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Newsradio WFLA 94.5 99.1 970


Tampa Bay's News, Traffic, & Weather

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Tampa, FL


Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

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iHeartMedia (Citicasters Licenses, Inc.)

4002 W Gandy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33611


WFLA is an AM radio station broadcasting at 970 KHz. The station is licensed to Tampa, FL and is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "Newsradio WFLA 94.5 99.1 970" on the air with the slogan "Tampa Bay's News, Traffic, & Weather". WFLA is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Listener Comments and Reviews

Your anchors in the morning, before talking about the alimony bill should have to pay it for 20 years to someone that chooses not to work a job and collect a payment each month. They said how it would impact those that won't get it anymore..well what about the impact on those that paid it for 20 years and can't retire as they can't afford to. Put the shoe on the other foot and your opinion might be different!
By: barbara on April 24, 2013

I listen to 970 FM whenever I can get it in my car. I know you have conservative hosts that are willing to support those that help Vets. So I am sending the letter below that I have sent to the Tampa Bay Times in hopes they will run it. It would mean a lot to me as a Vet if you could have it read on air to recognize the fantastic service the Doctors, Nurses, Techs, and others who are boots on the ground at C W Bill Young VA Hospital in St. Petersburg. If are willing to read it, I would appreciate a heads up in order to hear it myself. Thank you in advance for you consideration! A VETERAN'S APPREICATION Much is reported concerning the problems that veterans have to face on a daily basis with the Veterans Administration. Yet veterans overwhelmingly consider the Doctors, PAs, Nurses, Tech Staff, Lab Personnel, and all others who represent boots on ground as some of the best people in their fields. There is a particular group of these people at C W Bill Young VA Hospital in St. Petersburg that I want to acknowledge with my thanks and support. After 2+ years of pain suffered through delayed appointments and appointments that had to be rescheduled due to results being too old for use, I finally got my THR (Total Hip Replacement) almost six months after being diagnosed as having bone on bone in my right hip. On November 17, 2015 I received a Right THR from the skilled & experienced hands of Dr. Bernard Fishalow and his excellent surgical team to whom I am grateful. Although I was not awake to observe their skills I have subsequently experienced a rapid recovery albeit painful & uncomfortable. After only two and a half weeks I am walking, eating out and going shopping using only a cane at times. But I also want to recognize the people who took care of me after coming out of surgery and guiding me as I started my trip to recovery. These are the Nurses, Techs, Housekeeping and Food Service people of Inpatient Surgical Care Unit 3C. There was Kristine, Trish, Ada, Joe, Erick, Herman, Harry, Sophia, Chris (in Physical Therapy), Prea (in Occupational Therapy), Food Service (who provided best meals I've eaten away from home) and others whose names I didn't catch. These are well trained, caring people that put their patients (Veterans) in their sights and keep them there until they are discharged. As for anyone I failed to mention or spelled names wrong, you know who you are and you need to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I want Americans to know that the care givers at our VA Hospitals are some of the best there are. But I hope Congress will continue to investigate VA Administrators many of whom are in positions that they are totally unqualified for and only have due to their tenure within the VA Administration. Love each of you in Christ, Rhondal D. Burns Arcadia, FL
By: Rhondal D. Burns on December 5, 2015

I have heard that you will no longer have your gardening show with the current host on Sunday morning. This has been a staple for Floridians as well as others who have tuned in. Hopefully you will have a gardening show in its place. Aside from listening to that on Sunday mornings, which I always try to catch, there will be nothing to listen to on the radio so many of us will merely play a YouTube video while we’re getting ready in the morning. You will lose a lot of your audience if there is no Gardening show. A few people might tune in and discover it is merely an infomercial on in that timeslot or more talk about politics ( for which we can get all the info we need during the week) or another financial show (which many of us turn right off since that can merely be depressing). The gardening show is uplifting and gives us real information that we can use immediately that day and throughout the week. You would be doing a great service to yourselves and to your audience if this type of programming is no longer available on your station.
By: BL Mitchel on April 29, 2019

News reported on a condo who told a homo sodomite to remove her rainbow flag by Sunday or face a fine. You all reported it with a spin that the condo is wrong because she is merely celebrating “I’m a homo-sodomite and my sexual life is with those of the same gender and I am so proud of it that I’m gonna display a flag for everyone to see” Week or however long it is. Your subtle support for such a vile, perverted and abnormal lifestyle is part of an overall media campaign to brainwash the masses into accepting such filth. It is blatantly obvious and you are a reason I have such disdain for the media. There are people that aren’t part of this push for debauchery and sin and we see the agenda you push. Read the Bible and see what the God of creation thinks of homosexuality-sodomites. Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1.
By: Michael Luff on June 21, 2019

FYI- The proper name “Norton” has a “t” in it.
By: Don Lingerfelt on September 30, 2019

Really hate the after Hannity guy. I will continue to listen to Rush and Hannity, but after Hannity I will never listen to your station again. Your new team from 6;00 PM on sucks. You lost me permanently for that time frame. Bruce Wallace
By: Bruce Wallace on October 24, 2019

You keep saying in your news promos that “Trump keeps pushing hydroxychloroqine as a cure despite medical warnings “ That’s so misleading and biased that you should be embarrassed
By: Dick Christenson on April 8, 2020

I live in Bradenton area just east of I-75 and a little north of SR64. I listen to Rush from noon to 3PM then Sean Hannity from 3 to 6, but lately about 3 or 4 days a week Hannity is not on and some sport program is on instead. I hate sports talk. It sounds to me like whatever that program is, they are not broadcasting within their space or limitations. Can anything be done to get them to reposition their beam ? It is not something that comes in and out, when it steps on the Hannity progam, it's nowhere to be found on my dial portable or in the car radio. What is the case? Is Hannity sharing tme with this sports program or is the spots program out of their boundaries ? Respectfully, Joe Sprow 941 747-6770 or cell 7030608-9913
By: Joe Sprow on August 17, 2020

I have listened to both Rush and Hannity for years and enjoy their shows! As a conservative, I agree with much they have to say. But, this guy you got on the air after Hannity - Ryan Gorman - belongs on a liberal station. Get rid of this guy! I cannot listen to his liberal BS!
By: Joe P. on February 12, 2021

Your subtle promotion of Charlie Christ (intentional) is whacked just like you did for Sen. Bill Nelson. Bill is a white clone of Cong. Hank Johnson of GA. Hank is a token who really did say Guam would "tip over"! Yes he did! An island tipping over.
By: JB Rockwell on April 4, 2021

I agree with the previous post by Joe P. 100 % when he stated that Ryan Gorman needs to go ! I use to listen much more to your station but since the station has decided to continue allowing Ryan Gorman to spew his liberal garbage and then try and convince listeners he's not a liberal is way too much for me to stomach.
By: Marc Schneider on May 4, 2021

I cannot believe that on 7-23-21 @ 8:40, you had a Harvard professor on who stated, and I quote, that “the Co vid vax is safe for pregnant women”. You realize pregnant women weren’t included in what limited trials they have done, don’t you? That all these women are risking their baby’s lives because they’re blindly trusting the government. This is so irresponsible to spread this message, as no one has any idea of what it will do to babies. Also, there have been many stillbirths, miscarriages and cycle disruptions already documented. I am so confused as to why this disinformation is happening. Innocent people are getting hurt. Babies
By: Beaz on July 24, 2021

I have been a loyal listener of 970WFLA for three decades. Unfortunately, the station decided to include a show by Ryan Gorman called "Tampa bay PM." He has a condescending style and I know many people stopped listening WFLA after 5 P.M. Please drop this show!
By: Peter M on August 5, 2021

What is the name of the new financial program that was on this Saturday morning around the 11 o'clock time?
By: Nicholas on September 11, 2021

Ryan Gorman PM was annoying bur his morning propaganda is even more annoying. He is inviting communist-leaning CNN contributors. He renamed the old morning show, AM Tampa bay to Ryan Gorman Show that is helping many listeners to change the radio dial.
By: Peter on June 29, 2022

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