 2019

Neil...Totally disagree with you on Malone/Ozzie Osborne song "Take what you need " as being good.That song is pure garbage.Song was played at 3:27 pm ,9-5 2019.
By: Dan Hall on October 5, 2019

Music not bad on this station but what the hell is wrong with the audio? It sounds like a bad web stream from 20 years ago streaming over a 56k modem. I have to crank the volume up almost all the way to hear anything. I've heard more professional sounding high school stations. It sounds like a pirate station some stoner is running out of their basement, but I hear good music on there and they play almost no commercials at all so its gotten a preset. But it sounds amateur at best. Signal is OK around western St Charles County; but by the time you get in the city of St Charles or anywhere over the river its not very listenable between the low audio and weak signal from Elsberry.
By: Fred on October 12, 2019

One of my two favorite go to places for music. K WULF and I can go days or even weeks and not hear repeats. Not hours like on some stations!
By: George T on October 18, 2019

I've noticed that there is always a long song that starts shortly after 5:00 a.m. Today it was " Lady Fantasy " by Camel. Outstanding ! I will say this........... Innayougottabekiddindavita " appears a bit too often, as do the Chambers Brothers. JMO
By: Greg on October 23, 2019

George T, i think there are too many repeats... I started listening to Kwulf in April 2018, and they still play the same new (Americana) songs from back then, almost daily. I will admit Kwulf plays MORE music than any station. I would rather hear music than adds anyday.
By: wolf pack on October 29, 2019

Thanks for Iron Butterfly for the 5:00 long song this morning............... again !!!!! Please give it a rest.
By: Anonymous on November 7, 2019

P.O.D. sucks. Let the Viper play that crap.
By: Don on November 26, 2019

Wow ! Thanks for playing Alice's Restaurant at noon. Somehow, I never thought to tune in to K-SHE to catch it. The fact that you played it is really going to chap their ass ! lol
By: Anonymous on November 28, 2019

Your intentions for the radio station are good. But as anyone listening can tell, it's not working. There is way too much repetition of music and at the same time of day. More live on air people are needed and a song ID on the car stereos would be a big plus. Self promotion is the key to success. But that seems to be lacking here. Good luck.
By: Bill Martin on December 4, 2019

You played a song on Dec.12 at 1:02pm. With an incredible female singer. How can i find the name to the song?
By: Don Brennan on December 13, 2019

Don the song your looking for is "You can't shake" by Bonnie Montgomery featuring Rosie Flores.
By: Michelle Holliday on December 14, 2019

P.O.D. again. They suck. Are you classic rock and Americana or trying to be the Viper? You reel me in with great stuff and then play this crap.
By: Don on January 1, 2020

Hello, love your station. Great deep cuts. I was tuning in on January 8 (Wednesday) around 5:50-7:30 or so. Any way you could post a playlist? Seems like lots of people here are looking for this kind of info. Thanks for the great music-
By: BC on January 10, 2020

Hi, thank you for playing the new single from Jeff Leonard "Saturday's for the Boys" !
By: Dana Moody on January 21, 2020

Wanted to know the band and song title for a blue grassed style song about a guy who buys a used coat and gets a date because of it ? Refrain is something like ragged and in need of repair ? Please advise
By: Donald Eschbacher on January 23, 2020

The song playing now, Disaster Party by Magic Giant, absolutely sucks. Belongs on one of the many crap pop stations.
By: Richard on January 26, 2020

Donald I believe you are referring to the song by Jeffrey Halford, “Two Jacksons”. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on January 27, 2020

Hi K-WULF i'm still listening however your play list is becoming repetitive like the other rock station down the dial.Is 101.1 that understaffed that more classic can't be fused into the play list? There is so much killer rock that is not being played.
By: Dan Hall on February 3, 2020

Been listening to your station for over 2 years now-back to the days of absolutely no commercials and trying to spread the word about the Wulf Pack to my friends & family. You're starting to creep towards commercialism though, and my trigger finger has to hit the other station presets (like KDHX) when I start to hear nauseating BS commercials like the rest of the drive time stations that prostitute themselves and drive away loyal classic rock & Americana listeners (the over 40's crowd like me) after awhile. Katy Kruze is a really good DJ - but 5 minutes out of every hour should be her limit - or any other DJ on the station if your station is going to keep its integrity and appeal. Otherwise, I'm gonna go back to playing my own CDs and tune out all together! Don't want to go there- I've come to like Americana. So, Katy.... if the "Wulf Pack" is to survive and the station is to maintain its integrity, uniqueness, and cool factor, PLEASE keep the commercials and BS radio marketing hype you learned at the other "big stations" to an absolute minimum and just play the cool music we know and love ya for. Keep the faith and thanks for what you do at K-WULF. By: Uncin' Al from New Melle
By: Uncin' Al from New Melle on February 3, 2020

I heard a cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower"...but not by Hendrix. Who was it? Around 11pm hour on 2/3/2020
By: J. Splitt on February 4, 2020

Creed? Really? Creed sucks! Nickelback next? Lame.
By: Richard on February 20, 2020

The only thing more annoying than katy kruze is that when listening through the app, it keeps shutting off every minute or two.
By: Dan on February 23, 2020

Billy Joel again... just awful. Plenty of crappy pop stations to play this garbage.
By: Richard on March 3, 2020

Did anybody else experience this today while listening to 101.7 the Wulf? Around 5:45 pm on Monday March 9th Kwulf turned into a rap song All the sudden the most offensive rap song started playing complete with cuss words and all. It lasted about 5-7 minutes then went back to a regular k-wulf song.. And no it couldnt have crossed over to another station cause i dont think regular radio stations could play that song with cuss words and other offensive stuff towards women in the song. I guess it was kinda funny though. Anyone else experience this today.
By: blair on March 10, 2020

Hey, Michelle Holliday: nice 3-set by Barkley James Harvest this morning around 8:50 am...blasts from the past ! Thanks.
By: The AugMan on March 15, 2020

Michelle: that was Saturday morning.
By: TheAugMan on March 15, 2020

Sunday is March 15th...the Ides of March. Those of us who took Latin are familiar with the significance. Regardless, K-WUL, can you play “I’m Your Vehicle” by the band Ides of March ? Thanks.
By: TheAugMan on March 15, 2020

I LOVE YOU! Been wishing years for you to be in my life. I will send listeners, my undying devotion, best wishes, money and candy! Why haven't I heard of you all these years?! So much missed joy. You are the quintessential, predominant, happiest and most integral part of my life. I will love to help promote you to reach further and bring more elation to this state. Howling your praises. Forevermore, Misfits mom (Mindy K.)
By: Mindy Kammer on April 4, 2020

Play more Billy Joel. The King.
By: Bill Martin on April 16, 2020

Trying to find song played 4/22 about 5:45am. Dave Mason vocals Chris Wood. Thanks
By: Mike Hanlon on April 23, 2020

That was Roger Kline and The Peacemakers and the song Americano.... Thanks for listening
By: Alpha Wolf on April 24, 2020

More Billy Joel??? So lame. Let the crap pop stations play his schlock.
By: Richard on May 1, 2020

What's the name of that instrumental that played around 10:05-10:15pm on 5/4/2020?
By: J. Splitt on May 5, 2020

J Splitt....That was Fanfare for the Common Man by Emerson, Lake and Palmer
By: Alpha Wolf on May 19, 2020

Billy Joel again. Awful.
By: Richard on May 29, 2020

Okay, I've been hesitant to say it, but the same songs played at roughly the same time of day, (and at times, several times a day ) is getting old. Surely you realize that many people have had the ability to tune in much more in recent months. Don't think it has gone unnoticed. You still play some good tunes, and I appreciate that. But honestly, were it not for the scarcity of commercials, my listening time would be a fraction of what it is now.
By: Anonymous on May 31, 2020

Love your format albeit tends to favor political bias. BTW, it was mentioned today "....if you're child loosing your insurance at 26", while tragic, just reminder to all of us, a 26 YO is not a child. Just sayin. Also, agree with Richard's "Bill Joel again...awful" If I hear another BJ song, I'm switching back to KSHE.
By: Clyde on June 4, 2020

Love your format albeit tends to favor political bias. BTW, it was mentioned today "....if you are a child loosing your insurance at 26", while tragic, just reminder to all of us, a 26 YO is not a child. Just sayin. Also, agree with Richard's "Bill Joel again...Awful" If I hear another BJ song, I'm switching back to KSHE.
By: Clyde on June 4, 2020

More Steely Dan, Alan Parsons, Mother's Finest (Mickey's Monkey) please.....
By: The Dude on June 6, 2020

Clyde....feel free to go back to KSHE
By: Alpha Wolf on June 9, 2020

Billy Joel again. So lame.
By: Richard on June 13, 2020

Great station. I would like to recommend the New Orleans Radiators from the late 70’s thru the mid 90’s. I love their music and I think it would be perfect for this station. Guaentee they would be a hit
By: Gtojoe on July 3, 2020

You have CNN (communist news network) streaming on your web-page. Does this reflect the stations beliefs?
By: Lord Robert on July 6, 2020

Robert...That is provided by the streaming service and rotates between feeds
By: Alpha Wolf on July 8, 2020

Hello, I am hoping you can help me out with a song you played between 1 and 2 o' clock today 7/11/2020. The only instrument was an acoustic guitar which had a bluesy finger pick to the song. One or two singers due to the harmonies which sounded like the Everly Brothers. I can only remember a partial lyric to the song which went something like this "operator can you place my call". I am hoping you can tell me the name of the song and what artist. Thank you
By: Barry Judge on July 11, 2020

Barry, the song you are referring to is Operator by the Jamestown Revival. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on July 12, 2020

Thank you very much Bill Neal. K-WULF is the only music station I listen to. Keep up the great work and God Bless!!
By: Barry Judge on July 12, 2020

Been a loyal listener for about 3 years however your station needs a SERIOUS upgrade in equipment.Still not ready to cancel sirius xm yet because KWULF being "OFF" doesn't fill my need for classic rock
By: Dan Hall on August 14, 2020

Okay, once again I'm asking you to change the overnight loop that plays Innagodawhenwillitstopdavita right after 5:00 a.m. It is indeed a classic, but doesn't need to be heard every few days. I can't hit a different preset button fast enough.
By: Greg on August 15, 2020

Who is the "engineer" in charge of these 3 stations? Fire them! Do ys all a favor and remove yourselves from the air/internet until you get your technical problems fixed and your music selection revamped.
By: Bill Martin on August 27, 2020

Sorry, Katy. I like old Sammy but Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay was embarrassingly bad.
By: Dave on September 3, 2020

Unspun by Jackie Awful Cheesy pop tune
By: Mike on September 3, 2020

Sorry about your technical issues, I'm sure you'd like to rectify them as much as the listeners would. You played and instrumental about 5:35 this morning, ( 9/4 ) One hell of a busy drummer, was wondering who did that tune. Greg
By: Greg on September 5, 2020

Please give us an update on your technical issues. I ‘ve had to remove you from my presets on my car radio. Your station is always playing the best song at the time but I can’t take those little buzzes and digital farts. I get a strong signal but still shitty feed. How long should I wait to check back in?
By: Jon on September 7, 2020

Now your website stream is a technical mess. So sad!
By: Jon on September 7, 2020

Hi - I don't know if you have already checked this, but your signal is producing a very audible buzzing noise/distortion peak about every 20 seconds or so. I have been producing digital audio for about 20 years and I'm guessing that some of your AD/DA converters are not set to the same sample rate. It might be a pretty easy fix. Just double check all your digital gear and make sure it all runs at the same sample rate, 44.1, or 48, or 96, whatever you decide on. I noticed this sound on your broadcast a couple of weeks ago.
By: Bob on September 15, 2020

Unspun by Jackie = very very bad pop schlock
By: Mike on September 18, 2020

Better.The technical hardware seems to have been tweeked.Electrical distortions are way down...thanks KWULF.
By: Dan Hall on September 29, 2020

Biffy Clyro? Really, really bad.
By: Don on October 8, 2020

I'm listening because I heard a deep cut of Grand Funk, Bob Dylan with his acoustic and a new Stevie Nick's song. Then I heard a Creedence cover with a woman vocalist. It was great to hear this variety. Play a lot of covers please. I will listen as long as you are playing music like this. How about some Shovels and Rope? They are Americana artists and their great. Along with so many others.
By: Kevin on October 16, 2020

Nickelback??? Awful.
By: Vince on November 10, 2020

The Wulf still awesome! I'm in rural Warrenton and I did not realize I actually receive 93.3 much better than 101.7. I really love Katy Kruze.. Been listening to her for years!
By: Scott Hitchcock on November 12, 2020

Can someone tell me the name of the well-known artist form the past 4 decades who recently recorded the song, “We’re In A Lockdown” ? Thank.
By: TheAugMan on November 16, 2020

One of the Lockdown songs in our rotation is by Mike Campbell called Lockdown. I hope this helps and thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on November 20, 2020

Went to the website and could not find any information about ads or anything. Good music. Listen to it in the car but to contact by web?
By: mark e daniels on December 5, 2020

The Cadillac Three music is COMPLETE garbage.Keep the garbage for other garbage stations.
By: Dan Hall on December 11, 2020

Great station music no b.s. just enough adds to let you know it's not bootleg. No 20 minute music free commercial blocks. Like another station we.all know oink oink. Keep rocking and Katie is still the hotest radio personality in this area.
By: Timothy Weiss on December 13, 2020

Just a follow up I've never laid eyes on Katie, I mean I'm just saying lordy lordy what a voi ce. She could call me in for supper and I would run from Virginia.LOL
By: Tim Weiss on December 13, 2020

Thanks Bill; Mike Campbell’s song, that was it.
By: TheAugMan on December 13, 2020

Hey K-Wulf. Is it just me or did you loose air signal? I haven't been able to pick you up on the stereo since yesterday afternoon. It just went dead around 3-ish, I think. Still streaming though.
By: Steven Brauchle on December 15, 2020

Mark....the best place to have a conversation right now is our Facebook page Thanks for listening
By: Alpha Wolf on December 17, 2020

For God's sake !! Who is the Sadist that decided anyone wanted to hear a live version of, " Dance To The Music " ! ? That song sucked in the 70's, and guess what................. it STILL SUCKS !!
By: Anonymous on December 27, 2020

Today the K-WULF sticker is removed from my car.Over the last few months your station has become another version of the rock station down the dial.Plus the majority of new music that is being played is GARBAGE.
By: Dan on January 11, 2021

Biffy Clyro? Really, really bad.
By: Dave on February 26, 2021

I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed........ Ace Frehley for absolutely crucifying Deep Purple and the Beatles, or you folks for airing it. For God's sake, go find a local bar band and give them a shot at it. They couldn't possibly do any worse.
By: Anonymous on March 18, 2021

Love the station, just found it a few months ago. What radio should be. Question: is there any way to find out what song was played at a certain time of day? I turned on the station halfway through a song, great guitar solo. Then I pulled into a parking garage and lost the signal and couldn't finish it to the end. The song was playing at 9:58 am today, 4/6/21. Would love to know what it was if possible.
By: Allen on April 7, 2021

Allen....looks like it was "The Joker" by the band Snail. Thanks for listening
By: Alpha Wolf on April 8, 2021

Unable to listen in the car for the past few days, appearantly only getting a bass humming sound on 104.3. Are you still active or what? Miss hearing the great music, reminds of the time I was living in St. Louis and listening to another radio station that Katie Cruz was on. KSHE
By: Kimberly Hummel on May 11, 2021

Love love this station! Keep on keeping on ❤️
By: JoAnnW73 on May 12, 2021

I really enjoy this station. However, ever since you were off the air for a few days, when it came back on it has the loud base noise humming through. I sure hope you can fix this in time as your station. Thanks!
By: David A on May 26, 2021

I quit listening to KWULF because the new music being played was GARBAGE..However i tuned in today and more garbage.The new music sounds like an busted lawn mower ready to blow up.GARBAGE.Now i know why Rich Dalton is done with KWULF.
By: Dan on June 18, 2021

I was listening Saturday morning, 9/11 around 9:45 and heard a song with the words, "reachin' out for me now, can you hear me now?" Can someone please ID this song for me? Thanks!
By: Stacy on September 12, 2021

Here I am filling up my truck with gas at the QT gas station in Lake St. Louis last night (Sept. 23rd) at 10:40pm and this song comes on KWULF that I'd never heard before. It absolutely blew me away. Sending chills down my spine for God's sake! I never heard it before and credit KWULF for playing - it since it might be a little to "gritty", or not quite "PC" for the mainstream radio stations in the St. Louis area to play; KSHE included. The lyrics were about a U.S. mercenary soldier fighting overseas and included the lyrics "One round always loaded in the chamber" and how he's "fighting to relieve some of his anger". I'd like to find out the name of the song and who sings it. The lyrics and the song were incredible and really reinforced how sad it was to lose a young local Marine from Wentzville, MO (Lance Corporal Jared Schmidtz) on Aug. 26th. Thanks to Uncle Joe's half-assed withdrawal plan from Afghanistan, 13 U.S. service men & women were killed in the Kabul airport suicide bombing by Taliban terrorists. Semper Fi to KWULF and all of the heroic Marines and troops that lost their lives fighting for freedom around the world!
By: Uncin' Al from New Melle on September 24, 2021

Uncin' Al from New Melle, the song you are referring to is All Eyes on You by Smash Into Pieces. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on October 9, 2021

Stacy, I could not find the song you were referring to at the time you heard it. More info please and I might be able to help you. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on October 10, 2021

Station has changed since it first started out a couple of years ago. I used to hear songs not heard in years. Now I hear songs I've never heard multiple times. Kruse is the worst. When she's on I change the station to 89.1
By: Mark on October 25, 2021

BILLY JOEL??? Every time I think this station is figuring it out, they play this pop crap.
By: Richard on November 1, 2021

Used to listen to station because of the great music played and very few commercials. still not many commercials, but the music is NOT as good as it was. several songs repeated, too many cover songs (dirty honey) played over & over.
By: twc on November 3, 2021

Why was the station off the air on Sunday 11/14?
By: Ron on November 15, 2021

JV here. I was listening today (12/6/2021) around 2:00 and the song “Don’t Kill It Carol” by Manfred Mann was on. The DJ was musing about whether the song had ever been released other then a single. You can find it on the Manfred Mann album named Angel Station that was released in 1979. I have a copy so it can still be found.
By: John on December 6, 2021

Haven't listened to K-WULF since June,2021 and thought what the heck lets tune in. 1.) You're stll trying to introduce new bands by playing their cover's of classic rock.It ain't workin because the covers SUCK.Stick with the original 2.) The new original music being played still is boring. 3.) Stick with CLASSIC ROCK and you CAN'T go wrong.
By: Dan on December 8, 2021

Love the station. I Have a few song requests to be added to the rotation if I could. KLAATU- Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft Procol Harum- A Salty Dog Loverboy- Heaven In Your Eyes Hawks- It's All Right, It's Ok Also, add more KISS and Iron Maiden. Thank you and love the station.
By: Shawn on December 11, 2021

Trying to find the name of a song and the artist for a song I've heard played on this excellent station. It's kind of a bluesy /rock song with a refrain of "I've got to stop thinking about you" I love the song but can't seem to find it in any searches, anyone know this song?
By: Ron on December 12, 2021

Still trying to find some info on the song I asked about on 12/21/21. heard it on this station but I don't know the name of it or who sings it. It's kind of a bluesy /rock song with a refrain of "I've got to stop thinking about you" I love the song but can't seem to find it in any searches, anyone know this song?
By: ron on January 2, 2022

You just played a song from The Struts It sucked
By: Vince on January 2, 2022

Ron, regarding the song you are looking for, if I could get some more info like when you heard it again, I may possibly find it for you. Thanks for listening to K-WULF. Bill Neal
By: Bill Neal on January 15, 2022

Please don’t ever play Real One by Smash Into Pieces again. SO BAD.
By: Dave on March 13, 2022

Please find another news line besides the liberal one you’re using now at the bottom of the screen.
By: Rowdy on May 19, 2022

You had a great radio station going! Classic rock you don’t hear much and not many commercials. Wow has that changed! The lopsided liberal news view has been the final blow! Time to delete you from my favorites.
By: Rowdy on June 13, 2022

After about 6 months i checked in and heard a cover of "Diamond Girl" by some band..Why bother playing that poor effort. Stay with the original by "Seals and Croft"
By: Dan on July 13, 2022

DON'T BOTHER. Lately you're playing covers of Seals & Croft.STOP IT THEY SUCK. Play the originals.
By: Dan on July 20, 2022

You've managed to kill a great station! I hope whoever decided to start " the wolf gang" got fired. I diont tune in to listen to " a fun wacky crew" that's top 40 crap, The wolf gang sounds like 2 guys that ate paint chips when they were young and katy's contribution is the Kamala cackle! What's the next failed idea ? Maybe you should give JC Corcorahn a show, oh wait, that happened! WTF!! P.S. Bill Neal and Michelle Holliday, you 2 agree the best DJ's you have. You two tick!
By: Dan on August 7, 2022

Dan the Diamond Girl you are hearing is from Seals and Crofts - 2, a duo made up of Brady Seals, cousin to James “Jim” Seals, and Lua Crofts, daughter of Darrell “Dash” Crofts. Thanks for listening to K-WULF.
By: Bill Neal on August 8, 2022

Less talk more music. Other than traffic and weather. All I want to hear is music. And Kady Cruz needs to keep her political views to her self.
By: Janice on November 7, 2022

What happened to J.C. Corcoran?
By: William on January 28, 2023

great job. Have been streaming on simple radio App. i enjoy the wolf gang.. keep up the good tunes.
By: Jerry on March 8, 2023

Tonight 4/25/2023 around 7 - 730pm I heard a song but was unfortunate to catch the tail end of it. I thought it was a Don Henley song or a new Bryan Adams song. At the end he and back up singers sounded like they were singing, "Bad Enough or Had Enough". Could you please let me know the title of the song and artist. Thank you and love the station!
By: Barry on April 26, 2023

Barry you are right, it was Don Henley and the song is How Bad Do You Want It. Thanks for listening to K-WULF!
By: Bill Neal on April 29, 2023

Love the station. Plays songs I haven't heard in decades and new stuff not heard on the other stations. Really like listening to the Wolfpack. Katie is awesome. Love her voice, she is beautiful (can't tell this from radio waves however). I remember her from back when and, yes I did this, looked up photos of her on the internet to see recent photos. She is still gorgeous. Anyway, I love the station and DJ's. Keep playing the Beatles too. I've heard you play Beatles songs I have never heard on the other stations. Kwulf Rocks!!!
By: Jeffrey on May 4, 2023

For God's sake, please make J.C. crawl back into his hole.I want to hear him stroke his ego about as much as I want to run deck screws through my thumbnails. Back in the day, he was an egotistical prick. Some things never change. Worst thing that has happened to such a wonderful station.
By: Anonymous on June 20, 2023

just started listening to the station. Only big problem your signal isn't very strong and constantly get interference like listening to an AM station! Keep working on the signal strength and I might be able to get my company to advertise on it! Glad to see a station that plays more than the top 40 tunes! This station sounds like what KSHE started out as before they became a Top 40 station with bad D.J's (Mark Klose is cool)! Keep improving!
By: Kenneth on July 20, 2023

Guys, Overstock Outlet is a shell of a building these days and has been empty for months now, yet the advertisements continue. As far as music, always love the format.
By: dave on August 8, 2023

been listening to your station for about a year now love it, but where can i get my hands on some of your merchandise ?
By: kennan on August 19, 2023

All of you complaners, go listen to kshit! The station is doing just fine without yer Negative Karen Comments!
By: Chill Out on October 2, 2023

On 10/8/2023 at 10:50PM a song was played that sounded like John Lennon. Could you please tell me the title of that song. Thank you
By: Barry on October 9, 2023

Welcome back JC. You were playing some good tunes this morning! Keep up the good work!
By: Barry on October 9, 2023

Is this site still active? I asked for the name of the song on 10/8 and haven't received an answer? Could you please let me know. One of the lyrics is "how can you tell me that this is the story", or something close to that. Could you please let me know.
By: Barry on October 28, 2023

Wish i got better reception in st peters. Your station gets over run by other noise around the Menards store at Mexico and Spencer. Live in Lincoln county and hear it great and also all over when driving. Thanks and keep up the great work.
By: Don on November 6, 2023

Is there any way to find out the name of a song that they've played? I hear really good stuff and want to know what it is but can't find it. For example, today I heard a song that had a refrain of "Looking out my window" between 1:00 and 1:30pm. Kind of a bluesy /rock song with a real gravelly voice, I'd like to find out who it's by.
By: WB on November 20, 2023

So happy to find a station that focuses on playing music, tired of talking head formats. Bye KSHE, hello K-WULF. Maybe Santa will bring you a mega transmitter! Keep up the great programming.
By: Jake on December 18, 2023

I don't suppose that you still pay attention to this site, but I'll say it anyway. What in the hell happened to the occasional deep / obscure classics ? They seem to have been replaced by a constant barrage of Jason Isbel, Bryan Adams ans Eddie Money. Do you really have to play your latest pet Americana songs several times a day ? I continue to listen because of the lack of commercials, but it's not even close to the format that made me start to listen. Above all, please tell J.C. to STFU !!
By: Anonymous on March 23, 2024

Enjoyed listening to JC’s opening day broadcast today but was disappointed that he didn’t play the Harry Carey Hooter Day segment. Also the baseball themed songs he played why didn’t he play the song by Skip Battin (The Byrds)-The St Louis Browns? That’s a given. That’s a winner!
By: Matt B. on April 4, 2024

Great station, like it used to be in the early days of kshe,which I can’t stand to listen to,sounds like 60s AM radio keep up the great work!
By: Greg on April 8, 2024

Really...... ? Now you have some evening a--hole playing songs faster than intended ? That trick has sucked for decades. I gave your station entirely too much credit. Terribly disappointed to see the station take such a shallow approach. You already lost me during the narcissist morning show. You're going in the wrong direction. If not for the lack of commercials, I would have given up before now.
By: Anonymous on April 30, 2024

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