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News Radio 810 WGY

WGY 810 AM

Albany's News Radio

City of License:
Schenectady, NY


Albany, NY

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iHeartMedia (Ihm Licenses, LLC)

1203 Troy Schenectady Road
Latham, NY 12110


WGY is an AM radio station broadcasting at 810 KHz. The station is licensed to Schenectady, NY and is part of the Albany, NY radio market. The station broadcasts News/Talk programming and goes by the name "News Radio 810 WGY" on the air with the slogan "Albany's News Radio". WGY is owned by iHeartMedia.

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Co-Owned Radio Stations in Albany, NY

News Radio 810 & 103.1 WGY, FOX Sports 980 & 95.9 FM, 98.3 TRY Albany

Listener Comments and Reviews

Voice from the past -- LONG AGO! You probably aren't interested in this, but maybe . . . . I grew up LONG AGO in Schenectady, when WGN was owned by GE and located, I think, on Erie Boulevard. When I was in 6th grade at Lincoln School, one of my teachers decided to nominate a few of her students, including me, to be on a local version of a national radio show called "The Quiz Kids." I was one of those little smart alecks she selected. We somehow got down to WGY for two or three of the broadcasts. I don't remember being on a winning team, but it was a big deal for us, as you can see by my long-lasting memory. About 10 years later, I was a senior in journalism -- with history as a second major -- when someone started a TV version. Once again, I was one of the chosen, although I think I was an alternate. The good news was that five or six of us met a few times at the professor's home for practice sessions. The BIG DEAL, though, was that, on this dry Methodist campus, he treated us to BEER! WOW! P.S. I went on to be a reporter at two city newspapers (one in Minneapolis), then a public relations person and writer for a few organizations -- corporate and volunteer. Then, with four children, I took to freelance writing. Ended up providing manuscripts for something like 30 magazines, newspapers et al. before I decided to call it quits. Anyway, an interesting life . . . . P.S. My husband, George, became managing editor of the Milwaukee Journal, won a Pulitzer Prize and went on to editor of the St. Joseph, MO, News-Press. Somewhere in the middle, he taught in two journalism schools for a few years, plus spending two months working with reporters in Budapest, Hungary, thanks to a grant from the New York Times. Interesting lives for both of us. Are you bored yet? P.S. Our youngest son, is now an author and co-owner of a small publishing company in Sydney, Australia. Like father, like son?
By: Eileen Lockwood on July 21, 2018

Evening im wondering why Clyde lewis was taken off your station. I leave my radio all the time but enjoy your late-night line up the best. Do we really need another talking head that is just repeating the same old old Michael berry is fun please reconsider putting Clyde back on? I tried to find where I could write the program director couldn't find it so I'm writing here thank you I would like to receive a reply Thank you again Rosalyn Martin
By: Rosalyn Martin on July 19, 2019

• Glenn Beck is a mental case! Who listens to this clown? • RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A PHONY AND HIS PROGRAM SUCKS! It’s all “white noise.” (No racial slur implied). • HANNITY, THE INTELLECTUAL LIGHTWEIGHT, SUCKS EVEN MORE!! He still doesn’t know how to conduct an interview! Another transparent phony! • Little “squeaky” ben shapiro’s program is unlistenable! • WGY SUCKS as much or more than all of the above, especially their biased, leftist newsroom reporters, led by Diane Dinotto and Read (really, Read?! 😂) Sheppard! I’ve spoken, by phone, to “Read” and he mocked Rush Limbaugh, btw, That’s pretty amusing, considering “Read” wouldn’t even have a job in radio, if not for Limbaugh’s incredible success in saving AM radio (although it’s time to hang up the “Golden EIB Microphone,” Rush!). • The best conservative and independent radio hosts can be found further on up the dial at TALK 1300. No comparison. Not. Even. Close.
By: Paul Richardson on August 5, 2019

Always listen to late nite. Enjoyed Clyde and Saturday nite repeats. Ben Shapiro very difficult to listen to....He talks much too fast,drones on and on in a very "robotic" way....I guess the term "talking head" fits...Please listen to him,,he doesn't fit in with WGY family.....thanks for listening...
By: Kathy on August 6, 2019

Where’s Joe Gallagher? This station is going from first to worst. You put that annoying Ben Shapiro on, he talks way too fast, you can’t understand him, plus his voice is annoying, he’s terrible. This station is doing everything it can to have no listeners. Please respond
By: Joseph Petrozola on January 19, 2020

In regards to your e-mail to me about Joe Gallagher, I found your explanation, somewhat condescending….. Making an adjustment to your infrastructure to match the world today, Really? If your truly liked and respected this person, this good person, to keep up with technology is imperative for all companies, very difficult decisions to make, Really? Sad, Sad, Sad. Hope Joe Gallagher will find a, forever home in broadcasting at a radio station that doesn’t have to adjust their infrastructure to match the world today, REALLY!!! Lucille DeSimone Jan. 29th, 2020 What no reply to this e-mail I sent to you yesterday? Lucille
By: Lucille DeSimone on February 18, 2020

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