Radio Station Information

93.7 El Patron

KOY 1230 AM

Mas y Mejor Musica Para Phoenix

City of License:
Phoenix, AZ

Regional Mexican

Phoenix, AZ

Web site:

Live Stream:

iHeartMedia (Amfm Radio Licenses, L.l.c.)

Additional frequencies:
93.7 - K229DB-FX - Phoenix, AZ

4686 East Van Buren Street, Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85008


KOY is an AM radio station broadcasting at 1230 KHz. The station is licensed to Phoenix, AZ and is part of that radio market. The station broadcasts Regional Mexican music programming and goes by the name "93.7 El Patron" on the air with the slogan "Mas y Mejor Musica Para Phoenix". KOY is owned by iHeartMedia. This station broadcast a majority of its content in Spanish.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Another day, another repeat of all the music I heard yesterday on KOY. It's like the old Chinese Torture trick - let the water just drip on the back of your hand, and sooner or later, you go crazy. It's not that I dislike the music that you play, it's just that we've heard it over and over, day in, day out. With all the good recorded music available, I would like to see you put some no-often-heard tunes of the 40's thru the 70's. PLEASE ???
By: Don Darmer on March 31, 2011

I love your station but the reception is terribe. I have tried all my radios and it is all the same. Can you help Thanks
By: Grace McFadyen on May 22, 2011

Why am I getting a cross over of music on KOY from KYOT
By: Phil on January 26, 2012

Did you change your format?. If you did i dont like rhe change.
By: dana herrick on January 28, 2012

Where has the wonderful music of the40's, 50's and 60's gone to? Once Clear Channel took over about 10 years ago, they moved the music up a decade and promised we wouldn't even notice. Right! Two years ago we were pushed another one or two decades into the 90's. Did you think we wouldn't notice??? In the past few weeks, the oldies are few and far between and this weekend, 1/28/2012, without even notice, we're into "smooth jazz?" I'm outta here! The only thing that kept me hanging on was Danny Davis' program and the fantastic Sock Hop from 3-5 PM on Saturdays. Imagine my dismay to find that replaced with jazz. Guess I'll either have to hang out at Sprouts or only play my CDs to hear the music I love.
By: Judianne Leggin on January 29, 2012

Why is KYOT playing on 1230?!?!? Somebody please buy the station back from ClearChannel and fix the format... this was a great Valley resource, once, at AM550.
By: Steve on February 2, 2012

What happened to 1230 am I loved the music, now there is another news radio station, I suppose there will be more sports talk.
By: Jay Jett on August 19, 2013

I agree with Don Darmer (3-31-11). I yearn for "oldies" from the '40s - '70s. Danny Davis had good selection. I do not like jumping up to Jazz.
By: James Strang on August 19, 2013

Bloomberg Radio / KFYI Business format??? Really? ANOTHER KFYI? This is what the Phoenix market needs, Clear Channel? I'm not a geezer, but I did like the mix of music, tunes that I remember hearing as a kid, music that I heard as a young adult that I avoided but now heard with a different set of "ears". I wasn't too crazy about the KYOT shift, but it would have been nice to hear more classic jazz earlier in the day. I noticed the Friday Sock Hop was missing last Friday and wondered what was up. Now I know. Too bad for the lame format change. Hopefully the KOY oldies format will show up somewhere else. In the meantime, I'll need to reprogram another button on my radio. Bye, bye, Bloomberg ! R.I.P., KOY!!!
By: Larry Gowey on August 19, 2013

Just returned from week long trip and tuned to Danny Davis at 0600 and had some finance guys doing the same stuff they do on all the other business stations. What more can these people guess or argue about that isn't already being done. Losing Danny and the other music spinners is just too bad for those of us who love to hear Aretha = then Sinatra, and maybe the Beachboys. Too bad for lovers of words and music we can understand. The music dies again.
By: Larry Mitchell on August 19, 2013

What a loss. This was my favorite local station. I'm going to miss it as there's no other local station like it.
By: Ken Waters on August 20, 2013

One by one, we are losing all the good radio stations. We don't need another business news station, with depressing news about the economy & stock market. How much can they say and repeat over and over and over. We need good music to give us an escape from the bad stuff. I certainly will not be a listener of this station anymore.
By: Carol on August 20, 2013

I was so thrilled to find this station when I moved here from Los Angeles, as it was like one I listened to there, and am just devastated that it's gone. Hope I'll be able to find another one that's comprable as I certainly will NOT be listening to what is on now !!
By: Krris Robles on August 20, 2013

My wife and I have been listening to 1230 KOY for years. Yesterday when I was on my way to work, I found 1230 changed to a business raido. I remembered clearly I still heard it last Friday or Saturday. Could someone tell me what has happened to 1230 KOY? Did they get bought out? Or has they moved to a different frequency? Thanks for any info.
By: Leon on August 20, 2013

Why have you taken the only descent wonderful music off the air? This world does not need or want another business radio. Before my sweet husband of 46 yrs. passed away a yr ago, we listened every single day. Now that he's gone, it was one of the only things I had that let me remember enjoying time together with him. It was OUR MUSIC AND WE LOVED THE FORMAT AND DANNY DAVIS. Please bring it back so I and others can once again enjoy the good classic oldies. Perhaps you should've taken a poll to see what your listeners may have wanted. Yes the reception at times was not that great, but there was not another radio station out there like it. I'm in my 60's and I have many friends who feel the same as I do. My car radio WAS only set on one station-NOT anymore. Do the state and world a favor and put KOY am oldies music back on the radio. We'd be grateful!
By: L. Comon on August 20, 2013

Very upset that you took Danny Davis and the oldies off the air. First lost John Tesh and then added smooth jazz. Still listened even though I didn't care for the jazz in the afternoon. The oldies was what my friends and (our age group) I kept on from morning till night. We don't need another talk or sports station. That was the best Arizona station in our listening range. You lost a lot of listeners. I will have to get pay radio to get good music in this state.
By: Arlene Segel on August 20, 2013

For what it's worth, I will add my deep disappointment at losing the wonderful dj's and oldies music so many of us enjoyed no matter what time of day or night. As with the others, I no longer listen to the current station format. I hope everyone who enjoyed the way it was will let their opinions be heard and pray for a change back!
By: Marilyn Burget on August 21, 2013

You have lost a vast audience by changing your format and Danny Davis. I listened to this station for years. If I want talk news I'll get it from TV or computer. In these troubled times we need artists and music to remind us of better times in this country. I have deleted this station for all my settings.
By: Marla Treptow on August 22, 2013

Taking KOY's oldies format away stinks. That is the only radio channel I listened to--what is wrong with you people-you had thousands of listeners. A week ago I set my internet to iheart koy-it will now be deleted along with all my radios. Read the comments and put it back to the oldies and danny davis. Somebody is stirring you wrong with another business channel--BIG MISTAKE!!!
By: donna james on August 22, 2013

Extremely disappointed that KOY's format changed to business talk. Business talk is over rated, overused format where most of this information we get via internet. Very sad that mgmt. of Clear Channel made this change. I will not listen to the Business format. I'm a professional, college educated and making six figure salary.
By: Dave Szafranski on August 22, 2013

Came back from vacation, and could not find my favorite station...WHAT HAPPENED? Do not need Bloomburg radio preaching at me, do not need more stress in my life, now do not need your radio station either. Please bring back the music you had been playing and also Danny Davies and all the other wonderful announcers you had had. Its bad enough having to go thru the weekend mornings listing to junk and advertising... this is just too much.
By: C. Gillmeister on August 23, 2013

How sad that you found it necessary to re-program and put another talk show on. Yours was the only station we had on morning to night. When KAMEO left we were diappointed. So we were really happy that KOY saw the need for this format and our wonderful Danny Davis along with the other equally fine announcers. Where do we go from here? This is a plea for you to return our listening pleasure.
By: Patricia Jimison on August 23, 2013

Very dissapointed at loosing that great music that KOY AM would play. Now all i have left is Kool FM, unless you can direct me to another station in AZ that has the music format that KOY AM had. I can even lend that station a 1000 oldies from the 1940'2 thru the 1960's if that will help, would even do my own radio show, directed at everything from Sinatra to the Jive Five. Just venting, i am left with only Kool FM to listen to.
By: martin katz on August 23, 2013

Very upset that you took Danny Davis and the oldies off the air. This was my favorite radio station, Danny Davis was human and a tremendous asset to the station. Listening in the morning brightened my day. No longer will I listen to any of your stations. Purchased CD will be in my car from now on. Big mistake....Our world is crumbing day by day.
By: C Sullivan on August 24, 2013

I am very disappointed to lose the station that plays the music I like to listen to. I listen to talk radio during the week and liked the music they played on the weekends. I'm going to miss listening to Frank Sinatra on Sunday mornings. There is another station on the AM that plays oldies, KAZG 1440. They don't play all the same type music as KOY but it's still good. During the week they do have other programing throughout the day, so it's not all music. Their website is I'll have to scan the airwaves to see if KOY pops up again. I can only hope.
By: Barb Yuschik on August 24, 2013

You have lost many many listeners after dropping koy music for a money Station.
By: Larry duty on August 26, 2013

Your format change is a terrible decision. You were uniquely positioned before with beautiful music. Now, you are just another ugly face in an angry crowd. Adios KOY.
By: Darl J. and Kaye Andersen on August 27, 2013

I am saddened to know that the oldies format of KOY has been taken away. I LOVED the music mix and listened at home, work, and in the car. I will not be listening to the business format. PLEASE bring KOY's oldies format back!
By: Debbie on August 27, 2013

I drive a bus for senior citizens and my radio was always set on KOY. Now I don't know what station to listen to but it definitely won't be talk radio.
By: Michele on August 27, 2013

Where's the MUSIC ?!!! Came back from vacation and couldn't find the music I love. Hate the blathering talk ( about nothing ) Silence is better . I'll go back to Pandora now. Hope you come to your senses and return to your old popular format.
By: Alan J. on August 29, 2013

Came back from vacation and looked forward to Koy 1230-music. Only station on car and home radios. I get my news and info from cable TV. Searching for another station with the same music format or will have to go to CD's Will not be a listener to your talk radio format.
By: Tom Nasholm on August 30, 2013

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have found a station with an oldies format like they had back in NJ and have it taken away for News. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT,NEWS!!!. Now i have to see if there is another station that picks up the oldies format. I hope Danny Davis finds another home station. I will not be listening any longer to KOY 1230am My quote for today is " Temporary people always make permanent mistakes" With that i sign off to 1230am forever. Ed Demain
By: Ed Demain on August 30, 2013

This is awful what you have done to 1230 am!!! I AM NOT OLD! but I and many many others I know loved the station and Danny Davis! It was soothing brought back memories of my parents. Keep me relaxed in traffic. Just what we needed another bla bla bla talk show with just another human opinion of just another person so what who cares and I have deleted your station from my playlist! Danny go else where and get back on we will all find you and listen again, help us out here we all miss you dearly!!!!!!!!!!
By: Karen H on August 31, 2013

Someone should come up with a 40's, 50's, & 60's format either on AM or FM. There would be many listeners. Changing formats for KOY was a huge mistake. Koy had a unique format that no one on local radio has.
By: Disappointed Listener on September 2, 2013

I haven't read or heard any positive comments about the change in format at KOY radio. The new format sucks big time and I can't imagine it lasting. I miss Danny Davis and all the great music.
By: DK Day on September 3, 2013

Radio sucks. TV sucks. The culture sucks. KOY radio with Danny Davis and the other DJ's was the only beacon of light. Like to use some chemical weapons on the corporate entity that bought the station.
By: reg humphrfey on September 4, 2013

I have listened to KOY for over 30 years, and it has been my favorite station. To bad that some twenty something corporate execs in an office somewhere think that they know what the adult listeners in Phoenix want to listen to. Guess I will by an XM radio so I can get the good old music.
By: kevin on September 5, 2013

I too have deleted 1230 from my radio selections. From now on it is KBAQ or Pandora or silence. Silence is better than ever!
By: Rand Vogel on September 6, 2013

I have removed KOY 1230 From all of my radios. What a loss when you changed over to a talk station. We always loved it when you played that wonderful music. Good by KOY 1230
By: Duane Johnson on September 6, 2013

I have removed 1230am from my pushbuttons, maybe when you lose enough sponsors you will come back to the "oldies"
By: Joe Nuccio on September 10, 2013

Where is Danny? That too much talk and not enough oldies and other good sounds. 25% talk and 75% good sounds might be OK. The talk needs to be good solid advise for investing by someone who puts his/her money where their mouth is. Bring Danny back!!!!
By: Ray on September 12, 2013

I'm very disappointed, as I see many others as well, with the change at KOY. I can't tell you how many years I listened to and enjoyed immensely the old format. Seemed I could always count on it to be there, yet a push button away for a pleasant escape. We really did not need yet one more talk radio station. I have since removed 1230 from my radio setting button.
By: Cheryl on September 13, 2013

Huge mistake! 1230 was one of my favorite stations, listened to it all day at work daily - now it's just chatter - hate it! You really need to reconsider and bring back the oldies.
By: Christina on September 13, 2013

What is it with these big corporations that come in and destroy long time successful radio stations overnight? I guess you don't make your mark in the corporate world by maintaining the status quo. Local radio is dying thanks to deregulation and this is a Conservative Republican who normally pushes for deregulation talking.
By: Anonymous on September 15, 2013

Your station now sucks and will no longer listen to it,what a shame. Will no longer tune you in.
By: Donald Robinson on September 16, 2013

Just got back from the northwest and could hardly wait till I got on the other side of Wickenberg to get my KOY back. I was just sick to hear talk talk talk!! When will you learn we want smooth listening!! Back to KOOL.
By: AnnMarkworth on September 17, 2013

The demise of KOY is another disaster programmed by the evil Clear Channel, which has destroyed American radio as it was loved for years. Beginning in the early 1990s Clear Channel systematically took over hundreds of radio stations around the country, throwing employees out of work by automating the music. Instead of a familiar local disc jockey in charge of selecting the music requested by their listeners, a handful stationed in Southern California beamed the records across the country utilizing a generic format. For decades, radio personalities in every city and small town attracted listeners who identified with them and the products they represented. Each personality had a specific time slot, perhaps morning drive time, afternoon, or early evening. The key to a station's success was the ability of these personalities to draw listeners who regarded them as friends. To cement the personal connections with fans, they often appeared at local events. During the 1980s, KOY, the second oldest radio station in the country next to Pittsburgh's KDKA, had a number of these personalities, one of whom was my son, Roger Cary. Like Danny Davis, they entertained their listeners between records with jokes, light banter and even serious comments. But the crafty Clear Channel had other plans. Slowly, as they had done at every station they gobbled up, they dismissed the staff until only one remained. Focused on saving even more money by shifting to an electronic format, they replaced a listener-friendly time slot with another dismal news source and non-stop blabbing about problems worldwide. This is enough to depress the most optimistic soul and is exactly what the world doesn't need more of at this moment in history. Shame, shame on Clear Channel. Let us hope that those responsible for this travesty soon get exactly what they have been giving out: pink slips with no opportunity to pass GO, only the prospect of vegetating in unemployment.
By: Emily Cary on September 17, 2013

KOY is NOT the oldest licensed radio station after KDKA. Do a search for "oldest radio stations in the USA" then pick the link to the Wikipedia story on this. In the USA it is KCBS previously KQW in San Jose in 1909 which is 11 years before KOY.
By: Joe on September 19, 2013

Bring the Oldies back!!! Why the format change? Who wants to hear business and financial news while sitting in traffic or laying in bed trying to go to sleep at night. KOY was a mainstay of beautiful standards music that crossed all age barriers. Please complain about this format change by Clear Channel and Bloomberg radio in hopes of the music of our times coming back and returning to the air waives of Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Would starting a petition help?
By: Ralph P on September 20, 2013

I was really dismayed to find out that the old KOY 1230 am radio station is gone and has been replaced by a dismal business station. I am with all the others who are complaining and asking that the old station and format be brought back with the oldies but goodies music. You have lost another listener.
By: Ema on September 21, 2013

Well, I too wondered what had happened. I will be 61 on the 21st, so I believe I am younger than most of those who have written. This station goes way back. I remember when it was 550, then it got switched. My sentiments are like some of the others. The music kept getting more modern, but was still the best when I wanted music. I even had my granddaughter requesting this when she was small, she is 9 now. I get so sick going in stores and the garbage that is played. I look around at the retired people to see their faces and reactions to the 'music' that is played. I had heard many years ago that surveys had been done that showed people shopped longer with soft music. (maybe not the younger crowd now) What a shame, all the stations are going to the same stuff that you can't even understand a word, and it's boom boom boom. I finally decided to search the web to see what happened, and this is what I found. I really feel for the older people than myself. I used to like country music, but if you find a country station now, it is almost like rock. I do go to Youtube and listen to oldies now sometimes. Those golden voices are about all gone.
By: Randy Roberts on September 21, 2013

Iam so disappointed to loose my favorite radio station KOY It was the best and the radio personalities were wonderful too. I loved listening to the "Sid Marks" Frank Sinatra show every Sunday morning. This station was one of the best in Phoenix. I hate "Bloomberg news" it is depressing. Clear Channel you suck!!!!!
By: Shelley on September 21, 2013

Could you, "Clear Channel" just look at this as an experiment that did not work for the Phoenix listener base and go back to the adult standard format? The huge negative response should be enough to alert you that listeners would be hugely supportive if you would listen to their wishes. You had a monopoly in the Phoenix market for adult standards. That should tell you something.
By: Disappointed on September 24, 2013

I think Clear Channel didn't like paying royalties to the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin estates. They'd rather make Bloomberg happy. At least he's still alive.
By: Tony M on September 24, 2013

Doesn't Clear Channel recognize that the Phoenix area is a haven for retirees and snowbirds who don't believe in investing in equities like common stocks? They like their music and they make choices as to where to spend their hard earned retirement checks. Radio advertising on a radio station that had a monopoly with this audience was a gold mine. Who was the upstart at Clear Channel that was trying to make his mark with the corporate offices and screwed things up? He'll lose his job but that doesn't get us back our radio station.
By: Joe M on September 24, 2013

I can relate to all the negative comments about KOY changing from good music to talk/business. Such a shame. There are so many talk/business hosts on the radio we do NOT need another so called "expert" giving us advise. Bring back Danny Davis and the wonderful music he played.
By: shirley on September 24, 2013

...I have been so depresssed, sad not as happy as I usto be becasue of the new format on KOY!!!! I have been listening to KOY in my car, home and work for OVER 20YRS!!! ("55 Phoenix KOY")...The music format was AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, NON-OFFENSIVE, SOOTHING, RELAXING etc.,! Why was the format yanked - and w/no warning just "poof" it was gone :( The world is more dull, depressing and less positive w/o this music station - there is no other like it in Phoenix - I have resorted to listening to 100.7 KSLX (rock classics)...94.5 KOOL FM "SUX" - they play too many 80's (BLAH!)...thier line-up usto be 50's/60's/70's EXCLUSIVELY... Also, through the years many folk would ask me about the radio station I was listening to when they heard the melodic song(s)coming out of the speaker - the reply would always be "1230 KOY on the a.m. dial"...And they too became fans...wonder what they are thinking now... SAD :(
By: Nora Powers on September 25, 2013

I am very disappointed in the change you made. I no longer listen to your station. It's to bad that the phoenix area isn't big enough for older people to have a station to listen to.
By: mary on September 28, 2013

In case you haven't noticed Baby Boomers are looking for music they can relate to and dance to and understand the words to! It looks like you have lost your whole audience. Anyone wanting to listen to a talk show is not going to do it on an AM station! If you can't bring back the music we want to hear you might as well close your doors, who is listening to that? We were the ones using the people that advertised on that station, keeping the small retailers in business. You heard the tax paying public, BRING THE MUSIC BACK! BRING DANNY DAVIS BACK! Thank heaven for my CD'S! That's what I will be listening too!
By: Tanya on October 1, 2013

What happened ??? I've been a listener for 15 years and you pull the plug. Go back to the old format...GREAT MUSIC !!!!
By: Eric on October 9, 2013

Extremely disappointed that I will not be able to listen to the oldies on KOY any more. Please bring back the music. Is this really the day the music died?
By: Nancy Hilton on October 9, 2013

who's the idiot that changed the format at koy-am 1230
By: bob kay on October 9, 2013

Extremely disappointing with your decision to put a business station instead of good music>bring back the old stuff and stop switching formats.
By: david j stanton on October 10, 2013

I already listen to KFYI for news but to find that the station I tune in to so I can enjoy some "down" time listening to "Dean, Frank & Nat" along side with "Croce, Denver & Buble" is gone, makes me "p/$$@d. I've been listening as long as I can remember but unless the music comes back, I guess I'll have to change the preset on all our radios and start listening to KTAR for news. This is the stupidest idea since putting "smooth jazz" on.
By: Michael Lawrence on October 10, 2013

clear channel you suck the BIG one!
By: Anonymous on October 13, 2013

So sad to loose KOY. I listened for years. YOU are no longer on my presets. Hopefully you will come to understand that what you now present is available anywhere which makes you another boring talk show with nothing new, or interesting, to offer. Stations like you are everywhere. KOY music was not!
By: Not listening anymore on October 20, 2013

this was a unique music station at one time. could not be more disappointed. please return to old format I beg you!!!
By: harold mcaferty on October 21, 2013

What a huge disappointment! I'm sad. So many people are unhappy with the loss of this type of music.
By: Anonymous on November 2, 2013

I have been vacationing in Phoenix for the past 20 years and always looked forward to listening to KOY on my trip. It was a unique station nice mix from several decades. I will miss it.
By: anonymous on November 2, 2013

I can't find Koy station! It not 1230 am any more. Were did it go?
By: Tammy Alberkrack on November 19, 2013

I agree with all the others! We miss Danny Davis! Please bring him back along with the wonderful music of KOY and the other syndicated shows.
By: Elaine in Goodyear on November 28, 2013

Unbelievable...We came back to the Valley...and KOY had jumped off a cliff!!! Danny Davis was the favorite of our age group...what other station targeted the 60 + age group? I worked for a radio station in Northern Wisconsin for years...playing the same kind of music that Danny played. Your management must be crazy to jump into the talk radio jungle in the Valley. Do yourself and especially the many, many listeners a favor...bring back Danny. It was bad enough years ago when changed your frequency and went to lower power with Danny's format...but this change was really bad!
By: Jack Armstrong on December 3, 2013

I'm in my early 30's. I don't listen to this station anymore because it is no longer Danny Davis and the oldies. Please bring him back and his musical selection. We don't need any more news talk shows, there are plenty and that's what made 1230 KOY stand out. Throughout the ages, this music has been held in high regard, keep that music on!
By: Anonymous on December 10, 2013

You can assuredly add me to the mile-long list of former KOY-AM 1230 radio listeners. When you Clear Channel money mongers rid the station of Danny Davis - his morning show and his Friday evening "Sock Hop - I said too-dah-loo to KOY-AM 1230 and will not ever return to the station, if and when you bring back the heart, the mind, the soul, and the spirit of a TRUE MAN -- Danny Davis. It is Danny Davis who has tried to cure me of my severe depression. Without Danny, I no longer have any HUMAN and HUMANE SUNSHINE in my life. Until you being back Danny Davis and the "oldies" format, I will say "Adios" to the likes of KOY.
By: Ken Spalt on December 30, 2013

Making 1230 another "talk" radio station SUCKS royally! This makes me sick! "Hey Clear Channel, you already have your political yack, yack, yack, on 550." KOY was WONDERFUL music spanning many decades that I really enjoyed. It was a "unique combination" of the softer side of rock and older popular tunes from the 40's, 50's and 60's that I loved to hear. There was nothing else like it and now it has been taken away from us!! Society keeps moving in the direction of rude, crude, and more rude and crude!!
By: Bonnie in Tempe on February 4, 2014

I LOVED the KOY format, Danny Davis and all the wonderful music. The fact that they are no longer available (at least on 1230 am is unfortunate. To be replaced by yet another news channel is horrid. If I wanted a news channel I would tune in. It is NOT my cup of tea and I won't be listening. Please advise if the beloved KOY is available elsewhere on our radio channel.
By: Vicki Almeter on March 26, 2014

Another case of bad decisions by "corporate" jerks. I'm glad I have, it's what KOY USED to be!
By: Pat Bennett on April 11, 2014

I have old radios that have been restored and now there is no place to hear the oldies music that made Generations sing and enjoy each other. You now suck!
By: Mark In Glendale on April 17, 2014

Another great radio station ruined by business greed and the Tea Party wing nuts.
By: John Paul Parks on August 28, 2014

once again corporate radio decides for the public what it thinks we want to listen to, maybe its time to start a few pirate radio stations of our own. If the powers that be refuse to broadcast the music its high time we reclaim the airwaves the FCC be damned............
By: Scurvy Wafers on October 21, 2014

I worked at Clear Channel/I Heart Media for appx. 3 months from August 2014 to October 2014. Not only was I saddened with the staff, I also realized that with the exception of Danny Davis and most of the hosts the other employees had become puppets. I pleaded for their help and got rejected many times when trying to learn how to do the required procedures. Neil Larimore who programs 1230 now and made the decision to flip the switch was nothing more then an empty suit. Rarely was he seen. Oh well, that's the way this industry goes, most P.D.s don't really have a clue!
By: Matt Staszak on November 13, 2014

I hope whoever is in charge of the KOY station is reading all of these comments. I feel the same. It used to be the best station but not anymore. Don't you guys get it? We are the listeners but as I read on, it looks like all of us are not your listeners anymore. You had a good thing with Danny Davis so why did you have to go and spoil it for all of us?
By: Helen D on December 3, 2014

After 40 years of decent music filling our homes, autos, work places 24/7, Koy 55 just falls off the face of the earth? My children often recall the music they remember hearing while growing up. They thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did! Koy was a big part of our life. The music and entertainment the station provided brought me through some very difficult times. What we DON'T need is another chatty-chatty station feeding us the same old stuff which is easily provided by so many other stations. We know what we want. We want back what was taken from so many. Why was the greatest music pulled with no explanation to it's dedicated and loyal listeners? How rude, thoughtless, and inconsiderate of whoever thought this "Chatty-Charley" or "Chatty- Kathy" blah, blah, blah stuff was going to bring a better audience to the station. Like so many others, you can count me out, as one of your listeners. Gone is my favorite music place. What a shame!! Too bad for us! Business is business....that's the bottom line! Just want to thank all those who were responsible for bringing so much happiness and sunshine into our lives with their hard work and dedication to all of us out here in radio land. We love you and appreciate all you have given of your precious time and effort. We will always remember the good times. Once again, Thankyou so very much!! You will be missed!
By: Alice N. on July 3, 2015

Too bad you dropped the music format. You could have had a real unique product by playing obscure oldies and even incorporating radio serials and transcribed variety shows from the Golden Age. RIP Bill Heywood.
By: tony on April 17, 2016

My parents just moved here from Sedona they used to listen to a Prescott station 102.1 my mom is literally depressed because we can't find one station that has similiar music. We were told Koy might fit the bill onkybti be so disappointed it probably would have but not now. There is such a market for music from the 40's to 60's I can't believe a city this big doesn't have one?? Any suggestions?
By: Susan Sidoti on October 20, 2016

Wow! Gone Mexican after coast to coast am early this morning. Just make sure you play some of Linda Ronstadt's Spanish language music and I will listen.
By: Robert Willhoit on September 14, 2017

Congrats on the format change: Converting over to Spanish El Patron is just another example of why no one listens to you anymore, include myself in that mix. -and I speak fluent spanish.
By: Tom Nelson on September 14, 2017

Wow this sux!! Spanish music this blows! Bring back Armstrong and Ghetti, also ground zero and coast to coast! Who ever made the decision to change the programming needs to be FIRED!!
By: Michael Kirkpatrick on September 15, 2017

By: Teresa A Valadez on September 15, 2017

There are plenty of Spanish music radio stations already why do we need one more? Bring back Armstrong and Getty, Buck Sexton. I agree, whoever made this decision should be fired.
By: Karen on September 15, 2017

I am very disappointed. I so enjoyed Armstrong and Getty and Buck Sexton. Not sure what's going on that you felt this new music was a better choice. I assume it's bottom line stuff, you know... money. Anyway, I'm very sad.
By: Tibber on September 15, 2017

No warning! Don't we already have 3 or 4 Spanish music radio stations in this market? If not talk radio (sports, news or financial) which I enjoyed, why not alternative oldies. There used to be a format called "music of your life" which played American standards and movie soundtracks from the 40s,50s,60s and 70s. In a market this size, wih our aging demographic, surely you could have found an audience for that music
By: John on September 16, 2017

What gives with the surprise change to Mexican music? There are already tons of Mexican stations, who is the mental genius that made this decision? I listened for Ground Zero because I can't stand Glenn Beck on 550 AM, so now, I guess you've lost a long time listener. Nice job. Fire the guy that did this and put it back the way it was!
By: Dave on September 16, 2017

listener out in NJ via I-heart. Found you on annual golf outing spring 2016, all I can say is WTF. got to find out who airs Armstrong and Getty. They remind me of Don and Mike in DC market. Also miss the garden show that was on weekends..................
By: Walt on September 17, 2017

First Koy Drops music to talk show, like we need another talk show, for there were no stations that played the music koy did, and show to a foreign format somehow trying to appease the DACA contingent ???? Not sure how you will be able to outdo yourself the next time but I will check in, in nine months to see where you are at next.........
By: Wow on September 18, 2017

regarding Armstrong and Getty being replaced..the program director must be a complete idiot. Who in their right mind would expect listeners to take this lying down. I've called and complained. Doesn't do any good. I guess we are always going to have second rate radio here in Phoenix. Mike Broomheads show can't have higher ratings. He is so 3rd rate. And to add insult to injury we get a music station that isn't even in English.
By: Janice on September 18, 2017

I miss Armstrong & Getty. They provided humor and current events. The Mexican music is not a substitute!
By: Dean on September 19, 2017

Bring back Armstrong and Getty. You're losing another listener....
By: Ben on September 19, 2017

Another Mexican station .....oh well but I bet it all changes in a year or two
By: Ken James Francisco on September 20, 2017

I agree with Karen, she stated that "There are plenty of Spanish music radio stations already why do we need one more? Bring back Armstrong and Getty, Buck Sexton. I agree, whoever made this decision should be fired".
By: John on September 21, 2017

I really enjoyed the programs on 1230. I don't understand why they changed, but they took away a big part of my radio listening habits and I'm really disappointed.
By: Gary on September 23, 2017

What a huge disappointment! No warning and here we have ANOTHER Spanish station? Are you kidding? Horrible leadership decision.
By: James on September 25, 2017

I agree with the earlier questions; why do we need another Spanish radio station. Is KFYI 2 trying to kiss up to the Latinos?
By: Ron Riemar on September 27, 2017

So I agree with everyone I only listen to KFYI 2, well luckily internet exists Armstrong and Getty are on iheart radio 650 KSTE, The Dana Show is online on her site, Ground Zero has a bunch of ways to listen through his site. Anyways whoever made the decision to pull the plug on KFYI should be sacked! Very disappointing, no understand E Spanish.
By: Scott on September 27, 2017

So Sad...your change is now rated ( XXX )
By: Neal on October 8, 2017

Go back to talk radio. This is crap. Can someone show us the numbers of how well the station is doing now. You screwed the pooch. Go back.
By: Anonymous on October 17, 2017

Why in the world would you drop a great lineup of talk hosts for just another Spanish station is beyond me. Armstrong and Getty for the morning drive and Buck Sexton for the evening drive were highlights in my work week. I really miss them.
By: Sue on October 18, 2017

What happened to KFYI 2? It had the best weekend lineup on radio...where did all these great radio talk shows go? There is no longer anything to listen to on weekends....unless you want to listen to endless infomericials and robber investment advisors.
By: R Whisk on October 23, 2017

I enjoyed listening to KFYI2 all day and supporting your sponsors. As a retired accountant I cannot listen to brain-dead new music or sports talk. I left KFYI when Barry Young retired. I listen to talk radio on the internet from all over the world and local cities and found Armstrong and Getty to be the funniest. The old music on KOY cornered the elderly and snowbird market, and gave me a lesson in music history. We need more than 3 talk radio choices, the radio dial has enough Spanish music, new music and Christian talk. Whoever created that format is genius, whoever dumped is an idiot. Is it the same person? I was a friend of Lori Candido when she was in charge, and I know these decisions either financial or for culture diversity. If so, then buy a Spanish station that already exists. Bring the format back and I will force my neighbors to listen and support your sponsors. I am legally blind so we need talk radio to keep us informed.
By: Daniel Murray on December 5, 2017

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