Radio Station Information

KXXT 1010 AM

City of License:
Tolleson, AZ


Salem Communications (Salem Communications Holding Corporation)

KXXT is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1010 KHz. The station is licensed to Tolleson, AZ. The station broadcasts Religious programming. KXXT is owned by Salem Communications.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

people of the united states of america i pledge alligence too the united states flag of america for witch it stands one nation under god for truth liberty and justice for all my country tis of the sweet land of liberty of thee i see land of my fathers home [ continue ] the literature you preach is garbage from the wrong joke book [ sir stop : stop stop ] somebody used a dirty mind trick on you and nocked your smarts out backwards stop what your doing before its too late
By: carl joseph wollenman on June 5, 2013

Listened to "Patriot Radio" show today, calling in the show on his phone, I imagine. Everyone should be in manufacturing making $100,000? I'm sure Wendy, is making a six-figure salary. Fantasy is cheap. This guy is a closet "John Bircher", but probably calls himself a Tea Party member. (No difference, really.) Not a good choice for a station proclaiming itself religious programming. "What's your religious idol for the day? Mammon? Gold? Silver? I've got it for sale!!"
By: Larry Gowey on August 27, 2013

KEY IDEAS COVERED MY BOOK... GOD'S BIOGRAPHY...Before the Beginning??? (MY BOOK AN ESPISTOMOLOGY...STUDY OF THINKING)  A GIFT GOD gave me a gift! HE gave me the power to think, reason, and share ideas. America gives me the freedom to use GOD'S gifts and just think. That is all I have done is “THINK”! What a blessing! All I have tried to do is answer questions that puzzled men for Centuries by thinking! Included are just a few ideas: If You Are Thirty Years Old Today? If you are thirty years old today, where were you thirty-one years ago. Hundred year ago or a million years ago? Did you become at birth or did you exist somewhere else before, maybe you were even in Heaven? After the death of your physical body prison will you return to this Heaven? If this is your belief of before, during and after, then just maybe this 'Book” in non-fiction after all! BEFORE? “Before the Beginning?” takes place “BEFORE”, at, during, and after the true start of what we call GOD, Heaven and the Universe. Our FATHER gave us clues, writings and concepts to support our beliefs about at, during, and after the beginning. However, nothing is known about “Before the Beginning”. Religious leaders in error have, and will always attempt to explain GOD. The same concept is always used: ‘In the beginning GOD created the Heavens, the Earth and the firmaments! GOD always was and always will be!” GOD always was? How far back do you compute? A trillion times a trillion times another trillion GOD years ago or as many times as needed, there must have been only a nothing. The beginning had to come from nothing. From this nothingness, something must have happened! You, the Earth, the Universe, and Nature are overwhelming facts that something had to have happened from nothing! Their must have been a beginning! Yes, there had to be a beginning! Now the question that has divided believers, and atheists throughout history is finally answered completely. Who, what, why, when, how and where is GOD. Did a SUPREME BEING create everything or did all that we experience as life just begun spontaneously? For if there is not a GOD; if GOD does not exist, from this nothingness, the law of probability that everything we call nature to just have happened from nothing would be perplexing! Atheists reason or believe that a SUPREME BEING is an impossible myth. GOD is a fairytale! Without a GOD they conclude that everything we know as nature must have resulted from that initial spark? Nature, the Universe, man and woman just happened? Their conclusions may not be logical! This book is a study of “Before the Beginning”. Why and how it happened! “GODS beginning from nothing is finally answered completely. GOD'S BEGINNING? From nothing there is only the nothingness until there is a change! Regardless of how small a change, from nothing the happening would be gigantic. And change caused additional changes, growth and improvements. From this nothingness during a percentage of an eternity, a spark happened causing another. They multiplied and combined and grew, combined and grew, and combined and grew until a conscious BEING, we call GOD appeared. GOD after one half of an eternity created other sparks/spirits that would fill and enhance HIS paradise called Heaven. Many of these same spirits would become souls during our physical test! (This probability is still better than always was or a lazy person's answer.) Isn’t it more logical to think from nothing a spark of energy was created when this nothingness during an eternity tried to cover all? Something had to have happened from the nothingness! You, me, and the Universe are overwhelming facts that something had to have happened! This question is of paramount importance. Did this spark eventually become GOD who made the Physical World or did this energy generate and create the entire Universe? Only one possibility happened. Other than the Bible and faith, we finally have logic from “Before the Beginning?” as positive or a maybe proof that GOD started from that initial spark. You decide! These concepts are the exact truth or maybe just a possibility from a thinking person. Creationist Or a GOD ? The creationists trace Adam & Eve to be on Earth about five to six thousand years ago. Scientists question as they found wood carvings of women dated 35,000 years ago. Blood (DNA) tests from scientist prove humans were on earth over 100,000 years ago. Lucy, the oldest human remains found in Africa dates back three million years. Both groups are equally right and equally wrong! The scientist and/or creationist must accept this answer or they are logically pig headed or one sided! The only answer for a thinking person is human-animals were on Earth three million years ago. God must have placed a soul within humans five to six thousand years ago making a tremendous change, and started the beginning of His plan for us. There is no other logical answer! It makes both sides correct in their studies. IS CHRISTIANITY BASED ON THE RESURRECTION...PERIOD! Without JESUS CHRIST coming back to life after death, the foundation of HIS teachings and Christian beliefs are as a puff of smoke. Did CHRIST rise as “The Bible” states or do other views have foundation? Without the Resurrection, there is no need for Easter and, maybe, no need for the acceptance of CHRIST as THE SON of GOD. “Did the Easter ceremony begin with the Resurrection or was Easter already practiced in Galilee during JESUS’ lifetime? Did CHRIST die and leave the body? Re-enter and later cause the body to come back to life? Or, was HIS Resurrection in a ‘glorified body’ for many to see and witness? Is this a made-up story? If human beings had invented ‘CHRIST,’ then the teachings of “The Bible” and the history about *Mary Magdalene and other female human beings who were first to see the risen CHRIST may be an invention or just a made-up story. If this was for propaganda created for any cause, then males would have witnessed, not women. Males would have witnessed in a made-up story. Females had little or no respect at that date, and these leaders would never use women, unless, the story that CHRIST rose from the dead was true. However, since JESUS did rise, all other questions are answered Logic! Is the only avenue left beyond faith! SO MANY QUESTIONS. . .ANSWERED: * Who and what is the purpose of THE Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost? * Where is Heaven? What do Spirits do during an eternity? * What was GOD’S purpose in creating man,woman and a physical World? * What group on Earth worshiped GOD best? * Why and how did Lucifer challenge GOD to be kicked out of Heaven? * What happens to the soul/spirit after death of the body? * Are there male and female spirits in Heaven? * Is Heaven’s lifestyle similar to what we experience on Earth, except there are no negatives, needs, or body-prisons? * Is Jesus truly the Son of GOD? What about Buddha and/or Mohammed, are they also Sons *?If GOD is a TRINITY, then is HE in sections or three separate Entities? Where was my spirit before I was born? Did I just become at birth? Or, did I actually exist as a spirit in Heaven before I had a physical beginning? Will I return when separated from my body-prison? Why did GOD go to so much trouble creating a Physical World? Could HE not make Spirits that could not sin; and therefore, all could be saved? What did Lucifer do to be kicked out of Heaven? Why did GOD not appear to modern mankind? What is the main difference in beliefs between Hebrews/Christians and Muslims? So many questions answered within the covers. You are invited to try, but you will not be able to prove the Author is in error. This Book will compel you to think! Compel is too soft a word; the novel will become an obsession. You will have no other option, but to compare the concepts of the story with your own or your church’s answers. You will get closer to your church, and your GOD or maybe pushed further away. Do you have enough confidence in your beliefs to continue? You will at least “THINK” and that is my goal! YOUR MAIN QUESTION What if someone offered you $2 million to study the contents of this novel for one month, and come to your own conclusions, what would you do? Would you hesitate or accept the mental challenge? Or would the opportunity to make a lot of money be your motivation? Just maybe, your forever might be worth a little more than a few Earth-years with wealth? (Is your Antichrist actually cash? Be honest with yourself. What would you do? You do not have to tell...I think I have an idea!) QUESTION ABOUT JESUS “One thing that bothers me,” A spirit similar to Tom said, “is that The New Testament relates that Jesus was born in a manger and, at the age of 12, met with the elders in the temple. He doesn’t appear again until about age 30, whereby he accomplished God’s work before He was crucified a relatively short time later. What did Jesus do during this time, from 12 to 30 years of age? Was He a carpenter like His earthly father, or did He continue God’s work, unrecorded? Did He marry and have children, as 30 years was considered past prime in those times? Why 18 lost years from The Son of God? Did Jesus do nothing for almost two decades?” ANSWER for Tom is on page 108 “GOD SPEAKS” GOD said, as He found a need to assist His creations to come back into His fold, “The doings on Earth, both positive and negative will be without my influence or control. Each soul will earn either My Kingdom or Satan’s Hell by their own free will. However, I will again, and I repeat, I will again clarify events or notions experienced during the Physical World, for man seems to have a further need to understand. The Bible, Book of Mormon, or Koran, have not been sufficient to convince all of man/woman, who I am, and what I expect of him/her. This book, “BEFORE the BEGINNING?” born of the spirit or of man/woman’s quest for knowledge about ME will be My last contact with the physical until the time of Final Judgment.” HOW THE BOOK HAPPENNED? The story originated when my religious leader tried to answer my questions about the beginning in this manner. He replied, “My son this is beyond you to understand. Trust your church and me! We will lead you into Heaven.” At fourteen years of age, I was maybe disrespectful as I replied, “Father, if I trust you and do not earn Heaven, who will I cuss, you or myself!” I then started thinking and the idea “Before the Beginning?” had a start in its simplest form. I later took a course in College called “Epistemology…the Study of Thinking.” We studied methods to attain knowledge. Idealist (all knowledge comes from the brain or intellect), sense datum (information is attained as a result of our five senses), and a combination from both that also includes logic known as Thomism was the subject matter. At Finals (subjective test) the Professor wrote on the blackboard (used then), “Before the Beginning?” and left. We had two hours to respond for a grade. Remember, this was a class about thinking! I created these ideas thanks to a Priest’s answers, and bragging got an “A+”. Thirty years later, throwing away junk, I found my old test papers. Instead of watching TV, I started to expand on the concepts until the book about 300 pages was finished. It took three months to write. It has puzzled me ever since. There is no way that I could have created this book alone. Something had to help me! SOMETHING HAD TO HELP ME! This noticed was emailed or faxed to every Congress Person. Included is a copy to one plus also sent to Talk Radio Stations in USA. The message is included in Chapter 10 of my book! WOULD YOU FORWARD TO LOCAL NEWSPAPER & TALK RADIO STATIONS? To: SENATOR JOHN McCAIN. President ask The Anti-Christ, an extraordinary Being selected by Satan,“How can I pay in full a debt totaling $20 trillion of dollars in 2014? HILLARY, OBAMA, OR BIDEN would never dream of these solutions! Some just might improve The Republican Platform against Hillary! I can email the answer to each question. My book, “GOD'S BIOGRAPHY...Before the Beginning?” includes a transcript of (THE ANTI-CHRIST'S) meeting with The President of The USA: President Obama stated: My experienced Cabinet, Economic Experts, and ex-Presidents can not advise how to solve my problems. I will ask The Anti-Christ, (an Extraordinary Being) in a closed meeting, “What would he do if President? What would you do to solve within a year about the following: 1. Need to pay about $20 trillions in debt, 2. Need to reduce unemployment below 4.0%. 3. Need to create a way Union & USA workers can compete with cheep foreign labor on an even playing field based on the quality of the product. 4. Need to solve the Mid East problems and Terrorist. 5. Need to solve the immigration problems around Mexico's border plus handle all illegals. 6. Need to bring Manufacturing back to the USA, especially steel. 7. Need to promote Democracy around the World. 8. Need to solve the solvency of cities like Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, and too many to list. Keep them from bankruptcy, and find a method for them to always operate in the black.. 9. Need to solve the energy problems and the inflated price of a gallon of gas. 10. Need to solve the problems of being the World's Policemen. 11. Need to find a way for the USA to always operate within budgets. .Need to control Lobbyist and Pork Barrel spending. 12. (By January 2, 2019 Federal payroll including military will be reduced 50%. Ex-employees will be pleased with the plan,) (Military defense is improved 500%) The Anti-Christ said, “THIS PLAN WILL WORK!” With an invite I can provide the Anti Christ's answers or a complete email free novel. (Some answers below) BENEFITES...WHAT WILL HAPPEN? FIRST THE ECCONOMY: THIS WILL INCREASE FEDERAL INCOME BY TEN TIMES AMOUNT COLLECTED LAST YEAR......! 1. ELIMINATE IRS & INCOME TAX...REPLACE WITH A FEDERAL SALES TAX. (Will make Lobbyist obsolete, increase Federal income by ten times over amount earned annually last year, and create a fair tax system for rich or poor based on standard of living of each or what they spend. Plus reduce a tremendous cost (IRS), and make collections easier, and that everyone pays a fair share.) No more tax loop-holds or Pork Barrel legislature. Money spend outside USA carries a ten to twenty percent Federal Sales Tax. Tax cheaters are eliminated and pay based on what they spend. 2. On products completely (100%) manufactured in USA down to a nut or screw including automobiles will earn a 15% Federal Rebate (Only ones needing to file a return by April 15th) This is a Government Program that does not effect business profits, and Federal Income will more than double. (Now, our Union & Non Union workers can compete with cheep foreign labor. Anything created out side USA, the 15% Rebate is not earned. This little idea will create manufacturing in the USA, reopen steel and coal operations while greatly reducing unemployment. Every part of a car, TV, refrigerator etc must be made in the USA. New factories and business is a certainty. Even with this Program, the net Federal Income will increase over an average of five to ten times of what was earned in 2013. 3. With this program, there will never be another Detroit. Cities/States will also increase their annual income by at least five to ten percentage. If I identified to you the true picture, I would scare you away as being too fantastic to be true. CASH FLOW: EVERY SALE (LABOR OR ITEMS) HAS A 5% FEDERAL SALES TAX: EXAMPLE: Citizen earns $2,500 monthly or $30,000 annually. Most if not all will be spent in next twelve months just to live. Based on an average family of four, he probably will have a net income tax on April 15th of $1,500 based on today's laws. NOW USING 5% SALES TAX ON EVERY SALE: “The following chart is based on one citizen's annual earnings of $30,000 or $2,500 monthly. Average Federal Income tax now would be about $1,500 based on today's 30% tax rate. (An allowance plus or minus up to 5% may be allowed)...$2,500 times 5% Federal Tax Rate equals $125.00 monthly. With that $2,500 being spent 10 times, instead of $1,500 in annual income tax, this program would earn for IRS $ 15,000. during the next month to twelve months or a year. State/City sales tax income would equal $ 24,000 so they should be self sufficient, and not depended on Washington. The individual spent $2,500 monthly! That is all the money he had to spend. How does this work? MONTHLY FEDERAL SALES FEDERAL SALES STATE/CITY SALES TURN-OVER TAX MONTHLY TAX ANNUALLY TAX ANNUALLY ( At 5% Rate) ( At 5% Rate) ( At 8% Rate) 1 TIME $ 125.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 2,400.00 2 TIMES $ 250.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 4,800.00 3 TIMES $ 375.00 $ 4,500.00 $ 7,200.00 10 TIMES $1250.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 24,000.00 “WHAT CAUSES CASH-FLOW? Our citizen to maintain his/her lifestyle will spend most of his/her monthly earnings to the grocer, drug store, apartment or house payment, gas, car expenses, etc. Everything earns sales tax revenue for State/City and IRS. The grocer and all others with the collection of $2,500 have to pay their bills, and payroll that means another round of cash-flow, plus income for Federal, State and Cities. Their employees and businesses that are paid the $2,500 just creates more cash-flow as they pay to live, and more cash-flow plus more cash flow that means more income collections. If in the example our citizen was unemployed and did not have the money to spend, then all creditors would lose the use of this extra $2,500 monthly to pay their bills. The Government must find a way for him to be able to spend his $2,500 monthly. That is your main job to create cash flow! Get him more money to spend, and everyone in USA has a better lifestyle! What a fantastic idea! Promote Democracy, just make life for a USA citizen the “best”, and everyone around the world will want freedom enough to demand and fight for our type life style. Invite your tax experts to make me justify. All other solutions will work, but I need an invite of interest to continue. The solutions or entire novel, “GOD'S BIOGRAPHY can be emailed... . In Chapter 10, the USA President asked The Anti-Christ, a supernatural being selected by Satan how to solve his twelve main problems. These are his answers, and “THEY WILL WORK! RICHARD BOURGEOIS 2558 W. Sheffield Chandler AZ. 85224 480-812-0424 IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY OF THE BOOK Advise and I can email free the entire book or My Publisher, XLIBRIS handles processing: 1-888-795-4274 Title: GOD'S BIOGRAPHY...Before the Beginning? # 144101 Price: $ 19.99 + shipping YOUR OPTION: EBAY & AMAZON AVAILABLE FROM XLIBRIS. To order copy of this book, contact: Xlibris LLC 1-888-795-4274 144101 VISA, MASTER CARD, PAY PAL, etc. ARE OPTIONS WITH XLIBRIS Ebay...1-888-795-4274 EXT. 7879 www, Barnes and Noble XLIBRIS.COM SOFT OR HARD COVER
By: Richard Bourgeois on December 2, 2014

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